Draft Day Challenge, May 16 baseballguys.com Thu 5/16/13 12:42 PM1 Comment

BaseballGuys.com has partnered with DraftDay.com to give all my wonderful followers, that's you, the chance to play the game on a daily basis. On Tuesday and Thursday's every week, I'll share some insight into a few of the better plays for the day -- even if I'm willing to admit that daily games are [...]

Draft Day Challenge, April 23 baseballguys.com Tue 4/23/13 12:28 PM

Daily baseball is all the rage in the fantasy sports world, so I will be covering the game a couple of times a week here at BaseballGuys.com. To that end, I've partnered with DraftDay.com to give all my wonderful followers, that's you, the chance to play the game on a daily basis. On Tuesday and [...]

Mock Draft: Talking Pitching Early baseballguys.com Tue 2/12/13 7:56 AM1 Comment

In fantasy baseball circles I'm known as the ‘anti-pitcher' guy. I tell people all the time that in re-draft leagues there is no reason to take a pitcher at the top of a draft, and I practice what I preach (see how my staff turned out in the recent FSTA Experts Draft where I waited [...]

2013 FSTA LEAGUE baseballguys.com Thu 1/24/13 12:59 PM

In 2011 I was the FSTA Champion even though I selected Carl Crawford in the first round (he appeared in just 130 games hitting .255 with 65 runs and 18 steals in his worst season of more than 100 games played.). In 2012 I had another first round selection fail to live up to expectations [...]

Around the Horn: September 5, 2012 baseballguys.com Wed 9/5/12 2:02 PM

(1) Ryan Vogelsong struggling for Giants. (2) Kenley Jansen to return in September. (3) Zack Greinke finally finding his groove with Angels. (4) Andrew McCutchen back on track. Can he hold off Melky Cabrera? (5) Adam LaRoche big time run producer. (6) Jesus Montero solid in 2nd half. (7) Alfonso Soriano powering the ball. (8) [...]

Daily Joust -- Wk 18: Did We Learn Anything? baseballguys.com Mon 8/6/12 1:27 PM

On Monday each week I take a look at the fantasy baseball game breaking down players who have produced noteworthy performances of late -- not just positive outings mind you, but I'll also delve into some of the players that have been sucking wind of late. Can you use this information to your benefit over [...]

Fantasy Beat -- Are You Buying or Selling? baseballguys.com Sat 6/30/12 12:04 PM

Justin Fensterman and Trevor Ray discuss players to buy and sell at this midpoint in the season. They will discuss guys like Giancarlo Stanton, Pedro Alvarez, R.A. Dickey, Mike Trout, Derek Holland, Adam LaRoche and Trevor Plouffe. Listen to the Audio.

Landin' LaRoche razzball.com Fri 4/13/12 2:00 PM

I don't necessarily love Adam LaRoche. Or LaLove him, for that matter. Sure, I'd like him more if he slept with a groupie then screamed, "And that's how you screw LaPooch!" But I have no way of knowing that, and thinking of LaRoche having groupies is like thinking people actually buy John Tesh CDs.  Though [...]