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Week 18 2014 Mon 7/28-Sun 8/3

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
Non-Division Game
TEX@CLETop 1Alex Rios 1-Run Single, Elvis Andrus scores, pitcher Trevor Bauer0-4
TEX@CLETop 3Alex Rios Strikeout, pitcher Trevor Bauer0-3
TEX@CLEBot 8Michael Brantley Strikeout, pitcher Neal Cotts-1-3
TEX@CLETop 10Alex Rios Strikeout, pitcher Cody Allen-1-2
TEX@CLEBot 10Michael Brantley Double, pitcher Roman Mendez2-2
COL@DETBot 2J.D. Martínez Strikeout, pitcher Jorge De La Rosa2-1
TEX@CLEBot 12Michael Brantley 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Phil Klein11-1
COL@DETBot 3Victor Martínez 3-Run Home Run, Miguel Cabrera scores, Ian Kinsler scores, pitcher Jorge De La Rosa24-1
COL@DETTop 6DJ LeMahieu Strikeout, pitcher Anibal Sánchez23-1
SF@NYMTop 1Hunter Pence Out Eric Campbell, pitcher Bartolo Colón24.33-1
SF@NYMTop 1Matt Duffy Strikeout, pitcher Bartolo Colón27.16-1
SF@NYMTop 1Buster Posey Single, pitcher Bartolo Colón26.16-1
SF@NYMTop 1Pablo Sandoval Out Chris Young, pitcher Bartolo Colón27.49-1
SF@NYMBot 1Curtis Granderson Walk, pitcher Madison Bumgarner25.49-1
SF@NYMBot 1Rubén Tejada Strikeout, pitcher Madison Bumgarner28.32-1
SF@NYMBot 1David Wright Out Pablo Sandoval, Matt Duffy, Brandon Belt, pitcher Madison Bumgarner29.65-1
SF@NYMTop 2Brandon Belt Strikeout, pitcher Bartolo Colón32.48-1
SF@NYMTop 2Michael Morse Out Curtis Granderson, pitcher Bartolo Colón33.81-1
COL@DETTop 8DJ LeMahieu Strikeout, pitcher Joba Chamberlain32.81-1
SF@NYMTop 2Gregor Blanco Out Juan Lagares, pitcher Bartolo Colón34.14-1
SF@NYMBot 2Eric Campbell Strikeout, pitcher Madison Bumgarner36.97-1
SF@NYMBot 2Chris Young Out Michael Morse, pitcher Madison Bumgarner38.3-1
COL@DETBot 8Victor Martínez Single, pitcher Adam Ottavino40.3-1
SF@NYMBot 2Juan Lagares Out Brandon Belt, pitcher Madison Bumgarner41.63-1
COL@DETBot 8J.D. Martínez Single, Victor Martínez to 2nd, pitcher Adam Ottavino41.63-3
SF@NYMTop 3Madison Bumgarner Out Bartolo Colón, Wilmer Flores, Brandon Crawford to 2nd, pitcher Bartolo Colón42.96-3
SF@NYMTop 3Brandon Crawford Single, pitcher Bartolo Colón41.96-3
SF@NYMTop 3Hunter Pence 2-Run Home Run, Brandon Crawford scores, pitcher Bartolo Colón40.96-3
SF@NYMTop 3Matt Duffy Out Juan Lagares, pitcher Bartolo Colón42.29-3
SF@NYMTop 3Buster Posey Strikeout, pitcher Bartolo Colón45.12-3
SF@NYMBot 3Wilmer Flores Double, pitcher Madison Bumgarner44.12-3
SF@NYMBot 3Anthony Recker Out Brandon Crawford, pitcher Madison Bumgarner45.45-3
SF@NYMBot 3Bartolo Colón Strikeout, pitcher Madison Bumgarner48.28-3
SF@NYMBot 3Curtis Granderson Out Matt Duffy, pitcher Madison Bumgarner49.61-3
SF@NYMTop 4Pablo Sandoval Out Curtis Granderson, pitcher Bartolo Colón50.94-3
SF@NYMTop 4Brandon Belt 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Bartolo Colón49.94-3
SF@NYMTop 4Michael Morse Out Wilmer Flores, Eric Campbell, pitcher Bartolo Colón51.27-3
SF@NYMTop 4Gregor Blanco Strikeout, pitcher Bartolo Colón54.1-3
SF@NYMBot 4Rubén Tejada Out Pablo Sandoval, Brandon Belt, pitcher Madison Bumgarner55.43-3
SF@NYMBot 4David Wright Strikeout, pitcher Madison Bumgarner58.26-3
SF@NYMBot 4Eric Campbell Strikeout, pitcher Madison Bumgarner61.09-3
SF@NYMTop 5Brandon Crawford Strikeout, pitcher Bartolo Colón63.92-3
SF@NYMTop 5Madison Bumgarner Single, pitcher Bartolo Colón62.92-3
SF@NYMTop 5Hunter Pence 1-Run Double, Madison Bumgarner scores, pitcher Bartolo Colón61.92-3
SF@NYMTop 5Matt Duffy Out Wilmer Flores, Eric Campbell, Hunter Pence to 3rd, pitcher Bartolo Colón63.25-3
SF@NYMTop 5Buster Posey 1-Run Double, Hunter Pence scores, pitcher Bartolo Colón62.25-3
SF@NYMBot 5Chris Young Out Hunter Pence, pitcher Madison Bumgarner63.58-3
SF@NYMBot 5Juan Lagares Strikeout, pitcher Madison Bumgarner66.41-3
SF@NYMBot 5Wilmer Flores Out Gregor Blanco, pitcher Madison Bumgarner67.74-3
SF@NYMBot 6Anthony Recker Out Gregor Blanco, pitcher Madison Bumgarner69.07-3
SF@NYMBot 6Eric Young Jr. Strikeout, pitcher Madison Bumgarner71.9-2
SF@NYMBot 6Curtis Granderson Strikeout, pitcher Madison Bumgarner74.73-2
SF@NYMBot 7Rubén Tejada Out Hunter Pence, pitcher Madison Bumgarner76.06-2
SF@NYMBot 7David Wright Single, pitcher Madison Bumgarner75.06-2
SF@NYMBot 7Chris Young Strikeout, pitcher Madison Bumgarner77.89-2
SF@NYMBot 8Juan Lagares Out Gregor Blanco, pitcher Madison Bumgarner79.22-2
SF@NYMBot 8Anthony Recker Out Joaquin Arias, pitcher Madison Bumgarner80.55-2
SF@NYMBot 8Lucas Duda Out Gregor Blanco, pitcher Madison Bumgarner81.88-2
SF@NYMBot 9Curtis Granderson Out Hunter Pence, pitcher Madison Bumgarner83.21-2
SF@NYMBot 9Rubén Tejada Out Travis Ishikawa, pitcher Madison Bumgarner84.54-2
SF@NYMBot 9Travis d'Arnaud Strikeout, pitcher Madison Bumgarner87.37-2
SEA@BALTop 1Austin Jackson Out Ryan Flaherty, Chris Davis, pitcher Chris Tillman87.37-3.33
SEA@BALTop 1Dustin Ackley Out Nick Hundley, Chris Davis, pitcher Chris Tillman87.37-4.66
SEA@BALTop 1Robinson Canó Single, pitcher Chris Tillman87.37-3.66
SEA@BALTop 1Kendrys Morales Out J.J. Hardy, Chris Davis, pitcher Chris Tillman87.37-4.99
SEA@BALTop 2Kyle Seager Single, pitcher Chris Tillman87.37-3.99
SEA@BALTop 2Logan Morrison Single, Kyle Seager to 3rd, pitcher Chris Tillman87.37-2.99
SEA@BALTop 2Mike Zunino Strikeout, pitcher Chris Tillman87.37-5.82
SEA@BALTop 2Brad Miller Strikeout, pitcher Chris Tillman87.37-8.65
SEA@BALTop 3Austin Jackson Strikeout, pitcher Chris Tillman86.37-11.48
SEA@BALTop 3Dustin Ackley Out Ryan Flaherty, pitcher Chris Tillman86.37-12.81
SEA@BALTop 3Robinson Canó Out J.J. Hardy, pitcher Chris Tillman86.37-14.14
SEA@BALTop 4Kendrys Morales Out Ryan Flaherty, Chris Davis, pitcher Chris Tillman86.37-15.47
SEA@BALTop 4Kyle Seager Out Adam Jones, pitcher Chris Tillman86.37-16.8
SEA@BALTop 4Chris Denorfia Out Adam Jones, pitcher Chris Tillman86.37-18.13
SEA@BALTop 5Logan Morrison Out David Lough, pitcher Chris Tillman86.37-19.46
SEA@BALTop 5Mike Zunino Strikeout, pitcher Chris Tillman86.37-22.29
SEA@BALTop 5Brad Miller Strikeout, pitcher Chris Tillman86.37-25.12
SEA@BALTop 6Austin Jackson Out Ryan Flaherty, Chris Davis, pitcher Chris Tillman86.37-26.45
SEA@BALTop 6Dustin Ackley Out Ryan Flaherty, Chris Davis, pitcher Chris Tillman86.37-27.78
SEA@BALTop 6Robinson Canó Out Ryan Flaherty, pitcher Chris Tillman86.37-29.11
SEA@BALTop 7Kendrys Morales Single, pitcher Chris Tillman86.37-28.11
SEA@BALTop 7Kyle Seager Out Ryan Flaherty, J.J. Hardy, Chris Davis, pitcher Chris Tillman86.37-29.44
SEA@BALTop 7Chris Denorfia Out Ryan Flaherty, Chris Davis, pitcher Chris Tillman86.37-30.77
LAA@TBBot 1Matt Joyce Walk, pitcher Jered Weaver88.37-30.77
LAA@TBBot 2James Loney Double, pitcher Jered Weaver88.37-33.77
LAA@TBBot 3Ben Zobrist Strikeout, pitcher Jered Weaver87.37-33.77
LAA@TBBot 4James Loney Single, pitcher Jered Weaver87.37-35.77
LAA@TBBot 4Jose Molina 1-Run Out Josh Hamilton, James Loney scores, pitcher Jered Weaver87.37-37.77
LAA@TBBot 5Ben Zobrist Single, pitcher Jered Weaver89.37-37.77
LAA@TBBot 5Matt Joyce Walk, Ben Zobrist to 2nd, pitcher Jered Weaver91.37-37.77
LAA@TBBot 5James Loney 1-Run Out Josh Hamilton, Ben Zobrist scores, pitcher Jered Weaver93.37-39.77
LAA@TBBot 7Matt Joyce Walk, pitcher Jason Grilli95.37-39.77
LAA@TBBot 7James Loney 1-Run Single, Evan Longoria to 3rd, Matt Joyce scores, pitcher Jason Grilli97.37-43.77
LAA@TBBot 7Cole Figueroa 1-Run Walk, Logan Forsythe to 2nd, Yunel Escobar to 3rd, James Loney scores, pitcher Joe Smith97.37-45.77
LAA@TBBot 8Matt Joyce Single, pitcher Joe Smith99.37-45.77
LAA@TBBot 9Yunel Escobar Strikeout, pitcher Huston Street102.2-45.77
LAA@TBBot 9Logan Forsythe Out Erick Aybar, Albert Pujols, pitcher Huston Street103.53-45.77
LAA@TBBot 9Sean Rodríguez Out Erick Aybar, Albert Pujols, pitcher Huston Street104.86-45.77
MIN@CWSBot 4Alexei Ramirez 1-Run Double, Conor Gillaspie scores, pitcher Kyle Gibson109.86-45.77