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Week 18 2014 Mon 7/28-Sun 8/3

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
Non-Division Game
TEX@CLEBot 1Jason Kipnis Strikeout, pitcher Yu Darvish0-2.83
TEX@CLEBot 1Mike Aviles Out Yu Darvish, J.P. Arencibia, pitcher Yu Darvish0-4.16
TEX@CLEBot 1Michael Brantley Out Adrián Béltre, pitcher Yu Darvish0-5.49
TEX@CLEBot 2Carlos Santana Out J.P. Arencibia, pitcher Yu Darvish0-6.82
TEX@CLEBot 2Lonnie Chisenhall Double, pitcher Yu Darvish0-5.82
TEX@CLEBot 2Nick Swisher Strikeout, pitcher Yu Darvish0-8.65
TEX@CLEBot 2David Murphy 1-Run Double, Lonnie Chisenhall scores, pitcher Yu Darvish0-7.65
TEX@CLEBot 2José Ramírez Out Rougned Odor, pitcher Yu Darvish0-8.98
TEX@CLEBot 3Roberto Pérez Out Elvis Andrus, pitcher Yu Darvish0-10.31
TEX@CLEBot 3Jason Kipnis Walk, pitcher Yu Darvish0-8.31
TEX@CLEBot 3Mike Aviles Strikeout, pitcher Yu Darvish0-11.14
TEX@CLEBot 3Michael Brantley Out Leonys Martín, pitcher Yu Darvish0-12.47
TEX@CLEBot 4Carlos Santana Out Alex Rios, pitcher Yu Darvish0-13.8
TEX@CLEBot 4Lonnie Chisenhall Strikeout, pitcher Yu Darvish0-16.63
TEX@CLEBot 4Nick Swisher Strikeout, pitcher Yu Darvish0-19.46
TEX@CLEBot 5David Murphy Walk, pitcher Yu Darvish0-17.46
TEX@CLEBot 5José Ramírez Strikeout, pitcher Yu Darvish0-20.29
TEX@CLEBot 5Roberto Pérez Strikeout, pitcher Yu Darvish0-23.12
TEX@CLEBot 5Jason Kipnis Out Jim Adduci, pitcher Yu Darvish0-24.45
TEX@CLEBot 6Mike Aviles Out Rougned Odor, J.P. Arencibia, pitcher Yu Darvish0-25.78
TEX@CLEBot 6Michael Brantley Out Jim Adduci, pitcher Yu Darvish0-27.11
TEX@CLEBot 6Carlos Santana Single, pitcher Yu Darvish0-26.11
TEX@CLEBot 6Nick Swisher Strikeout, pitcher Yu Darvish0-28.94
TEX@CLEBot 7David Murphy Out J.P. Arencibia, pitcher Yu Darvish0-30.27
TEX@CLEBot 7José Ramírez Out Elvis Andrus, pitcher Yu Darvish0-31.6
TEX@CLEBot 7Roberto Pérez Single, pitcher Yu Darvish0-30.6
TEX@CLEBot 7Jason Kipnis Out Rougned Odor, pitcher Yu Darvish0-31.93
The Staling..
COL@DETBot 3Rajai Davis Double, pitcher Jorge De La Rosa3-31.93
The Staling..
COL@DETBot 3Miguel Cabrera 1-Run Single, Ian Kinsler to 2nd, Rajai Davis scores, pitcher Jorge De La Rosa5-31.93
The Staling..
COL@DETTop 4Josh Rutledge Strikeout, pitcher Anibal Sánchez4-31.93
The Staling..
COL@DETTop 6Josh Rutledge Strikeout, pitcher Anibal Sánchez3-31.93
The Staling..
COL@DETBot 7Rajai Davis Single, pitcher Jorge De La Rosa5-31.93
The Staling..
COL@DETBot 7Rajai Davis Stolen Base8-31.93
CIN@MIABot 2Marcell Ozuna Walk, pitcher Mike Leake8-33.93
The Staling..
COL@DETTop 9Josh Rutledge Single, pitcher Joakim Soria9-33.93
The Staling..
COL@DETTop 9Nolan Arenado Out J.D. Martínez, pitcher Joakim Soria10.33-33.93
The Staling..
SF@NYMTop 3Hunter Pence 2-Run Home Run, Brandon Crawford scores, pitcher Bartolo Colón21.33-33.93
The Staling..
COL@DETTop 9Justin Morneau Out J.D. Martínez, pitcher Joakim Soria22.66-33.93
The Staling..
COL@DETTop 9Drew Stubbs Out Rajai Davis, pitcher Joakim Soria23.99-33.93
CIN@MIABot 4Marcell Ozuna Strikeout, pitcher Mike Leake23.99-32.93
The Staling..
SF@NYMTop 5Hunter Pence 1-Run Double, Madison Bumgarner scores, pitcher Bartolo Colón28.99-32.93
The Staling..
SF@NYMTop 5Buster Posey 1-Run Double, Hunter Pence scores, pitcher Bartolo Colón30.99-32.93
CIN@MIABot 6Marcell Ozuna Strikeout, pitcher Mike Leake30.99-31.93
The Staling..
SF@NYMTop 9Hunter Pence 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Dana Eveland39.99-31.93
SEA@BALBot 1Nick Markakis 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Hisashi Iwakuma39.99-40.93
SEA@BALBot 1Adam Jones Strikeout, pitcher Hisashi Iwakuma39.99-39.93
PHI@WSHBot 3Denard Span 1-Run Single, José Lobatón scores, pitcher Cole Hamels39.99-41.93
SEA@BALBot 3Nick Markakis Single, pitcher Hisashi Iwakuma39.99-43.93
PHI@WSHBot 5José Lobatón Strikeout, pitcher Cole Hamels39.99-42.93
SEA@BALBot 6Nick Markakis Double, pitcher Hisashi Iwakuma39.99-45.93
PHI@WSHBot 7José Lobatón Single, pitcher Cole Hamels39.99-47.93
The Staling..
LAA@TBBot 7Yunel Escobar Single, James Loney to 3rd, pitcher Kevin Jepsen38.99-47.93
The Staling..
LAA@TBBot 7Logan Forsythe Walk, Yunel Escobar to 2nd, pitcher Kevin Jepsen36.99-47.93
The Staling..
LAA@TBBot 7Sean Rodríguez Strikeout, pitcher Kevin Jepsen39.82-47.93
LAA@TBTop 9Josh Hamilton Strikeout, pitcher Jake McGee39.82-50.76
LAA@TBTop 9Erick Aybar Out Kevin Kiermaier, pitcher Jake McGee39.82-52.09
LAA@TBTop 9Howie Kendrick Out Yunel Escobar, James Loney, pitcher Jake McGee39.82-53.42
KC@OAKBot 2Brandon Moss Strikeout, pitcher James Shields39.82-52.42
KC@OAKBot 7Brandon Moss Strikeout, pitcher James Shields39.82-51.42
KC@OAKTop 8Alex Gordon Single, pitcher Dan Otero39.82-53.42
KC@OAKBot 9Sam Fuld Out Billy Butler, pitcher Greg Holland39.82-54.75
KC@OAKBot 9John Jaso Out Billy Butler, pitcher Greg Holland39.82-56.08
KC@OAKBot 9Josh Donaldson Strikeout, pitcher Greg Holland39.82-58.91
The Staling..
ATL@SDTop 1Tommy La Stella Single, pitcher Tyson Ross41.82-58.91
The Staling..
PIT@ARITop 1Andrew McCutchen Double, pitcher Trevor Cahill44.82-58.91
The Staling..
CHC@LADBot 1Yasiel Puig Single, pitcher Edwin Jackson46.82-58.91
The Staling..
PIT@ARITop 3Andrew McCutchen Walk, pitcher Trevor Cahill48.82-58.91
The Staling..
CHC@LADBot 5Yasiel Puig Strikeout, pitcher Edwin Jackson47.82-58.91
The Staling..
ATL@SDTop 6Tommy La Stella Strikeout, pitcher Tyson Ross46.82-58.91
The Staling..
ATL@SDTop 8Tommy La Stella Single, pitcher Kevin Quackenbush48.82-58.91
The Staling..
PIT@ARITop 8Andrew McCutchen 1-Run Out Alfredo Marte, Josh Harrison scores, pitcher Brad Ziegler50.82-58.91
The Staling..
CHC@LADBot 8Yasiel Puig Single, Justin Turner to 3rd, pitcher Pedro Strop52.82-58.91
NYY@BOSBot 1Dustin Pedroia Single, Brock Holt to 3rd, pitcher David Phelps52.82-60.91
NYY@BOSBot 1David Ortiz 1-Run Out Jacoby Ellsbury, Brock Holt scores, pitcher David Phelps54.82-60.91
The Staling..
NYY@BOSBot 1Brock Holt Single, pitcher David Phelps56.82-60.91
NYY@BOSBot 1Daniel Nava 2-Run Single, Mike Napoli to 2nd, Yoenis Céspedes scores, Dustin Pedroia scores, pitcher David Phelps56.82-62.91
NYY@BOSBot 2Dustin Pedroia 2-Run Home Run, Brock Holt scores, pitcher David Phelps58.82-73.91
NYY@BOSBot 4David Ortiz 2-Run Home Run, Dustin Pedroia scores, pitcher Chase Whitley58.82-75.91
   Bonuses & Miscellaneous66.82-91.91