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Week 18 2014 Mon 7/28-Sun 8/3

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
Non-Division Game
TEX@CLEBot 6Carlos Santana Single, pitcher Yu Darvish0-2
TEX@CLEBot 10Carlos Santana Walk, pitcher Roman Mendez0-4
COL@DETBot 3Torii Hunter Strikeout, pitcher Jorge De La Rosa-1-4
SF@NYMTop 1Buster Posey Single, pitcher Bartolo Colón1-4
CIN@MIATop 2Skip Schumaker Walk, Devin Mesoraco to 2nd, pitcher Jacob Turner1-6
SF@NYMTop 3Buster Posey Strikeout, pitcher Bartolo Colón0-6
SF@NYMTop 5Buster Posey 1-Run Double, Hunter Pence scores, pitcher Bartolo Colón5-6
CIN@MIATop 5Skip Schumaker Single, pitcher Sam Dyson5-8
SF@NYMTop 7Buster Posey 2-Run Home Run, Madison Bumgarner scores, pitcher Carlos Torres16-8
SF@NYMTop 9Buster Posey Single, pitcher Dana Eveland18-8
CIN@MIATop 9Skip Schumaker Strikeout, pitcher Dan Jennings18-7
PHI@WSHTop 9Ryan Howard Strikeout, pitcher Rafael Soriano17-7
LAA@TBTop 1Mike Trout 1-Run Double, Kole Calhoun scores, pitcher Jake Odorizzi17-12
LAA@TBTop 1Josh Hamilton 1-Run Single, Albert Pujols to 2nd, Mike Trout scores, pitcher Jake Odorizzi17-14
LAA@TBTop 2Mike Trout Single, Kole Calhoun to 2nd, pitcher Jake Odorizzi17-16
LAA@TBTop 4Mike Trout Strikeout, pitcher Kirby Yates17-15
LAA@TBTop 6Mike Trout 1-Run Single, Efren Navarro scores, pitcher Jeff Beliveau17-19
LAA@TBBot 7Cole Figueroa 1-Run Walk, Logan Forsythe to 2nd, Yunel Escobar to 3rd, James Loney scores, pitcher Joe Smith17-17
LAA@TBBot 7Kevin Kiermaier Out Howie Kendrick, Albert Pujols, pitcher Joe Smith17-18.33
LAA@TBTop 8Mike Trout Walk, pitcher Grant Balfour17-20.33
LAA@TBTop 8Mike Trout Stolen Base17-23.33
LAA@TBBot 8Ben Zobrist Out Efren Navarro, pitcher Joe Smith17-24.66
LAA@TBBot 8Matt Joyce Single, pitcher Joe Smith17-23.66
LAA@TBBot 8Evan Longoria Strikeout, pitcher Joe Smith17-26.49
LAA@TBBot 8James Loney Out Erick Aybar, Albert Pujols, pitcher Joe Smith17-27.82
MIN@CWSTop 1Danny Santana Single, pitcher José Quintana17-29.82
TOR@HOUTop 1José Reyes Single, pitcher Scott Feldman19-29.82
MIN@CWSTop 1Danny Santana Stolen Base19-32.82
MIN@CWSTop 1Kennys Vargas 1-Run Hit By Pitch, Josh Willingham to 2nd, Trevor Plouffe to 3rd, Danny Santana scores, pitcher José Quintana19-34.82
MIN@CWSTop 2Danny Santana Walk, pitcher José Quintana19-36.82
MIN@CWSTop 2Danny Santana Stolen Base19-39.82
TOR@HOUTop 3José Reyes Single, pitcher Scott Feldman21-39.82
MIN@CWSTop 6Danny Santana 2-Run Double, Eduardo Núñez scores, Eric Fryer scores, pitcher Javy Guerra21-46.82
MIN@CWSTop 8Danny Santana 1-Run Triple, Eduardo Núñez scores, pitcher Taylor Thompson21-52.82
MIN@CWSTop 8Trevor Plouffe 1-Run Single, Brian Dozier to 2nd, Danny Santana scores, pitcher Ronald Belisario21-54.82
TOR@HOUTop 8José Reyes Single, pitcher Scott Feldman23-54.82
MIN@CWSTop 8Danny Santana 1-Run Single, Eduardo Núñez to 3rd, Eric Fryer scores, pitcher Eric Surkamp23-58.82
MIN@CWSTop 9Danny Santana Single, pitcher Andre Rienzo23-60.82
MIL@STLTop 2Mark Reynolds 1-Run Home Run, pitcher John Lackey23-69.82
MIL@STLTop 4Mark Reynolds Strikeout, pitcher John Lackey23-68.82
MIL@STLTop 9Mark Reynolds Strikeout, pitcher Trevor Rosenthal23-67.82
KC@OAKTop 1Nori Aoki Out Sam Fuld, pitcher Scott Kazmir23-69.15
KC@OAKTop 1Omar Infante Single, pitcher Scott Kazmir23-68.15
KC@OAKTop 1Salvador Pérez Out Alberto Callaspo, Jed Lowrie, Stephen Vogt, pitcher Scott Kazmir23-69.48
KC@OAKBot 1Sam Fuld Out Salvador Pérez, pitcher James Shields23-70.81
KC@OAKBot 1John Jaso Out Omar Infante, Billy Butler, pitcher James Shields23-72.14
KC@OAKBot 1Josh Donaldson Out Jarrod Dyson, pitcher James Shields23-73.47
KC@OAKTop 2Billy Butler Single, pitcher Scott Kazmir23-72.47
KC@OAKTop 2Alex Gordon Out Josh Donaldson, Alberto Callaspo, Stephen Vogt, pitcher Scott Kazmir23-73.8
KC@OAKTop 2Lorenzo Cain Single, pitcher Scott Kazmir23-72.8
KC@OAKTop 2Christian Colón Out Jed Lowrie, Stephen Vogt, pitcher Scott Kazmir23-74.13
KC@OAKBot 2Brandon Moss Strikeout, pitcher James Shields23-76.96
KC@OAKBot 2Stephen Vogt Out Omar Infante, Billy Butler, pitcher James Shields23-78.29
KC@OAKBot 2Derek Norris Out James Shields, pitcher James Shields23-79.62
KC@OAKTop 3Jarrod Dyson Out Alberto Callaspo, Stephen Vogt, pitcher Scott Kazmir23-80.95
KC@OAKTop 3Alcides Escobar Single, pitcher Scott Kazmir23-79.95
KC@OAKTop 3Nori Aoki Strikeout, pitcher Scott Kazmir23-82.78
KC@OAKTop 3Omar Infante Out Brandon Moss, pitcher Scott Kazmir23-84.11
KC@OAKBot 3Josh Reddick Out Billy Butler, James Shields, pitcher James Shields23-85.44
KC@OAKBot 3Jed Lowrie Out Christian Colón, pitcher James Shields23-86.77
KC@OAKBot 3Alberto Callaspo Out James Shields, Billy Butler, pitcher James Shields23-88.1
KC@OAKTop 4Salvador Pérez Out Sam Fuld, pitcher Scott Kazmir23-89.43
KC@OAKTop 4Billy Butler Single, pitcher Scott Kazmir23-88.43
KC@OAKBot 4Sam Fuld Out Billy Butler, pitcher James Shields23-89.76
KC@OAKBot 4John Jaso Out James Shields, pitcher James Shields23-91.09
KC@OAKBot 4Josh Donaldson Out Billy Butler, pitcher James Shields23-92.42
KC@OAKTop 5Christian Colón Double, pitcher Scott Kazmir23-91.42
KC@OAKTop 5Jarrod Dyson Strikeout, pitcher Scott Kazmir23-94.25
KC@OAKTop 5Alcides Escobar Walk, pitcher Scott Kazmir23-92.25
KC@OAKTop 5Nori Aoki 1-Run Double, Alcides Escobar to 3rd, Christian Colón scores, pitcher Scott Kazmir23-91.25
KC@OAKTop 5Omar Infante 2-Run Double, Nori Aoki scores, Alcides Escobar scores, pitcher Scott Kazmir23-90.25
KC@OAKTop 5Salvador Pérez 1-Run Single, Omar Infante scores, pitcher Scott Kazmir23-89.25
KC@OAKTop 5Billy Butler Single, Salvador Pérez to 3rd, pitcher Scott Kazmir23-88.25
KC@OAKTop 5Alex Gordon Out Alberto Callaspo, Jed Lowrie, Stephen Vogt, pitcher Scott Kazmir23-89.58
KC@OAKBot 5Brandon Moss Out Lorenzo Cain, pitcher James Shields23-90.91
KC@OAKBot 5Stephen Vogt Out Christian Colón, pitcher James Shields23-92.24
KC@OAKBot 5Derek Norris Out Lorenzo Cain, pitcher James Shields23-93.57
KC@OAKTop 6Lorenzo Cain Out Stephen Vogt, pitcher Scott Kazmir23-94.9
KC@OAKTop 6Christian Colón Out Alberto Callaspo, Stephen Vogt, pitcher Scott Kazmir23-96.23
KC@OAKTop 6Jarrod Dyson Out Josh Reddick, pitcher Scott Kazmir23-97.56
KC@OAKBot 6Josh Reddick 1-Run Home Run, pitcher James Shields23-96.56
KC@OAKBot 6Jed Lowrie Out Omar Infante, Billy Butler, pitcher James Shields23-97.89
KC@OAKBot 6Alberto Callaspo Single, pitcher James Shields23-96.89
KC@OAKBot 6Sam Fuld Out Omar Infante, Billy Butler, pitcher James Shields23-98.22
KC@OAKBot 7John Jaso Out Jarrod Dyson, pitcher James Shields23-99.55
KC@OAKBot 7Josh Donaldson Out Christian Colón, Billy Butler, pitcher James Shields23-100.88
KC@OAKBot 7Brandon Moss Strikeout, pitcher James Shields23-103.71
KC@OAKBot 8Stephen Vogt Out Lorenzo Cain, pitcher James Shields23-105.04
KC@OAKBot 8Derek Norris Out Alcides Escobar, pitcher James Shields23-106.37
KC@OAKBot 8Josh Reddick 1-Run Home Run, pitcher James Shields23-105.37
KC@OAKBot 8Jed Lowrie Single, pitcher James Shields23-104.37
KC@OAKBot 8Alberto Callaspo Out Omar Infante, Billy Butler, pitcher James Shields23-105.7
ATL@SDBot 1Everth Cabrera Single, pitcher Aaron Harang23-104.7
ATL@SDBot 1Yangervis Solarte Out Ramiro Pena, pitcher Aaron Harang23-106.03
ATL@SDBot 1Seth Smith Out Melvin Upton, pitcher Aaron Harang23-107.36
ATL@SDBot 1Tommy Medica Walk, pitcher Aaron Harang23-105.36
ATL@SDBot 1Yasmani Grandal Out Tommy La Stella, Freddie Freeman, pitcher Aaron Harang23-106.69
ATL@SDTop 2Justin Upton Strikeout, pitcher Tyson Ross22-106.69
ATL@SDBot 2Will Venable Single, pitcher Aaron Harang22-105.69
ATL@SDBot 2Alexi Amarista Strikeout, pitcher Aaron Harang22-108.52