Week 18 2014 Mon 7/28-Sun 8/3

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
Non-Division Game
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TEX@CLEBot 1Jason Kipnis Strikeout, pitcher Yu Darvish0--1
TEX@CLEBot 2Nick Swisher Strikeout, pitcher Yu Darvish-1--1
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TEX@CLEBot 3Jason Kipnis Walk, pitcher Yu Darvish-1-1
TEX@CLEBot 4Nick Swisher Strikeout, pitcher Yu Darvish-2-1
TEX@CLEBot 6Nick Swisher Strikeout, pitcher Yu Darvish-3-1
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TEX@CLEBot 9Lonnie Chisenhall Out Leonys Martín, pitcher Neftali Feliz-3-2.33
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TEX@CLEBot 9Chris Dickerson Walk, pitcher Neftali Feliz-3-0.33
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TEX@CLEBot 9David Murphy 2-Run Home Run, Chris Dickerson scores, pitcher Neftali Feliz-3--0.67
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TEX@CLEBot 9José Ramírez Out Leonys Martín, pitcher Neftali Feliz-3-0.66
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TEX@CLEBot 9Yan Gomes Single, pitcher Neftali Feliz-3--0.34
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TEX@CLEBot 9Jason Kipnis Out Elvis Andrus, pitcher Neftali Feliz-3-0.99
TEX@CLETop 10Elvis Andrus Out Lonnie Chisenhall, Carlos Santana, pitcher Cody Allen-1.67-0.99
TEX@CLETop 10Alex Rios Strikeout, pitcher Cody Allen1.16-0.99
TEX@CLETop 10Adrián Béltre Out Michael Brantley, pitcher Cody Allen2.49-0.99
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CIN@MIABot 9Adeiny Hechavarria Triple, pitcher Jonathan Broxton2.49--0.01
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CIN@MIABot 9Jeff Mathis Strikeout, pitcher Jonathan Broxton2.49-2.82
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CIN@MIABot 9Reed Johnson Strikeout, pitcher Jonathan Broxton2.49-5.65
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CIN@MIABot 9Christian Yelich Strikeout, pitcher Jonathan Broxton2.49-8.48
PHI@WSHBot 1Denard Span Out Grady Sizemore, pitcher Cole Hamels3.82-8.48
PHI@WSHBot 1Anthony Rendón Out Ben Revere, pitcher Cole Hamels5.15-8.48
PHI@WSHBot 1Jayson Werth Strikeout, pitcher Cole Hamels7.98-8.48
SEA@BALTop 2Brad Miller Strikeout, pitcher Chris Tillman6.98-8.48
PHI@WSHBot 2Adam LaRoche Out Ryan Howard, pitcher Cole Hamels8.31-8.48
PHI@WSHBot 2Ian Desmond Strikeout, pitcher Cole Hamels11.14-8.48
PHI@WSHBot 2Scott Hairston Strikeout, pitcher Cole Hamels13.97-8.48
PHI@WSHBot 3Asdrubal Cabrera Out Cody Asche, Ryan Howard, pitcher Cole Hamels15.3-8.48
PHI@WSHBot 3Stephen Strasburg Out Cole Hamels, Chase Utley, José Lobatón to 2nd, pitcher Cole Hamels16.63-8.48
PHI@WSHBot 3Denard Span 1-Run Single, José Lobatón scores, pitcher Cole Hamels15.63-8.48
PHI@WSHBot 3Anthony Rendón Out Marlon Byrd, pitcher Cole Hamels16.96-8.48
PHI@WSHBot 4Jayson Werth Out Marlon Byrd, pitcher Cole Hamels18.29-8.48
PHI@WSHBot 4Adam LaRoche Out Ryan Howard, pitcher Cole Hamels19.62-8.48
PHI@WSHBot 4Ian Desmond Out Cody Asche, Ryan Howard, pitcher Cole Hamels20.95-8.48
SEA@BALTop 5Brad Miller Strikeout, pitcher Chris Tillman19.95-8.48
PHI@WSHBot 5Scott Hairston Single, pitcher Cole Hamels18.95-8.48
PHI@WSHBot 5Asdrubal Cabrera Out Marlon Byrd, pitcher Cole Hamels20.28-8.48
PHI@WSHBot 5José Lobatón Strikeout, pitcher Cole Hamels23.11-8.48
PHI@WSHBot 5Stephen Strasburg Strikeout, pitcher Cole Hamels25.94-8.48
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PHI@WSHTop 6Ben Revere Strikeout, pitcher Stephen Strasburg25.94-7.48
PHI@WSHBot 6Denard Span Single, pitcher Cole Hamels24.94-7.48
PHI@WSHBot 6Anthony Rendón Out Marlon Byrd, pitcher Cole Hamels26.27-7.48
PHI@WSHBot 6Jayson Werth Out Grady Sizemore, pitcher Cole Hamels27.6-7.48
PHI@WSHBot 6Adam LaRoche Walk, pitcher Cole Hamels25.6-7.48
PHI@WSHBot 6Ian Desmond Out Marlon Byrd, pitcher Cole Hamels26.93-7.48
PHI@WSHBot 7Scott Hairston Out Ben Revere, pitcher Cole Hamels28.26-7.48
PHI@WSHBot 7Asdrubal Cabrera Out Marlon Byrd, pitcher Cole Hamels29.59-7.48
PHI@WSHBot 7José Lobatón Single, pitcher Cole Hamels28.59-7.48
PHI@WSHBot 7Kevin Frandsen Strikeout, pitcher Cole Hamels31.42-7.48
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PHI@WSHTop 8Ben Revere Strikeout, pitcher Tyler Clippard31.42-6.48
TOR@HOUTop 1José Bautista Single, pitcher Scott Feldman33.42-6.48
TOR@HOUBot 1José Altuve Out José Reyes, Juan Francisco, pitcher Marcus Stroman34.75-6.48
TOR@HOUBot 1Robbie Grossman Strikeout, pitcher Marcus Stroman37.58-6.48
TOR@HOUBot 1Chris Carter Out Colby Rasmus, pitcher Marcus Stroman38.91-6.48
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MIN@CWSTop 2Danny Santana Error, Eric Fryer to 3rd, pitcher José Quintana38.91-5.48
TOR@HOUBot 2Jason Castro Out Ryan Goins, Juan Francisco, pitcher Marcus Stroman40.24-5.48
TOR@HOUBot 2Marc Krauss Out Melky Cabrera, pitcher Marcus Stroman41.57-5.48
TOR@HOUBot 2Jonathan Singleton Out Anthony Gose, pitcher Marcus Stroman42.9-5.48
MIN@CWSTop 3Josh Willingham Strikeout, pitcher José Quintana41.9-5.48
TOR@HOUTop 3José Bautista Walk, pitcher Scott Feldman43.9-5.48
TOR@HOUBot 3Matt Dominguez Out Juan Francisco, Marcus Stroman, pitcher Marcus Stroman45.23-5.48
TOR@HOUBot 3Jake Marisnick Single, pitcher Marcus Stroman44.23-5.48
TOR@HOUBot 3Marwin González Out Colby Rasmus, pitcher Marcus Stroman45.56-5.48
TOR@HOUBot 3José Altuve Single, Jake Marisnick to 2nd, pitcher Marcus Stroman44.56-5.48
TOR@HOUBot 3Robbie Grossman Walk, José Altuve to 2nd, Jake Marisnick to 3rd, pitcher Marcus Stroman42.56-5.48
TOR@HOUBot 3Chris Carter 2-Run Single, Robbie Grossman to 2nd, José Altuve scores, Jake Marisnick scores, pitcher Marcus Stroman41.56-5.48
TOR@HOUBot 3Jason Castro Out Ryan Goins, Juan Francisco, pitcher Marcus Stroman42.89-5.48
TOR@HOUBot 4Marc Krauss Single, pitcher Marcus Stroman41.89-5.48
TOR@HOUBot 4Jonathan Singleton Double, Marc Krauss to 3rd, pitcher Marcus Stroman40.89-5.48
TOR@HOUBot 4Matt Dominguez 1-Run Single, Jonathan Singleton to 3rd, Marc Krauss scores, pitcher Marcus Stroman39.89-5.48
TOR@HOUBot 4Jake Marisnick 1-Run Single, Matt Dominguez to 2nd, Jonathan Singleton scores, pitcher Marcus Stroman38.89-5.48
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MIN@CWSBot 4Conor Gillaspie Double, pitcher Kyle Gibson38.89-8.48
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MIN@CWSBot 4Alexei Ramirez 1-Run Double, Conor Gillaspie scores, pitcher Kyle Gibson38.89-10.48
MIN@CWSTop 5Josh Willingham Strikeout, pitcher José Quintana37.89-10.48
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MIN@CWSBot 5Tyler Flowers Strikeout, pitcher Kyle Gibson37.89-9.48
MIN@CWSTop 8Josh Willingham Single, Trevor Plouffe to 2nd, Brian Dozier to 3rd, pitcher Ronald Belisario39.89-9.48
MIN@CWSTop 8Oswaldo Arcia 2-Run Double, Chris Colabello to 3rd, Kennys Vargas scores, Josh Willingham scores, pitcher Eric Surkamp41.89-9.48
TOR@HOUTop 8José Bautista Strikeout, pitcher Scott Feldman40.89-9.48
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MIN@CWSBot 8Gordon Beckham Hit By Pitch, pitcher Samuel Deduno40.89-7.48
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MIN@CWSBot 8José Abreu Out Brian Dozier, Chris Parmelee, Gordon Beckham to 2nd, pitcher Samuel Deduno40.89-8.81
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MIN@CWSBot 8Conor Gillaspie Out Danny Santana, pitcher Samuel Deduno40.89-10.14
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MIN@CWSBot 8Leury García Out Chris Parmelee, Samuel Deduno, pitcher Samuel Deduno40.89-11.47
MIN@CWSTop 9Josh Willingham Strikeout, pitcher Andre Rienzo39.89-11.47
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MIN@CWSBot 9Paul Konerko Out Trevor Plouffe, pitcher Samuel Deduno39.89-12.8
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MIN@CWSBot 9Dayan Viciedo Out Eduardo Núñez, Chris Parmelee, pitcher Samuel Deduno39.89-14.13
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MIN@CWSBot 9Alejandro De Aza Single, pitcher Samuel Deduno39.89-13.13
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MIN@CWSBot 9Adrian Nieto Single, Alejandro De Aza to 2nd, pitcher Samuel Deduno39.89-12.13
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MIN@CWSBot 9Moises Sierra Strikeout, pitcher Samuel Deduno39.89-14.96
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KC@OAKTop 5Jarrod Dyson Strikeout, pitcher Scott Kazmir39.89-13.96
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KC@OAKTop 8Jarrod Dyson Strikeout, pitcher Fernando Abad39.89-12.96
ATL@SDTop 1Melvin Upton Strikeout, pitcher Tyson Ross42.72-12.96
ATL@SDTop 1Tommy La Stella Single, pitcher Tyson Ross41.72-12.96
ATL@SDTop 1Freddie Freeman Out Yasmani Grandal, Everth Cabrera, Tyson Ross, pitcher Tyson Ross43.05-12.96
ATL@SDTop 2Justin Upton Strikeout, pitcher Tyson Ross45.88-12.96
ATL@SDTop 2Jason Heyward Strikeout, pitcher Tyson Ross48.71-12.96
ATL@SDTop 2Evan Gattis Out Everth Cabrera, Yasmani Grandal, pitcher Tyson Ross50.04-12.96
ATL@SDTop 3Chris Johnson Out Everth Cabrera, Yasmani Grandal, pitcher Tyson Ross51.37-12.96
ATL@SDTop 3Ramiro Pena Out Tommy Medica, pitcher Tyson Ross52.7-12.96
ATL@SDTop 3Aaron Harang Out Yasmani Grandal, pitcher Tyson Ross54.03-12.96
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ATL@SDBot 3Seth Smith Single, pitcher Aaron Harang54.03-14.96
ATL@SDTop 4Melvin Upton Out Yangervis Solarte, Yasmani Grandal, pitcher Tyson Ross55.36-14.96
ATL@SDTop 4Tommy La Stella Out Seth Smith, pitcher Tyson Ross56.69-14.96