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Week 17 2014 Mon 7/21-Sun 7/27

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
Non-Division Game
Fear Boners
WSH@CINBot 1Billy Hamilton Out Danny Espinosa, Adam LaRoche, pitcher Doug Fister0-1.33
Fear Boners
WSH@CINBot 1Skip Schumaker Strikeout, pitcher Doug Fister0-4.16
WSH@CINBot 1Jay Bruce Out Adam LaRoche, pitcher Doug Fister0-5.49
Fear Boners
WSH@CINBot 1Todd Frazier Single, pitcher Doug Fister0-4.49
Fear Boners
WSH@CINBot 2Devin Mesoraco Strikeout, pitcher Doug Fister0-7.32
Fear Boners
WSH@CINBot 2Jack Hannahan Out Bryce Harper, pitcher Doug Fister0-8.65
Fear Boners
WSH@CINBot 2Donald Lutz Walk, pitcher Doug Fister0-6.65
Fear Boners
WSH@CINBot 2Ramon Santiago Out Denard Span, pitcher Doug Fister0-7.98
Fear Boners
WSH@CINBot 3Mat Latos Out Doug Fister, Adam LaRoche, pitcher Doug Fister0-9.31
Fear Boners
WSH@CINBot 3Billy Hamilton Out Doug Fister, Adam LaRoche, pitcher Doug Fister0-10.64
Fear Boners
WSH@CINBot 3Skip Schumaker Out Ian Desmond, Adam LaRoche, pitcher Doug Fister0-11.97
Fear Boners
WSH@CINBot 4Todd Frazier Out Anthony Rendón, Adam LaRoche, pitcher Doug Fister0-13.3
WSH@CINBot 4Jay Bruce Out Jayson Werth, pitcher Doug Fister0-14.63
Fear Boners
WSH@CINBot 4Devin Mesoraco Out Ian Desmond, Adam LaRoche, pitcher Doug Fister0-15.96
Fear Boners
WSH@CINBot 5Jack Hannahan Strikeout, pitcher Doug Fister0-18.79
Fear Boners
WSH@CINBot 5Donald Lutz Out Adam LaRoche, Doug Fister, pitcher Doug Fister0-20.12
Fear Boners
WSH@CINBot 5Ramon Santiago Out Denard Span, pitcher Doug Fister0-21.45
Fear Boners
WSH@CINBot 6Kristopher Negron Out Jayson Werth, pitcher Doug Fister0-22.78
Fear Boners
WSH@CINBot 6Billy Hamilton Out Ian Desmond, Adam LaRoche, pitcher Doug Fister0-24.11
Fear Boners
WSH@CINBot 6Skip Schumaker Single, pitcher Doug Fister0-23.11
WSH@CINBot 7Jay Bruce Strikeout, pitcher Doug Fister-1-25.94
Fear Boners
WSH@CINBot 7Devin Mesoraco Single, pitcher Doug Fister-1-24.94
Fear Boners
WSH@CINBot 7Donald Lutz Strikeout, pitcher Doug Fister-1-27.77
Fear Boners
WSH@CINBot 8Billy Hamilton Strikeout, pitcher Tyler Clippard-1-26.77
WSH@CINBot 9Jay Bruce Single, Todd Frazier to 2nd, pitcher Aaron Barrett1-26.77
WSH@CINBot 9Devin Mesoraco 2-Run Double, Jay Bruce scores, Todd Frazier scores, pitcher Rafael Soriano3-26.77
ARI@PHIBot 8Marlon Byrd Strikeout, pitcher Randall Delgado2-26.77
BOS@TBBot 4Yunel Escobar Walk, pitcher Allen Webster4-26.77
BOS@TBBot 9Yunel Escobar Single, pitcher Koji Uehara6-26.77
CLE@KCBot 1Nori Aoki Out Carlos Santana, pitcher Danny Salazar7.33-26.77
CLE@KCBot 1Omar Infante Strikeout, pitcher Danny Salazar10.16-26.77
CLE@KCBot 1Alex Gordon Strikeout, pitcher Danny Salazar12.99-26.77
CLE@KCBot 2Salvador Pérez Out Nick Swisher, pitcher Danny Salazar14.32-26.77
NYM@MILBot 2Khris Davis Strikeout, pitcher Jacob deGrom13.32-26.77
CLE@KCBot 2Mike Moustakas Strikeout, pitcher Danny Salazar16.15-26.77
Fear Boners
CLE@KCBot 2Billy Butler Single, pitcher Danny Salazar15.15-28.77
CLE@KCBot 2Brett Hayes Single, Billy Butler to 3rd, pitcher Danny Salazar14.15-28.77
CLE@KCBot 2Jarrod Dyson 1-Run Single, Brett Hayes to 2nd, Billy Butler scores, pitcher Danny Salazar13.15-30.77
CLE@KCBot 2Alcides Escobar Out Michael Brantley, pitcher Danny Salazar14.48-30.77
CLE@KCBot 3Nori Aoki Double, pitcher Danny Salazar13.48-30.77
CLE@KCBot 3Omar Infante Out José Ramírez, Carlos Santana, Nori Aoki to 3rd, pitcher Danny Salazar14.81-30.77
CLE@KCBot 3Alex Gordon 1-Run Out Ryan Raburn, Nori Aoki scores, pitcher Danny Salazar16.14-30.77
CLE@KCBot 3Salvador Pérez Out Mike Aviles, pitcher Danny Salazar17.47-30.77
CLE@KCBot 4Mike Moustakas Out Ryan Raburn, pitcher Danny Salazar18.8-30.77
Fear Boners
CLE@KCBot 4Billy Butler Out José Ramírez, Carlos Santana, pitcher Danny Salazar20.13-30.77
CLE@KCBot 4Brett Hayes Out Nick Swisher, pitcher Danny Salazar21.46-30.77
NYM@MILBot 4Khris Davis Walk, pitcher Jacob deGrom23.46-30.77
CLE@KCBot 5Jarrod Dyson Out Asdrubal Cabrera, Carlos Santana, pitcher Danny Salazar24.79-30.77
CLE@KCBot 5Alcides Escobar Strikeout, pitcher Danny Salazar27.62-30.77
CLE@KCBot 5Nori Aoki Single, pitcher Danny Salazar26.62-30.77
CLE@KCBot 5Omar Infante Out Danny Salazar, Carlos Santana, pitcher Danny Salazar27.95-30.77
CLE@KCBot 6Alex Gordon Single, pitcher Danny Salazar26.95-30.77
CLE@KCBot 6Salvador Pérez Out Chris Dickerson, pitcher Danny Salazar28.28-30.77
CLE@KCBot 6Mike Moustakas Out Chris Dickerson, pitcher Danny Salazar29.61-30.77
Fear Boners
CLE@KCBot 6Billy Butler 1-Run Double, Alex Gordon scores, pitcher Danny Salazar28.61-35.77
CLE@KCBot 6Brett Hayes Strikeout, pitcher Danny Salazar31.44-35.77
CLE@KCBot 7Jarrod Dyson Out Chris Dickerson, pitcher Danny Salazar32.77-35.77
NYM@MILBot 7Khris Davis Single, pitcher Jacob deGrom34.77-35.77
CLE@KCBot 7Alcides Escobar Strikeout, pitcher Danny Salazar37.6-35.77
CLE@KCBot 7Nori Aoki Strikeout, pitcher Danny Salazar40.43-35.77
Fear Boners
MIA@HOUBot 9Matt Dominguez Out Christian Yelich, pitcher Steve Cishek40.43-37.1
Fear Boners
MIA@HOUBot 9Jonathan Singleton 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Steve Cishek40.43-36.1
Fear Boners
MIA@HOUBot 9Carlos Corporan Strikeout, pitcher Steve Cishek40.43-38.93
NYM@MILBot 9Khris Davis Single, pitcher Jenrry Mejia42.43-38.93
Fear Boners
CLE@KCBot 9Billy Butler Single, pitcher Kyle Crockett42.43-40.93
Fear Boners
MIA@HOUBot 9Robbie Grossman Strikeout, pitcher Steve Cishek42.43-43.76
Fear Boners
DET@LAABot 5Howie Kendrick Single, Erick Aybar to 2nd, pitcher Rick Porcello42.43-45.76
Fear Boners
DET@LAABot 7Howie Kendrick Strikeout, pitcher Rick Porcello42.43-44.76
Fear Boners
BAL@SEATop 3Manny Machado Single, pitcher Roenis Elías42.43-46.76
Fear Boners
BAL@SEATop 3Jonathan Schoop 1-Run Single, Caleb Joseph to 3rd, Manny Machado scores, pitcher Roenis Elías42.43-48.76
Fear Boners
BAL@SEATop 6Manny Machado Strikeout, pitcher Tom Wilhelmsen42.43-47.76
Fear Boners
BAL@SEATop 8Manny Machado 1-Run Single, J.J. Hardy to 2nd, Nelson Cruz to 3rd, Adam Jones scores, pitcher Brandon Maurer42.43-51.76
BAL@SEATop 9Nick Markakis Out Robinson Canó, Chris Taylor, Logan Morrison, pitcher Fernando Rodney43.76-51.76
BAL@SEATop 9David Lough Out Robinson Canó, pitcher Fernando Rodney45.09-51.76
Fear Boners
BAL@SEATop 10Manny Machado 1-Run Out James Jones, Adam Jones scores, pitcher Yoervis Medina45.09-53.76
LAD@SFTop 2Matt Kemp Single, Carl Crawford to 3rd, pitcher Jake Peavy47.09-53.76
Fear Boners
LAD@SFBot 2Michael Morse Strikeout, pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu47.09-52.76
Fear Boners
LAD@SFBot 3Brandon Crawford Strikeout, pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu47.09-51.76
LAD@SFTop 4Matt Kemp Single, Carl Crawford to 2nd, pitcher Jake Peavy49.09-51.76
Fear Boners
LAD@SFBot 4Michael Morse Single, pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu49.09-53.76
Fear Boners
LAD@SFBot 4Brandon Crawford 1-Run Single, Adam Duvall to 2nd, Michael Morse scores, pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu49.09-59.76
Fear Boners
LAD@SFBot 6Michael Morse Strikeout, pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu49.09-58.76
Fear Boners
LAD@SFTop 7Yasiel Puig Strikeout, pitcher Jean Machi49.09-61.59
Fear Boners
LAD@SFTop 7Adrián González Out Pablo Sandoval, Adam Duvall, pitcher Jean Machi49.09-62.92
Fear Boners
LAD@SFTop 7Hanley Ramírez Out Gregor Blanco, pitcher Jean Machi49.09-64.25
Fear Boners
LAD@SFBot 7Brandon Crawford Single, pitcher J.P. Howell49.09-66.25
LAD@SFTop 8Matt Kemp Walk, pitcher Sergio Romo51.09-66.25
Fear Boners
LAD@SFBot 9Brandon Crawford Strikeout, pitcher Kenley Jansen51.09-65.25
   Bonuses & Miscellaneous58.09-80.25