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Week 17 2014 Mon 7/21-Sun 7/27

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
Non-Division Game
Stinky Pete
WSH@CINBot 2Devin Mesoraco Strikeout, pitcher Doug Fister0--1
Stinky Pete
WSH@CINBot 7Devin Mesoraco Single, pitcher Doug Fister0-1
Stinky Pete
WSH@CINBot 9Devin Mesoraco 2-Run Double, Jay Bruce scores, Todd Frazier scores, pitcher Rafael Soriano0-8
BOS@TBBot 6James Loney Single, pitcher Craig Breslow2-8
BOS@TBBot 8James Loney Strikeout, pitcher Junichi Tazawa1-8
MIA@HOUTop 1Christian Yelich Single, pitcher Collin McHugh0-8
MIA@HOUTop 1Jordany Valdespin 1-Run Triple, Christian Yelich scores, pitcher Collin McHugh-1-8
MIA@HOUTop 1Giancarlo Stanton Strikeout, pitcher Collin McHugh1.83-8
MIA@HOUTop 1Casey McGehee 1-Run Out Marc Krauss, Jordany Valdespin scores, pitcher Collin McHugh3.16-8
MIA@HOUTop 1Garrett Jones 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Collin McHugh2.16-8
MIA@HOUTop 1Marcell Ozuna Strikeout, pitcher Collin McHugh4.99-8
Stinky Pete
CLE@KCBot 1Omar Infante Strikeout, pitcher Danny Salazar4.99-7
MIA@HOUTop 2Donovan Solano Single, pitcher Collin McHugh3.99-7
Stinky Pete
MIA@HOUTop 2Adeiny Hechavarria Out Collin McHugh, Jonathan Singleton, Donovan Solano to 2nd, pitcher Collin McHugh5.32-7
MIA@HOUTop 2Jeff Mathis Out Marc Krauss, Donovan Solano to 3rd, pitcher Collin McHugh6.65-7
MIA@HOUTop 2Christian Yelich Strikeout, pitcher Collin McHugh9.48-7
MIA@HOUTop 3Jordany Valdespin Out José Altuve, Jonathan Singleton, pitcher Collin McHugh10.81-7
MIA@HOUTop 3Giancarlo Stanton Strikeout, pitcher Collin McHugh13.64-7
MIA@HOUTop 3Casey McGehee Out Collin McHugh, Jonathan Singleton, pitcher Collin McHugh14.97-7
MIA@HOUTop 4Garrett Jones Out Chris Carter, pitcher Collin McHugh16.3-7
MIA@HOUTop 4Marcell Ozuna Single, pitcher Collin McHugh15.3-7
MIA@HOUTop 4Donovan Solano Strikeout, pitcher Collin McHugh18.13-7
Stinky Pete
MIA@HOUTop 4Adeiny Hechavarria Single, Marcell Ozuna to 2nd, pitcher Collin McHugh17.13-9
MIA@HOUTop 4Jeff Mathis Strikeout, pitcher Collin McHugh19.96-9
Stinky Pete
MIA@HOUBot 4Matt Dominguez Single, pitcher Jacob Turner19.96-11
MIA@HOUTop 5Christian Yelich Walk, pitcher Collin McHugh17.96-11
MIA@HOUTop 5Jordany Valdespin Out Collin McHugh, Jonathan Singleton, Christian Yelich to 2nd, pitcher Collin McHugh19.29-11
MIA@HOUTop 5Giancarlo Stanton Strikeout, pitcher Collin McHugh22.12-11
MIA@HOUTop 5Casey McGehee Out Marc Krauss, pitcher Collin McHugh23.45-11
MIA@HOUTop 6Garrett Jones Strikeout, pitcher Collin McHugh26.28-11
MIA@HOUTop 6Marcell Ozuna 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Collin McHugh25.28-11
MIA@HOUTop 6Donovan Solano Strikeout, pitcher Collin McHugh28.11-11
Stinky Pete
MIA@HOUTop 6Adeiny Hechavarria Out Kiké Hernández, pitcher Collin McHugh29.44-11
Stinky Pete
MIA@HOUBot 6Matt Dominguez Strikeout, pitcher Jacob Turner29.44-10
MIA@HOUTop 7Jeff Mathis Out Kiké Hernández, pitcher Collin McHugh30.77-10
STL@CHCBot 3Welington Castillo Double, pitcher Adam Wainwright33.77-10
STL@CHCBot 4Anthony Rizzo Single, pitcher Adam Wainwright35.77-10
STL@CHCBot 6Anthony Rizzo Single, Arismendy Alcántara to 2nd, pitcher Adam Wainwright37.77-10
STL@CHCBot 7Welington Castillo Strikeout, pitcher Adam Wainwright36.77-10
STL@CHCBot 9Welington Castillo Strikeout, pitcher Trevor Rosenthal35.77-10
DET@LAATop 7J.D. Martínez Strikeout, pitcher Mike Morin34.77-10
Stinky Pete
PIT@COLTop 1Josh Harrison Double, pitcher Franklin Morales34.77-13
Stinky Pete
PIT@COLTop 2Josh Harrison 1-Run Single, Edinson Vólquez to 2nd, Chris Stewart to 3rd, Jordy Mercer scores, pitcher Franklin Morales34.77-17
Stinky Pete
BAL@SEABot 2Chris Taylor 1-Run Double, Mike Zunino to 3rd, Logan Morrison scores, pitcher Miguel González34.77-19
Stinky Pete
PIT@COLTop 6Josh Harrison Single, pitcher Chad Bettis34.77-21
Stinky Pete
PIT@COLTop 6Josh Harrison Stolen Base34.77-24
Stinky Pete
PIT@COLTop 6Ike Davis 1-Run Double, Josh Harrison scores, pitcher Tommy Kahnle34.77-26
Stinky Pete
BAL@SEABot 6Logan Morrison Walk, pitcher Miguel González34.77-28
PIT@COLBot 7Corey Dickerson Out Neil Walker, Ike Davis, pitcher Tony Watson36.1-28
PIT@COLBot 7Nolan Arenado 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Tony Watson35.1-28
PIT@COLBot 7Ben Paulsen Out Ike Davis, Tony Watson, pitcher Tony Watson36.43-28
PIT@COLBot 7Wilin Rosario Single, pitcher Tony Watson35.43-28
PIT@COLBot 7Charlie Culberson Strikeout, pitcher Tony Watson38.26-28
Stinky Pete
PIT@COLTop 8Josh Harrison 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Rex Brothers38.26-37
PIT@COLBot 8DJ LeMahieu Single, pitcher Tony Watson37.26-37
PIT@COLBot 8Carlos González Out Ike Davis, DJ LeMahieu to 2nd, pitcher Tony Watson38.59-37
PIT@COLBot 8Charlie Blackmon Out Josh Harrison, Ike Davis, pitcher Tony Watson39.92-37
Stinky Pete
PIT@COLTop 9Josh Harrison Strikeout, pitcher Brooks Brown39.92-36
Stinky Pete
BAL@SEABot 10Logan Morrison Strikeout, pitcher Zach Britton39.92-35
OAK@TEXTop 5Josh Donaldson Single, pitcher Miles Mikolas41.92-35
OAK@TEXTop 5Eric Sogard 1-Run Double, Josh Donaldson scores, pitcher Miles Mikolas43.92-35
OAK@TEXBot 5Alex Rios Single, Elvis Andrus to 2nd, pitcher Scott Kazmir45.92-35
OAK@TEXBot 7Alex Rios Strikeout, pitcher Ryan Cook44.92-35
OAK@TEXTop 9Josh Donaldson Walk, pitcher Shawn Tolleson46.92-35
Stinky Pete
LAD@SFTop 4Juan Uribe 1-Run Single, Matt Kemp to 2nd, Carl Crawford scores, pitcher Jake Peavy46.92-37
Stinky Pete
LAD@SFTop 5Carl Crawford 1-Run Triple, Hanley Ramírez scores, pitcher Jake Peavy46.92-43
   Bonuses & Miscellaneous23.92-43