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Week 14 2014 Mon 6/30-Sun 7/6

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
Non-Division Game
Cubbie Blues
KC@CLETop 1Lorenzo Cain Strikeout, pitcher Corey Kluber-1-0
Cubbie Blues
KC@CLEBot 1Asdrubal Cabrera Strikeout, pitcher Danny Duffy-2-0
Cubbie Blues
KC@CLEBot 5Asdrubal Cabrera Single, Jason Kipnis to 2nd, pitcher Danny Duffy0-0
Cubbie Blues
KC@CLETop 6Lorenzo Cain Single, pitcher Corey Kluber2-0
Cubbie Blues
KC@CLEBot 7Asdrubal Cabrera Strikeout, pitcher Scott Downs1-0
TEX@NYMBot 1Curtis Granderson Walk, pitcher Nick Tepesch1-2
Cubbie Blues
MIL@CINBot 1Brandon Phillips Single, Todd Frazier to 3rd, pitcher Yovani Gallardo3-2
TEX@NYMBot 1Lucas Duda 1-Run Double, Curtis Granderson scores, pitcher Nick Tepesch3-4
Cubbie Blues
MIL@CINBot 3Brandon Phillips Single, pitcher Yovani Gallardo5-4
TEX@NYMBot 4Curtis Granderson Strikeout, pitcher Nick Tepesch5-3
MIL@CINTop 5Aramis Ramirez Double, pitcher Mat Latos5-6
MIL@CINTop 7Aramis Ramirez Strikeout, pitcher Mat Latos5-5
TEX@NYMBot 7Curtis Granderson Walk, pitcher Jason Frasor5-7
TEX@NYMBot 7Daniel Murphy 1-Run Double, Curtis Granderson scores, pitcher Jason Frasor5-9
Cubbie Blues
MIL@CINBot 8Brandon Phillips Walk, pitcher Will Smith7-9
Cubbie Blues
MIL@CINBot 8Jay Bruce 2-Run Home Run, Brandon Phillips scores, pitcher Will Smith9-9
CHC@WSHTop 1Ryan Sweeney Out Jayson Werth, pitcher Jordan Zimmermann9-10.33
CHC@WSHTop 1Justin Ruggiano Double, pitcher Jordan Zimmermann9-9.33
CHC@WSHTop 1Anthony Rizzo Out Jayson Werth, pitcher Jordan Zimmermann9-10.66
CHC@WSHTop 1Starlin Castro Out Anthony Rendón, pitcher Jordan Zimmermann9-11.99
CHC@WSHTop 2Luis Valbuena Out Denard Span, pitcher Jordan Zimmermann9-13.32
CHC@WSHTop 2Nate Schierholtz Strikeout, pitcher Jordan Zimmermann9-16.15
CHC@WSHTop 2John Baker Walk, pitcher Jordan Zimmermann9-14.15
CHC@WSHTop 2Darwin Barney Single, John Baker to 2nd, pitcher Jordan Zimmermann9-13.15
CHC@WSHTop 2Jake Arrieta Out Ian Desmond, Adam LaRoche, pitcher Jordan Zimmermann9-14.48
CHC@WSHTop 3Ryan Sweeney Out Anthony Rendón, Adam LaRoche, pitcher Jordan Zimmermann9-15.81
CHC@WSHTop 3Justin Ruggiano Single, pitcher Jordan Zimmermann9-14.81
CHC@WSHTop 3Anthony Rizzo Single, Justin Ruggiano to 2nd, pitcher Jordan Zimmermann9-13.81
CHC@WSHTop 3Luis Valbuena Out Adam LaRoche, pitcher Jordan Zimmermann9-15.14
CHC@WSHTop 4Nate Schierholtz Out Adam LaRoche, pitcher Jordan Zimmermann9-16.47
CHC@WSHTop 4John Baker Single, pitcher Jordan Zimmermann9-15.47
CHC@WSHTop 4Darwin Barney Out Denard Span, pitcher Jordan Zimmermann9-16.8
CHC@WSHTop 4Jake Arrieta Strikeout, pitcher Jordan Zimmermann9-19.63
CHC@WSHTop 5Ryan Sweeney Single, pitcher Jordan Zimmermann9-18.63
CHC@WSHTop 5Justin Ruggiano Strikeout, pitcher Jordan Zimmermann9-21.46
CHC@WSHTop 5Anthony Rizzo Strikeout, pitcher Jordan Zimmermann9-24.29
CHC@WSHTop 6Luis Valbuena Out Denard Span, pitcher Jordan Zimmermann9-25.62
CHC@WSHTop 6Nate Schierholtz Strikeout, pitcher Jordan Zimmermann9-28.45
CHC@WSHTop 6John Baker Single, pitcher Jordan Zimmermann9-27.45
Cubbie Blues
BAL@BOSTop 7Steve Pearce Single, pitcher Burke Badenhop11-27.45
Cubbie Blues
BAL@BOSTop 7Nelson Cruz 1-Run Single, Adam Jones to 2nd, Steve Pearce scores, pitcher Burke Badenhop13-27.45
ARI@ATLTop 8Gerardo Parra Strikeout, pitcher Jordan Walden13-26.45
CHC@WSHBot 8Denard Span Double, pitcher Pedro Strop13-25.45
CHC@WSHBot 8Anthony Rendón Out Nate Schierholtz, pitcher Pedro Strop13-26.78
CHC@WSHBot 8Jayson Werth Strikeout, pitcher Pedro Strop13-29.61
CHC@WSHBot 8Adam LaRoche Walk, pitcher Pedro Strop13-27.61
CHC@WSHBot 8Ryan Zimmerman 1-Run Single, Denard Span scores, pitcher Pedro Strop13-26.61
NYY@MINTop 2Jacoby Ellsbury 3-Run Home Run, Kelly Johnson scores, Ichiro Suzuki scores, pitcher Ricky Nolasco13-39.61
NYY@MINTop 4Jacoby Ellsbury 1-Run Out Brian Dozier, Eduardo Núñez, Kelly Johnson scores, pitcher Anthony Swarzak13-41.61
NYY@MINTop 4Anthony Swarzak Balk, Mark Teixeira to 2nd, Jacoby Ellsbury scores Brian McCann13-43.61
NYY@MINBot 4Trevor Plouffe 1-Run Double, Kurt Suzuki scores, pitcher Hiroki Kuroda13-48.61
NYY@MINBot 4Chris Colabello 2-Run Home Run, Trevor Plouffe scores, pitcher Hiroki Kuroda13-50.61
NYY@MINBot 6Trevor Plouffe Single, pitcher Hiroki Kuroda13-52.61
NYY@MINTop 7Jacoby Ellsbury Double, pitcher Caleb Thielbar13-55.61
NYY@MINBot 8Trevor Plouffe 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Jim Miller13-64.61
Cubbie Blues
HOU@LAATop 1José Altuve Out C.J. Cron, pitcher Garrett Richards14.33-64.61
Cubbie Blues
HOU@LAATop 1Jason Castro Strikeout, pitcher Garrett Richards17.16-64.61
Cubbie Blues
HOU@LAATop 1George Springer Strikeout, pitcher Garrett Richards19.99-64.61
Cubbie Blues
HOU@LAATop 2Jonathan Singleton Strikeout, pitcher Garrett Richards22.82-64.61
Cubbie Blues
HOU@LAATop 2Matt Dominguez Single, pitcher Garrett Richards21.82-64.61
Cubbie Blues
HOU@LAATop 2Alex Presley Out C.J. Cron, Matt Dominguez to 2nd, pitcher Garrett Richards23.15-64.61
Cubbie Blues
HOU@LAATop 2Marwin González Strikeout, pitcher Garrett Richards25.98-64.61
Cubbie Blues
HOU@LAATop 3Carlos Corporan Single, pitcher Garrett Richards24.98-64.61
Cubbie Blues
HOU@LAATop 3Kiké Hernández Walk, Carlos Corporan to 2nd, pitcher Garrett Richards22.98-64.61
Cubbie Blues
HOU@LAATop 3Jason Castro Out Josh Hamilton, pitcher Garrett Richards24.31-64.61
Cubbie Blues
HOU@LAATop 4George Springer Strikeout, pitcher Garrett Richards27.14-64.61
Cubbie Blues
HOU@LAATop 4Jonathan Singleton Strikeout, pitcher Garrett Richards29.97-64.61
Cubbie Blues
HOU@LAATop 4Matt Dominguez Out Erick Aybar, C.J. Cron, pitcher Garrett Richards31.3-64.61
Cubbie Blues
HOU@LAATop 5Alex Presley Out Howie Kendrick, C.J. Cron, pitcher Garrett Richards32.63-64.61
Cubbie Blues
HOU@LAATop 5Marwin González Single, pitcher Garrett Richards31.63-64.61
Cubbie Blues
HOU@LAATop 5Carlos Corporan Out Erick Aybar, C.J. Cron, Marwin González to 3rd, pitcher Garrett Richards32.96-64.61
Cubbie Blues
HOU@LAATop 5Kiké Hernández Strikeout, pitcher Garrett Richards35.79-64.61
Cubbie Blues
HOU@LAATop 6José Altuve Single, pitcher Garrett Richards34.79-64.61
Cubbie Blues
HOU@LAATop 6Jason Castro Strikeout, pitcher Garrett Richards37.62-64.61
Cubbie Blues
HOU@LAATop 6George Springer Strikeout, pitcher Garrett Richards40.45-64.61
Cubbie Blues
HOU@LAATop 6Jonathan Singleton Strikeout, pitcher Garrett Richards43.28-64.61
Cubbie Blues
HOU@LAATop 7Matt Dominguez Out Erick Aybar, C.J. Cron, pitcher Garrett Richards44.61-64.61
Cubbie Blues
HOU@LAATop 7Marwin González Strikeout, pitcher Garrett Richards47.44-64.61
Cubbie Blues
HOU@LAATop 7Alex Presley Double, pitcher Garrett Richards46.44-64.61
Cubbie Blues
HOU@LAATop 7Carlos Corporan 1-Run Single, Alex Presley scores, pitcher Garrett Richards45.44-64.61
Cubbie Blues
HOU@LAATop 7Kiké Hernández Out Mike Trout, pitcher Garrett Richards46.77-64.61
Cubbie Blues
HOU@LAATop 8José Altuve Out Mike Trout, pitcher Garrett Richards48.1-64.61
Cubbie Blues
TOR@OAKBot 2Jed Lowrie Double, pitcher Drew Hutchison51.1-64.61
Cubbie Blues
TOR@OAKBot 2Craig Gentry 1-Run Double, Jed Lowrie scores, pitcher Drew Hutchison53.1-64.61
Cubbie Blues
TOR@OAKBot 4Jed Lowrie Single, Stephen Vogt to 3rd, pitcher Drew Hutchison55.1-64.61
Cubbie Blues
TOR@OAKBot 4John Jaso 1-Run Single, Nate Freiman to 3rd, Jed Lowrie scores, pitcher Drew Hutchison57.1-64.61
LAD@COLBot 6Justin Morneau Single, Troy Tulowitzki to 2nd, pitcher Chris Perez57.1-66.61
LAD@COLBot 8Justin Morneau Single, Troy Tulowitzki to 2nd, pitcher Brian Wilson57.1-68.61
Cubbie Blues
TB@DETBot 1Miguel Cabrera 1-Run Out Desmond Jennings, Rajai Davis scores, pitcher David Price59.1-68.61
Cubbie Blues
TB@DETBot 8Miguel Cabrera Strikeout, pitcher David Price58.1-68.61
   Bonuses & Miscellaneous67.1-74.61