Week 14 2014 Mon 6/30-Sun 7/6

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
Non-Division Game
Javy Nice D..
KC@CLETop 3Alcides Escobar Strikeout, pitcher Corey Kluber-1-0
Javy Nice D..
KC@CLETop 5Alcides Escobar Strikeout, pitcher Corey Kluber-2-0
TEX@NYMTop 7Michael Choice Single, Carlos Pena to 3rd, pitcher Zack Wheeler-2-2
PHI@PITTop 1Marlon Byrd 1-Run Single, Jimmy Rollins scores, pitcher Jeff Locke-2-4
CHC@WSHBot 1Anthony Rendón Out Darwin Barney, Anthony Rizzo, Denard Span to 3rd, pitcher Jake Arrieta-2-5.33
CHC@WSHBot 1Denard Span Double, pitcher Jake Arrieta-2-4.33
Javy Nice D..
CHC@WSHBot 1Jayson Werth 1-Run Out Luis Valbuena, Anthony Rizzo, Denard Span scores, pitcher Jake Arrieta0-5.66
CHC@WSHBot 1Ryan Zimmerman Out Starlin Castro, Anthony Rizzo, pitcher Jake Arrieta0-6.99
CHC@WSHBot 1Adam LaRoche Walk, pitcher Jake Arrieta0-4.99
CHC@WSHBot 2Bryce Harper Out Justin Ruggiano, pitcher Jake Arrieta0-6.32
Javy Nice D..
CHC@WSHBot 2Ian Desmond Single, pitcher Jake Arrieta2-5.32
CHC@WSHBot 2Wilson Ramos Out Darwin Barney, Anthony Rizzo, pitcher Jake Arrieta2-6.65
CHC@WSHBot 3Jordan Zimmermann Out Anthony Rizzo, Jake Arrieta, pitcher Jake Arrieta2-7.98
CHC@WSHBot 3Denard Span Out Starlin Castro, Anthony Rizzo, pitcher Jake Arrieta2-9.31
CHC@WSHBot 3Anthony Rendón Out Starlin Castro, Anthony Rizzo, pitcher Jake Arrieta2-10.64
Javy Nice D..
CHC@WSHBot 4Jayson Werth Strikeout, pitcher Jake Arrieta1-13.47
CHC@WSHBot 4Adam LaRoche Out Justin Ruggiano, pitcher Jake Arrieta1-14.8
CHC@WSHBot 4Ryan Zimmerman Walk, pitcher Jake Arrieta1-14.8
CHC@WSHBot 4Bryce Harper Strikeout, pitcher Jake Arrieta1-17.63
Javy Nice D..
CHC@WSHBot 5Ian Desmond Single, pitcher Jake Arrieta3-16.63
CHC@WSHBot 5Wilson Ramos Single, Ian Desmond to 2nd, pitcher Jake Arrieta3-15.63
CHC@WSHBot 5Jordan Zimmermann Strikeout, pitcher Jake Arrieta3-18.46
CHC@WSHBot 5Denard Span Out Justin Ruggiano, Ian Desmond to 3rd, pitcher Jake Arrieta3-19.79
CHC@WSHBot 5Anthony Rendón Out Darwin Barney, Anthony Rizzo, pitcher Jake Arrieta3-21.12
Javy Nice D..
CHC@WSHBot 6Jayson Werth Walk, pitcher Jake Arrieta5-19.12
CHC@WSHBot 6Adam LaRoche Out Darwin Barney, Anthony Rizzo, Jayson Werth to 2nd, pitcher Jake Arrieta5-20.45
CHC@WSHBot 6Ryan Zimmerman Strikeout, pitcher Jake Arrieta5-22.28
CHC@WSHBot 6Bryce Harper Strikeout, pitcher Jake Arrieta5-25.11
Javy Nice D..
CHC@WSHTop 7Luis Valbuena Strikeout, pitcher Jerry Blevins4-25.11
Javy Nice D..
CHC@WSHBot 8Jayson Werth Strikeout, pitcher Pedro Strop3-25.11
CHC@WSHBot 8Ryan Zimmerman 1-Run Single, Denard Span scores, pitcher Pedro Strop3-29.11
Javy Nice D..
ARI@ATLBot 9Tommy La Stella Single, pitcher Addison Reed2-29.11
Javy Nice D..
ARI@ATLBot 9Christian Bethancourt Strikeout, pitcher Addison Reed4.83-29.11
Javy Nice D..
ARI@ATLBot 9Ryan Doumit Out Aaron Hill, Nick Ahmed, Paul Goldschmidt, pitcher Addison Reed6.16-29.11
Javy Nice D..
SEA@CWSBot 1José Abreu Single, Conor Gillaspie to 3rd, pitcher Taijuan Walker8.16-29.11
Javy Nice D..
SEA@CWSBot 3José Abreu Strikeout, Conor Gillaspie to 2nd, pitcher Taijuan Walker7.16-29.11
Javy Nice D..
SEA@CWSTop 7Michael Saunders Walk, Brad Miller to 2nd, pitcher Eric Surkamp9.16-29.11
Javy Nice D..
MIA@STLTop 1Casey McGehee 1-Run Single, Christian Yelich scores, pitcher Marco Gonzales13.16-29.11
Javy Nice D..
MIA@STLTop 3Casey McGehee Single, Giancarlo Stanton to 3rd, pitcher Marco Gonzales15.16-29.11
Javy Nice D..
MIA@STLTop 6Casey McGehee Walk, pitcher Nick Greenwood17.16-29.11
Javy Nice D..
MIA@STLTop 6Jeff Baker 1-Run Single, Marcell Ozuna to 2nd, Casey McGehee scores, pitcher Nick Greenwood19.16-29.11
Javy Nice D..
MIA@STLTop 8Casey McGehee Walk, Giancarlo Stanton to 2nd, pitcher Jason Motte21.16-29.11
Javy Nice D..
MIA@STLTop 8Jarrod Saltalamacchia 3-Run Home Run, Jeff Baker scores, Casey McGehee scores, pitcher Jason Motte23.16-29.11
TOR@OAKBot 2Craig Gentry 1-Run Double, Jed Lowrie scores, pitcher Drew Hutchison23.16-34.11
TOR@OAKBot 6Craig Gentry Walk, pitcher Drew Hutchison23.16-36.11
TOR@OAKBot 8Craig Gentry Single, pitcher Casey Janssen23.16-38.11
TOR@OAKBot 8Derek Norris 1-Run Double, Craig Gentry scores, pitcher Casey Janssen23.16-40.11
LAD@COLBot 1Corey Dickerson Walk, pitcher Josh Beckett23.16-42.11
LAD@COLBot 3Corey Dickerson Walk, Charlie Blackmon to 2nd, pitcher Josh Beckett23.16-44.11
LAD@COLBot 3Corey Dickerson Stolen Base23.16-47.11
LAD@COLBot 5Corey Dickerson Strikeout, pitcher Josh Beckett23.16-46.11
LAD@COLBot 6Wilin Rosario Walk, pitcher Chris Perez23.16-48.11
LAD@COLBot 8Wilin Rosario 1-Run Out Carlos Triunfel, Adrián González, Justin Morneau to 2nd, Troy Tulowitzki scores, pitcher Brian Wilson23.16-50.11
SF@SDBot 8Carlos Quentin Walk, pitcher Sergio Romo23.16-48.11
SF@SDBot 8Yasmani Grandal 2-Run Home Run, Carlos Quentin scores, pitcher Sergio Romo23.16-47.11
SF@SDBot 8Jake Goebbert Out Brandon Belt, pitcher Sergio Romo23.16-48.44
Bonuses & Miscellaneous31.16-48.44