Week 12 2014 Mon 6/16-Sun 6/22

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
Non-Division Game
DET@CLEBot 1Carlos Santana Strikeout, pitcher Max Scherzer0--1
DET@CLEBot 6Carlos Santana Strikeout, pitcher Max Scherzer0--2
DET@CLEBot 8Carlos Santana Single, pitcher Pat McCoy0-0
With Clean ..
TOR@CINBot 1Jay Bruce 1-Run Single, Todd Frazier scores, pitcher R.A. Dickey2-0
With Clean ..
TOR@CINBot 5Todd Frazier 2-Run Home Run, Johnny Cueto scores, pitcher R.A. Dickey13-0
With Clean ..
TOR@CINBot 7Todd Frazier Walk, pitcher R.A. Dickey15-0
ATL@WSHTop 1Freddie Freeman Single, pitcher Tanner Roark15-2
ATL@WSHBot 2Danny Espinosa Strikeout, pitcher Ervin Santana15-1
With Clean ..
ATL@WSHBot 3Denard Span Single, pitcher Ervin Santana17-1
ATL@WSHBot 4Danny Espinosa Single, pitcher Ervin Santana17-3
ATL@WSHBot 4Danny Espinosa Time Caught Stealing17-2
ATL@WSHTop 6Freddie Freeman Single, pitcher Tanner Roark17-4
ATL@WSHTop 6Justin Upton 1-Run Single, Evan Gattis to 2nd, Freddie Freeman scores, pitcher Tanner Roark17-6
ATL@WSHBot 7Danny Espinosa Double, pitcher Shae Simmons17-9
With Clean ..
ATL@WSHTop 9Justin Upton Strikeout, pitcher Rafael Soriano19.83-9
With Clean ..
ATL@WSHTop 9Ramiro Pena Strikeout, pitcher Rafael Soriano22.66-9
With Clean ..
ATL@WSHTop 9Andrelton Simmons Strikeout, pitcher Rafael Soriano25.49-9
HOU@TBTop 1Dexter Fowler 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Erik Bedard25.49-18
HOU@TBTop 3Dexter Fowler Strikeout, pitcher Erik Bedard25.49-17
HOU@TBTop 5Dexter Fowler Single, pitcher Erik Bedard25.49-19
HOU@TBTop 7Dexter Fowler Strikeout, pitcher Grant Balfour25.49-18
With Clean ..
HOU@TBTop 9Jason Castro Strikeout, pitcher Joel Peralta24.49-18
With Clean ..
BAL@NYYBot 1Brett Gardner Triple, pitcher Chris Tillman28.49-18
With Clean ..
BAL@NYYBot 3Brett Gardner Walk, Ichiro Suzuki to 2nd, pitcher Chris Tillman30.49-18
With Clean ..
BAL@NYYBot 5Brett Gardner Strikeout, pitcher Chris Tillman29.49-18
CWS@MINBot 1Danny Santana Walk, pitcher John Danks29.49-20
CWS@MINBot 1Josh Willingham 1-Run Out Alexei Ramirez, Conor Gillaspie, Danny Santana scores, pitcher John Danks29.49-22
CWS@MINBot 4Danny Santana Single, Sam Fuld to 2nd, pitcher John Danks29.49-24
CWS@MINBot 6Danny Santana Time Caught Stealing29.49-23
With Clean ..
PHI@STLTop 6Chase Utley Strikeout, pitcher Nick Greenwood28.49-23
With Clean ..
PHI@STLTop 8Chase Utley Strikeout, pitcher Sam Freeman27.49-23
PIT@CHCTop 1Grégory Polanco Out Darwin Barney, pitcher Jason Hammel27.49-24.33
PIT@CHCTop 1Josh Harrison Strikeout, pitcher Jason Hammel27.49-27.16
PIT@CHCTop 1Andrew McCutchen Out Nate Schierholtz, pitcher Jason Hammel27.49-28.49
PIT@CHCTop 2Ike Davis Single, pitcher Jason Hammel27.49-27.49
With Clean ..
PIT@CHCTop 2Pedro Alvarez Strikeout, pitcher Jason Hammel26.49-30.32
PIT@CHCTop 3Travis Snider 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Jason Hammel26.49-29.32
PIT@CHCTop 3Chris Stewart Walk, pitcher Jason Hammel26.49-27.32
PIT@CHCTop 3Brandon Cumpton Out Jason Hammel, Anthony Rizzo, Chris Stewart to 2nd, pitcher Jason Hammel26.49-28.65
PIT@CHCTop 3Grégory Polanco Out Darwin Barney, Anthony Rizzo, Chris Stewart to 3rd, pitcher Jason Hammel26.49-29.98
PIT@CHCTop 3Josh Harrison 1-Run Single, Chris Stewart scores, pitcher Jason Hammel26.49-28.98
PIT@CHCTop 3Andrew McCutchen Strikeout, pitcher Jason Hammel26.49-31.81
PIT@CHCTop 4Ike Davis Out Anthony Rizzo, Jason Hammel, pitcher Jason Hammel26.49-33.14
PIT@CHCTop 4Jordy Mercer Strikeout, pitcher Jason Hammel26.49-35.97
With Clean ..
PIT@CHCTop 4Pedro Alvarez Strikeout, pitcher Jason Hammel25.49-38.8
PIT@CHCTop 5Travis Snider Out Anthony Rizzo, pitcher Jason Hammel25.49-40.13
PIT@CHCTop 5Chris Stewart Out Starlin Castro, Anthony Rizzo, pitcher Jason Hammel25.49-41.46
PIT@CHCTop 5Brandon Cumpton Out Ryan Sweeney, pitcher Jason Hammel25.49-42.79
PIT@CHCTop 6Grégory Polanco Out Jason Hammel, Anthony Rizzo, pitcher Jason Hammel25.49-44.12
PIT@CHCTop 6Josh Harrison Out Nate Schierholtz, pitcher Jason Hammel25.49-45.45
PIT@CHCTop 6Andrew McCutchen Single, pitcher Jason Hammel25.49-44.45
PIT@CHCTop 6Ike Davis Single, Andrew McCutchen to 2nd, pitcher Jason Hammel25.49-43.45
PIT@CHCTop 6Jordy Mercer Out Darwin Barney, pitcher Jason Hammel25.49-44.78
With Clean ..
PIT@CHCTop 7Pedro Alvarez Out Ryan Sweeney, pitcher Jason Hammel25.49-46.11
PIT@CHCTop 7Travis Snider Single, pitcher Jason Hammel25.49-45.11
PIT@CHCTop 7Chris Stewart Strikeout, pitcher Jason Hammel25.49-47.94
PIT@CHCTop 7Brandon Cumpton Out Darwin Barney, Anthony Rizzo, pitcher Jason Hammel25.49-49.27
With Clean ..
BOS@OAKBot 9Alberto Callaspo Out Mike Napoli, pitcher Koji Uehara26.82-49.27
With Clean ..
BOS@OAKBot 9Stephen Vogt 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Koji Uehara25.82-49.27
With Clean ..
BOS@OAKBot 9Nick Punto Out Jonathan Herrera, pitcher Koji Uehara27.15-49.27
With Clean ..
BOS@OAKBot 9John Jaso 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Koji Uehara26.15-49.27
With Clean ..
BOS@OAKBot 9Jed Lowrie Out Koji Uehara, Mike Napoli, pitcher Koji Uehara27.48-49.27
With Clean ..
BOS@OAKBot 10Yoenis Céspedes Out Dustin Pedroia, pitcher Koji Uehara28.81-49.27
With Clean ..
BOS@OAKBot 10Josh Donaldson Strikeout, pitcher Koji Uehara31.64-49.27
With Clean ..
BOS@OAKBot 10Sean Doolittle Out Dustin Pedroia, Mike Napoli, pitcher Koji Uehara32.97-49.27
With Clean ..
LAD@SDTop 1Adrián González 1-Run Out Everth Cabrera, Eric Stults, Hanley Ramírez scores, pitcher Eric Stults34.97-49.27
With Clean ..
MIL@COLTop 2Carlos Gómez Single, pitcher Tyler Matzek36.97-49.27
With Clean ..
MIL@COLTop 2Aramis Ramirez 2-Run Home Run, Carlos Gómez scores, pitcher Tyler Matzek38.97-49.27
MIL@COLTop 2Mark Reynolds Single, Khris Davis to 2nd, pitcher Tyler Matzek38.97-51.27
MIL@COLBot 3Josh Rutledge Walk, pitcher Kyle Lohse38.97-53.27
With Clean ..
MIL@COLTop 6Carlos Gómez Walk, pitcher Tyler Matzek40.97-53.27
MIL@COLTop 6Mark Reynolds Walk, pitcher Tyler Matzek40.97-55.27
MIL@COLTop 8Mark Reynolds Single, pitcher Nick Masset40.97-57.27
MIL@COLTop 8Mark Reynolds Stolen Base40.97-60.27
With Clean ..
MIL@COLTop 9Lyle Overbay 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Adam Ottavino39.97-60.27
With Clean ..
MIL@COLTop 9Rickie Weeks Jr. Single, pitcher Adam Ottavino38.97-60.27
With Clean ..
MIL@COLTop 9Ryan Braun Strikeout, pitcher Adam Ottavino41.8-60.27
With Clean ..
MIL@COLTop 9Jonathan Lucroy Out Charlie Culberson, Justin Morneau, Rickie Weeks Jr. to 2nd, pitcher Adam Ottavino43.13-60.27
With Clean ..
MIL@COLTop 9Carlos Gómez Strikeout, pitcher Adam Ottavino44.96-60.27
TEX@LAABot 3Mike Trout Single, pitcher Yu Darvish44.96-62.27
With Clean ..
TEX@LAABot 4Erick Aybar Strikeout, pitcher Yu Darvish43.96-62.27
With Clean ..
TEX@LAABot 5Erick Aybar Strikeout, pitcher Yu Darvish42.96-62.27
TEX@LAABot 7Mike Trout Single, pitcher Shawn Tolleson42.96-64.27
Bonuses & Miscellaneous35.96-62.27