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Week 10 2014 Mon 6/2-Sun 6/8

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
Non-Division Game
PHI@CINTop 1Ben Revere Walk, pitcher Homer Bailey0--2
PHI@CINTop 1Jimmy Rollins Out Billy Hamilton, pitcher Homer Bailey0--0.67
With Clean ..
PHI@CINTop 1Chase Utley Strikeout, pitcher Homer Bailey-1-2.16
PHI@CINTop 1Ryan Howard Single, Ben Revere to 2nd, pitcher Homer Bailey-1-1.16
PHI@CINTop 2Domonic Brown Strikeout, pitcher Homer Bailey-1-3.99
PHI@CINTop 2Carlos Ruiz Strikeout, pitcher Homer Bailey-1-6.82
PHI@CINTop 2César Hernández Out Brandon Phillips, Donald Lutz, pitcher Homer Bailey-1-8.15
PHI@CINTop 3David Buchanan Strikeout, pitcher Homer Bailey-1-10.98
With Clean ..
PHI@CINTop 3Chase Utley 1-Run Out Skip Schumaker, Ben Revere scores, pitcher Homer Bailey1-12.31
PHI@CINTop 3Ben Revere Single, pitcher Homer Bailey1-11.31
PHI@CINTop 3Jimmy Rollins Single, Ben Revere to 2nd, pitcher Homer Bailey1-10.31
PHI@CINTop 3Ryan Howard Strikeout, pitcher Homer Bailey1-13.14
PHI@CINTop 4Marlon Byrd Out Zack Cozart, Donald Lutz, pitcher Homer Bailey1-14.47
PHI@CINTop 4Domonic Brown Single, pitcher Homer Bailey1-13.47
PHI@CINTop 4Carlos Ruiz Single, Domonic Brown to 3rd, pitcher Homer Bailey1-12.47
PHI@CINTop 5Ben Revere Out Todd Frazier, Donald Lutz, pitcher Homer Bailey1-13.8
With Clean ..
PHI@CINTop 5Chase Utley Out Billy Hamilton, pitcher Homer Bailey1-15.13
PHI@CINTop 5Jimmy Rollins Walk, pitcher Homer Bailey1-13.13
PHI@CINTop 5Ryan Howard Out Brandon Phillips, Donald Lutz, pitcher Homer Bailey1-14.46
With Clean ..
PHI@CINBot 5Todd Frazier Single, pitcher David Buchanan3-14.46
PHI@CINBot 5Homer Bailey 2-Run Single, Zack Cozart scores, Todd Frazier scores, pitcher David Buchanan5-14.46
PHI@CINTop 6Marlon Byrd Strikeout, pitcher Homer Bailey5-17.29
PHI@CINTop 6Domonic Brown Out Donald Lutz, pitcher Homer Bailey5-18.62
PHI@CINTop 6Carlos Ruiz Out Devin Mesoraco, Donald Lutz, pitcher Homer Bailey5-19.95
PHI@CINTop 7César Hernández Out Brandon Phillips, Donald Lutz, pitcher Homer Bailey5-21.28
PHI@CINTop 7Tony Gwynn Walk, pitcher Homer Bailey5-19.28
PHI@CINTop 7Jimmy Rollins Out Zack Cozart, pitcher Homer Bailey5-20.61
With Clean ..
PHI@CINTop 8Chase Utley Out Brandon Phillips, Donald Lutz, pitcher Homer Bailey5-21.94
PHI@CINTop 8Ryan Howard Strikeout, pitcher Homer Bailey5-24.77
PHI@CINTop 8Marlon Byrd Single, pitcher Homer Bailey5-23.77
With Clean ..
MIL@PITBot 2Pedro Alvarez Strikeout, pitcher Yovani Gallardo4-23.77
OAK@BALTop 3Brandon Moss 4-Run Grand Slam, Josh Donaldson scores, Nick Punto scores, John Jaso scores, pitcher Ubaldo Jiménez4-25.77
With Clean ..
MIL@PITTop 4Carlos Gómez Single, Jonathan Lucroy to 3rd, pitcher Jeff Locke6-25.77
MIL@PITTop 8Rickie Weeks Jr. Out Pedro Alvarez, Gaby Sanchez, pitcher Tony Watson6-27.1
MIL@PITTop 8Mark Reynolds Out Andrew McCutchen, pitcher Tony Watson6-28.43
OAK@BALTop 8Josh Donaldson Strikeout, pitcher T.J. McFarland6-27.43
MIL@PITTop 8Irving Falu Out Jordy Mercer, Gaby Sanchez, pitcher Tony Watson6-28.76
With Clean ..
SEA@TBTop 1Endy Chavez Out Evan Longoria, pitcher Chris Archer7.33-28.76
With Clean ..
SEA@TBTop 1James Jones Out Ben Zobrist, James Loney, pitcher Chris Archer8.66-28.76
With Clean ..
SEA@TBTop 1Robinson Canó Out Ben Zobrist, James Loney, pitcher Chris Archer9.99-28.76
SEA@TBBot 1James Loney Strikeout, pitcher Félix Hernández9.99-27.76
With Clean ..
SEA@TBTop 2Kyle Seager Out Kevin Kiermaier, pitcher Chris Archer11.32-27.76
With Clean ..
SEA@TBTop 2Mike Zunino Hit By Pitch, pitcher Chris Archer9.32-27.76
With Clean ..
SEA@TBTop 2Dustin Ackley Strikeout, pitcher Chris Archer12.15-27.76
With Clean ..
SEA@TBTop 2Cole Gillespie Single, Mike Zunino to 2nd, pitcher Chris Archer11.15-27.76
With Clean ..
SEA@TBTop 3Willie Bloomquist Out Evan Longoria, James Loney, pitcher Chris Archer12.48-27.76
With Clean ..
SEA@TBTop 3Endy Chavez Out Ben Zobrist, James Loney, pitcher Chris Archer13.81-27.76
With Clean ..
SEA@TBTop 3James Jones Single, pitcher Chris Archer12.81-27.76
With Clean ..
SEA@TBTop 3Robinson Canó Out Yunel Escobar, pitcher Chris Archer14.14-27.76
With Clean ..
SEA@TBTop 4Kyle Seager Out Desmond Jennings, pitcher Chris Archer15.47-27.76
With Clean ..
SEA@TBTop 4Mike Zunino Strikeout, pitcher Chris Archer18.3-27.76
With Clean ..
SEA@TBTop 4Dustin Ackley Out Matt Joyce, pitcher Chris Archer19.63-27.76
SEA@TBBot 4James Loney Strikeout, pitcher Félix Hernández19.63-26.76
With Clean ..
SEA@TBTop 5Cole Gillespie Out Desmond Jennings, pitcher Chris Archer20.96-26.76
With Clean ..
SEA@TBTop 5Brad Miller Walk, pitcher Chris Archer18.96-26.76
With Clean ..
SEA@TBTop 5Willie Bloomquist Single, Brad Miller to 2nd, pitcher Chris Archer17.96-26.76
With Clean ..
SEA@TBTop 5Endy Chavez Single, Willie Bloomquist to 2nd, Brad Miller to 3rd, pitcher Chris Archer16.96-26.76
With Clean ..
SEA@TBTop 5Robinson Canó Out Matt Joyce, pitcher Chris Archer18.29-26.76
With Clean ..
SEA@TBTop 6Kyle Seager Out Kevin Kiermaier, pitcher Chris Archer19.62-26.76
With Clean ..
SEA@TBTop 6Mike Zunino Out Evan Longoria, James Loney, pitcher Chris Archer20.95-26.76
With Clean ..
SEA@TBTop 6Dustin Ackley Out Matt Joyce, pitcher Chris Archer22.28-26.76
With Clean ..
SEA@TBTop 7Cole Gillespie Single, pitcher Chris Archer21.28-26.76
With Clean ..
SEA@TBTop 7Brad Miller Out Chris Archer, Ben Zobrist, Cole Gillespie to 2nd, pitcher Chris Archer22.61-26.76
SEA@TBBot 9James Loney Strikeout, pitcher Charlie Furbush22.61-25.76
With Clean ..
NYY@KCTop 1Brett Gardner Single, pitcher James Shields24.61-25.76
HOU@MINBot 1Danny Santana Out Matt Dominguez, pitcher Collin McHugh24.61-27.09
HOU@MINBot 1Brian Dozier Out Jonathan Villar, pitcher Collin McHugh24.61-28.42
HOU@MINBot 1Trevor Plouffe Walk, pitcher Collin McHugh24.61-26.42
HOU@MINBot 1Josh Willingham Strikeout, pitcher Collin McHugh24.61-29.25
HOU@MINBot 2Oswaldo Arcia Strikeout, pitcher Collin McHugh24.61-32.08
HOU@MINBot 2Eduardo Núñez Strikeout, pitcher Collin McHugh24.61-34.91
HOU@MINBot 2Chris Parmelee Strikeout, pitcher Collin McHugh24.61-37.74
HOU@MINBot 3Josmil Pinto Out Jonathan Villar, pitcher Collin McHugh24.61-39.07
HOU@MINBot 3Eduardo Escobar Strikeout, pitcher Collin McHugh24.61-41.9
HOU@MINBot 3Danny Santana Single, pitcher Collin McHugh24.61-40.9
HOU@MINBot 3Brian Dozier Walk, pitcher Collin McHugh24.61-40.9
HOU@MINBot 3Trevor Plouffe Strikeout, pitcher Collin McHugh24.61-43.73
HOU@MINBot 4Josh Willingham Walk, pitcher Collin McHugh24.61-41.73
HOU@MINBot 4Oswaldo Arcia Out Jonathan Villar, Jonathan Singleton, pitcher Collin McHugh24.61-43.06
HOU@MINBot 4Eduardo Núñez 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Collin McHugh24.61-42.06
HOU@MINBot 4Chris Parmelee Single, pitcher Collin McHugh24.61-41.06
HOU@MINBot 4Josmil Pinto Out Matt Dominguez, pitcher Collin McHugh24.61-42.39
HOU@MINBot 5Eduardo Escobar Walk, pitcher Collin McHugh24.61-40.39
HOU@MINBot 5Danny Santana Out Jonathan Villar, pitcher Collin McHugh24.61-41.72
HOU@MINBot 5Brian Dozier Walk, Eduardo Escobar to 2nd, pitcher Collin McHugh24.61-41.72
HOU@MINBot 5Josh Willingham 1-Run Single, Trevor Plouffe to 2nd, Brian Dozier scores, pitcher Josh Fields24.61-43.72
With Clean ..
NYY@KCTop 7Brett Gardner Triple, pitcher Aaron Crow28.61-43.72
HOU@MINBot 7Brian Dozier Walk, pitcher Kyle Farnsworth28.61-45.72
HOU@MINBot 7Josh Willingham 1-Run Out Robbie Grossman, Brian Dozier scores, pitcher Kyle Farnsworth28.61-47.72
HOU@MINBot 8Brian Dozier Double, pitcher Darin Downs28.61-50.72
With Clean ..
NYY@KCTop 9Brett Gardner Strikeout, pitcher Greg Holland27.61-50.72
With Clean ..
MIA@CHCTop 1Christian Yelich Single, pitcher Jake Arrieta29.61-50.72
MIA@CHCBot 1Emilio Bonifacio Single, pitcher Henderson Alvarez29.61-52.72
With Clean ..
MIA@CHCTop 3Christian Yelich Strikeout, pitcher Jake Arrieta28.61-52.72
MIA@CHCBot 3Emilio Bonifacio Single, Jake Arrieta to 2nd, pitcher Henderson Alvarez28.61-54.72
MIA@CHCBot 5Emilio Bonifacio Single, Jake Arrieta to 2nd, pitcher Henderson Alvarez28.61-56.72
With Clean ..
MIA@CHCTop 6Christian Yelich Stolen Base31.61-56.72
MIA@CHCBot 6Anthony Rizzo Strikeout, pitcher Henderson Alvarez31.61-55.72
MIA@CHCBot 7Anthony Rizzo Walk, pitcher A.J. Ramos31.61-57.72
With Clean ..
MIA@CHCTop 8Christian Yelich Walk, pitcher Pedro Strop33.61-57.72