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Week 10 2014 Mon 6/2-Sun 6/8

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
Non-Division Game
STL@TORBot 1Jose Reyes Out Jhonny Peralta, Allen Craig, pitcher Jaime Garcia0-1.33
STL@TORBot 1Melky Cabrera Walk, pitcher Jaime Garcia0--0.67
STL@TORBot 1Jose Bautista Out Oscar Taveras, pitcher Jaime Garcia0-0.66
STL@TORBot 1Edwin Encarnacion Walk, pitcher Jaime Garcia0--1.34
STL@TORBot 1Brett Lawrie Strikeout, pitcher Jaime Garcia0-1.49
STL@TORBot 2Steve Tolleson Single, pitcher Jaime Garcia0-0.49
STL@TORBot 2Dioner Navarro Out Matt Carpenter, Allen Craig, Steve Tolleson to 2nd, pitcher Jaime Garcia0-1.82
STL@TORBot 2Kevin Pillar Strikeout, pitcher Jaime Garcia0-4.65
STL@TORBot 3Jose Reyes Out Jhonny Peralta, pitcher Jaime Garcia0-5.98
STL@TORBot 3Melky Cabrera Out Matt Carpenter, Allen Craig, pitcher Jaime Garcia0-7.31
STL@TORBot 3Jose Bautista Out Jhonny Peralta, Allen Craig, pitcher Jaime Garcia0-8.64
STL@TORBot 4Edwin Encarnacion Out Jhonny Peralta, Allen Craig, pitcher Jaime Garcia0-9.97
STL@TORBot 4Brett Lawrie Out Jon Jay, pitcher Jaime Garcia0-11.3
STL@TORBot 4Steve Tolleson Walk, pitcher Jaime Garcia0-9.3
STL@TORBot 4Dioner Navarro Out Matt Carpenter, Allen Craig, pitcher Jaime Garcia0-10.63
STL@TORBot 5Erik Kratz Out Matt Carpenter, Allen Craig, pitcher Jaime Garcia0-11.96
STL@TORBot 5Kevin Pillar Strikeout, pitcher Jaime Garcia0-14.79
STL@TORBot 5Jose Reyes Single, pitcher Jaime Garcia0-13.79
STL@TORBot 5Jose Bautista Strikeout, pitcher Jaime Garcia0-16.62
STL@TORBot 6Edwin Encarnacion Out Matt Carpenter, Allen Craig, pitcher Jaime Garcia0-17.95
STL@TORBot 6Brett Lawrie Out Jhonny Peralta, Allen Craig, pitcher Jaime Garcia0-19.28
STL@TORBot 6Steve Tolleson Out Jhonny Peralta, Allen Craig, pitcher Jaime Garcia0-20.61
STL@TORBot 7Dioner Navarro Out Matt Carpenter, Allen Craig, pitcher Jaime Garcia0-21.94
STL@TORBot 7Erik Kratz Single, pitcher Jaime Garcia0-20.94
STL@TORBot 7Kevin Pillar Out Matt Carpenter, Allen Craig, Erik Kratz to 2nd, pitcher Jaime Garcia0-22.27
STL@TORBot 7Jose Reyes Out Jhonny Peralta, Allen Craig, pitcher Jaime Garcia0-23.6
The #ButtHu..
OAK@BALTop 1John Jaso Out J.J. Hardy, Chris Davis, pitcher Ubaldo Jimenez1.33-23.6
The #ButtHu..
OAK@BALTop 1Nick Punto Walk, pitcher Ubaldo Jimenez-0.67-23.6
The #ButtHu..
OAK@BALTop 1Josh Donaldson Out J.J. Hardy, Jonathan Schoop, Chris Davis, pitcher Ubaldo Jimenez0.66-23.6
OAK@BALBot 1Nick Markakis Single, pitcher Scott Kazmir0.66-22.6
OAK@BALBot 1Manny Machado Strikeout, pitcher Scott Kazmir0.66-25.43
OAK@BALBot 1Adam Jones Out Josh Donaldson, Alberto Callaspo, Kyle Blanks, pitcher Scott Kazmir0.66-26.76
The #ButtHu..
OAK@BALTop 2Brandon Moss Strikeout, pitcher Ubaldo Jimenez3.49-26.76
The #ButtHu..
OAK@BALTop 2Yoenis Cespedes Strikeout, pitcher Ubaldo Jimenez6.32-26.76
The #ButtHu..
OAK@BALTop 2Stephen Vogt Out Nick Markakis, pitcher Ubaldo Jimenez7.65-26.76
OAK@BALBot 2Nelson Cruz Single, pitcher Scott Kazmir7.65-25.76
OAK@BALBot 2Chris Davis Strikeout, pitcher Scott Kazmir7.65-28.59
OAK@BALBot 2J.J. Hardy Out Kyle Blanks, pitcher Scott Kazmir7.65-29.92
The #ButtHu..
OAK@BALBot 2Jonathan Schoop Out Yoenis Cespedes, pitcher Scott Kazmir7.65-31.25
OAK@BALBot 2Steve Pearce Single, Nelson Cruz to 2nd, pitcher Scott Kazmir7.65-30.25
The #ButtHu..
OAK@BALTop 3Derek Norris Walk, pitcher Ubaldo Jimenez5.65-30.25
The #ButtHu..
OAK@BALTop 3Alberto Callaspo Walk, Derek Norris to 2nd, pitcher Ubaldo Jimenez3.65-30.25
The #ButtHu..
OAK@BALTop 3Kyle Blanks Walk, Alberto Callaspo to 2nd, Derek Norris to 3rd, pitcher Ubaldo Jimenez1.65-30.25
The #ButtHu..
OAK@BALTop 3John Jaso 2-Run Double, Kyle Blanks to 3rd, Alberto Callaspo scores, Derek Norris scores, pitcher Ubaldo Jimenez0.65-30.25
The #ButtHu..
OAK@BALTop 3Nick Punto Walk, pitcher Ubaldo Jimenez-1.35-30.25
The #ButtHu..
OAK@BALTop 3Brandon Moss 4-Run Grand Slam, Josh Donaldson scores, Nick Punto scores, John Jaso scores, pitcher Ubaldo Jimenez-2.35-30.25
OAK@BALBot 3Nick Hundley Out Josh Donaldson, Kyle Blanks, pitcher Scott Kazmir-2.35-31.58
OAK@BALBot 3Nick Markakis Walk, pitcher Scott Kazmir-2.35-29.58
OAK@BALBot 3Manny Machado Strikeout, pitcher Scott Kazmir-2.35-32.41
OAK@BALBot 3Adam Jones Out Scott Kazmir, Kyle Blanks, pitcher Scott Kazmir-2.35-33.74
OAK@BALBot 4Nelson Cruz Strikeout, pitcher Scott Kazmir-2.35-36.57
OAK@BALBot 4Chris Davis Strikeout, pitcher Scott Kazmir-2.35-39.4
OAK@BALBot 4J.J. Hardy Out Alberto Callaspo, Kyle Blanks, pitcher Scott Kazmir-2.35-40.73
MIL@PITTop 5Mark Reynolds Strikeout, pitcher Jeff Locke-2.35-39.73
The #ButtHu..
OAK@BALBot 5Jonathan Schoop Out Josh Donaldson, Kyle Blanks, pitcher Scott Kazmir-2.35-41.06
OAK@BALBot 5Steve Pearce Double, pitcher Scott Kazmir-2.35-40.06
OAK@BALBot 5Nick Hundley Out Stephen Vogt, pitcher Scott Kazmir-2.35-41.39
OAK@BALBot 5Nick Markakis Strikeout, pitcher Scott Kazmir-2.35-44.22
OAK@BALBot 6Manny Machado Out Nick Punto, Kyle Blanks, pitcher Scott Kazmir-2.35-45.55
OAK@BALBot 6Adam Jones Walk, pitcher Scott Kazmir-2.35-43.55
OAK@BALBot 6Nelson Cruz Strikeout, pitcher Scott Kazmir-2.35-46.38
OAK@BALBot 6Chris Davis Out Craig Gentry, pitcher Scott Kazmir-2.35-47.71
OAK@BALBot 7J.J. Hardy Out Scott Kazmir, Kyle Blanks, pitcher Scott Kazmir-2.35-49.04
OAK@BALBot 7Steve Pearce Out Yoenis Cespedes, pitcher Scott Kazmir-2.35-50.37
The #ButtHu..
OAK@BALBot 7Jonathan Schoop Out Josh Donaldson, Kyle Blanks, pitcher Scott Kazmir-2.35-51.7
The #ButtHu..
MIL@PITBot 9Ike Davis Walk, pitcher Francisco Rodriguez-0.35-51.7
NYY@KCTop 2Kelly Johnson Strikeout, pitcher James Shields-0.35-50.7
HOU@MINTop 3Dexter Fowler 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Samuel Deduno-0.35-59.7
HOU@MINTop 4Dexter Fowler 1-Run Single, Jonathan Villar to 2nd, Carlos Corporan to 3rd, Chris Carter scores, pitcher Anthony Swarzak-0.35-63.7
NYY@KCTop 4Kelly Johnson Strikeout, pitcher James Shields-0.35-62.7
HOU@MINTop 7Dexter Fowler Walk, pitcher Brian Duensing-0.35-64.7
HOU@MINTop 9Jonathan Singleton 4-Run Grand Slam, George Springer scores, Dexter Fowler scores, Jonathan Villar scores, pitcher Glen Perkins-0.35-66.7
CLE@TEXTop 4Carlos Santana Walk, pitcher Joe Saunders-0.35-68.7
CLE@TEXTop 7Carlos Santana Single, Asdrubal Cabrera to 2nd, pitcher Neal Cotts-0.35-70.7
The #ButtHu..
CWS@LAABot 1David Freese Walk, Albert Pujols to 2nd, Howie Kendrick to 3rd, pitcher Jose Quintana1.65-70.7
The #ButtHu..
CWS@LAABot 3David Freese Walk, Mike Trout to 2nd, pitcher Jose Quintana3.65-70.7
The #ButtHu..
CWS@LAABot 3Josh Hamilton 1-Run Double, David Freese to 3rd, Mike Trout scores, pitcher Jose Quintana3.65-72.7
CWS@LAABot 5Mike Trout Single, Howie Kendrick to 2nd, pitcher Jose Quintana3.65-74.7
The #ButtHu..
CWS@LAABot 5David Freese Walk, Mike Trout to 2nd, Howie Kendrick to 3rd, pitcher Jose Quintana5.65-74.7
The #ButtHu..
CWS@LAABot 5Josh Hamilton 2-Run Double, David Freese to 3rd, Mike Trout scores, Howie Kendrick scores, pitcher Jose Quintana5.65-76.7
The #ButtHu..
CWS@LAABot 5C.J. Cron 1-Run Single, Josh Hamilton to 3rd, David Freese scores, pitcher Jose Quintana7.65-76.7
CWS@LAABot 6Mike Trout Strikeout, pitcher Javy Guerra7.65-75.7
The #ButtHu..
CWS@LAABot 6David Freese Walk, Albert Pujols to 2nd, Collin Cowgill to 3rd, pitcher Javy Guerra9.65-75.7
CWS@LAABot 7C.J. Cron Strikeout, pitcher Daniel Webb9.65-78.53
CWS@LAABot 7Erick Aybar Single, pitcher Daniel Webb9.65-77.53
CWS@LAABot 7Chris Iannetta Error, Erick Aybar to 2nd, pitcher Daniel Webb9.65-76.53
CWS@LAABot 7Chris Iannetta Walk, pitcher Daniel Webb9.65-74.53
CWS@LAABot 7Collin Cowgill Out Paul Konerko, pitcher Daniel Webb9.65-75.86
CWS@LAABot 8Howie Kendrick Out Gordon Beckham, Paul Konerko, pitcher Daniel Webb9.65-77.19
CWS@LAABot 8Mike Trout Out Dayan Viciedo, pitcher Daniel Webb9.65-78.52
CWS@LAABot 8Albert Pujols Out Alexei Ramirez, Paul Konerko, pitcher Daniel Webb9.65-79.85
NYM@SFTop 1Matt den Dekker Walk, pitcher Tim Lincecum9.65-77.85
NYM@SFTop 1Ruben Tejada Strikeout, pitcher Tim Lincecum9.65-80.68
NYM@SFTop 1Time Caught Stealing9.65-82.01
NYM@SFTop 1Daniel Murphy Single, pitcher Tim Lincecum9.65-81.01
NYM@SFTop 1Curtis Granderson 2-Run Home Run, Daniel Murphy scores, pitcher Tim Lincecum9.65-80.01
NYM@SFTop 1Chris Young Out Tyler Colvin, pitcher Tim Lincecum9.65-81.34
The #ButtHu..
NYM@SFTop 2Lucas Duda Out Hunter Pence, pitcher Tim Lincecum9.65-82.67
NYM@SFTop 2Eric Campbell Out Pablo Sandoval, Michael Morse, pitcher Tim Lincecum9.65-84
NYM@SFTop 3Zack Wheeler Out Gregor Blanco, pitcher Tim Lincecum9.65-85.33