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Week 9 2014 Mon 5/26-Sun 6/1

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
Non-Division Game
COL@CLETop 1Troy Tulowitzki Strikeout, pitcher Josh Tomlin0--1
COL@CLETop 2Corey Dickerson 2-Run Home Run, Justin Morneau scores, pitcher Josh Tomlin11--1
COL@CLETop 6Troy Tulowitzki Strikeout, pitcher Josh Tomlin11--2
COL@CLETop 6Corey Dickerson Strikeout, pitcher Josh Outman10--2
KC@TORBot 1José Reyes Out Alex Gordon, pitcher Jeremy Guthrie10--0.67
KC@TORBot 1Melky Cabrera Out Alcides Escobar, Eric Hosmer, pitcher Jeremy Guthrie10-0.66
KC@TORBot 1José Bautista Walk, pitcher Jeremy Guthrie10--1.34
KC@TORBot 1Adam Lind Single, José Bautista to 3rd, pitcher Jeremy Guthrie10--2.34
KC@TORBot 1Edwin Encarnación Walk, Adam Lind to 2nd, pitcher Jeremy Guthrie10--4.34
KC@TORBot 1Juan Francisco Out Nori Aoki, pitcher Jeremy Guthrie10--3.01
KC@TORBot 2Brett Lawrie Out Nori Aoki, pitcher Jeremy Guthrie10--1.68
KC@TORBot 2Dioner Navarro 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Jeremy Guthrie10--2.68
KC@TORBot 2Anthony Gose Out Alcides Escobar, Eric Hosmer, pitcher Jeremy Guthrie10--1.35
KC@TORBot 2José Reyes Strikeout, pitcher Jeremy Guthrie10-1.48
MIN@NYYTop 9Brian Dozier 1-Run Double, Aaron Hicks to 3rd, Kurt Suzuki scores, pitcher David Robertson10-6.48
MIN@NYYTop 9Eduardo Núñez 2-Run Double, Joe Mauer to 3rd, Brian Dozier scores, Aaron Hicks scores, pitcher Matt Daley10-8.48
KC@TORBot 3Melky Cabrera Strikeout, pitcher Jeremy Guthrie10-11.31
KC@TORBot 3José Bautista Single, pitcher Jeremy Guthrie10-10.31
KC@TORBot 3Adam Lind Out Lorenzo Cain, pitcher Jeremy Guthrie10-11.64
KC@TORBot 4Juan Francisco Double, pitcher Jeremy Guthrie10-10.64
KC@TORBot 4Brett Lawrie Single, Juan Francisco to 3rd, pitcher Jeremy Guthrie10-9.64
KC@TORBot 4Dioner Navarro Strikeout, pitcher Jeremy Guthrie10-12.47
KC@TORBot 4José Reyes Out Eric Hosmer, Mike Moustakas, pitcher Jeremy Guthrie10-13.8
KC@TORBot 5José Reyes Out Omar Infante, pitcher Jeremy Guthrie10-15.13
KC@TORBot 5Melky Cabrera Single, pitcher Jeremy Guthrie10-14.13
KC@TORBot 5José Bautista Out Alcides Escobar, Omar Infante, Eric Hosmer, pitcher Jeremy Guthrie10-15.46
KC@TORBot 6Adam Lind Out Jeremy Guthrie, Eric Hosmer, pitcher Jeremy Guthrie10-16.79
KC@TORBot 6Edwin Encarnación Double, pitcher Jeremy Guthrie10-15.79
KC@TORBot 6Juan Francisco Out Alex Gordon, pitcher Jeremy Guthrie10-17.12
KC@TORBot 6Brett Lawrie Strikeout, pitcher Jeremy Guthrie10-19.95
KC@TORBot 7Dioner Navarro Out Eric Hosmer, pitcher Jeremy Guthrie10-21.28
KC@TORBot 7Anthony Gose Strikeout, pitcher Jeremy Guthrie10-24.11
KC@TORBot 7José Reyes Single, pitcher Jeremy Guthrie10-23.11
KC@TORBot 7Melky Cabrera Out Mike Moustakas, Eric Hosmer, pitcher Jeremy Guthrie10-24.44
NYM@PHIBot 1Jimmy Rollins Single, pitcher Jon Niese12-24.44
TB@BOSBot 1Jonny Gomes Walk, David Ortiz to 2nd, Brock Holt to 3rd, pitcher Erik Bedard14-24.44
TB@BOSBot 4Jonny Gomes Single, pitcher Erik Bedard16-24.44
TB@BOSBot 4Jonathan Herrera 1-Run Out Sean Rodríguez, Jonny Gomes scores, pitcher Erik Bedard18-24.44
TB@BOSBot 5Jonny Gomes Walk, pitcher Erik Bedard20-24.44
TB@BOSBot 7Jonny Gomes Strikeout, pitcher Juan Carlos Oviedo19-24.44
TEX@WSHBot 8Anthony Rendón Strikeout, pitcher Yu Darvish18-24.44
CHC@MILTop 1Anthony Rizzo Hit By Pitch, pitcher Kyle Lohse18-26.44
CHC@MILTop 4Anthony Rizzo Strikeout, pitcher Kyle Lohse18-25.44
SD@CWSTop 5Yonder Alonso Strikeout, pitcher Chris Sale17-25.44
SD@CWSTop 8Yonder Alonso Strikeout, pitcher Chris Sale16-25.44
LAA@OAKBot 3Josh Donaldson 2-Run Single, John Jaso to 2nd, Coco Crisp scores, Eric Sogard scores, pitcher Jered Weaver16-31.44
LAA@OAKBot 7Josh Donaldson Single, pitcher Mike Morin16-33.44
PIT@LADBot 7Drew Butera Out Andrew McCutchen, pitcher Tony Watson16-34.77
PIT@LADBot 7Chone Figgins Out Travis Snider, pitcher Tony Watson16-36.1
PIT@LADBot 7Dee Gordon Out Pedro Alvarez, pitcher Tony Watson16-37.43
   Bonuses & Miscellaneous16-41.43