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Week 9 2014 Mon 5/26-Sun 6/1

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
Non-Division Game
MIN@NYYBot 1Jacoby Ellsbury Strikeout, pitcher Phil Hughes0--1
COL@CLETop 2Corey Dickerson 2-Run Home Run, Justin Morneau scores, pitcher Josh Tomlin0-1
COL@CLETop 3Justin Morneau 1-Run Out Jason Kipnis, Lonnie Chisenhall, Troy Tulowitzki to 3rd, Michael Cuddyer scores, pitcher Josh Tomlin0-3
MIN@NYYTop 3Trevor Plouffe 1-Run Single, Aaron Hicks scores, pitcher Chase Whitley0-7
MIN@NYYBot 4Jacoby Ellsbury Single, Derek Jeter to 2nd, pitcher Phil Hughes0-9
COL@CLETop 6Justin Morneau Strikeout, pitcher Josh Tomlin0-8
KC@TORTop 1Nori Aoki Out Mark Buehrle, Edwin Encarnación, pitcher Mark Buehrle0-9.33
KC@TORTop 1Omar Infante Double, pitcher Mark Buehrle0-8.33
KC@TORTop 1Eric Hosmer Out Melky Cabrera, pitcher Mark Buehrle0-9.66
KC@TORTop 1Billy Butler Out José Reyes, Edwin Encarnación, pitcher Mark Buehrle0-10.99
KC@TORTop 2Alex Gordon Out Juan Francisco, pitcher Mark Buehrle0-12.32
KC@TORTop 2Salvador Pérez Single, pitcher Mark Buehrle0-11.32
KC@TORTop 2Lorenzo Cain Out Brett Lawrie, pitcher Mark Buehrle0-12.65
KC@TORTop 2Mike Moustakas Out Melky Cabrera, pitcher Mark Buehrle0-13.98
MIN@NYYTop 8Trevor Plouffe Double, pitcher Adam Warren0-16.98
KC@TORBot 2Dioner Navarro 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Jeremy Guthrie0-25.98
KC@TORTop 3Alcides Escobar Double, pitcher Mark Buehrle0-24.98
KC@TORTop 3Omar Infante Out Juan Francisco, Edwin Encarnación, Nori Aoki to 2nd, pitcher Mark Buehrle0-26.31
KC@TORTop 3Eric Hosmer Out Brett Lawrie, Edwin Encarnación, pitcher Mark Buehrle0-27.64
KC@TORTop 4Billy Butler Out Melky Cabrera, pitcher Mark Buehrle0-28.97
KC@TORTop 4Alex Gordon Out Edwin Encarnación, Mark Buehrle, pitcher Mark Buehrle0-30.3
KC@TORTop 4Lorenzo Cain Strikeout, pitcher Mark Buehrle0-33.13
KC@TORTop 4Salvador Pérez Walk, pitcher Mark Buehrle0-31.13
KC@TORBot 4Dioner Navarro Strikeout, pitcher Jeremy Guthrie0-30.13
KC@TORTop 5Mike Moustakas Out Brett Lawrie, pitcher Mark Buehrle0-31.46
KC@TORTop 5Alcides Escobar Strikeout, pitcher Mark Buehrle0-34.29
KC@TORTop 5Nori Aoki Single, pitcher Mark Buehrle0-33.29
KC@TORTop 6Eric Hosmer Double, pitcher Mark Buehrle0-32.29
KC@TORTop 6Alex Gordon Strikeout, pitcher Mark Buehrle0-35.12
KC@TORTop 6Salvador Pérez Out Edwin Encarnación, Mark Buehrle, pitcher Mark Buehrle0-36.45
KC@TORTop 7Lorenzo Cain Out José Reyes, Edwin Encarnación, pitcher Mark Buehrle0-37.78
KC@TORTop 7Mike Moustakas Out José Bautista, pitcher Mark Buehrle0-39.11
KC@TORTop 7Alcides Escobar Single, pitcher Mark Buehrle0-38.11
KC@TORTop 8Omar Infante Out Steve Tolleson, pitcher Mark Buehrle0-39.44
KC@TORTop 8Eric Hosmer Out Brett Lawrie, pitcher Mark Buehrle0-40.77
KC@TORTop 8Billy Butler Out Brett Lawrie, Edwin Encarnación, pitcher Mark Buehrle0-42.1
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ATL@MIABot 1Giancarlo Stanton Walk, pitcher Aaron Harang2-42.1
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ATL@MIABot 2Garrett Jones Double, pitcher Aaron Harang5-42.1
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ATL@MIABot 2Marcell Ozuna 2-Run Home Run, Garrett Jones scores, pitcher Aaron Harang7-42.1
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ATL@MIABot 3Giancarlo Stanton Strikeout, pitcher Aaron Harang6-42.1
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ATL@MIABot 4Garrett Jones Single, pitcher Aaron Harang8-42.1
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TEX@WSHTop 1Elvis Andrus Single, pitcher Tanner Roark10-42.1
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TEX@WSHTop 1Adrián Béltre Strikeout, pitcher Tanner Roark9-42.1
NYM@PHITop 2Curtis Granderson Single, Chris Young to 2nd, pitcher Cole Hamels9-44.1
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TEX@WSHTop 3Elvis Andrus Single, pitcher Tanner Roark11-44.1
NYM@PHITop 4Curtis Granderson Walk, pitcher Cole Hamels11-46.1
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TEX@WSHTop 4Leonys Martín Strikeout, pitcher Tanner Roark10-46.1
NYM@PHITop 6Curtis Granderson 1-Run Out Marlon Byrd, Eric Campbell scores, pitcher Cole Hamels10-48.1
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TEX@WSHTop 7Leonys Martín 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Tanner Roark19-48.1
NYM@PHITop 8Curtis Granderson Strikeout, pitcher Cesar Jimenez19-47.1
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TEX@WSHTop 8Adrián Béltre Walk, pitcher Drew Storen21-47.1
NYM@PHITop 11Curtis Granderson Strikeout, pitcher Phillippe Aumont21-46.1
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SF@STLBot 3Matt Holliday Walk, pitcher Tim Hudson23-46.1
SF@STLBot 4Jhonny Peralta Strikeout, pitcher Tim Hudson23-45.1
LAA@OAKBot 3Eric Sogard Single, Craig Gentry to 3rd, pitcher Jered Weaver23-47.1
LAA@OAKBot 3Josh Donaldson 2-Run Single, John Jaso to 2nd, Coco Crisp scores, Eric Sogard scores, pitcher Jered Weaver23-49.1
LAA@OAKBot 4Eric Sogard Single, Alberto Callaspo to 2nd, pitcher Jered Weaver23-51.1
LAA@OAKBot 6Eric Sogard 1-Run Single, Craig Gentry scores, pitcher Jered Weaver23-55.1
LAA@OAKBot 6Eric Sogard Time Caught Stealing23-54.1
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DET@SEATop 6Ian Kinsler Strikeout, pitcher Roenis Elías22-54.1
CIN@ARIBot 7Gerardo Parra Single, David Peralta to 3rd, pitcher Sam LeCure22-56.1
   Bonuses & Miscellaneous22-67.1