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Week 9 2014 Mon 5/26-Sun 6/1

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
Non-Division Game
COL@CLEBot 3Lonnie Chisenhall 1-Run Out Brandon Barnes, Michael Brantley scores, pitcher Jhoulys Chacin2-0
MIN@NYYTop 4Kurt Suzuki Single, pitcher Chase Whitley4-0
COL@CLETop 7Brandon Barnes Double, pitcher Bryan Shaw4--1
COL@CLETop 7Jordan Pacheco Walk, pitcher Bryan Shaw4--3
COL@CLETop 7DJ LeMahieu Out Bryan Shaw, Jason Kipnis, Jordan Pacheco to 2nd, Brandon Barnes to 3rd, pitcher Bryan Shaw4--1.67
COL@CLETop 7Charlie Blackmon 1-Run Out Michael Bourn, Jordan Pacheco to 3rd, Brandon Barnes scores, pitcher Bryan Shaw4--0.34
COL@CLETop 7Michael Cuddyer Out David Murphy, pitcher Bryan Shaw4-0.99
COL@CLETop 8Carlos González Single, pitcher Bryan Shaw4--0.01
COL@CLETop 8Troy Tulowitzki Out Asdrubal Cabrera, Lonnie Chisenhall, Carlos González to 2nd, pitcher Bryan Shaw4-1.32
MIN@NYYTop 9Kurt Suzuki Walk, pitcher David Robertson6-1.32
MIN@NYYTop 9Brian Dozier 1-Run Double, Aaron Hicks to 3rd, Kurt Suzuki scores, pitcher David Robertson8-1.32
TEX@WSHBot 1Adam LaRoche Walk, pitcher Yu Darvish8-3.32
TEX@WSHBot 4Adam LaRoche Strikeout, pitcher Yu Darvish8-2.32
NYM@PHIBot 4Marlon Byrd Strikeout, pitcher Jon Niese7-2.32
NYM@PHIBot 6Marlon Byrd Strikeout, pitcher Jon Niese6-2.32
TEX@WSHBot 6Adam LaRoche Single, Jayson Werth to 3rd, pitcher Yu Darvish6-4.32
NYM@PHIBot 7Domonic Brown Single, César Hernández to 3rd, pitcher Jon Niese6-6.32
NYM@PHIBot 8Marlon Byrd Strikeout, pitcher Jon Niese5-6.32
NYM@PHIBot 11Marlon Byrd 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Jenrry Mejia14-6.32
CHC@MILBot 1Jean Segura Single, pitcher Jeff Samardzija14-8.32
CHC@MILBot 1Ryan Braun 2-Run Home Run, Jean Segura scores, pitcher Jeff Samardzija14-10.32
BAL@HOUBot 1José Altuve Single, pitcher Wei-Yin Chen14-12.32
CHC@MILBot 1Khris Davis Strikeout, pitcher Jeff Samardzija13-12.32
BAL@HOUTop 3Nelson Cruz Hit By Pitch, pitcher Scott Feldman13-14.32
BAL@HOUTop 3Nelson Cruz Stolen Base13-17.32
CHC@MILBot 3Jonathan Lucroy Walk, Ryan Braun to 2nd, pitcher Jeff Samardzija13-19.32
CHC@MILBot 3Khris Davis 1-Run Out Darwin Barney, Mike Olt, Ryan Braun scores, pitcher Jeff Samardzija15-19.32
SF@STLTop 9Brandon Hicks Out Daniel Descalso, Mark Ellis, pitcher Jason Motte15-20.65
SF@STLTop 9Joaquin Arias Walk, pitcher Jason Motte15-18.65
SF@STLTop 9Ehire Adrianza Single, Joaquin Arias to 2nd, pitcher Jason Motte15-17.65
SF@STLTop 9Juan Perez Out Jhonny Peralta, pitcher Jason Motte15-18.98
SF@STLTop 9Tyler Colvin Out Mark Ellis, pitcher Jason Motte15-20.31
LAA@OAKBot 3John Jaso Walk, pitcher Jered Weaver15-22.31
LAA@OAKBot 3Jed Lowrie 1-Run Single, Josh Donaldson to 2nd, John Jaso scores, pitcher Jered Weaver15-24.31
LAA@OAKBot 8Alberto Callaspo Out Hank Conger, pitcher Ernesto Frieri15-25.64
LAA@OAKBot 8Eric Sogard Out Raul Ibanez, pitcher Ernesto Frieri15-26.97
LAA@OAKBot 8Coco Crisp Strikeout, pitcher Ernesto Frieri15-29.8
DET@SEABot 1Endy Chavez Double, pitcher Max Scherzer14-29.8
DET@SEABot 1James Jones Strikeout, pitcher Max Scherzer16.83-29.8
DET@SEABot 1Michael Saunders 1-Run Double, Endy Chavez scores, pitcher Max Scherzer15.83-29.8
DET@SEABot 1Justin Smoak Out Danny Worth, pitcher Max Scherzer17.16-29.8
DET@SEABot 1Kyle Seager Out Austin Jackson, pitcher Max Scherzer18.49-29.8
DET@SEATop 2Nick Castellanos Single, Victor Martínez to 2nd, pitcher Roenis Elías18.49-31.8
DET@SEABot 2Mike Zunino Strikeout, pitcher Max Scherzer21.32-31.8
DET@SEABot 2Dustin Ackley Strikeout, pitcher Max Scherzer24.15-31.8
DET@SEABot 2Brad Miller Strikeout, pitcher Max Scherzer26.98-31.8
DET@SEABot 3Willie Bloomquist Single, pitcher Max Scherzer25.98-31.8
DET@SEABot 3Endy Chavez Single, Willie Bloomquist to 3rd, pitcher Max Scherzer24.98-31.8
DET@SEABot 3James Jones Out Austin Jackson, pitcher Max Scherzer26.31-31.8
DET@SEABot 3Michael Saunders Strikeout, pitcher Max Scherzer29.14-31.8
DET@SEABot 4Justin Smoak Out Austin Jackson, pitcher Max Scherzer30.47-31.8
DET@SEABot 4Kyle Seager Out Danny Worth, pitcher Max Scherzer31.8-31.8
DET@SEABot 4Mike Zunino Out Austin Jackson, pitcher Max Scherzer33.13-31.8
DET@SEATop 5Nick Castellanos Strikeout, pitcher Roenis Elías33.13-30.8
DET@SEABot 5Dustin Ackley Single, pitcher Max Scherzer32.13-30.8
DET@SEABot 5Brad Miller Strikeout, pitcher Max Scherzer34.96-30.8
DET@SEABot 5Willie Bloomquist 1-Run Double, Dustin Ackley scores, pitcher Max Scherzer33.96-30.8
DET@SEABot 5Endy Chavez Out Danny Worth, pitcher Max Scherzer35.29-30.8
DET@SEABot 5James Jones 1-Run Single, Willie Bloomquist scores, pitcher Max Scherzer34.29-30.8
DET@SEABot 5Michael Saunders Out Austin Jackson, pitcher Max Scherzer35.62-30.8
DET@SEABot 6Justin Smoak Out Austin Jackson, pitcher Max Scherzer36.95-30.8
DET@SEABot 6Kyle Seager Single, pitcher Max Scherzer35.95-30.8
DET@SEABot 6Mike Zunino Out Danny Worth, Miguel Cabrera, pitcher Max Scherzer37.28-30.8
DET@SEABot 7Dustin Ackley Out Rajai Davis, pitcher Max Scherzer38.61-30.8
DET@SEABot 7Brad Miller 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Max Scherzer37.61-30.8
DET@SEABot 7Willie Bloomquist Strikeout, pitcher Max Scherzer40.44-30.8
PIT@LADTop 1Josh Harrison Out Andre Ethier, pitcher Zack Greinke41.77-30.8
PIT@LADTop 1Neil Walker Out Andre Ethier, pitcher Zack Greinke43.1-30.8
PIT@LADTop 1Andrew McCutchen Double, pitcher Zack Greinke42.1-30.8
PIT@LADTop 1Ike Davis Walk, pitcher Zack Greinke40.1-30.8
PIT@LADTop 1Russell Martin Walk, Ike Davis to 2nd, Andrew McCutchen to 3rd, pitcher Zack Greinke38.1-30.8
PIT@LADTop 1Pedro Alvarez 2-Run Single, Russell Martin to 2nd, Ike Davis scores, Andrew McCutchen scores, pitcher Zack Greinke37.1-30.8
PIT@LADTop 1Starling Marte Out Justin Turner, Adrián González, pitcher Zack Greinke38.43-30.8
PIT@LADTop 2Clint Barmes Out Adrián González, pitcher Zack Greinke39.76-30.8
PIT@LADTop 2Edinson Vólquez Strikeout, pitcher Zack Greinke42.59-30.8
PIT@LADTop 2Josh Harrison Out Yasiel Puig, pitcher Zack Greinke43.92-30.8
PIT@LADBot 2Matt Kemp Double, pitcher Edinson Vólquez46.92-30.8
PIT@LADBot 2Justin Turner 1-Run Single, Matt Kemp scores, pitcher Edinson Vólquez48.92-30.8
PIT@LADTop 3Neil Walker Strikeout, pitcher Zack Greinke51.75-30.8
PIT@LADTop 3Andrew McCutchen 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Zack Greinke50.75-30.8
PIT@LADTop 3Ike Davis Strikeout, pitcher Zack Greinke53.58-30.8
PIT@LADTop 3Russell Martin Strikeout, pitcher Zack Greinke56.41-30.8
PIT@LADTop 4Pedro Alvarez Strikeout, pitcher Zack Greinke59.24-30.8
PIT@LADTop 4Starling Marte Out Zack Greinke, Adrián González, pitcher Zack Greinke60.57-30.8
PIT@LADTop 4Clint Barmes Out Dee Gordon, pitcher Zack Greinke61.9-30.8
PIT@LADTop 5Edinson Vólquez Strikeout, pitcher Zack Greinke64.73-30.8
PIT@LADTop 5Josh Harrison Out Andre Ethier, pitcher Zack Greinke66.06-30.8
PIT@LADTop 5Neil Walker Out Dee Gordon, Adrián González, pitcher Zack Greinke67.39-30.8
PIT@LADTop 6Ike Davis Out Matt Kemp, Andrew McCutchen to 3rd, pitcher Zack Greinke68.72-30.8
PIT@LADTop 6Andrew McCutchen Double, pitcher Zack Greinke67.72-30.8
PIT@LADTop 6Russell Martin Hit By Pitch, pitcher Zack Greinke65.72-30.8
PIT@LADTop 6Pedro Alvarez 1-Run Single, Russell Martin to 2nd, Andrew McCutchen scores, pitcher Zack Greinke64.72-30.8
PIT@LADTop 6Starling Marte Strikeout, pitcher Zack Greinke67.55-30.8
PIT@LADBot 6Matt Kemp Strikeout, pitcher Justin Wilson66.55-30.8
PIT@LADBot 9Matt Kemp Strikeout, pitcher Jason Grilli65.55-30.8
   Bonuses & Miscellaneous37.55-30.8