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Week 8 2014 Mon 5/19-Sun 5/25

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
Non-Division Game
OAK@TORTop 5Josh Donaldson Walk, Kyle Blanks to 2nd, pitcher J.A. Happ2-0
OAK@TORTop 8Josh Donaldson 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Dustin McGowan11-0
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ARI@NYMTop 1Paul Goldschmidt Strikeout, pitcher Rafael Montero11--1
ARI@NYMTop 2A.J. Pollock Strikeout, pitcher Rafael Montero10--1
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ARI@NYMTop 3Paul Goldschmidt Single, Chris Owings to 3rd, pitcher Rafael Montero10-1
ARI@NYMTop 4A.J. Pollock Strikeout, pitcher Rafael Montero9-1
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ARI@NYMTop 8Paul Goldschmidt Double, pitcher Jose Valverde9-4
ARI@NYMTop 9A.J. Pollock Double, pitcher Jenrry Mejia12-4
LAD@PHITop 1Dee Gordon Single, pitcher A.J. Burnett11-4
LAD@PHITop 1Carl Crawford Out Ben Revere, Dee Gordon to 3rd, pitcher A.J. Burnett12.33-4
LAD@PHITop 1Yasiel Puig Out Chase Utley, pitcher A.J. Burnett13.66-4
LAD@PHITop 1Adrián González 1-Run Double, Dee Gordon scores, pitcher A.J. Burnett12.66-4
LAD@PHITop 1Andre Ethier Strikeout, pitcher A.J. Burnett15.49-4
LAD@PHITop 2Justin Turner 1-Run Home Run, pitcher A.J. Burnett14.49-4
LAD@PHITop 2Drew Butera Single, pitcher A.J. Burnett13.49-4
LAD@PHITop 2Erisbel Arruebarrena Single, Drew Butera to 2nd, pitcher A.J. Burnett12.49-4
LAD@PHITop 2Josh Beckett Out A.J. Burnett, Chase Utley, Erisbel Arruebarrena to 2nd, Drew Butera to 3rd, pitcher A.J. Burnett13.82-4
LAD@PHITop 2Carl Crawford Out Marlon Byrd, pitcher A.J. Burnett15.15-4
LAD@PHITop 3Yasiel Puig Out Chase Utley, pitcher A.J. Burnett16.48-4
LAD@PHITop 3Adrián González Single, pitcher A.J. Burnett15.48-4
LAD@PHITop 3Justin Turner Strikeout, pitcher A.J. Burnett18.31-4
LAD@PHITop 4Drew Butera Out Marlon Byrd, pitcher A.J. Burnett19.64-4
LAD@PHITop 4Erisbel Arruebarrena Out Ben Revere, pitcher A.J. Burnett20.97-4
LAD@PHITop 4Josh Beckett Out Jimmy Rollins, Ryan Howard, pitcher A.J. Burnett22.3-4
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WSH@PITBot 4Neil Walker Single, pitcher Doug Fister22.3-6
LAD@PHITop 5Dee Gordon Out Jimmy Rollins, Ryan Howard, pitcher A.J. Burnett23.63-6
LAD@PHITop 5Carl Crawford Out Domonic Brown, pitcher A.J. Burnett24.96-6
LAD@PHITop 5Yasiel Puig Single, pitcher A.J. Burnett23.96-6
LAD@PHITop 5Adrián González Out Chase Utley, Ryan Howard, pitcher A.J. Burnett25.29-6
LAD@PHITop 6Andre Ethier Out Jimmy Rollins, Ryan Howard, pitcher A.J. Burnett26.62-6
LAD@PHITop 6Justin Turner Single, pitcher A.J. Burnett25.62-6
LAD@PHITop 6Drew Butera Out Jimmy Rollins, Ryan Howard, Justin Turner to 2nd, pitcher A.J. Burnett26.95-6
LAD@PHITop 6Josh Beckett Strikeout, pitcher A.J. Burnett29.78-6
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WSH@PITBot 6Neil Walker Single, pitcher Doug Fister29.78-8
LAD@PHITop 7Dee Gordon Walk, pitcher A.J. Burnett27.78-8
LAD@PHITop 7Yasiel Puig Double, Carl Crawford to 3rd, pitcher A.J. Burnett26.78-8
LAD@PHITop 7Adrián González 1-Run Single, Yasiel Puig to 3rd, Carl Crawford scores, pitcher A.J. Burnett25.78-8
LAD@PHITop 7Andre Ethier 1-Run Out Jimmy Rollins, Chase Utley, Ryan Howard, Yasiel Puig scores, pitcher A.J. Burnett27.11-8
LAD@PHITop 7Justin Turner Out César Hernández, Ryan Howard, pitcher A.J. Burnett28.44-8
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WSH@PITBot 8Neil Walker Single, Josh Harrison to 3rd, pitcher Craig Stammen28.44-10
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BOS@TBBot 1David DeJesus Strikeout, pitcher Brandon Workman28.44-9
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BOS@TBBot 1Evan Longoria Strikeout, pitcher Brandon Workman28.44-8
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BOS@TBBot 4Evan Longoria 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Brandon Workman28.44-17
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BOS@TBBot 5David DeJesus Double, pitcher Brandon Workman28.44-20
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BOS@TBBot 5Evan Longoria Single, David DeJesus to 3rd, pitcher Brandon Workman28.44-22
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BOS@TBBot 5Wil Myers 1-Run Out Brock Holt, Dustin Pedroia, Evan Longoria to 3rd, David DeJesus scores, pitcher Brandon Workman28.44-24
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BOS@TBBot 7Evan Longoria Single, Desmond Jennings to 3rd, pitcher Craig Breslow28.44-26
Wanted a Ha..
BOS@TBBot 7Sean Rodríguez 3-Run Home Run, Evan Longoria scores, Desmond Jennings scores, pitcher Craig Breslow28.44-28
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NYY@CWSBot 2Dayan Viciedo Strikeout, pitcher Masahiro Tanaka28.44-27
Wanted a Ha..
NYY@CWSBot 6Dayan Viciedo Strikeout, pitcher Masahiro Tanaka28.44-26
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KC@LAATop 9Salvador Pérez Double, pitcher Ernesto Frieri28.44-29
MIN@SFTop 3Brian Dozier 1-Run Out Gregor Blanco, Eduardo Escobar scores, pitcher Madison Bumgarner30.44-29
Wanted a Ha..
MIN@SFBot 4Brandon Crawford 1-Run Out Danny Santana, Michael Morse scores, pitcher Ricky Nolasco30.44-31
MIN@SFTop 6Brian Dozier Strikeout, pitcher Madison Bumgarner29.44-31
CHC@SDTop 1Emilio Bonifacio Out Seth Smith, pitcher Ian Kennedy29.44-32.33
Wanted a Ha..
CHC@SDTop 1Junior Lake Out Will Venable, pitcher Ian Kennedy29.44-33.66
CHC@SDTop 1Anthony Rizzo Strikeout, pitcher Ian Kennedy28.44-36.49
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CHC@SDBot 1Will Venable Hit By Pitch, pitcher Jason Hammel28.44-38.49
Wanted a Ha..
CHC@SDBot 1Will Venable Stolen Base28.44-41.49
Wanted a Ha..
CHC@SDTop 2Starlin Castro Single, pitcher Ian Kennedy28.44-40.49
Wanted a Ha..
CHC@SDTop 2Luis Valbuena Walk, Starlin Castro to 2nd, pitcher Ian Kennedy28.44-38.49
Wanted a Ha..
CHC@SDTop 2Mike Olt Strikeout, pitcher Ian Kennedy28.44-41.32
Wanted a Ha..
CHC@SDTop 2Nate Schierholtz Out Seth Smith, pitcher Ian Kennedy28.44-42.65
Wanted a Ha..
CHC@SDTop 2John Baker Out Everth Cabrera, pitcher Ian Kennedy28.44-43.98
Wanted a Ha..
CHC@SDTop 3Jason Hammel Out Cameron Maybin, pitcher Ian Kennedy28.44-45.31
CHC@SDTop 3Emilio Bonifacio Strikeout, pitcher Ian Kennedy27.44-48.14
CHC@SDTop 3Anthony Rizzo Out Everth Cabrera, Yonder Alonso, pitcher Ian Kennedy27.44-49.47
Wanted a Ha..
CHC@SDTop 3Junior Lake Walk, pitcher Ian Kennedy27.44-47.47
Wanted a Ha..
CHC@SDTop 4Starlin Castro Out Will Venable, pitcher Ian Kennedy27.44-48.8
Wanted a Ha..
CHC@SDTop 4Luis Valbuena Out Ian Kennedy, Yonder Alonso, pitcher Ian Kennedy27.44-50.13
Wanted a Ha..
CHC@SDTop 4Mike Olt Strikeout, pitcher Ian Kennedy27.44-52.96
Wanted a Ha..
CHC@SDTop 5Nate Schierholtz Out Yonder Alonso, Ian Kennedy, pitcher Ian Kennedy27.44-54.29
Wanted a Ha..
CHC@SDTop 5John Baker Out Yonder Alonso, pitcher Ian Kennedy27.44-55.62
Wanted a Ha..
CHC@SDTop 5Jason Hammel Strikeout, pitcher Ian Kennedy27.44-58.45
CHC@SDTop 6Emilio Bonifacio Out Everth Cabrera, Yonder Alonso, pitcher Ian Kennedy27.44-59.78
CHC@SDTop 6Anthony Rizzo Out Chase Headley, pitcher Ian Kennedy27.44-61.11
Wanted a Ha..
CHC@SDTop 6Junior Lake 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Ian Kennedy27.44-60.11
Wanted a Ha..
CHC@SDTop 6Starlin Castro Strikeout, pitcher Ian Kennedy27.44-62.94
Wanted a Ha..
CHC@SDBot 6Carlos Quentin 1-Run Single, Seth Smith to 2nd, Will Venable scores, pitcher James Russell27.44-64.94
Wanted a Ha..
CHC@SDTop 8John Baker Double, pitcher Joaquín Benoit27.44-63.94
Wanted a Ha..
CHC@SDTop 8Chris Coghlan Out Will Venable, pitcher Joaquín Benoit27.44-65.27
CHC@SDTop 8Emilio Bonifacio Out Cameron Maybin, pitcher Joaquín Benoit27.44-66.6
Wanted a Ha..
CHC@SDTop 8Junior Lake Strikeout, pitcher Joaquín Benoit27.44-69.43
CHC@SDTop 9Anthony Rizzo Walk, pitcher Huston Street29.44-69.43
CHC@SDTop 9Starlin Castro 2-Run Home Run, Anthony Rizzo scores, pitcher Huston Street31.44-69.43
ARI@NYMTop 1A.J. Pollock Strikeout, pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka30.44-69.43
Wanted a Ha..
ARI@NYMTop 3Paul Goldschmidt Strikeout, pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka30.44-68.43
Wanted a Ha..
ARI@NYMTop 6Paul Goldschmidt Strikeout, pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka30.44-67.43
COL@ATLTop 3Troy Tulowitzki Strikeout, pitcher Julio Teherán29.44-67.43
COL@ATLTop 6Troy Tulowitzki Walk, pitcher Julio Teherán31.44-67.43
Wanted a Ha..
COL@ATLTop 9Carlos González Strikeout, pitcher Luis Avilán31.44-66.43
   Bonuses & Miscellaneous17.44-77.43