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Week 3 2014 Mon 4/14-Sun 4/20

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
Division Game
TOR@CLETop 3Colby Rasmus Strikeout, pitcher Carlos Carrasco-1-0
TOR@CLETop 4Colby Rasmus Strikeout, pitcher Carlos Carrasco-2-0
LAA@DETBot 1Rajai Davis Out Mike Trout, pitcher Héctor Santiago-2-1.33
LAA@DETBot 1Ian Kinsler Walk, pitcher Héctor Santiago-2--0.67
LAA@DETBot 1Miguel Cabrera Walk, Ian Kinsler to 2nd, pitcher Héctor Santiago-2--2.67
LAA@DETBot 1Victor Martínez Out Brennan Boesch, pitcher Héctor Santiago-2--1.34
LAA@DETBot 1Torii Hunter Out Erick Aybar, pitcher Héctor Santiago-2--0.01
LAA@DETBot 2Austin Jackson Out Brennan Boesch, pitcher Héctor Santiago-2-1.32
LAA@DETBot 2Nick Castellanos Strikeout, pitcher Héctor Santiago-3-4.15
LAA@DETBot 2Álex Ávila Strikeout, pitcher Héctor Santiago-3-6.98
LAA@DETBot 3Andrew Romine Single, pitcher Héctor Santiago-3-5.98
LAA@DETBot 3Ian Kinsler Out Erick Aybar, Albert Pujols, Andrew Romine to 3rd, pitcher Héctor Santiago-3-7.31
LAA@DETBot 3Miguel Cabrera Strikeout, pitcher Héctor Santiago-3-10.14
LAA@DETBot 4Victor Martínez Out Brennan Boesch, pitcher Héctor Santiago-3-11.47
LAA@DETBot 4Nick Castellanos Out Mike Trout, Torii Hunter to 3rd, pitcher Héctor Santiago-3-12.8
LAA@DETBot 4Torii Hunter Single, pitcher Héctor Santiago-3-11.8
LAA@DETBot 4Austin Jackson Walk, Torii Hunter to 2nd, pitcher Héctor Santiago-3-9.8
LAA@DETBot 4Álex Ávila Strikeout, pitcher Héctor Santiago-3-12.63
LAA@DETBot 5Andrew Romine Walk, pitcher Héctor Santiago-3-10.63
LAA@DETBot 5Rajai Davis Strikeout, pitcher Héctor Santiago-3-13.46
LAA@DETBot 5Ian Kinsler Out Howie Kendrick, pitcher Héctor Santiago-3-14.79
LAA@DETBot 5Miguel Cabrera Strikeout, pitcher Héctor Santiago-3-17.62
LAA@DETBot 6Victor Martínez Out Brennan Boesch, pitcher Héctor Santiago-3-18.95
LAA@DETBot 6Torii Hunter Out Erick Aybar, Albert Pujols, pitcher Héctor Santiago-3-20.28
LAA@DETBot 6Nick Castellanos 1-Run Single, Austin Jackson scores, pitcher Kevin Jepsen1-20.28
LAA@DETBot 6Austin Jackson Walk, pitcher Héctor Santiago1-18.28
SEA@MIABot 1Marcell Ozuna Walk, pitcher Brandon Maurer1-20.28
LAA@DETBot 8Nick Castellanos Strikeout, pitcher Joe Smith0-20.28
SEA@MIABot 6Marcell Ozuna Walk, pitcher Dominic Leone0-22.28
SEA@MIABot 8Marcell Ozuna Out Dustin Ackley, pitcher Tom Wilhelmsen1.33-22.28
SEA@MIABot 8Giancarlo Stanton Walk, pitcher Tom Wilhelmsen-0.67-22.28
SEA@MIABot 8Casey McGehee Walk, Giancarlo Stanton to 2nd, Christian Yelich to 3rd, pitcher Tom Wilhelmsen-2.67-22.28
SEA@MIABot 8Adeiny Hechavarria 1-Run Out Corey Hart, Casey McGehee to 3rd, Giancarlo Stanton scores, pitcher Tom Wilhelmsen-1.34-22.28
SEA@MIABot 8Donovan Solano Out Abraham Almonte, pitcher Tom Wilhelmsen-0.01-22.28
STL@WSHTop 2Matt Adams Double, pitcher Stephen Strasburg2.99-22.28
STL@WSHTop 2Jhonny Peralta 1-Run Out Ian Desmond, Danny Espinosa, Adam LaRoche, Matt Adams scores, pitcher Stephen Strasburg4.99-22.28
MIL@PITTop 2Jonathan Lucroy Strikeout, pitcher Gerrit Cole3.99-22.28
STL@WSHTop 4Matt Adams Strikeout, pitcher Stephen Strasburg2.99-22.28
STL@WSHTop 6Matt Adams Double, pitcher Stephen Strasburg5.99-22.28
STL@WSHBot 7Jayson Werth Out Jhonny Peralta, Matt Adams, pitcher Carlos Martínez5.99-23.61
STL@WSHBot 7Adam LaRoche Single, pitcher Carlos Martínez5.99-22.61
STL@WSHBot 7Anthony Rendón Single, Adam LaRoche to 2nd, pitcher Carlos Martínez5.99-21.61
STL@WSHBot 7Ian Desmond 1-Run Single, Anthony Rendón to 3rd, Adam LaRoche scores, pitcher Carlos Martínez5.99-20.61
STL@WSHBot 7Danny Espinosa 1-Run Single, Ian Desmond to 2nd, Anthony Rendón scores, pitcher Carlos Martínez5.99-19.61
STL@WSHBot 7José Lobatón Out Daniel Descalso, Carlos Martínez, Danny Espinosa to 2nd, Ian Desmond to 3rd, pitcher Carlos Martínez5.99-20.94
STL@WSHBot 7Kevin Frandsen Out Daniel Descalso, Matt Adams, pitcher Carlos Martínez5.99-22.27
STL@WSHTop 8Matt Adams Strikeout, pitcher Jerry Blevins4.99-22.27
MIL@PITTop 9Jonathan Lucroy Strikeout, pitcher Jason Grilli3.99-22.27
NYY@TBBot 6Ben Zobrist Out Jacoby Ellsbury, pitcher David Phelps5.32-22.27
NYY@TBBot 6Logan Forsythe Out Carlos Beltrán, pitcher David Phelps6.65-22.27
NYY@TBBot 6Evan Longoria Out Derek Jeter, Mark Teixeira, pitcher David Phelps7.98-22.27
NYY@TBBot 7Wil Myers Strikeout, pitcher David Phelps10.81-22.27
MIN@KCTop 1Josmil Pinto Walk, pitcher Yordano Ventura10.81-24.27
MIN@KCTop 4Josmil Pinto Strikeout, pitcher Yordano Ventura10.81-23.27
MIN@KCTop 5Josmil Pinto 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Louis Coleman10.81-32.27
MIN@KCTop 7Josmil Pinto Walk, Jason Kubel to 2nd, pitcher Justin Marks10.81-34.27
MIN@KCTop 7Kurt Suzuki 2-Run Double, Josmil Pinto scores, Jason Kubel scores, pitcher Justin Marks10.81-36.27
MIN@KCTop 8Josmil Pinto Strikeout, pitcher Michael Mariot10.81-35.27
CIN@CHCBot 1Nate Schierholtz Strikeout, pitcher Homer Bailey10.81-34.27
CIN@CHCBot 3Nate Schierholtz Strikeout, pitcher Homer Bailey10.81-33.27
CIN@CHCBot 7Nate Schierholtz 1-Run Single, Anthony Rizzo to 2nd, Ryan Sweeney scores, pitcher Manny Parra10.81-37.27
CIN@CHCBot 9Nate Schierholtz Single, Anthony Rizzo to 2nd, pitcher Sean Marshall10.81-39.27
CWS@TEXBot 2Prince Fielder Walk, pitcher Erik Johnson12.81-39.27
CWS@TEXBot 4Prince Fielder Walk, pitcher Erik Johnson14.81-39.27
HOU@OAKTop 1José Altuve Double, pitcher Jesse Chávez17.81-39.27
HOU@OAKBot 1Brandon Moss Single, pitcher Brad Peacock17.81-41.27
HOU@OAKBot 3Brandon Moss Strikeout, pitcher Brad Peacock17.81-40.27
HOU@OAKTop 5José Altuve Strikeout, pitcher Jesse Chávez16.81-40.27
HOU@OAKBot 5Brandon Moss Strikeout, pitcher Brad Peacock16.81-39.27
HOU@OAKTop 7José Altuve Walk, pitcher Jim Johnson18.81-39.27
HOU@OAKTop 7José Altuve Stolen Base21.81-39.27
HOU@OAKBot 7Brandon Moss Walk, pitcher Jerome Williams21.81-41.27
PHI@COLTop 1Ben Revere Out Nolan Arenado, Justin Morneau, pitcher Juan Nicasio23.14-41.27
PHI@COLTop 1Jimmy Rollins 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Juan Nicasio22.14-41.27
PHI@COLTop 1Chase Utley Strikeout, pitcher Juan Nicasio24.97-41.27
PHI@COLTop 1Ryan Howard Single, pitcher Juan Nicasio23.97-41.27
PHI@COLTop 1Marlon Byrd Strikeout, pitcher Juan Nicasio26.8-41.27
PHI@COLTop 2Domonic Brown Out Josh Rutledge, Justin Morneau, pitcher Juan Nicasio28.13-41.27
PHI@COLTop 2Wil Nieves Double, pitcher Juan Nicasio27.13-41.27
PHI@COLTop 2Cody Asche Strikeout, pitcher Juan Nicasio29.96-41.27
PHI@COLTop 2Roberto Hernandez Out Josh Rutledge, Justin Morneau, pitcher Juan Nicasio31.29-41.27
PHI@COLTop 3Ben Revere Out Juan Nicasio, Justin Morneau, pitcher Juan Nicasio32.62-41.27
PHI@COLTop 3Jimmy Rollins Out Charlie Blackmon, pitcher Juan Nicasio33.95-41.27
PHI@COLTop 3Chase Utley Double, pitcher Juan Nicasio32.95-41.27
PHI@COLTop 3Ryan Howard 2-Run Home Run, Chase Utley scores, pitcher Juan Nicasio31.95-41.27
PHI@COLTop 3Marlon Byrd Strikeout, pitcher Juan Nicasio34.78-41.27
PHI@COLTop 4Domonic Brown Out Josh Rutledge, Justin Morneau, pitcher Juan Nicasio36.11-41.27
PHI@COLTop 4Wil Nieves Out Justin Morneau, pitcher Juan Nicasio37.44-41.27
PHI@COLTop 4Cody Asche Out Charlie Blackmon, pitcher Juan Nicasio38.77-41.27
PHI@COLTop 5Roberto Hernandez Out Jordan Pacheco, Justin Morneau, pitcher Juan Nicasio40.1-41.27
PHI@COLTop 5Ben Revere Out Troy Tulowitzki, Justin Morneau, pitcher Juan Nicasio41.43-41.27
PHI@COLTop 5Jimmy Rollins Walk, pitcher Juan Nicasio39.43-41.27
PHI@COLTop 5Chase Utley Strikeout, pitcher Juan Nicasio42.26-41.27
PHI@COLTop 6Domonic Brown Single, Marlon Byrd to 2nd, pitcher Rex Brothers44.26-41.27
PHI@COLTop 6Ryan Howard Triple, pitcher Juan Nicasio43.26-41.27
PHI@COLTop 6Marlon Byrd 1-Run Single, Ryan Howard scores, pitcher Juan Nicasio42.26-41.27
ARI@LADBot 6Dee Gordon Single, pitcher Josh Collmenter42.26-43.27
ARI@LADBot 6Carl Crawford 1-Run Triple, Dee Gordon scores, pitcher Josh Collmenter42.26-45.27
PHI@COLTop 7Domonic Brown 1-Run Out Charlie Blackmon, Ryan Howard scores, pitcher Adam Ottavino44.26-45.27
BAL@BOSTop 1Nelson Cruz 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Jake Peavy53.26-45.27