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Week 3 2014 Mon 4/14-Sun 4/20

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
Division Game
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TOR@CLEBot 4Jason Kipnis Walk, pitcher Brandon Morrow0-2
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TOR@CLEBot 6Jason Kipnis Time Caught Stealing0-1
SEA@MIATop 2Corey Hart Double, pitcher Kevin Slowey3-1
SEA@MIATop 2Justin Smoak 1-Run Out Giancarlo Stanton, Corey Hart scores, pitcher Kevin Slowey5-1
SEA@MIATop 9Corey Hart Double, pitcher Steve Cishek8-1
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ATL@NYMTop 11Andrelton Simmons Strikeout, pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka8-0
STL@WSHBot 1Denard Span Out Jon Jay, pitcher Shelby Miller9.33-0
STL@WSHBot 1Bryce Harper Out Jhonny Peralta, Matt Adams, pitcher Shelby Miller10.66-0
STL@WSHBot 1Jayson Werth Out Matt Adams, Shelby Miller, pitcher Shelby Miller11.99-0
STL@WSHBot 2Adam LaRoche Strikeout, pitcher Shelby Miller14.82-0
STL@WSHBot 2Anthony Rendón Walk, pitcher Shelby Miller14.82-0
STL@WSHBot 2Ian Desmond Out Jon Jay, pitcher Shelby Miller16.15-0
STL@WSHBot 2Danny Espinosa Strikeout, pitcher Shelby Miller18.98-0
STL@WSHBot 3José Lobatón Strikeout, pitcher Shelby Miller21.81-0
STL@WSHBot 3Stephen Strasburg Walk, pitcher Shelby Miller19.81-0
STL@WSHBot 3Denard Span Out Allen Craig, pitcher Shelby Miller21.14-0
STL@WSHBot 3Bryce Harper Walk, Stephen Strasburg to 2nd, pitcher Shelby Miller19.14-0
STL@WSHBot 3Jayson Werth Walk, Bryce Harper to 2nd, Stephen Strasburg to 3rd, pitcher Shelby Miller17.14-0
STL@WSHBot 3Adam LaRoche Strikeout, pitcher Shelby Miller19.97-0
STL@WSHBot 4Anthony Rendón Out Mark Ellis, pitcher Shelby Miller21.3-0
STL@WSHBot 4Ian Desmond Strikeout, pitcher Shelby Miller24.13-0
STL@WSHBot 4Danny Espinosa Single, pitcher Shelby Miller23.13-0
STL@WSHBot 4José Lobatón Single, Danny Espinosa to 2nd, pitcher Shelby Miller22.13-0
STL@WSHBot 4Stephen Strasburg Strikeout, pitcher Shelby Miller24.96-0
STL@WSHBot 5Denard Span Single, pitcher Shelby Miller23.96-0
STL@WSHBot 5Bryce Harper Strikeout, pitcher Shelby Miller26.79-0
STL@WSHBot 5Jayson Werth Hit By Pitch, Denard Span to 2nd, pitcher Shelby Miller24.79-0
STL@WSHBot 5Adam LaRoche Out Jon Jay, pitcher Shelby Miller26.12-0
STL@WSHBot 6Ian Desmond Out Allen Craig, pitcher Shelby Miller27.45-0
STL@WSHBot 6Danny Espinosa Walk, pitcher Shelby Miller25.45-0
STL@WSHBot 6José Lobatón Single, Danny Espinosa to 2nd, pitcher Shelby Miller24.45-0
STL@WSHBot 7Anthony Rendón Single, Adam LaRoche to 2nd, pitcher Carlos Martínez26.45-0
STL@WSHBot 7Danny Espinosa 1-Run Single, Ian Desmond to 2nd, Anthony Rendón scores, pitcher Carlos Martínez28.45-0
STL@WSHBot 8Anthony Rendón Strikeout, pitcher Pat Neshek27.45-0
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MIN@KCTop 4Eduardo Escobar 1-Run Single, Aaron Hicks scores, pitcher Yordano Ventura27.45-2
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MIN@KCTop 7Aaron Hicks Walk, pitcher Justin Marks27.45-4
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CWS@TEXTop 3Tyler Flowers Single, pitcher Robbie Ross Jr.27.45-6
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CWS@TEXTop 3Jordan Danks 2-Run Home Run, Tyler Flowers scores, pitcher Robbie Ross Jr.27.45-8
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CWS@TEXBot 4Alex Rios Error, Elvis Andrus to 3rd, pitcher Erik Johnson27.45-7
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CWS@TEXTop 5Tyler Flowers Single, pitcher Robbie Ross Jr.27.45-9
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CWS@TEXTop 5Conor Gillaspie 1-Run Out Alex Rios, Tyler Flowers scores, pitcher Robbie Ross Jr.27.45-13
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CWS@TEXTop 6Tyler Flowers Strikeout, pitcher Shawn Tolleson27.45-12
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CWS@TEXTop 8Tyler Flowers Single, pitcher Pedro Figueroa27.45-14
CWS@TEXBot 8Michael Choice Strikeout, pitcher Andre Rienzo26.45-14
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CWS@TEXTop 9Tyler Flowers Walk, Alejandro De Aza to 2nd, pitcher Hector Noesi26.45-16
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CWS@TEXTop 9Conor Gillaspie 2-Run Double, Marcus Semien scores, Tyler Flowers scores, pitcher Hector Noesi26.45-25
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CWS@TEXTop 9José Abreu 1-Run Double, Conor Gillaspie scores, pitcher Hector Noesi26.45-27
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HOU@OAKBot 4Yoenis Céspedes Walk, pitcher Brad Peacock26.45-29
PHI@COLTop 1Jimmy Rollins 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Juan Nicasio35.45-29
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SF@SDBot 1Seth Smith Walk, pitcher Tim Lincecum35.45-31
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ARI@LADBot 2Adrián González Double, pitcher Josh Collmenter35.45-34
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SF@SDBot 3Seth Smith Single, Will Venable to 3rd, pitcher Tim Lincecum35.45-36
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SF@SDBot 3Chase Headley 2-Run Double, Seth Smith scores, Will Venable scores, pitcher Tim Lincecum35.45-38
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ARI@LADBot 4Adrián González Strikeout, pitcher Josh Collmenter35.45-37
PHI@COLTop 5Jimmy Rollins Walk, pitcher Juan Nicasio37.45-37
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ARI@LADBot 6Adrián González Walk, pitcher Josh Collmenter37.45-39
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ARI@LADBot 6Yasiel Puig 3-Run Home Run, Adrián González scores, Carl Crawford scores, pitcher Josh Collmenter37.45-41
PHI@COLTop 7Jimmy Rollins Double, Ben Revere to 3rd, pitcher Boone Logan40.45-41
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ARI@LADTop 7Aaron Hill Out Carl Crawford, pitcher Chris Perez40.45-42.33
PHI@COLTop 7Ryan Howard 1-Run Double, Jimmy Rollins scores, pitcher Boone Logan42.45-42.33
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ARI@LADTop 7Eric Chavez 1-Run Double, Miguel Montero to 3rd, Paul Goldschmidt scores, pitcher Chris Perez42.45-41.33
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ARI@LADTop 7Mark Trumbo Strikeout, pitcher Chris Perez42.45-44.16
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ARI@LADTop 7Tony Campana Strikeout, pitcher Chris Perez42.45-46.99
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ARI@LADTop 8Chris Owings Out Chris Perez, Adrián González, pitcher Chris Perez42.45-48.32
PHI@COLTop 8Jimmy Rollins 1-Run Single, Ben Revere to 3rd, Freddy Galvis scores, pitcher Matt Belisle46.45-48.32
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SF@SDBot 8Seth Smith Walk, pitcher Javier Lopez46.45-50.32
ARI@LADTop 9Miguel Montero Strikeout, pitcher Kenley Jansen49.28-50.32
ARI@LADTop 9Aaron Hill Strikeout, pitcher Kenley Jansen52.11-50.32
ARI@LADTop 9Eric Chavez Strikeout, pitcher Kenley Jansen54.94-50.32
SF@SDBot 9Chase Headley Walk, pitcher Sergio Romo52.94-50.32
SF@SDBot 9Yasmani Grandal Out Brandon Crawford, pitcher Sergio Romo54.27-50.32
SF@SDBot 9Nick Hundley Out Gregor Blanco, pitcher Sergio Romo55.6-50.32
SF@SDBot 9Yonder Alonso Out Angel Pagan, pitcher Sergio Romo56.93-50.32
BAL@BOSBot 4Jonny Gomes Double, pitcher Ubaldo Jiménez59.93-50.32
BAL@BOSBot 6Jonny Gomes 3-Run Home Run, Mike Napoli scores, David Ortiz scores, pitcher Ubaldo Jiménez72.93-50.32
   Bonuses & Miscellaneous88.93-56.32