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Week 2 2014 Mon 4/7-Sun 4/13

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
Division Game
TB@CINTop 1Ben Zobrist Out Ryan Ludwick, pitcher Tony Cingrani0-1.33
TB@CINTop 1Desmond Jennings Out Brandon Phillips, Joey Votto, pitcher Tony Cingrani0-2.66
TB@CINTop 1Evan Longoria Out Todd Frazier, Joey Votto, pitcher Tony Cingrani0-3.99
Fear Boners
TB@CINTop 2Wil Myers Out Ryan Ludwick, pitcher Tony Cingrani0-5.32
TB@CINTop 2Logan Forsythe Strikeout, pitcher Tony Cingrani0-8.15
TB@CINTop 2Yunel Escobar Out Joey Votto, pitcher Tony Cingrani0-9.48
TB@CINTop 3Ryan Hanigan Strikeout, pitcher Tony Cingrani0-12.31
TB@CINTop 3Cesar Ramos Strikeout, pitcher Tony Cingrani0-15.14
TB@CINTop 3Ben Zobrist 2-Run Home Run, Sean Rodríguez scores, pitcher Tony Cingrani0-25.14
TB@CINTop 3Sean Rodríguez Walk, pitcher Tony Cingrani0-23.14
TB@CINTop 3Desmond Jennings Out Todd Frazier, Joey Votto, pitcher Tony Cingrani0-24.47
Fear Boners
TB@CINBot 3Billy Hamilton Single, pitcher Cesar Ramos2-24.47
Fear Boners
TB@CINBot 3Joey Votto 2-Run Home Run, Billy Hamilton scores, pitcher Cesar Ramos4-24.47
TB@CINTop 4Evan Longoria Strikeout, pitcher Tony Cingrani4-27.3
Fear Boners
TB@CINTop 4Wil Myers Single, pitcher Tony Cingrani6-26.3
TB@CINTop 4Logan Forsythe Out Zack Cozart, Brandon Phillips, Joey Votto, pitcher Tony Cingrani6-27.63
TB@CINTop 5Yunel Escobar Single, pitcher Tony Cingrani6-26.63
TB@CINTop 5Ryan Hanigan Walk, Yunel Escobar to 2nd, pitcher Tony Cingrani6-24.63
TB@CINTop 5Brandon Guyer Strikeout, pitcher Tony Cingrani6-27.46
TB@CINTop 5Sean Rodríguez Strikeout, pitcher Tony Cingrani6-30.29
TB@CINTop 5Ben Zobrist Out Zack Cozart, Joey Votto, pitcher Tony Cingrani6-31.62
TB@CINTop 6Evan Longoria Out Billy Hamilton, pitcher Tony Cingrani6-32.95
TB@CINTop 6Desmond Jennings Walk, pitcher Tony Cingrani6-30.95
TB@CINTop 6Logan Forsythe Single, Wil Myers to 2nd, pitcher Tony Cingrani6-29.95
TB@CINTop 6Yunel Escobar Single, Logan Forsythe to 2nd, Wil Myers to 3rd, pitcher Tony Cingrani6-28.95
TB@CINTop 6Ryan Hanigan Out Joey Votto, pitcher Tony Cingrani6-30.28
TB@CINTop 7Matt Joyce Out Joey Votto, pitcher Tony Cingrani6-31.61
TB@CINTop 7Ben Zobrist 2-Run Home Run, James Loney scores, pitcher Nick Christiani6-42.61
TB@CINTop 9Matt Joyce Walk, pitcher Curtis Partch6-44.61
TB@CINTop 9Ben Zobrist Strikeout, pitcher Curtis Partch6-43.61
CLE@CWSTop 2Michael Brantley Walk, pitcher José Quintana6-45.61
CLE@CWSBot 3Alexei Ramirez Single, pitcher Corey Kluber6-47.61
CLE@CWSTop 4Michael Brantley 1-Run Home Run, pitcher José Quintana6-56.61
PIT@MILBot 4Ryan Braun Double, pitcher Charlie Morton6-59.61
PIT@MILBot 4Aramis Ramirez 1-Run Single, Ryan Braun scores, pitcher Charlie Morton6-61.61
Fear Boners
KC@MINTop 7Billy Butler Strikeout, pitcher Kevin Correia5-61.61
Fear Boners
KC@MINTop 8Billy Butler Strikeout, pitcher Casey Fien4-61.61
Fear Boners
KC@MINBot 8Trevor Plouffe Walk, Brian Dozier to 2nd, Pedro Florimon to 3rd, pitcher Wade Davis6-61.61
CLE@CWSTop 9David Murphy 1-Run Single, Yan Gomes to 2nd, Michael Brantley scores, pitcher Matt Lindstrom6-63.61
CLE@CWSBot 9Alexei Ramirez 2-Run Home Run, Jordan Danks scores, pitcher John Axford6-74.61
Fear Boners
NYM@LAATop 1Eric Young Jr. Walk, pitcher C.J. Wilson4-74.61
Fear Boners
NYM@LAATop 1Daniel Murphy Out C.J. Wilson, Howie Kendrick, Raul Ibanez, Eric Young Jr. to 2nd, pitcher C.J. Wilson5.33-74.61
Fear Boners
NYM@LAATop 1David Wright 1-Run Single, Eric Young Jr. scores, pitcher C.J. Wilson4.33-74.61
Fear Boners
NYM@LAATop 1Josh Satin Out Hank Conger, Howie Kendrick, C.J. Wilson, pitcher C.J. Wilson5.66-74.61
NYM@LAABot 1J.B. Shuck Out Rubén Tejada, Josh Satin, pitcher Bartolo Colón5.66-75.94
NYM@LAABot 1Mike Trout 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Bartolo Colón5.66-74.94
NYM@LAABot 1Albert Pujols 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Bartolo Colón5.66-73.94
NYM@LAABot 1Raul Ibanez 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Bartolo Colón5.66-72.94
NYM@LAABot 1Kole Calhoun Double, pitcher Bartolo Colón5.66-71.94
Fear Boners
NYM@LAABot 1Howie Kendrick Strikeout, pitcher Bartolo Colón4.66-74.77
NYM@LAABot 1Ian Stewart 1-Run Double, Kole Calhoun scores, pitcher Bartolo Colón4.66-73.77
NYM@LAABot 1Hank Conger Strikeout, pitcher Bartolo Colón4.66-76.6
Fear Boners
NYM@LAATop 2Curtis Granderson Single, pitcher C.J. Wilson3.66-76.6
Fear Boners
NYM@LAATop 2Andrew Brown Out Erick Aybar, Howie Kendrick, Raul Ibanez, pitcher C.J. Wilson4.99-76.6
Fear Boners
NYM@LAATop 2Juan Lagares Single, pitcher C.J. Wilson3.99-76.6
Fear Boners
NYM@LAATop 2Travis d'Arnaud Walk, Juan Lagares to 2nd, pitcher C.J. Wilson1.99-76.6
Fear Boners
NYM@LAATop 2Rubén Tejada Out C.J. Wilson, pitcher C.J. Wilson3.32-76.6
NYM@LAABot 2Erick Aybar Out Juan Lagares, pitcher Bartolo Colón3.32-77.93
NYM@LAABot 2J.B. Shuck Out Curtis Granderson, pitcher Bartolo Colón3.32-79.26
NYM@LAABot 2Mike Trout Out Bartolo Colón, Josh Satin, pitcher Bartolo Colón3.32-80.59
Fear Boners
NYM@LAATop 3Eric Young Jr. Out Howie Kendrick, Raul Ibanez, pitcher C.J. Wilson4.65-80.59
Fear Boners
NYM@LAATop 3Daniel Murphy Strikeout, pitcher C.J. Wilson7.48-80.59
Fear Boners
NYM@LAATop 3David Wright Out J.B. Shuck, pitcher C.J. Wilson8.81-80.59
NYM@LAABot 3Albert Pujols Out David Wright, Josh Satin, pitcher Bartolo Colón8.81-81.92
NYM@LAABot 3Raul Ibanez Walk, pitcher Bartolo Colón8.81-79.92
Fear Boners
NYM@LAABot 3Howie Kendrick Out Rubén Tejada, pitcher Bartolo Colón8.81-81.25
Fear Boners
NYM@LAATop 4Josh Satin Out Ian Stewart, Raul Ibanez, pitcher C.J. Wilson10.14-81.25
Fear Boners
NYM@LAATop 4Curtis Granderson Strikeout, pitcher C.J. Wilson12.97-81.25
Fear Boners
NYM@LAATop 4Andrew Brown Strikeout, pitcher C.J. Wilson15.8-81.25
NYM@LAABot 4Ian Stewart Walk, pitcher Bartolo Colón15.8-79.25
NYM@LAABot 4Hank Conger Double, Ian Stewart to 3rd, pitcher Bartolo Colón15.8-78.25
NYM@LAABot 4Erick Aybar 2-Run Triple, Hank Conger scores, Ian Stewart scores, pitcher Bartolo Colón15.8-77.25
NYM@LAABot 4J.B. Shuck 1-Run Single, Erick Aybar scores, pitcher Bartolo Colón15.8-76.25
NYM@LAABot 4Mike Trout Single, J.B. Shuck to 2nd, pitcher Bartolo Colón15.8-75.25
NYM@LAABot 4Albert Pujols Out David Wright, Daniel Murphy, Josh Satin, J.B. Shuck to 3rd, pitcher Bartolo Colón15.8-76.58
NYM@LAABot 4Raul Ibanez Out Curtis Granderson, pitcher Bartolo Colón15.8-77.91
Fear Boners
NYM@LAATop 5Juan Lagares Single, pitcher C.J. Wilson14.8-77.91
Fear Boners
NYM@LAATop 5Travis d'Arnaud Single, Juan Lagares to 3rd, pitcher C.J. Wilson13.8-77.91
Fear Boners
NYM@LAATop 5Rubén Tejada Strikeout, pitcher C.J. Wilson16.63-77.91
Fear Boners
NYM@LAATop 5Eric Young Jr. 1-Run Out Howie Kendrick, Raul Ibanez, Erick Aybar, Juan Lagares scores, pitcher C.J. Wilson17.96-77.91
NYM@LAABot 5Kole Calhoun Out Juan Lagares, pitcher Bartolo Colón17.96-79.24
Fear Boners
NYM@LAABot 5Howie Kendrick Single, pitcher Bartolo Colón19.96-78.24
NYM@LAABot 5Ian Stewart Strikeout, pitcher Bartolo Colón19.96-81.07
NYM@LAABot 5Hank Conger 2-Run Home Run, Howie Kendrick scores, pitcher Bartolo Colón21.96-80.07
NYM@LAABot 5Erick Aybar Out Rubén Tejada, pitcher Bartolo Colón21.96-81.4
Fear Boners
NYM@LAATop 6Daniel Murphy Out J.B. Shuck, pitcher C.J. Wilson23.29-81.4
Fear Boners
NYM@LAATop 6David Wright Strikeout, pitcher C.J. Wilson26.12-81.4
Fear Boners
NYM@LAATop 6Josh Satin Double, pitcher C.J. Wilson25.12-81.4
Fear Boners
NYM@LAATop 6Curtis Granderson Strikeout, pitcher C.J. Wilson27.95-81.4
Fear Boners
NYM@LAATop 7Andrew Brown Walk, pitcher C.J. Wilson25.95-81.4
Fear Boners
NYM@LAATop 7Juan Lagares Out Kole Calhoun, pitcher C.J. Wilson27.28-81.4
Fear Boners
NYM@LAATop 7Travis d'Arnaud Strikeout, pitcher C.J. Wilson30.11-81.4
Fear Boners
NYM@LAATop 7Rubén Tejada Strikeout, pitcher C.J. Wilson32.94-81.4
Fear Boners
NYM@LAABot 8Howie Kendrick Walk, pitcher John Lannan34.94-81.4
Fear Boners
NYM@LAABot 8Howie Kendrick Walk, pitcher John Lannan36.94-81.4
Fear Boners
NYM@LAABot 8Ian Stewart 2-Run Home Run, Howie Kendrick scores, pitcher John Lannan38.94-81.4
Fear Boners
COL@SFBot 1Brandon Belt Strikeout, pitcher Tyler Chatwood37.94-81.4
Fear Boners
COL@SFBot 5Hunter Pence Hit By Pitch, pitcher Tyler Chatwood39.94-81.4
Fear Boners
COL@SFBot 5Brandon Crawford 1-Run Out Charlie Blackmon, Hunter Pence scores, pitcher Tyler Chatwood41.94-81.4
Fear Boners
COL@SFBot 6Hunter Pence Strikeout, pitcher Tyler Chatwood40.94-81.4