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Week 2 2014 Mon 4/7-Sun 4/13

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
Division Game
TB@CINBot 2Zack Cozart 2-Run Double, Devin Mesoraco to 3rd, Ryan Ludwick scores, Jay Bruce scores, pitcher Cesar Ramos0-7
TB@CINBot 3Zack Cozart Single, pitcher Brandon Gomes0-9
With Clean ..
TB@CINBot 3Devin Mesoraco 3-Run Home Run, Jay Bruce scores, Todd Frazier scores, pitcher Brandon Gomes2-9
TB@CINBot 5Zack Cozart Walk, pitcher Erik Bedard2-11
With Clean ..
TB@CINBot 8Chris Heisey 4-Run Grand Slam, Jay Bruce scores, Todd Frazier scores, Joey Votto scores, pitcher Josh Lueke4-11
TOR@BALTop 1Colby Rasmus 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Ubaldo Jiménez4-20
With Clean ..
MIA@PHITop 1Casey McGehee 1-Run Single, Garrett Jones to 2nd, Christian Yelich scores, pitcher Kyle Kendrick6-20
With Clean ..
MIA@PHIBot 1Chase Utley Walk, pitcher Henderson Alvarez8-20
MIA@PHIBot 1Domonic Brown Strikeout, pitcher Henderson Alvarez8-19
With Clean ..
MIA@PHITop 2Christian Yelich 1-Run Single, Jeff Mathis scores, pitcher Kyle Kendrick12-19
TOR@BALTop 3Colby Rasmus Strikeout, pitcher Ubaldo Jiménez12-18
MIA@PHIBot 3Domonic Brown Strikeout, pitcher Henderson Alvarez12-17
With Clean ..
MIA@PHITop 4Christian Yelich Walk, Henderson Alvarez to 2nd, pitcher Kyle Kendrick14-17
TOR@BALTop 5Colby Rasmus Double, pitcher Ubaldo Jiménez14-20
With Clean ..
MIA@PHIBot 5Chase Utley Single, pitcher Henderson Alvarez16-20
MIA@PHIBot 5Domonic Brown Single, Chase Utley to 2nd, pitcher Henderson Alvarez16-22
MIA@PHIBot 5Wil Nieves 2-Run Double, Domonic Brown scores, Chase Utley scores, pitcher Henderson Alvarez18-24
TOR@BALTop 6Colby Rasmus 2-Run Single, Melky Cabrera scores, Ryan Goins scores, pitcher Josh Stinson18-30
TOR@BALTop 6Edwin Encarnación 2-Run Triple, Adam Lind scores, Colby Rasmus scores, pitcher Josh Stinson18-32
With Clean ..
MIA@PHITop 6Christian Yelich Strikeout, pitcher Kyle Kendrick17-32
MIA@PHIBot 7Domonic Brown Walk, pitcher A.J. Ramos17-34
MIA@PHIBot 7Domonic Brown Stolen Base17-37
With Clean ..
MIA@PHIBot 8Chase Utley 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Mike Dunn26-37
With Clean ..
CLE@CWSBot 2Adam Dunn Strikeout, pitcher Corey Kluber25-37
With Clean ..
CLE@CWSBot 2Alejandro De Aza Strikeout, pitcher Corey Kluber24-37
With Clean ..
PIT@MILBot 3Carlos Gómez 1-Run Out Jose Tabata, Martin Maldonado scores, pitcher Charlie Morton26-37
With Clean ..
CLE@CWSBot 4Adam Dunn Single, Conor Gillaspie to 3rd, pitcher Corey Kluber28-37
With Clean ..
CLE@CWSBot 6Adam Dunn Double, José Abreu to 3rd, pitcher Corey Kluber31-37
With Clean ..
PIT@MILBot 7Carlos Gómez Single, pitcher Charlie Morton33-37
With Clean ..
CLE@CWSBot 8Adam Dunn Strikeout, pitcher Cody Allen32-37
HOU@TEXTop 7José Altuve Single, pitcher Martín Pérez32-39
With Clean ..
NYM@LAABot 4Erick Aybar 2-Run Triple, Hank Conger scores, Ian Stewart scores, pitcher Bartolo Colón40-39
With Clean ..
NYM@LAABot 4J.B. Shuck 1-Run Single, Erick Aybar scores, pitcher Bartolo Colón42-39
With Clean ..
NYM@LAABot 7Erick Aybar Walk, pitcher Jeurys Familia44-39
DET@SDTop 3Nick Castellanos Strikeout, pitcher Tyson Ross44-38
BOS@NYYTop 1Grady Sizemore Out Dean Anna, Francisco Cervelli, pitcher Iván Nova44-39.33
BOS@NYYTop 1Xander Bogaerts Single, pitcher Iván Nova44-38.33
BOS@NYYTop 1David Ortiz Strikeout, pitcher Iván Nova44-41.16
BOS@NYYTop 1Mike Napoli Strikeout, pitcher Iván Nova44-43.99
BOS@NYYTop 2Daniel Nava Out Yangervis Solarte, Francisco Cervelli, pitcher Iván Nova44-45.32
BOS@NYYTop 2A.J. Pierzynski Strikeout, pitcher Iván Nova44-48.15
BOS@NYYTop 2Ryan Roberts Single, pitcher Iván Nova44-47.15
BOS@NYYTop 2Jackie Bradley Jr. Single, Ryan Roberts to 3rd, pitcher Iván Nova44-46.15
BOS@NYYTop 2Jonathan Herrera 1-Run Single, Jackie Bradley Jr. to 2nd, Ryan Roberts scores, pitcher Iván Nova44-45.15
BOS@NYYTop 2Grady Sizemore Single, pitcher Iván Nova44-44.15
BOS@NYYTop 3Xander Bogaerts Out Dean Anna, Francisco Cervelli, pitcher Iván Nova44-45.48
BOS@NYYTop 3David Ortiz Out Yangervis Solarte, Francisco Cervelli, pitcher Iván Nova44-46.81
BOS@NYYTop 3Mike Napoli Out Dean Anna, Francisco Cervelli, pitcher Iván Nova44-48.14
BOS@NYYTop 4Daniel Nava Out Jacoby Ellsbury, pitcher Iván Nova44-49.47
BOS@NYYTop 4A.J. Pierzynski Out Yangervis Solarte, Francisco Cervelli, pitcher Iván Nova44-50.8
BOS@NYYTop 4Ryan Roberts Single, pitcher Iván Nova44-49.8
BOS@NYYTop 4Jackie Bradley Jr. Out Brett Gardner, pitcher Iván Nova44-51.13
BOS@NYYTop 5Jonathan Herrera Out Dean Anna, pitcher Iván Nova44-52.46
BOS@NYYTop 5Grady Sizemore Single, pitcher Iván Nova44-51.46
BOS@NYYTop 5Xander Bogaerts Out Jacoby Ellsbury, pitcher Iván Nova44-52.79
BOS@NYYTop 5David Ortiz Out Ichiro Suzuki, pitcher Iván Nova44-54.12
BOS@NYYTop 6Mike Napoli 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Iván Nova44-53.12
BOS@NYYTop 6Daniel Nava Out Jacoby Ellsbury, pitcher Iván Nova44-54.45
BOS@NYYTop 6A.J. Pierzynski Out Dean Anna, Carlos Beltrán, pitcher Iván Nova44-55.78
BOS@NYYTop 6Ryan Roberts Out Dean Anna, Carlos Beltrán, pitcher Iván Nova44-57.11
BOS@NYYTop 7Jackie Bradley Jr. Strikeout, pitcher Iván Nova44-59.94
BOS@NYYTop 7Jonathan Herrera Out Kelly Johnson, Carlos Beltrán, pitcher Iván Nova44-61.27
BOS@NYYTop 7Grady Sizemore Out Jacoby Ellsbury, pitcher Iván Nova44-62.6
BOS@NYYTop 8Xander Bogaerts Out Ichiro Suzuki, pitcher Iván Nova44-63.93
BOS@NYYTop 8Mike Napoli Double, pitcher David Phelps44-62.93
BOS@NYYTop 8Daniel Nava Walk, pitcher David Phelps44-60.93
BOS@NYYTop 8A.J. Pierzynski Hit By Pitch, Daniel Nava to 2nd, Mike Napoli to 3rd, pitcher David Phelps44-58.93
BOS@NYYTop 8Mike Carp Strikeout, pitcher David Phelps44-61.76
   Bonuses & Miscellaneous44-70.76