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Week 2 2014 Mon 4/7-Sun 4/13

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
Division Game
TOR@BALTop 3Jose Bautista Double, pitcher Ubaldo Jimenez3-0
TOR@BALTop 8Jose Bautista 3-Run Home Run, Moises Sierra scores, Melky Cabrera scores, pitcher Josh Stinson16-0
CLE@CWSTop 1Asdrubal Cabrera Strikeout, pitcher Jose Quintana18.83-0
CLE@CWSTop 1Nick Swisher Out Jose Abreu, pitcher Jose Quintana20.16-0
CLE@CWSTop 1Jason Kipnis Strikeout, pitcher Jose Quintana22.99-0
CLE@CWSTop 2Carlos Santana Out Jose Abreu, pitcher Jose Quintana24.32-0
CLE@CWSTop 2Ryan Raburn Strikeout, pitcher Jose Quintana27.15-0
CLE@CWSTop 2Michael Brantley Walk, pitcher Jose Quintana25.15-0
CLE@CWSTop 2Yan Gomes Strikeout, pitcher Jose Quintana27.98-0
CLE@CWSTop 3David Murphy Out Adam Eaton, pitcher Jose Quintana29.31-0
CLE@CWSTop 3Mike Aviles Single, pitcher Jose Quintana28.31-0
CLE@CWSTop 3Asdrubal Cabrera Out Marcus Semien, pitcher Jose Quintana29.64-0
CLE@CWSTop 3Nick Swisher Walk, Mike Aviles to 2nd, pitcher Jose Quintana29.64-0
CLE@CWSTop 3Jason Kipnis Out Adam Eaton, pitcher Jose Quintana30.97-0
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PIT@MILBot 3Jean Segura Strikeout, pitcher Charlie Morton30.97--1
PIT@MILTop 4Starling Marte Single, pitcher Kyle Lohse32.97--1
PIT@MILTop 4Andrew McCutchen 1-Run Out Carlos Gomez, Starling Marte scores, pitcher Kyle Lohse34.97--1
CLE@CWSTop 4Carlos Santana Out Marcus Semien, Jose Abreu, pitcher Jose Quintana36.3--1
CLE@CWSTop 4Ryan Raburn Out Alexei Ramirez, Jose Abreu, pitcher Jose Quintana37.63--1
CLE@CWSTop 4Michael Brantley 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Jose Quintana36.63--1
CLE@CWSTop 4Yan Gomes Strikeout, pitcher Jose Quintana39.46--1
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KC@MINBot 4Jason Kubel Strikeout, pitcher Jason Vargas39.46--2
CLE@CWSTop 5David Murphy Out Marcus Semien, Jose Abreu, pitcher Jose Quintana40.79--2
CLE@CWSTop 5Mike Aviles Single, pitcher Jose Quintana39.79--2
CLE@CWSTop 5Asdrubal Cabrera Out Alexei Ramirez, pitcher Jose Quintana41.12--2
CLE@CWSTop 5Nick Swisher Out Conor Gillaspie, Jose Abreu, pitcher Jose Quintana42.45--2
PIT@MILTop 6Starling Marte Strikeout, pitcher Kyle Lohse41.45--2
CLE@CWSTop 6Jason Kipnis Double, pitcher Jose Quintana40.45--2
CLE@CWSTop 6Carlos Santana Single, pitcher Jose Quintana39.45--2
CLE@CWSTop 6Ryan Raburn Out Adam Eaton, Jason Kipnis to 3rd, pitcher Jose Quintana40.78--2
CLE@CWSTop 6Yan Gomes Strikeout, pitcher Jose Quintana43.61--2
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PIT@MILBot 6Scooter Gennett 2-Run Triple, Lyle Overbay scores, Aramis Ramirez scores, pitcher Charlie Morton43.61-6
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KC@MINBot 7Jason Kubel Walk, pitcher Jason Vargas43.61-8
KC@MINTop 8Nori Aoki 1-Run Out Brian Duensing, Brian Dozier, Alcides Escobar to 2nd, Lorenzo Cain scores, pitcher Brian Duensing45.61-8
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PIT@MILBot 8Scooter Gennett Single, pitcher Justin Wilson45.61-10
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PIT@MILBot 8Scooter Gennett Stolen Base45.61-13
CLE@CWSBot 8Jose Abreu Walk, pitcher Cody Allen43.61-13
CLE@CWSBot 8Adam Dunn Strikeout, pitcher Cody Allen46.44-13
CLE@CWSTop 9Nick Swisher Walk, pitcher Matt Lindstrom48.44-13
CHC@STLBot 2Matt Carpenter 2-Run Single, Jhonny Peralta scores, Allen Craig scores, pitcher Edwin Jackson54.44-13
CHC@STLBot 2Matt Carpenter Stolen Base57.44-13
CHC@STLBot 2Kolten Wong 1-Run Single, Matt Carpenter scores, pitcher Edwin Jackson59.44-13
CHC@STLBot 4Matt Carpenter 1-Run Out Junior Lake, Peter Bourjos scores, pitcher Edwin Jackson61.44-13
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NYM@LAABot 1Kole Calhoun Double, pitcher Bartolo Colon61.44-16
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NYM@LAABot 1Ian Stewart 1-Run Double, Kole Calhoun scores, pitcher Bartolo Colon61.44-18
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NYM@LAABot 6Kole Calhoun Strikeout, pitcher Scott Rice61.44-17
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NYM@LAABot 8Kole Calhoun Triple, pitcher John Lannan61.44-21
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COL@SFBot 1Pablo Sandoval Single, pitcher Tyler Chatwood61.44-23
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COL@SFBot 5Angel Pagan 2-Run Single, Brandon Hicks scores, Michael Morse scores, pitcher Tyler Chatwood61.44-29
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COL@SFTop 6Michael Cuddyer Strikeout, pitcher Tim Hudson61.44-28
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COL@SFBot 6Pablo Sandoval 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Tyler Chatwood61.44-37
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COL@SFBot 8Angel Pagan Single, pitcher Boone Logan61.44-39
DET@SDTop 1Rajai Davis Out Will Venable, pitcher Tyson Ross62.77-39
DET@SDTop 1Ian Kinsler Out Chase Headley, Yonder Alonso, pitcher Tyson Ross64.1-39
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OAK@SEATop 1John Jaso Single, pitcher Chris Young64.1-41
DET@SDTop 1Torii Hunter Out Everth Cabrera, pitcher Tyson Ross65.43-41
OAK@SEABot 1Brad Miller Strikeout, pitcher Scott Kazmir64.43-41
DET@SDTop 2Miguel Cabrera Strikeout, pitcher Tyson Ross67.26-41
DET@SDTop 2Victor Martinez Out Seth Smith, pitcher Tyson Ross68.59-41
DET@SDTop 2Austin Jackson Strikeout, pitcher Tyson Ross71.42-41
DET@SDTop 3Nick Castellanos Strikeout, pitcher Tyson Ross74.25-41
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OAK@SEATop 3John Jaso Walk, pitcher Chris Young74.25-43
DET@SDTop 3Alex Gonzalez Single, pitcher Tyson Ross73.25-43
DET@SDTop 3Max Scherzer Out Rene Rivera, Jedd Gyorko, Alex Gonzalez to 2nd, pitcher Tyson Ross74.58-43
DET@SDTop 3Rajai Davis Single, Alex Gonzalez to 3rd, pitcher Tyson Ross73.58-43
DET@SDTop 3Ian Kinsler Out Jedd Gyorko, Yonder Alonso, pitcher Tyson Ross74.91-43
DET@SDTop 4Torii Hunter Double, pitcher Tyson Ross73.91-43
DET@SDTop 4Miguel Cabrera Out Will Venable, Torii Hunter to 3rd, pitcher Tyson Ross75.24-43
DET@SDTop 4Victor Martinez 1-Run Single, Torii Hunter scores, pitcher Tyson Ross74.24-43
DET@SDTop 4Austin Jackson Strikeout, pitcher Tyson Ross77.07-43
DET@SDTop 4Nick Castellanos Out Jedd Gyorko, Yonder Alonso, pitcher Tyson Ross78.4-43
OAK@SEABot 4Brad Miller Single, pitcher Scott Kazmir80.4-43
DET@SDTop 5Alex Gonzalez Out Chase Headley, Yonder Alonso, pitcher Tyson Ross81.73-43
DET@SDTop 5Max Scherzer Out Jedd Gyorko, Yonder Alonso, pitcher Tyson Ross83.06-43
DET@SDTop 5Rajai Davis Hit By Pitch, pitcher Tyson Ross81.06-43
DET@SDTop 5Ian Kinsler Single, Rajai Davis to 2nd, pitcher Tyson Ross80.06-43
DET@SDTop 5Torii Hunter Strikeout, pitcher Tyson Ross82.89-43
DET@SDTop 6Miguel Cabrera Out Everth Cabrera, Yonder Alonso, pitcher Tyson Ross84.22-43
DET@SDTop 6Victor Martinez Out Will Venable, pitcher Tyson Ross85.55-43
DET@SDTop 6Austin Jackson Walk, pitcher Tyson Ross83.55-43
DET@SDTop 6Nick Castellanos Out Seth Smith, pitcher Tyson Ross84.88-43
DET@SDTop 7Alex Gonzalez Strikeout, pitcher Tyson Ross87.71-43
DET@SDTop 7Tyler Collins Strikeout, pitcher Tyson Ross90.54-43
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OAK@SEATop 7John Jaso Strikeout, pitcher Yoervis Medina90.54-42
DET@SDTop 7Rajai Davis Single, pitcher Tyson Ross89.54-42
DET@SDTop 7Ian Kinsler Out Jedd Gyorko, Yonder Alonso, pitcher Tyson Ross90.87-42
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OAK@SEATop 9John Jaso Strikeout, pitcher Lucas Luetge90.87-41
OAK@SEABot 9Brad Miller Strikeout, pitcher Sean Doolittle89.87-41
BOS@NYYTop 1David Ortiz Strikeout, pitcher Ivan Nova88.87-41
BOS@NYYTop 1Xander Bogaerts Single, pitcher Ivan Nova90.87-41
BOS@NYYBot 4Brian McCann Walk, pitcher Felix Doubront92.87-41
BOS@NYYBot 4Francisco Cervelli 1-Run Out Xander Bogaerts, Jonathan Herrera, Brian McCann scores, pitcher Felix Doubront94.87-41
BOS@NYYBot 6Brian McCann Double, pitcher Felix Doubront97.87-41
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BOS@NYYTop 8Daniel Nava Walk, pitcher David Phelps97.87-43
   Bonuses & Miscellaneous110.87-43