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Week 19 2013 Mon 8/5-Sun 8/11

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
Division Game
LAA@CLEBot 2Asdrubal Cabrera Strikeout, pitcher Jerome Williams-1-0
DET@NYYBot 2Lyle Overbay Single, pitcher Justin Verlander1-0
DET@NYYBot 2Eduardo Núñez 1-Run Out Austin Jackson, Lyle Overbay scores, pitcher Justin Verlander3-0
DET@NYYBot 6Lyle Overbay Strikeout, pitcher Justin Verlander2-0
OAK@TORTop 2Josh Donaldson Single, Josh Reddick to 2nd, pitcher R.A. Dickey2-2
OAK@TORTop 4Josh Donaldson Hit By Pitch, pitcher R.A. Dickey2-4
OAK@TORTop 5Alberto Callaspo Single, pitcher R.A. Dickey4-4
OAK@TORTop 6Josh Donaldson 1-Run Single, Yoenis Céspedes scores, pitcher R.A. Dickey4-8
OAK@TORTop 6Brandon Moss 2-Run Home Run, Josh Donaldson scores, pitcher R.A. Dickey4-10
OAK@TORTop 8Josh Donaldson Walk, Josh Reddick to 2nd, pitcher Darren Oliver4-12
OAK@TORTop 8Alberto Callaspo 2-Run Double, Josh Donaldson scores, Josh Reddick scores, pitcher Darren Oliver11-14
OAK@TORTop 8Chris Young 1-Run Single, Stephen Vogt to 2nd, Alberto Callaspo scores, pitcher Darren Oliver13-14
OAK@TORBot 8Rajai Davis Walk, pitcher Sean Doolittle13-12
OAK@TORBot 8José Reyes Strikeout, pitcher Sean Doolittle13-14.83
OAK@TORBot 8Maicer Izturis Out Brandon Moss, pitcher Sean Doolittle13-16.16
OAK@TORBot 8José Bautista Strikeout, pitcher Sean Doolittle13-18.99
SD@CINTop 3Will Venable Strikeout, pitcher Mike Leake13-17.99
SD@CINTop 4Will Venable Strikeout, pitcher Mike Leake13-16.99
SD@CINTop 7Will Venable Double, pitcher Mike Leake13-19.99
SD@CINTop 9Will Venable Strikeout, pitcher Aroldis Chapman13-18.99
SD@CINTop 11Chris Denorfia Single, pitcher Logan Ondrusek13-20.99
SD@CINTop 11Will Venable Strikeout, pitcher Logan Ondrusek13-19.99
SD@CINTop 12Chris Denorfia Walk, Yonder Alonso to 2nd, Alexi Amarista to 3rd, pitcher Logan Ondrusek13-21.99
MIN@CWSBot 1Gordon Beckham Out Oswaldo Arcia, pitcher Kevin Correia13-23.32
MIN@CWSBot 1Alexei Ramirez Single, pitcher Kevin Correia13-22.32
MIN@CWSBot 1Adam Dunn Strikeout, pitcher Kevin Correia13-25.15
MIN@CWSBot 2Paul Konerko Out Oswaldo Arcia, pitcher Kevin Correia13-26.48
MIN@CWSBot 2Avisail García Single, pitcher Kevin Correia13-25.48
MIN@CWSBot 2Conor Gillaspie Walk, pitcher Kevin Correia13-23.48
MIN@CWSBot 2Tyler Flowers Strikeout, pitcher Kevin Correia13-26.31
MIN@CWSBot 2Blake Tekotte Strikeout, pitcher Kevin Correia13-29.14
MIN@CWSBot 3Alejandro De Aza Double, pitcher Kevin Correia13-28.14
MIN@CWSBot 3Alexei Ramirez Out Justin Morneau, pitcher Kevin Correia13-29.47
MIN@CWSBot 3Adam Dunn Strikeout, pitcher Kevin Correia13-32.3
MIN@CWSBot 4Paul Konerko Out Clete Thomas, pitcher Kevin Correia13-33.63
MIN@CWSBot 4Avisail García Out Brian Dozier, Justin Morneau, pitcher Kevin Correia13-34.96
MIN@CWSBot 4Conor Gillaspie Strikeout, pitcher Kevin Correia13-37.79
MIN@CWSBot 5Tyler Flowers Strikeout, pitcher Kevin Correia13-40.62
MIN@CWSBot 5Blake Tekotte Single, pitcher Kevin Correia13-39.62
MIN@CWSBot 5Alejandro De Aza Out Chris Colabello, pitcher Kevin Correia13-40.95
MIN@CWSBot 5Gordon Beckham Out Chris Colabello, pitcher Kevin Correia13-42.28
MIN@CWSBot 6Alexei Ramirez Out Jamey Carroll, Justin Morneau, pitcher Kevin Correia13-43.61
MIN@CWSBot 6Adam Dunn Out Brian Dozier, Justin Morneau, pitcher Kevin Correia13-44.94
MIN@CWSBot 6Paul Konerko Out Jamey Carroll, Justin Morneau, pitcher Kevin Correia13-46.27
MIN@CWSBot 7Avisail García Out Clete Thomas, pitcher Kevin Correia13-47.6
MIN@CWSBot 7Conor Gillaspie Out Clete Thomas, pitcher Kevin Correia13-48.93
MIN@CWSBot 7Tyler Flowers Single, pitcher Kevin Correia13-47.93
MIN@CWSBot 7Blake Tekotte Out Clete Thomas, pitcher Kevin Correia13-49.26
CHC@STLBot 6Tony Cruz Double, pitcher Blake Parker16-49.26
CHC@STLTop 7Anthony Rizzo Walk, pitcher Kevin Siegrist16-51.26
NYM@ARIBot 1A.J. Pollock Single, pitcher Jon Niese16-53.26
PIT@COLBot 1Troy Tulowitzki Walk, pitcher Jeff Locke16-55.26
NYM@ARIBot 1Aaron Hill 1-Run Double, A.J. Pollock scores, pitcher Jon Niese16-57.26
NYM@ARIBot 3A.J. Pollock Single, pitcher Jon Niese16-59.26
NYM@ARIBot 3Aaron Hill 3-Run Home Run, Paul Goldschmidt scores, A.J. Pollock scores, pitcher Jon Niese16-61.26
NYM@ARIBot 3Gerardo Parra Single, pitcher Jon Niese16-63.26
MIL@SEABot 5Justin Smoak 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Wily Peralta25-63.26
PIT@COLBot 5Troy Tulowitzki Walk, pitcher Jeff Locke25-65.26
NYM@ARIBot 6Jason Kubel Strikeout, pitcher Jon Niese24-65.26
NYM@ARIBot 7A.J. Pollock Single, pitcher David Aardsma24-67.26
NYM@ARIBot 8Gerardo Parra Double, pitcher Scott Atchison24-70.26
NYM@ARIBot 8Cliff Pennington 1-Run Single, Gerardo Parra scores, pitcher Scott Atchison24-72.26
NYM@ARITop 9Ike Davis Strikeout, pitcher Heath Bell24-75.09
NYM@ARITop 9Wilmer Flores 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Heath Bell24-74.09
NYM@ARITop 9Andrew Brown Strikeout, pitcher Heath Bell24-76.92
NYM@ARITop 9Anthony Recker Out A.J. Pollock, pitcher Heath Bell24-78.25
   Bonuses & Miscellaneous24-91.25