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Week 19 2013 Mon 8/5-Sun 8/11

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
Division Game
LAA@CLETop 1Erick Aybar Strikeout, pitcher Justin Masterson-1-0
LAA@CLEBot 3Lonnie Chisenhall Single, pitcher Jerome Williams-1-2
LAA@CLETop 5Erick Aybar Walk, pitcher Justin Masterson1-2
LAA@CLEBot 6Lonnie Chisenhall Strikeout, pitcher Jerome Williams1-1
LAA@CLEBot 7Lonnie Chisenhall Walk, pitcher J. C. Gutierrez1-3
LAA@CLEBot 7Michael Bourn 1-Run Single, Drew Stubbs to 2nd, Lonnie Chisenhall scores, pitcher Nick Maronde1-5
OAK@TORBot 3José Bautista Strikeout, pitcher A.J. Griffin0-5
OAK@TORBot 4Brett Lawrie Single, pitcher A.J. Griffin2-5
OAK@TORBot 4Brett Lawrie Stolen Base5-5
OAK@TORBot 6José Bautista Walk, pitcher Ryan Cook7-5
OAK@TORBot 7Brett Lawrie Single, pitcher Ryan Cook9-5
OAK@TORBot 7Brett Lawrie Stolen Base12-5
OAK@TORBot 8José Bautista Strikeout, pitcher Sean Doolittle11-5
OAK@TORBot 9Brett Lawrie 1-Run Double, Edwin Encarnación scores, pitcher Grant Balfour16-5
SD@CINBot 2Jay Bruce Strikeout, pitcher Ian Kennedy16-4
SD@CINBot 9Jay Bruce Walk, pitcher Luke Gregerson16-6
SD@CINBot 10Devin Mesoraco Strikeout, pitcher Dale Thayer16-8.83
SD@CINBot 10Zack Cozart Strikeout, pitcher Dale Thayer16-11.66
SD@CINBot 10Derrick Robinson Out Chris Denorfia, pitcher Dale Thayer16-12.99
SD@CINBot 12Jay Bruce Single, pitcher Nick Vincent16-14.99
BOS@KCTop 2Mike Napoli Strikeout, pitcher James Shields15-14.99
BOS@KCTop 4Mike Napoli Walk, pitcher James Shields17-14.99
TEX@HOUBot 4Chris Carter Strikeout, pitcher Martín Pérez16-14.99
BOS@KCTop 6Mike Napoli Strikeout, pitcher James Shields15-14.99
TEX@HOUBot 7Chris Carter Strikeout, pitcher Martín Pérez14-14.99
BOS@KCTop 8Mike Napoli Strikeout, pitcher Aaron Crow13-14.99
TEX@HOUBot 9Chris Carter 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Martín Pérez22-14.99
CHC@STLBot 1Matt Carpenter Out David DeJesus, pitcher Edwin Jackson23.33-14.99
CHC@STLBot 1Carlos Beltrán Single, pitcher Edwin Jackson22.33-14.99
CHC@STLBot 1Allen Craig Walk, Carlos Beltrán to 2nd, pitcher Edwin Jackson20.33-14.99
CHC@STLBot 1Matt Holliday 1-Run Single, Allen Craig to 3rd, Carlos Beltrán scores, pitcher Edwin Jackson19.33-14.99
CHC@STLBot 1David Freese 1-Run Out David DeJesus, Allen Craig scores, pitcher Edwin Jackson20.66-14.99
CHC@STLBot 1Jon Jay 1-Run Single, Matt Holliday scores, pitcher Edwin Jackson19.66-14.99
CHC@STLBot 1Jon Jay Time Picked Off Edwin Jackson, Edwin Jackson22.99-14.99
CHC@STLBot 2Tony Cruz Out Edwin Jackson, pitcher Edwin Jackson24.32-14.99
CHC@STLBot 2Pete Kozma Out Junior Lake, pitcher Edwin Jackson25.65-14.99
CHC@STLBot 2Joe Kelly Strikeout, pitcher Edwin Jackson28.48-14.99
CHC@STLBot 3Matt Carpenter Double, pitcher Edwin Jackson30.48-14.99
CHC@STLBot 3Carlos Beltrán Out Darwin Barney, Anthony Rizzo, pitcher Edwin Jackson31.81-14.99
CHC@STLBot 3Allen Craig Walk, pitcher Edwin Jackson29.81-14.99
CHC@STLBot 3Matt Holliday Walk, Allen Craig to 2nd, pitcher Edwin Jackson27.81-14.99
CHC@STLBot 3David Freese 1-Run Out Donnie Murphy, Anthony Rizzo, Matt Holliday to 2nd, Allen Craig to 3rd, Matt Carpenter scores, pitcher Edwin Jackson31.14-14.99
CHC@STLBot 3Jon Jay Out Anthony Rizzo, pitcher Edwin Jackson32.47-14.99
CHC@STLBot 4Tony Cruz Out Starlin Castro, Anthony Rizzo, pitcher Edwin Jackson33.8-14.99
CHC@STLBot 4Pete Kozma Out Nate Schierholtz, pitcher Edwin Jackson35.13-14.99
CHC@STLBot 4Joe Kelly Out Donnie Murphy, Anthony Rizzo, pitcher Edwin Jackson36.46-14.99
CHC@STLBot 5Matt Carpenter Single, pitcher Edwin Jackson37.46-14.99
CHC@STLBot 5Carlos Beltrán Strikeout, pitcher Edwin Jackson40.29-14.99
CHC@STLBot 5Allen Craig Single, Matt Carpenter to 2nd, pitcher Edwin Jackson39.29-14.99
CHC@STLBot 5Matt Holliday Out Starlin Castro, Darwin Barney, Anthony Rizzo, pitcher Edwin Jackson40.62-14.99
CHC@STLBot 8Daniel Descalso Single, pitcher Michael Bowden40.62-16.99
CHC@STLBot 8Matt Carpenter 1-Run Double, Daniel Descalso scores, pitcher Michael Bowden45.62-18.99
CHC@STLBot 8Allen Craig 1-Run Double, Matt Carpenter scores, pitcher Michael Bowden47.62-18.99
BAL@SFBot 1Brandon Belt 1-Run Double, Marco Scutaro scores, pitcher Bud Norris47.62-23.99
BAL@SFBot 1Hunter Pence 1-Run Double, Brandon Belt scores, pitcher Bud Norris47.62-25.99
BAL@SFTop 6Brian Roberts Triple, pitcher Matt Cain47.62-29.99
BAL@SFTop 6Nate McLouth 1-Run Single, Brian Roberts scores, pitcher Matt Cain47.62-31.99
BAL@SFTop 8Brian Roberts 1-Run Out Hunter Pence, Adam Jones scores, pitcher Sandy Rosario47.62-33.99
TB@LADTop 1Sean Rodríguez Strikeout, pitcher Clayton Kershaw47.62-32.99
TB@LADTop 8Sean Rodríguez Strikeout, pitcher Clayton Kershaw47.62-31.99
   Bonuses & Miscellaneous39.62-33.99