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Week 18 2013 Mon 7/29-Sun 8/4

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
Division Game
We will Buc..
CWS@DETBot 2Victor Martínez Single, pitcher Andre Rienzo2-0
We will Buc..
CWS@DETBot 4Victor Martínez Strikeout, pitcher Andre Rienzo1-0
KC@NYMTop 1David Lough Strikeout, pitcher Zack Wheeler1-2.83
KC@NYMTop 1Miguel Tejada Single, pitcher Zack Wheeler1-1.83
KC@NYMTop 1Eric Hosmer Strikeout, pitcher Zack Wheeler1-4.66
KC@NYMTop 1Alex Gordon Out Juan Lagares, pitcher Zack Wheeler1-5.99
We will Buc..
CWS@DETBot 7Victor Martínez Walk, pitcher Andre Rienzo3-5.99
We will Buc..
CWS@DETBot 7Álex Ávila 1-Run Double, Jhonny Peralta to 3rd, Victor Martínez scores, pitcher Andre Rienzo5-5.99
KC@NYMTop 2Mike Moustakas Out Juan Lagares, pitcher Zack Wheeler5-7.32
KC@NYMTop 2Alcides Escobar Out Josh Satin, Ike Davis, Lorenzo Cain to 2nd, pitcher Zack Wheeler5-8.65
KC@NYMTop 2George Kottaras Walk, pitcher Zack Wheeler5-6.65
KC@NYMTop 2Ervin Santana Out Omar Quintanilla, Ike Davis, pitcher Zack Wheeler5-7.98
STL@CINTop 2Matt Carpenter Strikeout, pitcher Mike Leake5-6.98
We will Buc..
CWS@DETBot 8Victor Martínez Walk, pitcher David Purcey7-6.98
KC@NYMTop 3David Lough Out Marlon Byrd, pitcher Zack Wheeler7-8.31
KC@NYMTop 3Miguel Tejada Strikeout, pitcher Zack Wheeler7-11.14
KC@NYMTop 3Eric Hosmer Out Daniel Murphy, Ike Davis, pitcher Zack Wheeler7-12.47
KC@NYMTop 4Alex Gordon Out Juan Lagares, pitcher Zack Wheeler7-13.8
KC@NYMTop 4Lorenzo Cain Out Marlon Byrd, pitcher Zack Wheeler7-15.13
KC@NYMTop 4Mike Moustakas 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Zack Wheeler7-14.13
KC@NYMTop 4Alcides Escobar Single, pitcher Zack Wheeler7-13.13
KC@NYMTop 4George Kottaras Walk, Alcides Escobar to 2nd, pitcher Zack Wheeler7-11.13
KC@NYMTop 4Ervin Santana Strikeout, pitcher Zack Wheeler7-13.96
We will Buc..
CWS@DETBot 10Torii Hunter Single, pitcher Donnie Veal9-13.96
KC@NYMTop 5David Lough Double, pitcher Zack Wheeler9-12.96
KC@NYMTop 5Miguel Tejada Out Zack Wheeler, Ike Davis, David Lough to 3rd, pitcher Zack Wheeler9-14.29
KC@NYMTop 5Eric Hosmer Walk, pitcher Zack Wheeler9-12.29
KC@NYMTop 5Lorenzo Cain 2-Run Single, Alex Gordon scores, Eric Hosmer scores, pitcher Zack Wheeler9-11.29
KC@NYMTop 5Mike Moustakas Walk, pitcher Zack Wheeler9-9.29
KC@NYMTop 5Alcides Escobar Out Juan Lagares, pitcher Zack Wheeler9-10.62
KC@NYMTop 5George Kottaras Walk, pitcher Zack Wheeler9-8.62
KC@NYMTop 5Ervin Santana Strikeout, pitcher Zack Wheeler9-11.45
We will Buc..
CWS@DETBot 11Victor Martínez Single, pitcher Dylan Axelrod11-11.45
STL@CINTop 6Matt Carpenter 2-Run Double, Lance Lynn to 3rd, Daniel Descalso scores, Tony Cruz scores, pitcher Logan Ondrusek11-18.45
We will Buc..
CWS@DETBot 12Torii Hunter 1-Run Single, Matt Tuiasosopo scores, pitcher Dylan Axelrod15-18.45
STL@CINTop 8Matt Carpenter Walk, pitcher Pedro Villarreal15-20.45
STL@CINTop 8Allen Craig 1-Run Single, Jon Jay to 2nd, Matt Carpenter scores, pitcher Pedro Villarreal15-22.45
We will Buc..
CLE@MIATop 8Michael Brantley 1-Run Single, Mike Aviles scores, pitcher Chad Qualls19-22.45
STL@CINTop 9Matt Carpenter Single, Rob Johnson to 3rd, pitcher Sam LeCure19-24.45
STL@CINTop 9Jon Jay 2-Run Double, Matt Carpenter scores, Rob Johnson scores, pitcher Sam LeCure19-26.45
We will Buc..
COL@PITTop 1DJ LeMahieu Out Jose Tabata, pitcher A.J. Burnett19-27.78
We will Buc..
SEA@BALTop 1Brad Miller Out J.J. Hardy, Chris Davis, pitcher Wei-Yin Chen20.33-27.78
COL@PITTop 1Corey Dickerson Single, pitcher A.J. Burnett20.33-26.78
We will Buc..
SEA@BALTop 1Kyle Seager Out Manny Machado, pitcher Wei-Yin Chen21.66-26.78
We will Buc..
SEA@BALTop 1Kendrys Morales Out J.J. Hardy, Chris Davis, pitcher Wei-Yin Chen22.99-26.78
COL@PITTop 1Carlos González Strikeout, pitcher A.J. Burnett22.99-29.61
ARI@BOSBot 1Mike Napoli Strikeout, pitcher Brandon McCarthy22.99-28.61
We will Buc..
SEA@BALTop 2Raul Ibanez 1-Run Double, Michael Morse scores, pitcher Wei-Yin Chen26.99-28.61
We will Buc..
SEA@BALTop 2Justin Smoak Out Adam Jones, Raul Ibanez to 3rd, pitcher Wei-Yin Chen28.32-28.61
We will Buc..
SEA@BALTop 2Michael Morse Double, pitcher Wei-Yin Chen27.32-28.61
COL@PITTop 2Troy Tulowitzki Out Pedro Alvarez, Garrett Jones, pitcher A.J. Burnett27.32-29.94
We will Buc..
SEA@BALTop 2Michael Saunders Strikeout, pitcher Wei-Yin Chen30.15-29.94
COL@PITTop 2Michael Cuddyer Strikeout, pitcher A.J. Burnett30.15-32.77
We will Buc..
SEA@BALTop 2Brendan Ryan Out Nick Markakis, pitcher Wei-Yin Chen31.48-32.77
COL@PITTop 2Todd Helton Walk, pitcher A.J. Burnett31.48-30.77
COL@PITTop 2Yorvit Torrealba Strikeout, pitcher A.J. Burnett31.48-33.6
We will Buc..
SEA@BALTop 3Henry Blanco Out Alexi Casilla, pitcher Wei-Yin Chen32.81-33.6
COL@PITTop 3Jonathan Herrera Double, pitcher A.J. Burnett32.81-32.6
COL@PITTop 3Juan Nicasio Out Russell Martin, Neil Walker, Jonathan Herrera to 3rd, pitcher A.J. Burnett32.81-33.93
We will Buc..
SEA@BALTop 3Brad Miller Strikeout, pitcher Wei-Yin Chen35.64-33.93
COL@PITTop 3Corey Dickerson Strikeout, pitcher A.J. Burnett35.64-36.76
We will Buc..
COL@PITTop 3DJ LeMahieu Out Neil Walker, Garrett Jones, pitcher A.J. Burnett35.64-38.09
We will Buc..
SEA@BALTop 3Kyle Seager Out Manny Machado, pitcher Wei-Yin Chen36.97-38.09
We will Buc..
SEA@BALTop 4Kendrys Morales Out Manny Machado, Chris Davis, pitcher Wei-Yin Chen38.3-38.09
COL@PITTop 4Carlos González Single, pitcher A.J. Burnett38.3-37.09
We will Buc..
SEA@BALTop 4Michael Morse Out J.J. Hardy, Chris Davis, pitcher Wei-Yin Chen39.63-37.09
COL@PITTop 4Michael Cuddyer Out Jordy Mercer, Neil Walker, Garrett Jones, pitcher A.J. Burnett39.63-38.42
We will Buc..
SEA@BALTop 4Raul Ibanez Double, pitcher Wei-Yin Chen41.63-38.42
We will Buc..
SEA@BALTop 4Justin Smoak Single, Raul Ibanez to 3rd, pitcher Wei-Yin Chen40.63-38.42
We will Buc..
SEA@BALTop 4Michael Saunders Out Chris Davis, pitcher Wei-Yin Chen41.96-38.42
ARI@BOSBot 4Mike Napoli Strikeout, pitcher Brandon McCarthy41.96-37.42
We will Buc..
SEA@BALTop 5Brendan Ryan Out J.J. Hardy, Chris Davis, pitcher Wei-Yin Chen43.29-37.42
COL@PITTop 5Todd Helton Out Starling Marte, pitcher A.J. Burnett43.29-38.75
We will Buc..
SEA@BALTop 5Henry Blanco Out Wei-Yin Chen, pitcher Wei-Yin Chen44.62-38.75
COL@PITTop 5Yorvit Torrealba Single, pitcher A.J. Burnett44.62-37.75
COL@PITTop 5Jonathan Herrera Single, Yorvit Torrealba to 3rd, pitcher A.J. Burnett44.62-36.75
We will Buc..
SEA@BALTop 5Brad Miller Out Wei-Yin Chen, Chris Davis, pitcher Wei-Yin Chen45.95-36.75
COL@PITTop 5Corey Dickerson Out Neil Walker, Garrett Jones, pitcher A.J. Burnett45.95-38.08
ARI@BOSBot 5David Ortiz Walk, pitcher Brandon McCarthy45.95-40.08
We will Buc..
COL@PITTop 6DJ LeMahieu Strikeout, pitcher A.J. Burnett44.95-42.91
We will Buc..
SEA@BALTop 6Kyle Seager Walk, pitcher Wei-Yin Chen42.95-42.91
We will Buc..
SEA@BALTop 6Kendrys Morales Out Nick Markakis, pitcher Wei-Yin Chen44.28-42.91
We will Buc..
SEA@BALTop 6Michael Morse Strikeout, pitcher Wei-Yin Chen47.11-42.91
COL@PITTop 6Carlos González Out Garrett Jones, pitcher A.J. Burnett47.11-44.24
We will Buc..
SEA@BALTop 6Raul Ibanez Strikeout, pitcher Wei-Yin Chen48.94-44.24
COL@PITTop 6Troy Tulowitzki Strikeout, pitcher A.J. Burnett48.94-47.07
ARI@BOSBot 6David Ortiz Strikeout, pitcher Joe Thatcher48.94-46.07
We will Buc..
SEA@BALTop 7Justin Smoak Strikeout, pitcher Wei-Yin Chen51.77-46.07
COL@PITTop 7Michael Cuddyer Single, pitcher A.J. Burnett51.77-45.07
COL@PITTop 7Todd Helton Strikeout, pitcher A.J. Burnett51.77-47.9
We will Buc..
SEA@BALTop 7Michael Saunders Walk, pitcher Wei-Yin Chen49.77-47.9
We will Buc..
SEA@BALTop 7Michael Saunders Time Caught Stealing51.1-47.9
COL@PITTop 7Yorvit Torrealba Out Jordy Mercer, Garrett Jones, pitcher A.J. Burnett51.1-49.23
We will Buc..
SEA@BALTop 7Brendan Ryan Walk, pitcher Wei-Yin Chen49.1-49.23
We will Buc..
SEA@BALTop 7Henry Blanco 2-Run Home Run, Brendan Ryan scores, pitcher Wei-Yin Chen48.1-49.23
We will Buc..
SEA@BALTop 7Brad Miller Out Chris Davis, pitcher Wei-Yin Chen49.43-49.23
COL@PITTop 7Jonathan Herrera 1-Run Single, Michael Cuddyer scores, pitcher A.J. Burnett49.43-48.23
COL@PITTop 7Charlie Blackmon Out Garrett Jones, pitcher A.J. Burnett49.43-49.56
COL@PITTop 8Corey Dickerson Strikeout, pitcher A.J. Burnett49.43-52.39
We will Buc..
COL@PITTop 8DJ LeMahieu Out A.J. Burnett, Gaby Sanchez, pitcher A.J. Burnett49.43-53.72