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Week 17 2013 Mon 7/22-Sun 7/28

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
Non-Division Game
TEX@CLETop 1Nelson Cruz Walk, pitcher Ubaldo Jimenez0-2
TB@NYYTop 2Kelly Johnson 1-Run Double, Matt Joyce to 3rd, Wil Myers scores, pitcher Phil Hughes0-7
TEX@CLEBot 2Ryan Raburn Walk, pitcher Alexi Ogando2-7
TB@NYYTop 3Kelly Johnson Single, Matt Joyce to 3rd, pitcher Phil Hughes2-9
TEX@CLETop 6Nelson Cruz Strikeout, pitcher Ubaldo Jimenez2-8
TB@NYYTop 8Kelly Johnson Strikeout, pitcher David Robertson2-7
TEX@CLEBot 8Ryan Raburn Strikeout, pitcher Ross Wolf1-7
PIT@MIATop 2Pedro Alvarez Single, pitcher Jose Fernandez1-9
PIT@MIATop 2Russell Martin 1-Run Double, Pedro Alvarez scores, pitcher Jose Fernandez1-11
PIT@MIATop 6Pedro Alvarez Strikeout, pitcher Jose Fernandez1-10
BOS@BALBot 2J.J. Hardy Strikeout, pitcher Jon Lester1-9
KC@CWSBot 12Paul Konerko Out Elliot Johnson, Eric Hosmer, pitcher Greg Holland1-10.33
KC@CWSBot 12Jeff Keppinger Single, pitcher Greg Holland1-9.33
KC@CWSBot 12Blake Tekotte Single, Jeff Keppinger to 2nd, pitcher Greg Holland1-8.33
KC@CWSBot 12Gordon Beckham Out David Lough, pitcher Greg Holland1-9.66
KC@CWSBot 12Josh Phegley Out Elliot Johnson, pitcher Greg Holland1-10.99
CHC@SFTop 1Anthony Rizzo Double, David DeJesus to 3rd, pitcher Tim Lincecum4-10.99
LAA@OAKTop 1Mark Trumbo 1-Run Single, Howie Kendrick to 2nd, Mike Trout scores, pitcher Jarrod Parker4-12.99
CHC@SFBot 1Andres Torres Walk, pitcher Travis Wood2-12.99
CHC@SFBot 1Marco Scutaro Out Darwin Barney, pitcher Travis Wood3.33-12.99
CHC@SFBot 1Buster Posey Strikeout, pitcher Travis Wood6.16-12.99
LAA@OAKBot 1Josh Donaldson Strikeout, pitcher Tommy Hanson5.16-12.99
CHC@SFBot 1Pablo Sandoval Walk, Andres Torres to 2nd, pitcher Travis Wood3.16-12.99
LAA@OAKTop 2Mike Trout Walk, pitcher Jarrod Parker3.16-14.99
CHC@SFBot 2Jeff Francoeur Out Nate Schierholtz, pitcher Travis Wood4.49-14.99
CHC@SFBot 2Joaquin Arias Out Luis Valbuena, Anthony Rizzo, pitcher Travis Wood5.82-14.99
CHC@SFBot 2Brandon Belt Strikeout, pitcher Travis Wood8.65-14.99
CHC@SFBot 3Tim Lincecum Single, pitcher Travis Wood7.65-14.99
CHC@SFBot 3Andres Torres Out Junior Lake, pitcher Travis Wood8.98-14.99
CHC@SFBot 3Marco Scutaro Walk, Tim Lincecum to 2nd, pitcher Travis Wood6.98-14.99
CHC@SFBot 3Buster Posey Strikeout, pitcher Travis Wood9.81-14.99
CHC@SFBot 3Pablo Sandoval Walk, Marco Scutaro to 2nd, Tim Lincecum to 3rd, pitcher Travis Wood7.81-14.99
CHC@SFBot 3Hunter Pence Out Travis Wood, pitcher Travis Wood9.14-14.99
LAA@OAKBot 3Josh Reddick Strikeout, pitcher Tommy Hanson9.14-13.99
CHC@SFBot 4Jeff Francoeur Strikeout, pitcher Travis Wood11.97-13.99
CHC@SFBot 4Joaquin Arias Out Anthony Rizzo, pitcher Travis Wood13.3-13.99
CHC@SFBot 4Brandon Belt Strikeout, pitcher Travis Wood16.13-13.99
CHC@SFBot 5Tim Lincecum Single, pitcher Travis Wood15.13-13.99
CHC@SFBot 5Marco Scutaro Single, Andres Torres to 2nd, Tim Lincecum to 3rd, pitcher Travis Wood14.13-13.99
CHC@SFBot 5Buster Posey Out Luis Valbuena, Welington Castillo, pitcher Travis Wood15.46-13.99
LAA@OAKBot 5Josh Donaldson Strikeout, pitcher Tommy Hanson14.46-13.99
CHC@SFBot 5Pablo Sandoval 1-Run Double, Marco Scutaro to 3rd, Andres Torres scores, pitcher Travis Wood13.46-13.99
CHC@SFBot 5Hunter Pence Strikeout, pitcher Travis Wood16.29-13.99
LAA@OAKTop 6Mike Trout Strikeout, pitcher Jesse Chavez16.29-12.99
CHC@SFBot 6Jeff Francoeur Out Nate Schierholtz, pitcher Travis Wood17.62-12.99
CHC@SFBot 6Joaquin Arias Out Nate Schierholtz, pitcher Travis Wood18.95-12.99
LAA@OAKBot 6Josh Donaldson Walk, pitcher J. C. Gutierrez20.95-12.99
LAA@OAKBot 6Yoenis Cespedes 1-Run Double, Brandon Moss to 3rd, Josh Donaldson scores, pitcher Kevin Jepsen22.95-12.99
CHC@SFBot 6Brandon Belt Strikeout, pitcher Travis Wood25.78-12.99
CHC@SFBot 7Tony Abreu Out Darwin Barney, pitcher Travis Wood27.11-12.99
CHC@SFBot 7Andres Torres Out Anthony Rizzo, Travis Wood, pitcher Travis Wood28.44-12.99
CHC@SFBot 7Marco Scutaro Out David DeJesus, pitcher Travis Wood29.77-12.99
LAA@OAKTop 8J.B. Shuck Strikeout, pitcher Sean Doolittle32.6-12.99
LAA@OAKTop 8Erick Aybar Out Eric Sogard, pitcher Sean Doolittle33.93-12.99
LAA@OAKTop 8Mike Trout Out Coco Crisp, pitcher Sean Doolittle35.26-12.99
CHC@SFTop 8Anthony Rizzo Walk, pitcher Jose Mijares37.26-12.99
CHC@SFTop 8Anthony Rizzo Time Caught Stealing36.26-12.99
LAA@OAKBot 8Josh Donaldson Strikeout, pitcher Joe Blanton35.26-12.99
CHC@SFBot 9Joaquin Arias Out Nate Schierholtz, pitcher Kevin Gregg35.26-14.32
CHC@SFBot 9Brandon Belt Strikeout, pitcher Kevin Gregg35.26-17.15
CHC@SFBot 9Kensuke Tanaka Walk, pitcher Kevin Gregg35.26-15.15
CHC@SFBot 9Gregor Blanco Out Starlin Castro, pitcher Kevin Gregg35.26-16.48
MIL@COLBot 1Troy Tulowitzki 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Donovan Hand44.26-16.48
SD@ARITop 3Chris Denorfia Strikeout, pitcher Patrick Corbin43.26-16.48
MIN@SEATop 3Justin Morneau Strikeout, pitcher Erasmo Ramirez43.26-15.48
SD@ARIBot 5A.J. Pollock Walk, pitcher Tyson Ross45.26-15.48
MIN@SEATop 7Justin Morneau Strikeout, pitcher Danny Farquhar45.26-14.48
MIL@COLBot 8Troy Tulowitzki Double, pitcher John Axford48.26-14.48
MIL@COLBot 8Michael Cuddyer 1-Run Double, Troy Tulowitzki scores, pitcher John Axford50.26-14.48
STL@ATLBot 5Freddie Freeman Single, Justin Upton to 3rd, pitcher Shelby Miller50.26-16.48
STL@ATLBot 7Freddie Freeman Strikeout, pitcher Marc Rzepczynski50.26-15.48
   Bonuses & Miscellaneous63.26-31.48