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Week 17 2013 Mon 7/22-Sun 7/28

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
Non-Division Game
TB@NYYBot 1Brett Gardner Strikeout, pitcher Matt Moore0-2.83
TB@NYYBot 1Derek Jeter 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Matt Moore0-1.83
TB@NYYBot 1Robinson Canó Single, pitcher Matt Moore0-0.83
TB@NYYBot 1Alfonso Soriano Single, Robinson Canó to 3rd, pitcher Matt Moore0--0.17
TB@NYYBot 1Vernon Wells 1-Run Out Desmond Jennings, Robinson Canó scores, pitcher Matt Moore0-1.16
TB@NYYBot 1Brent Lillibridge Out Kelly Johnson, pitcher Matt Moore0-2.49
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TB@NYYTop 2James Loney Single, pitcher Phil Hughes2-2.49
TB@NYYBot 2David Adams Out Yunel Escobar, pitcher Matt Moore2-3.82
TB@NYYBot 2Chris Stewart Out Kelly Johnson, pitcher Matt Moore2-5.15
TB@NYYBot 2Brett Gardner Out James Loney, pitcher Matt Moore2-6.48
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TB@NYYTop 3James Loney Single, Evan Longoria to 2nd, pitcher Phil Hughes4-6.48
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TB@NYYTop 3Wil Myers 3-Run Home Run, James Loney scores, Evan Longoria scores, pitcher Phil Hughes6-6.48
TB@NYYBot 3Derek Jeter Single, pitcher Matt Moore6-5.48
TB@NYYBot 3Robinson Canó Out Matt Joyce, pitcher Matt Moore6-6.81
TB@NYYBot 3Alfonso Soriano 2-Run Home Run, Derek Jeter scores, pitcher Matt Moore6-5.81
TB@NYYBot 3Vernon Wells Out Yunel Escobar, pitcher Matt Moore6-7.14
TB@NYYBot 3Ichiro Suzuki Single, pitcher Matt Moore6-6.14
TB@NYYBot 4David Adams Strikeout, pitcher Matt Moore6-8.97
TB@NYYBot 4Chris Stewart Out Kelly Johnson, James Loney, pitcher Matt Moore6-10.3
TB@NYYBot 4Brett Gardner Double, pitcher Matt Moore6-9.3
TB@NYYBot 4Derek Jeter Out Yunel Escobar, James Loney, pitcher Matt Moore6-10.63
TB@NYYBot 5Robinson Canó Strikeout, pitcher Matt Moore6-13.46
TB@NYYBot 5Alfonso Soriano Out Evan Longoria, James Loney, pitcher Matt Moore6-14.79
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TEX@CLEBot 5Michael Bourn Walk, pitcher Alexi Ogando8-14.79
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TEX@CLEBot 5Jason Kipnis 1-Run Single, Nick Swisher to 2nd, Michael Bourn scores, pitcher Alexi Ogando10-14.79
TB@NYYBot 5Vernon Wells Out Matt Moore, James Loney, pitcher Matt Moore10-16.12
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TEX@CLEBot 6Michael Bourn 2-Run Double, Yan Gomes scores, Carlos Santana scores, pitcher Robbie Ross Jr.17-16.12
HOU@TORTop 1Chris Carter Strikeout, pitcher Todd Redmond17-15.12
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TB@NYYBot 7Brett Gardner Strikeout, pitcher Joel Peralta19.83-15.12
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TB@NYYBot 7Robinson Canó Walk, pitcher Joel Peralta17.83-15.12
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TB@NYYBot 7Alfonso Soriano Single, Robinson Canó to 2nd, pitcher Joel Peralta16.83-15.12
Hot 4 Rizzo!
TB@NYYBot 7Lyle Overbay Strikeout, pitcher Joel Peralta19.66-15.12
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PHI@DETTop 1Michael Young Single, pitcher Rick Porcello21.66-15.12
HOU@TORTop 6Chris Carter Strikeout, pitcher Todd Redmond21.66-14.12
PHI@DETTop 3Chase Utley Strikeout, pitcher Rick Porcello21.66-13.12
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PHI@DETTop 5Michael Young Strikeout, pitcher Rick Porcello20.66-13.12
PHI@DETTop 5Chase Utley Walk, pitcher Rick Porcello20.66-15.12
HOU@TORTop 9Chris Carter Strikeout, pitcher Casey Janssen20.66-14.12
PHI@DETBot 8Victor Martínez Single, pitcher Jonathan Papelbon20.66-13.12
PHI@DETBot 8Jhonny Peralta Out Steve Susdorf, pitcher Jonathan Papelbon20.66-14.45
PHI@DETBot 8Andy Dirks Single, Victor Martínez to 2nd, pitcher Jonathan Papelbon20.66-13.45
PHI@DETBot 8Álex Ávila Strikeout, pitcher Jonathan Papelbon20.66-16.28
PHI@DETBot 8Ramon Santiago Walk, Andy Dirks to 2nd, Victor Martínez to 3rd, pitcher Jonathan Papelbon20.66-14.28
BOS@BALTop 1Mike Napoli 1-Run Double, David Ortiz to 3rd, Shane Victorino scores, pitcher Jason Hammel20.66-19.28
BOS@BALTop 1David Ortiz Single, Shane Victorino to 3rd, pitcher Jason Hammel20.66-21.28
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NYM@WSHBot 2Ian Desmond Double, pitcher Carlos Torres23.66-21.28
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NYM@WSHBot 2Wilson Ramos 1-Run Single, Denard Span to 2nd, Ian Desmond scores, pitcher Carlos Torres25.66-21.28
BOS@BALTop 3Mike Napoli Strikeout, pitcher Jason Hammel25.66-20.28
BOS@BALTop 3David Ortiz 2-Run Home Run, Jacoby Ellsbury scores, pitcher Jason Hammel25.66-31.28
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NYM@WSHBot 3Ian Desmond 1-Run Single, Jayson Werth to 2nd, Ryan Zimmerman scores, pitcher Carlos Torres29.66-31.28
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NYM@WSHBot 3Wilson Ramos 4-Run Grand Slam, Denard Span scores, Ian Desmond scores, Jayson Werth scores, pitcher Carlos Torres31.66-31.28
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NYM@WSHBot 4Ian Desmond Walk, Jayson Werth to 2nd, pitcher Gonzalez Germen33.66-31.28
BOS@BALTop 5David Ortiz Single, Dustin Pedroia to 2nd, pitcher Jason Hammel33.66-33.28
Hot 4 Rizzo!
NYM@WSHBot 6Ian Desmond 1-Run Single, Jayson Werth scores, pitcher David Aardsma37.66-33.28
Hot 4 Rizzo!
NYM@WSHBot 6Denard Span 2-Run Home Run, Ian Desmond scores, pitcher David Aardsma39.66-33.28
BOS@BALTop 8Mike Napoli Double, David Ortiz to 3rd, pitcher T.J. McFarland39.66-36.28
BOS@BALTop 8Jarrod Saltalamacchia 2-Run Single, Jonny Gomes to 2nd, Mike Napoli scores, David Ortiz scores, pitcher T.J. McFarland39.66-40.28
BOS@BALTop 8David Ortiz Single, pitcher T.J. McFarland39.66-42.28
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NYM@WSHBot 8Ian Desmond 1-Run Home Run, Steve Lombardozzi scores, pitcher Bobby Parnell46.66-42.28
LAA@OAKTop 1Erick Aybar Walk, J.B. Shuck to 2nd, pitcher Jarrod Parker46.66-44.28
CHC@SFTop 2Luis Valbuena Strikeout, pitcher Tim Lincecum46.66-43.28
LAA@OAKTop 2Erick Aybar Triple, pitcher Jarrod Parker46.66-47.28
LAA@OAKTop 2Howie Kendrick 1-Run Out Josh Donaldson, Eric Sogard, Erick Aybar scores, pitcher Jarrod Parker46.66-49.28
LAA@OAKTop 4Erick Aybar Walk, pitcher Jarrod Parker46.66-51.28
CHC@SFTop 4Luis Valbuena Strikeout, pitcher Tim Lincecum46.66-50.28
LAA@OAKTop 4Erick Aybar Stolen Base46.66-53.28
LAA@OAKTop 6Erick Aybar 1-Run Double, Chris Iannetta to 3rd, Kole Calhoun scores, pitcher Jesse Chávez46.66-58.28
CHC@SFTop 9Luis Valbuena Single, pitcher Sandy Rosario46.66-60.28
Hot 4 Rizzo!
MIN@SEATop 1Brian Dozier Strikeout, pitcher Erasmo Ramírez45.66-60.28
Hot 4 Rizzo!
CIN@LADBot 1Adrián González Strikeout, pitcher Tony Cingrani44.66-60.28
Hot 4 Rizzo!
MIN@SEATop 3Brian Dozier Double, pitcher Erasmo Ramírez47.66-60.28
MIL@COLTop 3Nori Aoki 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Jhoulys Chacin47.66-69.28
Hot 4 Rizzo!
MIN@SEATop 5Brian Dozier Strikeout, pitcher Erasmo Ramírez46.66-69.28
Hot 4 Rizzo!
CIN@LADBot 7Adrián González Strikeout, pitcher Tony Cingrani45.66-69.28
Hot 4 Rizzo!
MIL@COLTop 8Jonathan Lucroy Strikeout, pitcher Matt Belisle48.49-69.28
Hot 4 Rizzo!
MIL@COLTop 8Carlos Gómez Double, pitcher Matt Belisle47.49-69.28
Hot 4 Rizzo!
MIL@COLTop 8Caleb Gindl Out Charlie Blackmon, pitcher Matt Belisle48.82-69.28
Hot 4 Rizzo!
MIL@COLTop 8Yuniesky Betancourt 2-Run Home Run, Carlos Gómez scores, pitcher Matt Belisle47.82-69.28
Hot 4 Rizzo!
MIL@COLTop 8Juan Francisco Strikeout, pitcher Matt Belisle50.65-69.28
Hot 4 Rizzo!
CIN@LADBot 9Adrián González Strikeout, pitcher Sam LeCure49.65-69.28
Hot 4 Rizzo!
STL@ATLTop 2Jon Jay Single, pitcher Kris Medlen51.65-69.28
STL@ATLBot 3Justin Upton Walk, pitcher Shelby Miller51.65-71.28
STL@ATLBot 5Justin Upton Single, pitcher Shelby Miller51.65-73.28
Hot 4 Rizzo!
STL@ATLTop 7Jon Jay Strikeout, pitcher Luis Avilán50.65-73.28
   Bonuses & Miscellaneous45.65-57.28