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Week 12 2013 Mon 6/17-Sun 6/23

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
Non-Division Game
Limping but..
BAL@TORBot 1Colby Rasmus Walk, Adam Lind to 2nd, pitcher Freddy Garcia2-0
BAL@TORTop 2J.J. Hardy Strikeout, pitcher Josh Johnson2--1
BAL@TORTop 6J.J. Hardy Strikeout, pitcher Josh Johnson2--2
Limping but..
BAL@TORBot 7Colby Rasmus 1-Run Home Run, pitcher T.J. McFarland11--2
Limping but..
BAL@TORBot 8Colby Rasmus Strikeout, pitcher Troy Patton10--2
Limping but..
BOS@DETTop 6José Iglesias Out Miguel Cabrera, Victor Martínez, pitcher Drew Smyly11.33--2
Limping but..
BOS@DETTop 6Jacoby Ellsbury Out Victor Martínez, Drew Smyly, pitcher Drew Smyly12.66--2
Limping but..
BOS@DETTop 6Shane Victorino Out Jhonny Peralta, Victor Martínez, pitcher Drew Smyly13.99--2
Limping but..
BOS@DETTop 7Dustin Pedroia Single, pitcher Drew Smyly12.99--2
Limping but..
BOS@DETTop 7David Ortiz Single, Dustin Pedroia to 2nd, pitcher Drew Smyly11.99--2
Limping but..
BOS@DETTop 7Mike Napoli Out Avisail García, Dustin Pedroia to 3rd, pitcher Drew Smyly13.32--2
Limping but..
BOS@DETTop 7Jonny Gomes Out Victor Martínez, pitcher Drew Smyly14.65--2
Limping but..
BOS@DETTop 7Stephen Drew Out Jhonny Peralta, pitcher Drew Smyly15.98--2
Limping but..
BOS@DETTop 8Ryan Lavarnway Out Avisail García, pitcher Drew Smyly17.31--2
Limping but..
BOS@DETTop 8José Iglesias Out Omar Infante, Victor Martínez, pitcher Drew Smyly18.64--2
Limping but..
BOS@DETTop 8Jacoby Ellsbury Single, pitcher Drew Smyly17.64--2
Limping but..
COL@WSHTop 1Carlos González Strikeout, pitcher Ross Detwiler16.64--2
NYM@PHIBot 1Jimmy Rollins Strikeout, pitcher Matt Harvey16.64-0.83
NYM@PHIBot 1Chase Utley Out Juan Lagares, pitcher Matt Harvey16.64-2.16
NYM@PHIBot 1Michael Young Out Omar Quintanilla, Josh Satin, pitcher Matt Harvey16.64-3.49
NYM@PHIBot 2Ryan Howard Single, pitcher Matt Harvey16.64-2.49
NYM@PHIBot 2Domonic Brown Strikeout, pitcher Matt Harvey16.64-5.32
NYM@PHIBot 2Delmon Young Out Marlon Byrd, pitcher Matt Harvey16.64-6.65
NYM@PHIBot 2Ben Revere Strikeout, pitcher Matt Harvey16.64-9.48
Limping but..
COL@WSHTop 3Wilin Rosario 1-Run Single, Michael Cuddyer to 2nd, Carlos González scores, pitcher Ross Detwiler18.64-9.48
NYM@PHIBot 3Humberto Quintero Out Marlon Byrd, pitcher Matt Harvey18.64-10.81
NYM@PHIBot 3John Lannan Strikeout, pitcher Matt Harvey18.64-13.64
NYM@PHIBot 3Jimmy Rollins Out Josh Satin, Matt Harvey, pitcher Matt Harvey18.64-14.97
Limping but..
COL@WSHTop 4Nolan Arenado 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Ross Detwiler27.64-14.97
Limping but..
COL@WSHTop 4Carlos González Single, Dexter Fowler to 2nd, Jorge De La Rosa to 3rd, pitcher Ross Detwiler29.64-14.97
NYM@PHIBot 4Chase Utley Double, pitcher Matt Harvey29.64-13.97
NYM@PHIBot 4Michael Young Out Josh Satin, Chase Utley to 3rd, pitcher Matt Harvey29.64-15.3
NYM@PHIBot 4Ryan Howard Walk, pitcher Matt Harvey29.64-13.3
NYM@PHIBot 4Domonic Brown Strikeout, pitcher Matt Harvey29.64-16.13
Limping but..
COL@WSHTop 5Nolan Arenado Single, pitcher Craig Stammen31.64-16.13
NYM@PHIBot 5Ben Revere Out Eric Young Jr., pitcher Matt Harvey31.64-17.46
NYM@PHIBot 5Humberto Quintero Out David Wright, Josh Satin, pitcher Matt Harvey31.64-18.79
NYM@PHIBot 5John Lannan Out David Wright, Josh Satin, pitcher Matt Harvey31.64-20.12
NYM@PHIBot 6Jimmy Rollins Out Josh Satin, pitcher Matt Harvey31.64-21.45
NYM@PHIBot 6Chase Utley Out Daniel Murphy, Josh Satin, pitcher Matt Harvey31.64-22.78
NYM@PHIBot 6Michael Young Strikeout, pitcher Matt Harvey31.64-25.61
Limping but..
COL@WSHTop 7Carlos González Strikeout, pitcher Ian Krol30.64-25.61
Limping but..
COL@WSHTop 9Tyler Colvin Strikeout, pitcher Fernando Abad29.64-25.61
Limping but..
TB@NYYTop 1Evan Longoria Walk, Ben Zobrist to 2nd, pitcher Iván Nova31.64-25.61
TB@NYYTop 2Kelly Johnson Strikeout, pitcher Iván Nova31.64-24.61
Limping but..
TB@NYYTop 4Evan Longoria Strikeout, pitcher Iván Nova30.64-24.61
TB@NYYTop 6Kelly Johnson Walk, Wil Myers to 2nd, pitcher Iván Nova30.64-26.61
Limping but..
TB@NYYTop 7Evan Longoria Walk, Ben Zobrist to 2nd, Desmond Jennings to 3rd, pitcher Shawn Kelley32.64-26.61
Limping but..
TB@NYYTop 9Evan Longoria Strikeout, pitcher Preston Claiborne31.64-26.61
Limping but..
CWS@KCTop 1Alexei Ramirez Single, Alejandro De Aza to 2nd, pitcher James Shields33.64-25.61
CWS@KCTop 1Alex Rios Out David Lough, Alejandro De Aza to 3rd, pitcher James Shields33.64-26.94
CWS@KCTop 1Alejandro De Aza Walk, pitcher James Shields33.64-24.94
CWS@KCTop 1Paul Konerko Walk, Alexei Ramirez to 2nd, pitcher James Shields33.64-22.94
CWS@KCTop 1Adam Dunn 2-Run Single, Paul Konerko to 3rd, Alexei Ramirez scores, Alejandro De Aza scores, pitcher James Shields35.64-21.94
CWS@KCTop 1Dayan Viciedo Out David Lough, pitcher James Shields35.64-23.27
ATL@MILTop 1Freddie Freeman Walk, Andrelton Simmons to 2nd, pitcher Alfredo Figaro35.64-25.27
Limping but..
ATL@MILTop 1Dan Uggla Strikeout, pitcher Alfredo Figaro34.64-25.27
CWS@KCTop 1Conor Gillaspie Strikeout, pitcher James Shields34.64-28.1
ATL@MILTop 1Brian McCann 4-Run Grand Slam, Freddie Freeman scores, Andrelton Simmons scores, Jordan Schafer scores, pitcher Alfredo Figaro34.64-30.1
Limping but..
ATL@MILBot 1Jonathan Lucroy Strikeout, pitcher Paul Maholm33.64-30.1
CWS@KCTop 2Gordon Beckham Single, pitcher James Shields33.64-29.1
CWS@KCTop 2Hector Gimenez Out David Lough, pitcher James Shields33.64-30.43
CWS@KCTop 3Alex Rios Hit By Pitch, pitcher James Shields33.64-28.43
CWS@KCTop 3Adam Dunn 2-Run Home Run, Alex Rios scores, pitcher James Shields33.64-27.43
CWS@KCTop 3Dayan Viciedo Strikeout, pitcher James Shields33.64-30.26
Limping but..
ATL@MILTop 3Dan Uggla Double, Brian McCann to 3rd, pitcher Alfredo Figaro36.64-30.26
CWS@KCTop 3Conor Gillaspie Strikeout, pitcher James Shields36.64-33.09
CWS@KCTop 4Gordon Beckham Out Jarrod Dyson, pitcher James Shields36.64-34.42
Limping but..
CWS@KCTop 4Alexei Ramirez Out Mike Moustakas, pitcher James Shields36.64-35.75
CWS@KCTop 4Hector Gimenez Single, pitcher James Shields36.64-34.75
CWS@KCTop 4Alejandro De Aza Single, Hector Gimenez to 2nd, pitcher James Shields36.64-33.75
CWS@KCTop 4Alex Rios Out Jarrod Dyson, pitcher James Shields36.64-35.08
Limping but..
ATL@MILBot 4Jonathan Lucroy Single, pitcher Paul Maholm38.64-35.08
CWS@KCTop 5Paul Konerko Single, pitcher James Shields38.64-34.08
CWS@KCTop 5Adam Dunn Walk, Paul Konerko to 2nd, pitcher James Shields38.64-32.08
CWS@KCTop 5Dayan Viciedo Out Alex Gordon, pitcher James Shields38.64-33.41
Limping but..
ATL@MILTop 5Dan Uggla Strikeout, pitcher Tom Gorzelanny37.64-33.41
CWS@KCTop 5Conor Gillaspie Out Alcides Escobar, pitcher James Shields37.64-34.74
Limping but..
ATL@MILBot 5Jonathan Lucroy 2-Run Home Run, Logan Schafer scores, pitcher Paul Maholm48.64-34.74
ATL@MILTop 6Freddie Freeman Strikeout, pitcher Tom Gorzelanny48.64-33.74
Limping but..
CWS@KCTop 6Alexei Ramirez Single, pitcher J. C. Gutierrez50.64-33.74
Limping but..
CWS@KCTop 6Alexei Ramirez Stolen Base53.64-33.74
Limping but..
ATL@MILTop 7Dan Uggla Strikeout, pitcher Brandon Kintzler52.64-33.74
Limping but..
ATL@MILBot 7Jonathan Lucroy Walk, pitcher Cory Gearrin54.64-33.74
Limping but..
CWS@KCTop 8Alexei Ramirez Strikeout, pitcher Luke Hochevar53.64-33.74
Limping but..
ATL@MILTop 9Dan Uggla 1-Run Single, Brian McCann to 2nd, Melvin Upton scores, pitcher Jim Henderson57.64-33.74
PIT@LAATop 1Pedro Alvarez 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Joe Blanton57.64-42.74
PIT@LAATop 3Pedro Alvarez Strikeout, pitcher Joe Blanton57.64-41.74
Limping but..
PIT@LAABot 9Brendan Harris Strikeout, pitcher Mark Melancon60.47-41.74
Limping but..
PIT@LAABot 9Mike Trout Out Brandon Inge, Travis Snider, pitcher Mark Melancon61.8-41.74
Limping but..
PIT@LAABot 9Albert Pujols Out Neil Walker, pitcher Mark Melancon63.13-41.74
PIT@LAATop 10Pedro Alvarez Double, pitcher Kevin Jepsen63.13-44.74
PIT@LAATop 10Travis Snider 3-Run Single, Gaby Sanchez scores, Neil Walker scores, Pedro Alvarez scores, pitcher Kevin Jepsen63.13-46.74
OAK@SEATop 2Josh Reddick Single, pitcher Jeremy Bonderman63.13-48.74
OAK@SEATop 4Josh Donaldson Walk, Brandon Moss to 2nd, pitcher Jeremy Bonderman63.13-50.74
Limping but..
CIN@ARIBot 4Paul Goldschmidt Strikeout, pitcher Mat Latos62.13-50.74
OAK@SEATop 6Josh Reddick 1-Run Out Nick Franklin, Justin Smoak, Josh Donaldson to 2nd, Brandon Moss to 3rd, Yoenis Céspedes scores, pitcher Danny Farquhar62.13-52.74
OAK@SEATop 6Josh Donaldson Walk, pitcher Jeremy Bonderman62.13-54.74
Limping but..
CIN@ARIBot 6Paul Goldschmidt Single, pitcher Mat Latos64.13-54.74
Limping but..
CIN@ARIBot 8Paul Goldschmidt Walk, pitcher Mat Latos66.13-54.74