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Week 12 2013 Mon 6/17-Sun 6/23

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
Non-Division Game
BOS@DETTop 1David Ortiz Strikeout, pitcher Justin Verlander0--1
BOS@DETTop 2Mike Napoli Single, pitcher Justin Verlander0-1
BOS@DETTop 2Ryan Lavarnway 1-Run Single, Stephen Drew to 2nd, Mike Napoli scores, pitcher Justin Verlander0-3
BOS@DETTop 3Mike Napoli 1-Run Out Jhonny Peralta, Omar Infante, Dustin Pedroia scores, pitcher Justin Verlander0-5
BOS@DETTop 3David Ortiz Single, Dustin Pedroia to 3rd, pitcher Justin Verlander0-7
BOS@DETTop 5David Ortiz Single, pitcher Justin Verlander0-9
BOS@DETTop 7David Ortiz Single, Dustin Pedroia to 2nd, pitcher Drew Smyly0-11
BOS@DETTop 9David Ortiz Strikeout, pitcher Joaquín Benoit0-10
AAAStinky P..
TB@NYYBot 9Zoilo Almonte Strikeout, pitcher Fernando Rodney2.83-10
AAAStinky P..
TB@NYYBot 9Jayson Nix Strikeout, pitcher Fernando Rodney5.66-10
AAAStinky P..
TB@NYYBot 9David Adams Strikeout, pitcher Fernando Rodney8.49-10
ATL@MILBot 5Logan Schafer 2-Run Single, Jean Segura scores, Nori Aoki scores, pitcher Paul Maholm8.49-12
ATL@MILBot 9Nori Aoki Strikeout, pitcher Craig Kimbrel8.49-11
HOU@CHCTop 2Chris Carter Single, pitcher Jeff Samardzija8.49-13
HOU@CHCBot 3Nate Schierholtz 2-Run Single, Starlin Castro to 3rd, Luis Valbuena scores, Jeff Samardzija scores, pitcher Jordan Lyles8.49-15
AAAStinky P..
HOU@CHCTop 4Jason Castro Double, José Altuve to 3rd, pitcher Jeff Samardzija11.49-15
HOU@CHCTop 4J.D. Martínez 1-Run Out Darwin Barney, Anthony Rizzo, Jason Castro to 3rd, José Altuve scores, pitcher Jeff Samardzija11.49-17
HOU@CHCTop 4Chris Carter 1-Run Double, Jason Castro scores, pitcher Jeff Samardzija13.49-22
AAAStinky P..
HOU@CHCTop 5Jason Castro Double, pitcher Jeff Samardzija16.49-22
HOU@CHCTop 6Chris Carter Double, pitcher Jeff Samardzija16.49-25
AAAStinky P..
HOU@CHCTop 6Matt Dominguez 1-Run Single, Chris Carter scores, pitcher Jeff Samardzija20.49-27
HOU@CHCBot 7Luis Valbuena 1-Run Triple, Scott Hairston scores, pitcher Wade LeBlanc20.49-33
HOU@CHCTop 8Chris Carter 1-Run Double, J.D. Martínez scores, pitcher James Russell20.49-40
HOU@CHCTop 8J.D. Martínez Single, pitcher James Russell20.49-42
AAAStinky P..
HOU@CHCTop 9Jason Castro Single, José Altuve to 2nd, Justin Maxwell to 3rd, pitcher Henry Rodriguez22.49-42
HOU@CHCTop 9J.D. Martínez 1-Run Out Luis Valbuena, Anthony Rizzo, Jason Castro to 2nd, Justin Maxwell scores, pitcher Henry Rodriguez22.49-44
AAAStinky P..
PIT@LAABot 2Mark Trumbo Strikeout, pitcher Charlie Morton21.49-44
PIT@LAABot 2Erick Aybar 1-Run Single, Alberto Callaspo to 3rd, Howie Kendrick scores, pitcher Charlie Morton21.49-48
PIT@LAABot 2J.B. Shuck 1-Run Single, Chris Iannetta to 2nd, Erick Aybar scores, pitcher Charlie Morton21.49-50
PIT@LAABot 4Erick Aybar Strikeout, pitcher Charlie Morton21.49-49
PIT@LAABot 6Erick Aybar Strikeout, pitcher Charlie Morton21.49-48
PIT@LAATop 9Neil Walker Walk, pitcher Ernesto Frieri21.49-46
PIT@LAATop 9Gaby Sanchez Single, Neil Walker to 3rd, pitcher Ernesto Frieri21.49-45
PIT@LAATop 9Travis Snider Out Chris Iannetta, pitcher Ernesto Frieri21.49-46.33
PIT@LAATop 9Russell Martin 1-Run Double, Andrew McCutchen scores, pitcher Ernesto Frieri21.49-45.33
AAAStinky P..
PIT@LAABot 10Mark Trumbo Strikeout, pitcher Jason Grilli20.49-45.33
PIT@LAABot 10Erick Aybar Single, Alberto Callaspo to 2nd, pitcher Jason Grilli20.49-47.33
PIT@LAABot 10Brendan Harris 1-Run Double, J.B. Shuck to 3rd, Erick Aybar scores, pitcher Jason Grilli20.49-49.33
AAAStinky P..
MIA@SFTop 2Adeiny Hechavarria Strikeout, pitcher Matt Cain19.49-49.33
AAAStinky P..
MIA@SFTop 9Adeiny Hechavarria Single, pitcher Jean Machi21.49-49.33
AAAStinky P..
LAD@SDBot 4Carlos Quentin Strikeout, pitcher Chris Capuano20.49-49.33
AAAStinky P..
CIN@ARITop 6Devin Mesoraco Walk, pitcher Zeke Spruill22.49-49.33
AAAStinky P..
LAD@SDBot 7Carlos Quentin 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Peter Moylan31.49-49.33
AAAStinky P..
CIN@ARITop 9Devin Mesoraco Strikeout, pitcher David Hernandez30.49-49.33
AAAStinky P..
LAD@SDBot 9Carlos Quentin Single, pitcher Kenley Jansen32.49-49.33
TEX@STLBot 4Matt Carpenter Walk, pitcher Nick Tepesch32.49-51.33
AAAStinky P..
TEX@STLTop 5Leonys Martín Strikeout, pitcher Adam Wainwright31.49-51.33
TEX@STLBot 6Matt Carpenter 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Nick Tepesch31.49-60.33
AAAStinky P..
TEX@STLTop 7Leonys Martín 1-Run Single, David Murphy scores, pitcher Adam Wainwright35.49-60.33
AAAStinky P..
TEX@STLTop 7Ian Kinsler 1-Run Single, Jurickson Profar to 2nd, Leonys Martín scores, pitcher Trevor Rosenthal37.49-60.33
TEX@STLBot 8Matt Carpenter Single, pitcher Neal Cotts37.49-62.33
AAAStinky P..
TEX@STLTop 9Leonys Martín Strikeout, pitcher Randy Choate36.49-62.33
   Bonuses & Miscellaneous44.49-54.33