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Week 3 2013 Mon 4/15-Sun 4/21

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
Division Game Commish Edit
NYY@TORTop 2Ichiro Suzuki Strikeout, pitcher Josh Johnson-1-0
KC@BOSTop 1Alex Gordon Out Jonny Gomes, pitcher Ryan Dempster0.33-0
KC@BOSTop 1Alcides Escobar 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Ryan Dempster-0.67-0
KC@BOSTop 1Billy Butler Strikeout, pitcher Ryan Dempster2.16-0
KC@BOSTop 1Eric Hosmer Single, pitcher Ryan Dempster1.16-0
KC@BOSTop 1Lorenzo Cain Out Will Middlebrooks, Mike Napoli, pitcher Ryan Dempster2.49-0
KC@BOSBot 1Dustin Pedroia Single, Daniel Nava to 2nd, pitcher Ervin Santana2.49-2
KC@BOSBot 1Mike Napoli 1-Run Out Chris Getz, Eric Hosmer, David Ortiz to 2nd, Dustin Pedroia scores, pitcher Ervin Santana2.49-4
KC@BOSTop 2Mike Moustakas Out Mike Napoli, pitcher Ryan Dempster3.82-4
KC@BOSTop 2Jeff Francoeur Strikeout, pitcher Ryan Dempster6.65-4
KC@BOSTop 2Salvador Pérez Strikeout, pitcher Ryan Dempster9.48-4
KC@BOSBot 2Will Middlebrooks Single, pitcher Ervin Santana11.48-4
KC@BOSTop 3Chris Getz Out Jonny Gomes, pitcher Ryan Dempster12.81-4
LAD@BALTop 3A.J. Ellis Walk, pitcher Jake Arrieta14.81-4
KC@BOSTop 3Alex Gordon Walk, pitcher Ryan Dempster12.81-6
KC@BOSTop 3Alcides Escobar Out Stephen Drew, Dustin Pedroia, Mike Napoli, pitcher Ryan Dempster14.14-6
LAD@BALTop 3Mark Ellis 1-Run Out Nate McLouth, A.J. Ellis scores, pitcher Jake Arrieta16.14-6
KC@BOSTop 4Billy Butler Single, pitcher Ryan Dempster15.14-6
KC@BOSTop 4Eric Hosmer Single, Billy Butler to 2nd, pitcher Ryan Dempster14.14-6
KC@BOSTop 4Lorenzo Cain 1-Run Double, Eric Hosmer to 3rd, Billy Butler scores, pitcher Ryan Dempster13.14-6
KC@BOSTop 4Mike Moustakas Strikeout, pitcher Ryan Dempster15.97-6
KC@BOSTop 4Jeff Francoeur Strikeout, pitcher Ryan Dempster18.8-6
KC@BOSTop 4Salvador Pérez 2-Run Single, Lorenzo Cain scores, Eric Hosmer scores, pitcher Ryan Dempster17.8-6
KC@BOSTop 4Chris Getz Out Will Middlebrooks, pitcher Ryan Dempster19.13-6
LAD@BALTop 4A.J. Ellis Strikeout, pitcher Jake Arrieta18.13-6
KC@BOSBot 4Will Middlebrooks Strikeout, pitcher Ervin Santana17.13-6
KC@BOSTop 5Alex Gordon Strikeout, pitcher Ryan Dempster19.96-5
KC@BOSTop 5Alcides Escobar Out Mike Napoli, pitcher Ryan Dempster21.29-5
KC@BOSTop 5Billy Butler Out Jonny Gomes, pitcher Ryan Dempster22.62-5
LAD@BALTop 5A.J. Ellis Walk, pitcher T.J. McFarland24.62-5
KC@BOSTop 6Eric Hosmer Out Jonny Gomes, pitcher Ryan Dempster25.95-5
KC@BOSTop 6Lorenzo Cain Walk, pitcher Ryan Dempster23.95-5
KC@BOSTop 6Mike Moustakas Walk, Lorenzo Cain to 2nd, pitcher Ryan Dempster21.95-5
KC@BOSTop 6Jeff Francoeur Strikeout, pitcher Ryan Dempster24.78-5
KC@BOSTop 6Salvador Pérez Out Jacoby Ellsbury, pitcher Ryan Dempster26.11-5
KC@BOSTop 7Chris Getz Out Mike Napoli, pitcher Ryan Dempster27.44-5
KC@BOSTop 7Alex Gordon Strikeout, pitcher Ryan Dempster30.27-4
KC@BOSTop 7Alcides Escobar Out Dustin Pedroia, pitcher Ryan Dempster31.6-4
KC@BOSBot 9Will Middlebrooks Strikeout, pitcher Greg Holland30.6-4
CLE@HOUTop 1Mark Reynolds Strikeout, pitcher Erik Bedard30.6-3
CLE@HOUBot 1José Altuve Walk, pitcher Ubaldo Jiménez32.6-3
CLE@HOUBot 1Fernando Martinez 2-Run Home Run, José Altuve scores, pitcher Ubaldo Jiménez34.6-3
CLE@HOUTop 3Mark Reynolds Walk, pitcher Erik Bedard34.6-5
CHC@MILTop 3Alfonso Soriano Walk, pitcher Wily Peralta34.6-7
MIN@CWSTop 6Justin Morneau 1-Run Walk, Josh Willingham to 2nd, Joe Mauer to 3rd, Jamey Carroll scores, pitcher Gavin Floyd34.6-11
CLE@HOUBot 6José Altuve 1-Run Triple, Marwin González scores, pitcher Ubaldo Jiménez40.6-11
CLE@HOUBot 6Chris Carter 1-Run Out Ryan Raburn, José Altuve scores, pitcher Nick Hagadone42.6-11
CLE@HOUTop 7Mark Reynolds 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Hector Ambriz42.6-20
CLE@HOUBot 9José Altuve Walk, pitcher Chris Perez44.6-20
DET@LAATop 1Prince Fielder Single, Miguel Cabrera to 2nd, Torii Hunter to 3rd, pitcher C.J. Wilson46.6-20
DET@LAATop 5Prince Fielder 2-Run Home Run, Torii Hunter scores, pitcher C.J. Wilson57.6-20
DET@LAATop 8Prince Fielder Strikeout, pitcher Sean Burnett56.6-20
DET@LAATop 9Prince Fielder Walk, Miguel Cabrera to 2nd, Austin Jackson to 3rd, pitcher Ernesto Frieri58.6-20
ARI@COLTop 4Miguel Montero Strikeout, pitcher Juan Nicasio58.6-19
ARI@COLBot 9Dexter Fowler Walk, pitcher J. J. Putz58.6-21
ARI@COLBot 9Josh Rutledge Single, Dexter Fowler to 3rd, pitcher J. J. Putz60.6-21
KC@BOSTop 1Alex Gordon Double, pitcher Allen Webster60.6-24
KC@BOSBot 3Dustin Pedroia 1-Run Single, Jacoby Ellsbury scores, pitcher Jeremy Guthrie60.6-28
KC@BOSBot 3Dustin Pedroia Time Caught Stealing60.6-27
KC@BOSTop 5Alex Gordon 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Allen Webster60.6-36
KC@BOSBot 5Dustin Pedroia Single, Daniel Nava to 2nd, pitcher Jeremy Guthrie60.6-38
KC@BOSBot 7Dustin Pedroia Walk, pitcher Luke Hochevar60.6-40
KC@BOSBot 7Dustin Pedroia Stolen Base60.6-43
KC@BOSTop 9Mike Moustakas Out Jacoby Ellsbury, pitcher Andrew Bailey61.93-43
KC@BOSTop 9Jeff Francoeur Strikeout, pitcher Andrew Bailey64.76-43
KC@BOSTop 9George Kottaras Strikeout, pitcher Andrew Bailey67.59-43
KC@BOSBot 9Dustin Pedroia Walk, pitcher Kelvin Herrera67.59-45
KC@BOSTop 10Alex Gordon Single, pitcher Andrew Miller67.59-47
KC@BOSTop 10Lorenzo Cain 1-Run Walk, Eric Hosmer to 2nd, Alcides Escobar to 3rd, Alex Gordon scores, pitcher Andrew Miller67.59-49
KC@BOSBot 10Will Middlebrooks Strikeout, pitcher Greg Holland66.59-49
STL@PHIBot 4Domonic Brown Walk, pitcher Jake Westbrook68.59-49
STL@PHIBot 6Domonic Brown Walk, Michael Young to 2nd, pitcher Jake Westbrook70.59-49
STL@PHIBot 8Ben Revere 1-Run Single, Domonic Brown to 2nd, Michael Young scores, pitcher Mitchell Boggs74.59-49
STL@PHIBot 8Erik Kratz 3-Run Home Run, Ben Revere scores, Domonic Brown scores, pitcher Mitchell Boggs78.59-49
STL@PHIBot 8Domonic Brown Single, Michael Young to 3rd, pitcher Mitchell Boggs80.59-49
   Bonuses & Miscellaneous68.59-49