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Week 3 2013 Mon 4/15-Sun 4/21

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
Division Game Commish Edit
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MIA@CINBot 1Shin-Soo Choo Hit By Pitch, pitcher Alex Sanabia0-2
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MIA@CINBot 3Shin-Soo Choo Single, Homer Bailey to 2nd, pitcher Alex Sanabia0-4
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MIA@CINBot 4Shin-Soo Choo Hit By Pitch, pitcher Alex Sanabia0-6
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MIA@CINBot 7Shin-Soo Choo Walk, pitcher Alex Sanabia0-8
MIA@CINBot 7Xavier Paul Single, Shin-Soo Choo to 2nd, pitcher Alex Sanabia2-8
MIA@CINBot 7Brandon Phillips 2-Run Single, Joey Votto to 2nd, Xavier Paul scores, Shin-Soo Choo scores, pitcher Jon Rauch4-10
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MIA@CINBot 7Shin-Soo Choo 1-Run Double, Todd Frazier scores, pitcher Jon Rauch4-15
MIA@CINBot 7Xavier Paul 1-Run Double, Shin-Soo Choo scores, pitcher Tom Koehler9-17
LAD@BALBot 1Matt Wieters Strikeout, pitcher Stephen Fife8-17
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ATL@PITTop 2Andrelton Simmons 1-Run Single, Gerald Laird to 2nd, Reed Johnson scores, pitcher Jonathan Sanchez8-21
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ATL@PITBot 2Starling Marte Hit By Pitch, Jonathan Sanchez to 2nd, pitcher Kris Medlen8-23
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KC@BOSTop 4Mike Moustakas Strikeout, pitcher Ryan Dempster8-22
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ATL@PITTop 4Andrelton Simmons Walk, pitcher Jeanmar Gómez8-24
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ATL@PITBot 5Starling Marte Time Caught Stealing8-23
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ATL@PITTop 6Andrelton Simmons Single, Gerald Laird to 2nd, pitcher Jeanmar Gómez8-25
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KC@BOSTop 6Mike Moustakas Walk, Lorenzo Cain to 2nd, pitcher Ryan Dempster8-27
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ATL@PITBot 7Starling Marte Single, pitcher Luis Ayala8-29
LAD@BALBot 8Adam Jones Out Andre Ethier, pitcher Kenley Jansen9.33-29
LAD@BALBot 8Matt Wieters Out Mark Ellis, Adrián González, Chris Davis to 3rd, pitcher Kenley Jansen10.66-29
LAD@BALBot 8Chris Davis Double, pitcher Kenley Jansen9.66-29
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ATL@PITBot 8Starling Marte Strikeout, pitcher Cory Gearrin9.66-28
LAD@BALBot 8J.J. Hardy Out Justin Sellers, Adrián González, pitcher Kenley Jansen10.99-28
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KC@BOSTop 9Mike Moustakas Single, pitcher Alex Wilson10.99-30
ATL@PITTop 9Jordan Schafer Walk, pitcher Jason Grilli12.99-28
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ATL@PITTop 9Melvin Upton Strikeout, pitcher Jason Grilli12.99-30.83
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ATL@PITTop 9Ramiro Pena Strikeout, pitcher Jason Grilli12.99-33.66
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ATL@PITTop 9Justin Upton Out Travis Snider, pitcher Jason Grilli12.99-34.99
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OAK@TBTop 6Chris Young Strikeout, pitcher Roberto Hernandez12.99-33.99
MIN@CWSTop 1Jamey Carroll Out Conor Gillaspie, Paul Konerko, pitcher Gavin Floyd14.32-33.99
MIN@CWSTop 1Joe Mauer Out Gavin Floyd, Paul Konerko, pitcher Gavin Floyd15.65-33.99
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CLE@HOUTop 1Jason Kipnis Single, pitcher Erik Bedard15.65-35.99
MIN@CWSTop 1Josh Willingham Strikeout, pitcher Gavin Floyd18.48-35.99
MIN@CWSTop 2Justin Morneau Out Alex Rios, pitcher Gavin Floyd19.81-35.99
MIN@CWSTop 2Ryan Doumit Strikeout, pitcher Gavin Floyd22.64-35.99
MIN@CWSTop 2Trevor Plouffe Out Paul Konerko, pitcher Gavin Floyd23.97-35.99
MIN@CWSBot 2Adam Dunn Strikeout, pitcher Scott Diamond22.97-35.99
MIN@CWSTop 3Oswaldo Arcia Strikeout, pitcher Gavin Floyd25.8-35.99
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CLE@HOUTop 3Jason Kipnis Strikeout, pitcher Erik Bedard25.8-34.99
MIN@CWSTop 3Aaron Hicks Walk, pitcher Gavin Floyd23.8-34.99
MIN@CWSTop 3Eduardo Escobar Out Alejandro De Aza, pitcher Gavin Floyd25.13-34.99
MIN@CWSTop 3Jamey Carroll Strikeout, pitcher Gavin Floyd27.96-34.99
MIN@CWSTop 4Joe Mauer Strikeout, pitcher Gavin Floyd30.79-34.99
MIN@CWSTop 4Josh Willingham Single, pitcher Gavin Floyd29.79-34.99
MIN@CWSTop 4Justin Morneau Out Gavin Floyd, Alexei Ramirez, Paul Konerko, pitcher Gavin Floyd31.12-34.99
MIN@CWSBot 4Adam Dunn Strikeout, pitcher Scott Diamond30.12-34.99
MIN@CWSTop 5Ryan Doumit Out Paul Konerko, Gavin Floyd, pitcher Gavin Floyd31.45-34.99
MIN@CWSTop 5Trevor Plouffe Out Alexei Ramirez, Paul Konerko, pitcher Gavin Floyd32.78-34.99
MIN@CWSTop 5Oswaldo Arcia Out Alejandro De Aza, pitcher Gavin Floyd34.11-34.99
MIN@CWSTop 6Aaron Hicks Out Gavin Floyd, Paul Konerko, pitcher Gavin Floyd35.44-34.99
MIN@CWSTop 6Eduardo Escobar Single, pitcher Gavin Floyd34.44-34.99
MIN@CWSTop 6Jamey Carroll Single, Eduardo Escobar to 2nd, pitcher Gavin Floyd33.44-34.99
MIN@CWSTop 6Joe Mauer Walk, Jamey Carroll to 2nd, Eduardo Escobar to 3rd, pitcher Gavin Floyd31.44-34.99
MIN@CWSTop 6Justin Morneau 1-Run Walk, Josh Willingham to 2nd, Joe Mauer to 3rd, Jamey Carroll scores, pitcher Gavin Floyd29.44-34.99
MIN@CWSTop 6Ryan Doumit Strikeout, pitcher Gavin Floyd32.27-34.99
MIN@CWSBot 7Adam Dunn 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Josh Roenicke41.27-34.99
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MIN@CWSTop 9Eduardo Escobar Out Alejandro De Aza, pitcher Addison Reed41.27-36.32
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MIN@CWSTop 9Jamey Carroll Strikeout, pitcher Addison Reed41.27-39.15
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MIN@CWSTop 9Joe Mauer Strikeout, pitcher Addison Reed41.27-41.98
MIN@CWSBot 9Adam Dunn Strikeout, pitcher Glen Perkins40.27-41.98
SEA@TEXBot 6Adrián Béltre 2-Run Home Run, Lance Berkman scores, pitcher Blake Beavan51.27-41.98
DET@LAABot 3Mike Trout Single, Luis Jimenez to 3rd, pitcher Doug Fister53.27-41.98
DET@LAABot 3Albert Pujols 2-Run Double, Mike Trout scores, Luis Jimenez scores, pitcher Doug Fister55.27-41.98
DET@LAABot 10Mike Trout Single, pitcher Joaquín Benoit57.27-41.98
DET@LAABot 10Mike Trout Stolen Base60.27-41.98
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SD@SFTop 7Yonder Alonso Strikeout, pitcher Barry Zito60.27-40.98
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ARI@COLBot 4Wilin Rosario Triple, pitcher Brandon McCarthy60.27-44.98
STL@PHIBot 8Ryan Howard Out Pete Kozma, Matt Adams, pitcher Mitchell Boggs61.6-44.98
STL@PHIBot 8Michael Young Single, pitcher Mitchell Boggs60.6-44.98
STL@PHIBot 8Domonic Brown Single, Michael Young to 3rd, pitcher Mitchell Boggs59.6-44.98
STL@PHIBot 8Ben Revere 1-Run Single, Domonic Brown to 2nd, Michael Young scores, pitcher Mitchell Boggs58.6-44.98
STL@PHIBot 8Erik Kratz 3-Run Home Run, Ben Revere scores, Domonic Brown scores, pitcher Mitchell Boggs57.6-44.98
   Bonuses & Miscellaneous57.6-54.98