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Week 2 2013 Mon 4/8-Sun 4/14

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
Division Game Commish Edit
Fear Boners
CWS@CLETop 8Alejandro De Aza 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Vinnie Pestano-1-0
Fear Boners
CWS@CLETop 8Jeff Keppinger Single, pitcher Vinnie Pestano-2-0
Fear Boners
CWS@CLETop 8Alex Rios Out Drew Stubbs, pitcher Vinnie Pestano-0.67-0
Fear Boners
CWS@CLETop 8Adam Dunn Strikeout, pitcher Vinnie Pestano2.16-0
Fear Boners
CWS@CLETop 8Paul Konerko Out Drew Stubbs, pitcher Vinnie Pestano3.49-0
TB@BOSBot 1Jacoby Ellsbury Out James Loney, pitcher Alex Cobb3.49-1.33
TB@BOSBot 1Shane Victorino Out Ben Zobrist, James Loney, pitcher Alex Cobb3.49-2.66
TB@BOSBot 1Dustin Pedroia Single, pitcher Alex Cobb3.49-1.66
TB@BOSBot 1Mike Napoli Out Sam Fuld, pitcher Alex Cobb3.49-2.99
Fear Boners
TB@BOSTop 2Matt Joyce Strikeout, pitcher Clay Buchholz2.49-2.99
TB@BOSBot 2Daniel Nava Out Kelly Johnson, pitcher Alex Cobb2.49-4.32
TB@BOSBot 2Will Middlebrooks Out Evan Longoria, James Loney, pitcher Alex Cobb2.49-5.65
TB@BOSBot 2Stephen Drew Walk, pitcher Alex Cobb2.49-3.65
TB@BOSBot 2Jarrod Saltalamacchia Single, Stephen Drew to 2nd, pitcher Alex Cobb2.49-2.65
TB@BOSBot 2Jackie Bradley Jr. Out Sam Fuld, pitcher Alex Cobb2.49-3.98
TB@BOSBot 3Jacoby Ellsbury Single, pitcher Alex Cobb2.49-2.98
TB@BOSBot 3Shane Victorino Single, Jacoby Ellsbury to 2nd, pitcher Alex Cobb2.49-1.98
TB@BOSBot 3Dustin Pedroia Single, Shane Victorino to 2nd, Jacoby Ellsbury to 3rd, pitcher Alex Cobb2.49-0.98
TB@BOSBot 3Mike Napoli 2-Run Double, Dustin Pedroia to 3rd, Shane Victorino scores, Jacoby Ellsbury scores, pitcher Alex Cobb2.49--0.02
TB@BOSBot 3Daniel Nava Hit By Pitch, pitcher Alex Cobb2.49--2.02
TB@BOSBot 3Jarrod Saltalamacchia Strikeout, pitcher Alex Cobb2.49-0.81
TB@BOSTop 4Ben Zobrist Walk, pitcher Clay Buchholz2.49-2.81
TB@BOSTop 4Ben Zobrist Stolen Base2.49-5.81
Fear Boners
TB@BOSTop 4Matt Joyce Strikeout, pitcher Clay Buchholz1.49-5.81
TB@BOSBot 4Jackie Bradley Jr. Strikeout, pitcher Alex Cobb1.49-8.64
TB@BOSBot 4Jacoby Ellsbury Strikeout, pitcher Alex Cobb1.49-11.47
TB@BOSBot 4Shane Victorino Out James Loney, Alex Cobb, pitcher Alex Cobb1.49-12.8
TB@BOSBot 5Dustin Pedroia Out Evan Longoria, James Loney, pitcher Alex Cobb1.49-14.13
TB@BOSBot 5Mike Napoli Strikeout, pitcher Alex Cobb1.49-16.96
TB@BOSBot 5Daniel Nava Out Kelly Johnson, pitcher Alex Cobb1.49-18.29
TB@BOSTop 6Ben Zobrist Walk, pitcher Clay Buchholz1.49-20.29
TB@BOSBot 6Will Middlebrooks Single, pitcher Alex Cobb1.49-19.29
TB@BOSBot 6Stephen Drew Strikeout, pitcher Alex Cobb1.49-22.12
TB@BOSBot 6Jarrod Saltalamacchia Out Sam Fuld, pitcher Alex Cobb1.49-23.45
TB@BOSBot 6Will Middlebrooks Time Caught Stealing1.49-24.78
TB@BOSBot 7Jackie Bradley Jr. Strikeout, pitcher Alex Cobb1.49-27.61
TB@BOSBot 7Jacoby Ellsbury Out Alex Cobb, James Loney, pitcher Alex Cobb1.49-28.94
TB@BOSBot 7Shane Victorino Walk, pitcher Alex Cobb1.49-26.94
TOR@KCBot 1Alex Gordon Out Adam Lind, pitcher Brandon Morrow1.49-28.27
TOR@KCBot 1Alcides Escobar Out Rajai Davis, pitcher Brandon Morrow1.49-29.6
TOR@KCBot 1Billy Butler Out Emilio Bonifacio, pitcher Brandon Morrow1.49-30.93
TOR@KCBot 2Salvador Pérez Strikeout, pitcher Brandon Morrow1.49-33.76
TOR@KCBot 2Eric Hosmer Out Melky Cabrera, pitcher Brandon Morrow1.49-35.09
TOR@KCBot 2Lorenzo Cain Single, pitcher Brandon Morrow1.49-34.09
TOR@KCBot 2Elliot Johnson Out Emilio Bonifacio, pitcher Brandon Morrow1.49-35.42
Fear Boners
TOR@KCTop 3Emilio Bonifacio Walk, pitcher Ervin Santana3.49-35.42
TOR@KCBot 3Jarrod Dyson Triple, pitcher Brandon Morrow3.49-34.42
TOR@KCBot 3Chris Getz Out Munenori Kawasaki, pitcher Brandon Morrow3.49-35.75
TOR@KCBot 3Alex Gordon Single, pitcher Brandon Morrow3.49-34.75
TOR@KCBot 3Alcides Escobar 1-Run Out Rajai Davis, Jarrod Dyson scores, pitcher Brandon Morrow3.49-36.08
TOR@KCBot 3Billy Butler Walk, pitcher Brandon Morrow3.49-34.08
TOR@KCBot 3Salvador Pérez Out Maicer Izturis, pitcher Brandon Morrow3.49-35.41
TOR@KCTop 4J.P. Arencibia Strikeout, pitcher Ervin Santana3.49-34.41
TOR@KCBot 4Eric Hosmer Out Maicer Izturis, Adam Lind, pitcher Brandon Morrow3.49-35.74
TOR@KCBot 4Lorenzo Cain Strikeout, pitcher Brandon Morrow3.49-38.57
TOR@KCBot 4Elliot Johnson Out Maicer Izturis, Adam Lind, pitcher Brandon Morrow3.49-39.9
TOR@KCBot 5Jarrod Dyson Strikeout, pitcher Brandon Morrow3.49-42.73
TOR@KCBot 5Chris Getz Out Munenori Kawasaki, Adam Lind, pitcher Brandon Morrow3.49-44.06
TOR@KCBot 5Alex Gordon Out Maicer Izturis, Adam Lind, pitcher Brandon Morrow3.49-45.39
TOR@KCBot 6Alcides Escobar Out Adam Lind, pitcher Brandon Morrow3.49-46.72
TOR@KCBot 6Billy Butler Single, pitcher Brandon Morrow3.49-45.72
TOR@KCBot 6Salvador Pérez Out Melky Cabrera, pitcher Brandon Morrow3.49-47.05
TOR@KCBot 6Eric Hosmer Single, Billy Butler to 2nd, pitcher Brandon Morrow3.49-46.05
TOR@KCBot 6Lorenzo Cain 1-Run Single, Eric Hosmer to 3rd, Billy Butler scores, pitcher Brandon Morrow3.49-45.05
TOR@KCBot 6Elliot Johnson Out Munenori Kawasaki, pitcher Brandon Morrow3.49-46.38
TOR@KCTop 8J.P. Arencibia Strikeout, pitcher Ervin Santana3.49-45.38
Fear Boners
MIL@STLTop 2Carlos Gómez Single, Jonathan Lucroy to 2nd, pitcher Jaime García5.49-45.38
Fear Boners
MIL@STLTop 4Carlos Gómez Single, pitcher Jaime García7.49-45.38
MIL@STLTop 8Ryan Braun 2-Run Home Run, Jean Segura scores, pitcher Trevor Rosenthal7.49-56.38
Fear Boners
MIL@STLTop 9Carlos Gómez Single, pitcher Mitchell Boggs9.49-56.38
Fear Boners
MIL@STLTop 9Yuniesky Betancourt 1-Run Double, Carlos Gómez scores, pitcher Mitchell Boggs11.49-56.38
Fear Boners
SF@CHCTop 1Hunter Pence Single, Pablo Sandoval to 3rd, pitcher Edwin Jackson13.49-56.38
Fear Boners
SF@CHCTop 1Hunter Pence Stolen Base16.49-56.38
Fear Boners
SF@CHCTop 3Hunter Pence Strikeout, pitcher Edwin Jackson15.49-56.38
Fear Boners
SF@CHCTop 6Hunter Pence Walk, pitcher Edwin Jackson17.49-56.38
Fear Boners
SF@CHCTop 6Gregor Blanco 1-Run Double, Brandon Belt to 3rd, Hunter Pence scores, pitcher Edwin Jackson19.49-56.38
Fear Boners
SF@CHCTop 7Hunter Pence Single, pitcher Héctor Rondón21.49-56.38
Fear Boners
SF@CHCTop 9Hunter Pence 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Shawn Camp30.49-56.38
Fear Boners
HOU@LAABot 1Josh Hamilton 1-Run Single, Mike Trout scores, pitcher Philip Humber34.49-56.38
HOU@LAABot 2Howie Kendrick Strikeout, pitcher Philip Humber34.49-55.38
Fear Boners
HOU@LAABot 3Josh Hamilton Triple, pitcher Philip Humber38.49-55.38
Fear Boners
HOU@LAABot 8Josh Hamilton 2-Run Home Run, Mike Trout scores, pitcher Rhiner Cruz49.49-55.38
HOU@LAABot 8Howie Kendrick Single, pitcher Rhiner Cruz49.49-57.38
HOU@LAABot 8Howie Kendrick Time Caught Stealing49.49-56.38
DET@OAKBot 2Brandon Moss Strikeout, pitcher Anibal Sánchez49.49-55.38
DET@OAKBot 4Brandon Moss Walk, Jed Lowrie to 2nd, pitcher Anibal Sánchez49.49-57.38
Fear Boners
TEX@SEABot 1Kendrys Morales Strikeout, pitcher Nick Tepesch48.49-57.38
COL@SDBot 2Jedd Gyorko Single, pitcher Jorge De La Rosa48.49-59.38
COL@SDBot 4Jedd Gyorko Walk, pitcher Jorge De La Rosa48.49-61.38
Fear Boners
TEX@SEABot 5Kendrys Morales Single, Endy Chavez to 2nd, pitcher Nick Tepesch50.49-61.38
Fear Boners
TEX@SEABot 7Kendrys Morales Strikeout, pitcher Michael Kirkman49.49-61.38
COL@SDBot 7Jedd Gyorko Strikeout, pitcher Wilton Lopez49.49-60.38
COL@SDBot 9Everth Cabrera Walk, pitcher Rafael Betancourt49.49-58.38
COL@SDBot 9Yonder Alonso Walk, Everth Cabrera to 2nd, pitcher Rafael Betancourt49.49-56.38
COL@SDBot 9Jesus Guzman Out Jordan Pacheco, Josh Rutledge, Yonder Alonso to 2nd, Everth Cabrera to 3rd, pitcher Rafael Betancourt49.49-57.71
COL@SDBot 9Jedd Gyorko 1-Run Out Michael Cuddyer, Everth Cabrera scores, pitcher Rafael Betancourt49.49-61.04
COL@SDBot 9Nick Hundley Strikeout, pitcher Rafael Betancourt49.49-63.87
   Bonuses & Miscellaneous45.49-73.87