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Week 2 2013 Mon 4/8-Sun 4/14

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
Division Game Commish Edit
CWS@CLETop 3Tyler Flowers Strikeout, pitcher Brett Myers-1-0
CWS@CLETop 4Adam Dunn Strikeout, pitcher Brett Myers-1--1
CWS@CLETop 5Tyler Flowers Double, pitcher Brett Myers2--1
CWS@CLETop 6Adam Dunn Walk, pitcher Brett Myers2-1
CWS@CLETop 6Paul Konerko 2-Run Home Run, Adam Dunn scores, pitcher Brett Myers2-3
CWS@CLETop 7Tyler Flowers Strikeout, pitcher Bryan Shaw1-3
CWS@CLETop 8Adam Dunn Strikeout, pitcher Vinnie Pestano1-2
PHI@MIABot 2Greg Dobbs Double, pitcher Roy Halladay4-2
PHI@MIABot 7Justin Ruggiano Single, pitcher Roy Halladay6-2
PHI@MIABot 7Chris Valaika 1-Run Single, Rob Brantly to 2nd, Justin Ruggiano scores, pitcher Roy Halladay8-2
CIN@PITTop 1Zack Cozart Walk, Shin-Soo Choo to 2nd, pitcher Phil Irwin8-4
CIN@PITTop 1Brandon Phillips 2-Run Single, Joey Votto to 2nd, Zack Cozart scores, Shin-Soo Choo scores, pitcher Phil Irwin8-6
TB@BOSTop 3Kelly Johnson Strikeout, pitcher Clay Buchholz7-6
TB@BOSBot 3Shane Victorino Single, Jacoby Ellsbury to 2nd, pitcher Alex Cobb9-6
TB@BOSBot 3Mike Napoli 2-Run Double, Dustin Pedroia to 3rd, Shane Victorino scores, Jacoby Ellsbury scores, pitcher Alex Cobb11-6
TB@BOSBot 4Jackie Bradley Jr. Strikeout, pitcher Alex Cobb11-5
CIN@PITTop 5Zack Cozart Strikeout, pitcher Phil Irwin11-4
TB@BOSTop 5Kelly Johnson Strikeout, pitcher Clay Buchholz10-4
TB@BOSBot 7Jackie Bradley Jr. Strikeout, pitcher Alex Cobb10-3
TB@BOSBot 7Shane Victorino Walk, pitcher Alex Cobb12-3
TB@BOSTop 8Kelly Johnson Single, pitcher Clay Buchholz14-3
MIL@STLTop 9Carlos Gómez Single, pitcher Mitchell Boggs14-2
MIL@STLTop 9Yuniesky Betancourt 1-Run Double, Carlos Gómez scores, pitcher Mitchell Boggs14-1
HOU@LAATop 1José Altuve Strikeout, pitcher C.J. Wilson16.83-1
HOU@LAATop 1Justin Maxwell Out Luis Jimenez, Mark Trumbo, pitcher C.J. Wilson18.16-1
HOU@LAATop 1J.D. Martínez Single, pitcher C.J. Wilson17.16-1
HOU@LAATop 1Chris Carter Walk, J.D. Martínez to 2nd, pitcher C.J. Wilson15.16-1
HOU@LAATop 1Carlos Pena Walk, Chris Carter to 2nd, J.D. Martínez to 3rd, pitcher C.J. Wilson13.16-1
HOU@LAATop 1Carlos Corporan Out Luis Jimenez, Mark Trumbo, pitcher C.J. Wilson14.49-1
HOU@LAABot 1Mike Trout Double, pitcher Philip Humber14.49-4
HOU@LAABot 1Josh Hamilton 1-Run Single, Mike Trout scores, pitcher Philip Humber14.49-6
HOU@LAATop 2Ronny Cedeno Double, pitcher C.J. Wilson13.49-6
HOU@LAATop 2Matt Dominguez 1-Run Double, Ronny Cedeno scores, pitcher C.J. Wilson12.49-6
HOU@LAATop 2Brandon Barnes Out Luis Jimenez, Mark Trumbo, pitcher C.J. Wilson13.82-6
HOU@LAATop 2José Altuve Out Luis Jimenez, Howie Kendrick, pitcher C.J. Wilson15.15-6
HOU@LAATop 3Justin Maxwell Strikeout, pitcher C.J. Wilson17.98-6
HOU@LAATop 3J.D. Martínez Walk, pitcher C.J. Wilson15.98-6
HOU@LAATop 3Chris Carter Strikeout, pitcher C.J. Wilson18.81-6
HOU@LAATop 3Carlos Pena Out Luis Jimenez, Mark Trumbo, pitcher C.J. Wilson20.14-6
HOU@LAABot 3Mike Trout 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Philip Humber20.14-15
HOU@LAATop 4Carlos Corporan Out Mark Trumbo, pitcher C.J. Wilson21.47-15
HOU@LAATop 4Ronny Cedeno Out Josh Hamilton, pitcher C.J. Wilson22.8-15
HOU@LAATop 4Matt Dominguez Out Mark Trumbo, pitcher C.J. Wilson24.13-15
HOU@LAATop 5Brandon Barnes Single, pitcher C.J. Wilson23.13-15
HOU@LAATop 5J.D. Martínez Out Peter Bourjos, pitcher C.J. Wilson24.46-15
HOU@LAATop 6Chris Carter Out Peter Bourjos, pitcher C.J. Wilson25.79-15
HOU@LAATop 6Carlos Pena Walk, pitcher C.J. Wilson23.79-15
HOU@LAATop 6Matt Dominguez Out Mike Trout, pitcher C.J. Wilson25.12-15
HOU@LAABot 8Mike Trout Walk, pitcher Rhiner Cruz25.12-17
HOU@LAABot 8Josh Hamilton 2-Run Home Run, Mike Trout scores, pitcher Rhiner Cruz25.12-19
TEX@SEATop 1Adrián Béltre Strikeout, pitcher Brandon Maurer25.12-18
LAD@ARIBot 1Gerardo Parra Strikeout, pitcher Josh Beckett25.12-20.83
LAD@ARIBot 1Martín Prado Out Andre Ethier, pitcher Josh Beckett25.12-22.16
LAD@ARIBot 1Aaron Hill Out Luis Cruz, Adrián González, pitcher Josh Beckett25.12-23.49
LAD@ARIBot 2Miguel Montero Out Josh Beckett, Adrián González, pitcher Josh Beckett25.12-24.82
LAD@ARIBot 2Paul Goldschmidt Strikeout, pitcher Josh Beckett25.12-27.65
LAD@ARIBot 2Eric Chavez Out Nick Punto, pitcher Josh Beckett25.12-28.98
LAD@ARIBot 3Cody Ross Out Adrián González, pitcher Josh Beckett25.12-30.31
LAD@ARIBot 3Cliff Pennington Single, pitcher Josh Beckett25.12-29.31
LAD@ARIBot 3Trevor Cahill Strikeout, pitcher Josh Beckett25.12-32.14
LAD@ARIBot 3Gerardo Parra Single, Cliff Pennington to 2nd, pitcher Josh Beckett25.12-31.14
LAD@ARIBot 3Martín Prado Out Andre Ethier, pitcher Josh Beckett25.12-32.47
LAD@ARIBot 4A.J. Pollock Out Nick Punto, Adrián González, pitcher Josh Beckett25.12-33.8
LAD@ARIBot 4Miguel Montero Out Matt Kemp, pitcher Josh Beckett25.12-35.13
LAD@ARIBot 4Paul Goldschmidt Single, pitcher Josh Beckett25.12-34.13
LAD@ARIBot 4Eric Chavez Strikeout, pitcher Josh Beckett25.12-36.96
LAD@ARIBot 5Cody Ross Strikeout, pitcher Josh Beckett25.12-39.79
LAD@ARIBot 5Cliff Pennington Double, pitcher Josh Beckett25.12-38.79
LAD@ARIBot 5Trevor Cahill Out Matt Kemp, Cliff Pennington to 3rd, pitcher Josh Beckett25.12-40.12
LAD@ARIBot 5Gerardo Parra Out Mark Ellis, Adrián González, pitcher Josh Beckett25.12-41.45
LAD@ARIBot 6Martín Prado Out Nick Punto, Adrián González, pitcher Josh Beckett25.12-42.78
LAD@ARIBot 6A.J. Pollock Out Nick Punto, Adrián González, pitcher Josh Beckett25.12-44.11
LAD@ARIBot 6Miguel Montero Strikeout, pitcher Josh Beckett25.12-46.94
COL@SDTop 7Todd Helton 2-Run Home Run, Chris Nelson scores, pitcher Dale Thayer36.12-46.94
LAD@ARIBot 7Paul Goldschmidt Strikeout, pitcher Josh Beckett36.12-49.77
LAD@ARIBot 7Eric Chavez Strikeout, pitcher Josh Beckett36.12-52.6
LAD@ARIBot 7Cody Ross Out Nick Punto, Adrián González, pitcher Josh Beckett36.12-53.93
TEX@SEATop 8Adrián Béltre Walk, pitcher Stephen Pryor36.12-55.93
LAD@ARIBot 8Cliff Pennington Out Carl Crawford, pitcher Josh Beckett36.12-57.26
LAD@ARIBot 8Eric Hinske Strikeout, pitcher Josh Beckett36.12-60.09
LAD@ARIBot 8Gerardo Parra Out Mark Ellis, Adrián González, pitcher Josh Beckett36.12-61.42
LAD@ARITop 9Matt Kemp Strikeout, pitcher J. J. Putz38.95-61.42
LAD@ARITop 9Adrián González Out Paul Goldschmidt, pitcher J. J. Putz40.28-61.42
LAD@ARITop 9Andre Ethier Walk, pitcher J. J. Putz38.28-61.42
LAD@ARIBot 9Martín Prado Out Luis Cruz, Adrián González, pitcher Josh Beckett38.28-62.75
LAD@ARIBot 9A.J. Pollock Double, pitcher Josh Beckett38.28-61.75
LAD@ARIBot 9Miguel Montero Walk, pitcher Josh Beckett38.28-59.75
LAD@ARIBot 9Paul Goldschmidt 1-Run Single, Miguel Montero to 2nd, A.J. Pollock scores, pitcher Josh Beckett38.28-58.75
BAL@NYYTop 5Matt Wieters Single, pitcher Hiroki Kuroda38.28-60.75
   Bonuses & Miscellaneous52.28-60.75