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Week 2 2013 Mon 4/8-Sun 4/14

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
Division Game Commish Edit
CWS@CLETop 8Alejandro De Aza 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Vinnie Pestano9-0
PHI@MIATop 8Chase Utley Single, pitcher Chad Qualls11-0
PHI@MIABot 9Placido Polanco Walk, pitcher Jonathan Papelbon9-0
PHI@MIABot 9Greg Dobbs Out Ben Revere, pitcher Jonathan Papelbon10.33-0
PHI@MIABot 9Justin Ruggiano Out Ezequiel Carrera, pitcher Jonathan Papelbon11.66-0
PHI@MIABot 9Donovan Solano Out Erik Kratz, pitcher Jonathan Papelbon12.99-0
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ATL@WSHTop 1Melvin Upton Double, pitcher Gio González12.99-3
ATL@WSHTop 1Justin Upton Walk, pitcher Gio González14.99-3
ATL@WSHTop 1Evan Gattis 1-Run Double, Justin Upton to 3rd, Melvin Upton scores, pitcher Gio González14.99-5
ATL@WSHTop 1Chris Johnson 2-Run Single, Evan Gattis scores, Justin Upton scores, pitcher Gio González16.99-5
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CIN@PITTop 2Chris Heisey Single, pitcher Phil Irwin16.99-7
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CIN@PITTop 2Chris Heisey Stolen Base16.99-10
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CIN@PITTop 2Shin-Soo Choo 2-Run Double, Ryan Hanigan scores, Chris Heisey scores, pitcher Phil Irwin16.99-12
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ATL@WSHBot 2Adam LaRoche Strikeout, pitcher Paul Maholm16.99-11
ATL@WSHTop 3Justin Upton 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Gio González25.99-11
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CIN@PITTop 3Chris Heisey Strikeout, pitcher Phil Irwin25.99-10
TB@BOSBot 3Mike Napoli 2-Run Double, Dustin Pedroia to 3rd, Shane Victorino scores, Jacoby Ellsbury scores, pitcher Alex Cobb32.99-10
TB@BOSBot 3Stephen Drew 2-Run Out James Loney, Yunel Escobar, Daniel Nava scores, Mike Napoli scores, pitcher Alex Cobb34.99-10
TB@BOSBot 5Mike Napoli Strikeout, pitcher Alex Cobb33.99-10
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CIN@PITTop 6Chris Heisey Strikeout, pitcher Jeanmar Gómez33.99-9
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ATL@WSHTop 6Melvin Upton Single, Paul Maholm to 2nd, pitcher Zach Duke33.99-11
ATL@WSHTop 6Justin Upton Walk, pitcher Zach Duke35.99-11
ATL@WSHTop 6Evan Gattis 1-Run Out Jayson Werth, Melvin Upton scores, pitcher Zach Duke35.99-13
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ATL@WSHTop 8Melvin Upton Double, pitcher Zach Duke35.99-16
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CIN@PITTop 8Chris Heisey Single, Todd Frazier to 3rd, pitcher Jared Hughes35.99-18
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CIN@PITBot 8Pedro Alvarez Walk, pitcher Jonathan Broxton35.99-16
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CIN@PITBot 8Michael McKenry 2-Run Home Run, Pedro Alvarez scores, pitcher Jonathan Broxton35.99-15
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CIN@PITBot 8John McDonald Out Zack Cozart, Joey Votto, pitcher Jonathan Broxton35.99-16.33
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CIN@PITBot 8Jose Tabata Walk, pitcher Jonathan Broxton35.99-14.33
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CIN@PITBot 8Starling Marte 2-Run Home Run, Jose Tabata scores, pitcher Jonathan Broxton35.99-13.33
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CIN@PITBot 8Jonathan Sanchez Walk, pitcher Jonathan Broxton35.99-11.33
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CIN@PITBot 8Andrew McCutchen Single, Jonathan Sanchez to 3rd, pitcher Jonathan Broxton35.99-10.33
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CIN@PITBot 8Gaby Sanchez 1-Run Out Shin-Soo Choo, Jonathan Sanchez scores, pitcher Jonathan Broxton35.99-11.66
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MIL@STLTop 1Jean Segura Walk, pitcher Jaime García35.99-13.66
MIL@STLBot 1Jon Jay Strikeout, pitcher Marco Estrada38.82-13.66
MIL@STLBot 1Matt Carpenter Out Jean Segura, pitcher Marco Estrada40.15-13.66
MIL@STLBot 1Matt Holliday Walk, pitcher Marco Estrada38.15-13.66
MIL@STLBot 1Allen Craig Out Nori Aoki, pitcher Marco Estrada39.48-13.66
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MIL@STLTop 2Yuniesky Betancourt Strikeout, pitcher Jaime García39.48-12.66
MIL@STLBot 2Yadier Molina Out Nori Aoki, pitcher Marco Estrada40.81-12.66
MIL@STLBot 2Matt Adams Single, pitcher Marco Estrada39.81-12.66
MIL@STLBot 2Pete Kozma Strikeout, pitcher Marco Estrada42.64-12.66
MIL@STLBot 2Daniel Descalso Strikeout, pitcher Marco Estrada45.47-12.66
MIL@STLTop 3Nori Aoki Strikeout, pitcher Jaime García44.47-12.66
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MIL@STLTop 3Jean Segura Single, pitcher Jaime García44.47-14.66
MIL@STLBot 3Jaime García Strikeout, pitcher Marco Estrada47.3-14.66
MIL@STLBot 3Jon Jay Out Nori Aoki, pitcher Marco Estrada48.63-14.66
MIL@STLBot 3Matt Carpenter Double, pitcher Marco Estrada50.63-14.66
MIL@STLBot 3Matt Holliday 1-Run Single, Matt Carpenter scores, pitcher Marco Estrada51.63-14.66
MIL@STLBot 3Allen Craig Single, Matt Holliday to 2nd, pitcher Marco Estrada50.63-14.66
MIL@STLBot 3Yadier Molina 1-Run Double, Matt Holliday scores, pitcher Marco Estrada49.63-14.66
MIL@STLBot 4Matt Adams 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Marco Estrada48.63-14.66
MIL@STLBot 4Pete Kozma Out Rickie Weeks Jr., Martin Maldonado, pitcher Marco Estrada49.96-14.66
MIL@STLBot 4Daniel Descalso Out Rickie Weeks Jr., Martin Maldonado, pitcher Marco Estrada51.29-14.66
MIL@STLBot 4Jaime García Strikeout, pitcher Marco Estrada54.12-14.66
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MIL@STLTop 5Jean Segura Strikeout, pitcher Jaime García54.12-13.66
MIL@STLTop 5Nori Aoki Double, pitcher Jaime García57.12-13.66
MIL@STLBot 5Jon Jay Double, pitcher Marco Estrada56.12-13.66
MIL@STLBot 5Matt Carpenter Out Rickie Weeks Jr., Martin Maldonado, Jon Jay to 3rd, pitcher Marco Estrada57.45-13.66
MIL@STLBot 5Matt Holliday Out Nori Aoki, pitcher Marco Estrada58.78-13.66
MIL@STLBot 5Allen Craig Out Yuniesky Betancourt, Martin Maldonado, pitcher Marco Estrada60.11-13.66
MIL@STLBot 6Yadier Molina Strikeout, pitcher Marco Estrada62.94-13.66
MIL@STLBot 6Matt Adams Strikeout, pitcher Marco Estrada65.77-13.66
MIL@STLBot 6Pete Kozma Out Nori Aoki, pitcher Marco Estrada67.1-13.66
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MIL@STLTop 7Yuniesky Betancourt Single, pitcher Jaime García67.1-15.66
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MIL@STLTop 8Jean Segura Single, pitcher Trevor Rosenthal67.1-17.66
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MIL@STLTop 8Ryan Braun 2-Run Home Run, Jean Segura scores, pitcher Trevor Rosenthal67.1-19.66
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MIL@STLTop 9Yuniesky Betancourt 1-Run Double, Carlos Gómez scores, pitcher Mitchell Boggs67.1-24.66
SF@CHCTop 1Angel Pagan Strikeout, pitcher Edwin Jackson69.93-24.66
SF@CHCTop 1Marco Scutaro Out Alberto Gonzalez, Anthony Rizzo, pitcher Edwin Jackson71.26-24.66
SF@CHCTop 1Pablo Sandoval Single, pitcher Edwin Jackson70.26-24.66
SF@CHCTop 1Hunter Pence Single, Pablo Sandoval to 3rd, pitcher Edwin Jackson69.26-24.66
SF@CHCTop 1Brandon Belt Walk, pitcher Edwin Jackson67.26-24.66
SF@CHCTop 1Gregor Blanco Strikeout, pitcher Edwin Jackson70.09-24.66
SF@CHCTop 2Héctor Sánchez Single, pitcher Edwin Jackson69.09-24.66
SF@CHCTop 2Brandon Crawford Strikeout, pitcher Edwin Jackson71.92-24.66
SF@CHCTop 2Tim Lincecum Strikeout, pitcher Edwin Jackson74.75-24.66
SF@CHCTop 2Angel Pagan Single, Héctor Sánchez to 2nd, pitcher Edwin Jackson73.75-24.66
SF@CHCTop 2Marco Scutaro Out Nate Schierholtz, pitcher Edwin Jackson75.08-24.66
SF@CHCTop 3Pablo Sandoval Out Starlin Castro, Anthony Rizzo, pitcher Edwin Jackson76.41-24.66
SF@CHCTop 3Hunter Pence Strikeout, pitcher Edwin Jackson79.24-24.66
SF@CHCTop 3Brandon Belt Out Alberto Gonzalez, Anthony Rizzo, pitcher Edwin Jackson80.57-24.66
SF@CHCTop 4Gregor Blanco Strikeout, pitcher Edwin Jackson83.4-24.66
SF@CHCTop 4Héctor Sánchez Strikeout, pitcher Edwin Jackson86.23-24.66
SF@CHCTop 4Brandon Crawford Hit By Pitch, pitcher Edwin Jackson84.23-24.66
SF@CHCTop 4Tim Lincecum Strikeout, pitcher Edwin Jackson87.06-24.66
SF@CHCTop 5Angel Pagan Out David DeJesus, pitcher Edwin Jackson88.39-24.66
SF@CHCTop 5Marco Scutaro Out Starlin Castro, Anthony Rizzo, pitcher Edwin Jackson89.72-24.66
SF@CHCTop 5Pablo Sandoval Out Alberto Gonzalez, Anthony Rizzo, pitcher Edwin Jackson91.05-24.66
SF@CHCTop 6Hunter Pence Walk, pitcher Edwin Jackson89.05-24.66
SF@CHCTop 6Brandon Belt Walk, pitcher Edwin Jackson87.05-24.66
SF@CHCTop 6Gregor Blanco 1-Run Double, Brandon Belt to 3rd, Hunter Pence scores, pitcher Edwin Jackson86.05-24.66
SF@CHCTop 6Héctor Sánchez Strikeout, pitcher Edwin Jackson88.88-24.66
SF@CHCTop 6Brandon Crawford Walk, pitcher Edwin Jackson86.88-24.66
HOU@LAATop 1Chris Carter Walk, J.D. Martínez to 2nd, pitcher C.J. Wilson88.88-24.66
HOU@LAATop 3Chris Carter Strikeout, pitcher C.J. Wilson87.88-24.66
HOU@LAATop 8Chris Carter Walk, pitcher Scott Downs89.88-24.66
HOU@LAATop 8Jason Castro Strikeout, pitcher Ernesto Frieri92.71-24.66
HOU@LAATop 9Matt Dominguez Strikeout, pitcher Ernesto Frieri95.54-24.66
HOU@LAATop 9Rick Ankiel Strikeout, pitcher Ernesto Frieri98.37-24.66