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Week 17 2013 Mon 7/22-Sun 7/28

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
Division Game
Cincy Chews
HOU@TORBot 3Melky Cabrera Single, José Reyes to 2nd, pitcher Jarred Cosart0-1
Cincy Chews
HOU@TORBot 5Melky Cabrera Strikeout, pitcher Jarred Cosart0-0
Cincy Chews
HOU@TORBot 7Melky Cabrera Double, Brett Lawrie to 3rd, pitcher Josh Fields0-2
Cincy Chews
HOU@TORBot 9Adam Lind Strikeout, pitcher Wesley Wright0-1
Cincy Chews
PIT@MIATop 1Starling Marte Strikeout, pitcher Jose Fernandez0-0
PHI@DETBot 8Victor Martínez Single, pitcher Jonathan Papelbon-1-0
PHI@DETBot 8Jhonny Peralta Out Steve Susdorf, pitcher Jonathan Papelbon0-0
PHI@DETBot 8Andy Dirks Single, Victor Martínez to 2nd, pitcher Jonathan Papelbon-1-0
PHI@DETBot 8Álex Ávila Strikeout, pitcher Jonathan Papelbon1-0
PHI@DETBot 8Ramon Santiago Walk, Andy Dirks to 2nd, Victor Martínez to 3rd, pitcher Jonathan Papelbon0-0
Cincy Chews
PIT@MIATop 3Starling Marte Strikeout, pitcher Jose Fernandez0--1
Cincy Chews
PIT@MIATop 5Starling Marte Strikeout, pitcher Jose Fernandez0--2
BOS@BALBot 1Nick Markakis Single, pitcher Jon Lester-1--2
BOS@BALBot 1Manny Machado Out Stephen Drew, Mike Napoli, Nick Markakis to 2nd, pitcher Jon Lester0--2
BOS@BALBot 1Chris Davis Strikeout, pitcher Jon Lester2--2
BOS@BALBot 1Adam Jones Strikeout, pitcher Jon Lester4--2
BOS@BALBot 2Matt Wieters Out Stephen Drew, Mike Napoli, pitcher Jon Lester5--2
Cincy Chews
BOS@BALBot 2J.J. Hardy Strikeout, pitcher Jon Lester7--3
BOS@BALBot 2Brian Roberts Out Stephen Drew, Mike Napoli, pitcher Jon Lester8--3
BOS@BALTop 3Jacoby Ellsbury Single, pitcher Jason Hammel9--3
BOS@BALTop 3David Ortiz 2-Run Home Run, Jacoby Ellsbury scores, pitcher Jason Hammel10--3
BOS@BALBot 3L.J. Hoes Strikeout, pitcher Jon Lester12--3
BOS@BALBot 3Taylor Teagarden Out Shane Victorino, pitcher Jon Lester13--3
BOS@BALBot 3Nick Markakis Out Mike Napoli, pitcher Jon Lester14--3
NYM@WSHTop 4John Buck Strikeout, pitcher Taylor Jordan13--3
BOS@BALBot 4Manny Machado Out José Iglesias, Mike Napoli, pitcher Jon Lester14--3
BOS@BALBot 4Chris Davis Strikeout, pitcher Jon Lester16--3
BOS@BALBot 4Adam Jones Single, pitcher Jon Lester15--3
BOS@BALBot 4Matt Wieters Walk, Adam Jones to 2nd, pitcher Jon Lester14--3
Cincy Chews
BOS@BALBot 4J.J. Hardy Out Mike Napoli, pitcher Jon Lester15--3
BOS@BALTop 5Dustin Pedroia Walk, pitcher Jason Hammel16--3
BOS@BALBot 5Brian Roberts Strikeout, pitcher Jon Lester18--3
BOS@BALBot 5L.J. Hoes Out José Iglesias, Mike Napoli, pitcher Jon Lester19--3
BOS@BALBot 5Taylor Teagarden Single, pitcher Jon Lester18--3
BOS@BALBot 5Nick Markakis Walk, Taylor Teagarden to 2nd, pitcher Jon Lester17--3
BOS@BALBot 5Manny Machado Out Stephen Drew, pitcher Jon Lester18--3
BOS@BALBot 6Adam Jones Single, Chris Davis to 2nd, pitcher Jon Lester17--3
BOS@BALBot 6Matt Wieters Strikeout, pitcher Jon Lester19--3
Cincy Chews
BOS@BALBot 6J.J. Hardy Out José Iglesias, Dustin Pedroia, Mike Napoli, pitcher Jon Lester20--3
BOS@BALBot 7L.J. Hoes Out Dustin Pedroia, Mike Napoli, pitcher Jon Lester21--3
BOS@BALBot 7Taylor Teagarden Strikeout, pitcher Jon Lester23--3
BOS@BALTop 9Jacoby Ellsbury Single, pitcher Tommy Hunter24--3
KC@CWSBot 1Paul Konerko 1-Run Single, Adam Dunn to 2nd, Alex Rios scores, pitcher Bruce Chen26--3
Cincy Chews
CHC@SFBot 1Buster Posey Strikeout, pitcher Travis Wood26--4
Cincy Chews
CHC@SFBot 3Buster Posey Strikeout, pitcher Travis Wood26--5
Cincy Chews
MIL@COLBot 1Michael Cuddyer Strikeout, pitcher Donovan Hand26--6
Cincy Chews
MIL@COLBot 6Michael Cuddyer 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Donovan Hand26-0
Cincy Chews
MIL@COLBot 8Michael Cuddyer 1-Run Double, Troy Tulowitzki scores, pitcher John Axford26-3
Cincy Chews
MIL@COLBot 8Nolan Arenado 1-Run Single, Michael Cuddyer scores, pitcher John Axford26-4
Cincy Chews
STL@ATLBot 2Dan Uggla Strikeout, pitcher Shelby Miller26-3
STL@ATLTop 3Carlos Beltrán Single, pitcher Kris Medlen27-3
STL@ATLTop 5Carlos Beltrán 1-Run Single, Shelby Miller scores, pitcher Kris Medlen29-3
Cincy Chews
STL@ATLBot 6Dan Uggla Strikeout, pitcher Shelby Miller29-2
STL@ATLTop 8Carlos Beltrán Strikeout, pitcher Jordan Walden28-2
Cincy Chews
STL@ATLBot 8Dan Uggla Strikeout, pitcher Fernando Salas28-1
   Bonuses & Miscellaneous38-1