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Week 17 2013 Mon 7/22-Sun 7/28

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
Division Game
TEX@CLETop 1Elvis Andrus Double, pitcher Ubaldo Jiménez2-0
TEX@CLETop 1Nelson Cruz Walk, pitcher Ubaldo Jiménez3-0
TB@NYYBot 1Brett Gardner Strikeout, pitcher Matt Moore3-2
TB@NYYBot 1Derek Jeter 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Matt Moore3-1
TB@NYYBot 1Robinson Canó Single, pitcher Matt Moore3-0
TB@NYYBot 1Alfonso Soriano Single, Robinson Canó to 3rd, pitcher Matt Moore3--1
TB@NYYBot 1Vernon Wells 1-Run Out Desmond Jennings, Robinson Canó scores, pitcher Matt Moore3-0
TB@NYYBot 1Brent Lillibridge Out Kelly Johnson, pitcher Matt Moore3-1
TB@NYYBot 2David Adams Out Yunel Escobar, pitcher Matt Moore3-2
TB@NYYBot 2Chris Stewart Out Kelly Johnson, pitcher Matt Moore3-3
TB@NYYBot 2Brett Gardner Out James Loney, pitcher Matt Moore3-4
TB@NYYBot 3Derek Jeter Single, pitcher Matt Moore3-3
TB@NYYBot 3Matt Moore Balk, Derek Jeter to 2nd Robinson Canó3-2
TB@NYYBot 3Robinson Canó Out Matt Joyce, pitcher Matt Moore3-3
TB@NYYBot 3Alfonso Soriano 2-Run Home Run, Derek Jeter scores, pitcher Matt Moore3-2
TB@NYYBot 3Vernon Wells Out Yunel Escobar, pitcher Matt Moore3-3
TB@NYYBot 3Ichiro Suzuki Single, pitcher Matt Moore3-2
TEX@CLETop 4Adrián Béltre Strikeout, pitcher Ubaldo Jiménez2-2
TB@NYYBot 4David Adams Strikeout, pitcher Matt Moore2-4
TB@NYYBot 4Chris Stewart Out Kelly Johnson, James Loney, pitcher Matt Moore2-5
TB@NYYBot 4Brett Gardner Double, pitcher Matt Moore2-4
TB@NYYBot 4Derek Jeter Out Yunel Escobar, James Loney, pitcher Matt Moore2-5
TB@NYYBot 5Robinson Canó Strikeout, pitcher Matt Moore2-7
TB@NYYBot 5Alfonso Soriano Out Evan Longoria, James Loney, pitcher Matt Moore2-8
TB@NYYBot 5Vernon Wells Out Matt Moore, James Loney, pitcher Matt Moore2-9
TEX@CLETop 6Nelson Cruz Strikeout, pitcher Ubaldo Jiménez1-9
TEX@CLETop 9Elvis Andrus Walk, pitcher Vinnie Pestano2-9
TEX@CLETop 9Adrián Béltre Strikeout, pitcher Vinnie Pestano1-9
HOU@TORBot 3José Reyes Walk, pitcher Jarred Cosart1-10
HOU@TORBot 3Edwin Encarnación 1-Run Out Brandon Barnes, José Reyes scores, pitcher Jarred Cosart1-11
PHI@DETTop 1Michael Young Single, pitcher Rick Porcello1-12
HOU@TORBot 5José Reyes Walk, pitcher Jarred Cosart1-13
HOU@TORBot 5José Reyes Time Caught Stealing1-12
HOU@TORBot 7José Reyes Strikeout, pitcher Josh Fields1-11
PHI@DETTop 5Michael Young Strikeout, pitcher Rick Porcello1-10
PHI@DETBot 5Prince Fielder 1-Run Out Kevin Frandsen, Darin Ruf, Matt Tuiasosopo to 2nd, Don Kelly to 3rd, Austin Jackson scores, pitcher Jonathan Pettibone2-10
PHI@DETBot 6Jhonny Peralta 4-Run Grand Slam, Victor Martínez scores, Prince Fielder scores, Hernán Pérez scores, pitcher Luis Garcia3-10
HOU@TORBot 9Colby Rasmus 1-Run Single, Emilio Bonifacio scores, pitcher Wesley Wright3-12
PIT@MIATop 2Pedro Alvarez Single, pitcher Jose Fernandez3-13
PIT@MIATop 2Russell Martin 1-Run Double, Pedro Alvarez scores, pitcher Jose Fernandez3-14
PIT@MIATop 6Pedro Alvarez Strikeout, pitcher Jose Fernandez3-13
BOS@BALBot 1Adam Jones Strikeout, pitcher Jon Lester3-12
BOS@BALBot 4Adam Jones Single, pitcher Jon Lester3-13
BOS@BALBot 6Adam Jones Single, Chris Davis to 2nd, pitcher Jon Lester3-14
LAA@OAKTop 1J.B. Shuck Walk, pitcher Jarrod Parker3-13
LAA@OAKTop 1Erick Aybar Walk, J.B. Shuck to 2nd, pitcher Jarrod Parker3-12
CHC@SFTop 1Junior Lake Strikeout, pitcher Tim Lincecum3-11
LAA@OAKTop 1Josh Hamilton Strikeout, pitcher Jarrod Parker3-12
LAA@OAKTop 1Howie Kendrick 1-Run Single, Mike Trout to 3rd, J.B. Shuck scores, pitcher Jarrod Parker3-11
LAA@OAKTop 1Mark Trumbo 1-Run Single, Howie Kendrick to 2nd, Mike Trout scores, pitcher Jarrod Parker4-10
LAA@OAKTop 1Alberto Callaspo 2-Run Single, Mark Trumbo scores, Howie Kendrick scores, pitcher Jarrod Parker4-9
LAA@OAKTop 1Kole Calhoun Single, Alberto Callaspo to 2nd, pitcher Jarrod Parker4-8
LAA@OAKTop 1Chris Iannetta Walk, Kole Calhoun to 2nd, Alberto Callaspo to 3rd, pitcher Jarrod Parker4-7
LAA@OAKTop 1J.B. Shuck Out Coco Crisp, pitcher Jarrod Parker4-8
LAA@OAKTop 2Erick Aybar Triple, pitcher Jarrod Parker4-7
LAA@OAKTop 2Mike Trout Walk, pitcher Jarrod Parker5-6
LAA@OAKTop 2Josh Hamilton Strikeout, pitcher Jarrod Parker5-7
LAA@OAKTop 2Mark Trumbo Strikeout, pitcher Jarrod Parker5-9
LAA@OAKTop 3Alberto Callaspo Out Josh Reddick, pitcher Jarrod Parker5-10
LAA@OAKTop 3Kole Calhoun Out Josh Donaldson, Brandon Moss, pitcher Jarrod Parker5-11
LAA@OAKTop 3Chris Iannetta Out Jed Lowrie, Brandon Moss, pitcher Jarrod Parker5-12
LAA@OAKTop 4J.B. Shuck Out Brandon Moss, Jarrod Parker, pitcher Jarrod Parker5-13
LAA@OAKTop 4Erick Aybar Walk, pitcher Jarrod Parker5-12
LAA@OAKTop 4Mike Trout Out Josh Reddick, pitcher Jarrod Parker5-13
LAA@OAKTop 4Josh Hamilton Out Jed Lowrie, Brandon Moss, pitcher Jarrod Parker5-14
LAA@OAKTop 5Howie Kendrick Out Josh Donaldson, Brandon Moss, pitcher Jarrod Parker5-15
LAA@OAKTop 5Mark Trumbo Out Coco Crisp, pitcher Jarrod Parker5-16
LAA@OAKTop 5Alberto Callaspo Out Josh Reddick, pitcher Jarrod Parker5-17
LAA@OAKTop 6Kole Calhoun Walk, pitcher Jarrod Parker5-16
LAA@OAKTop 6Chris Iannetta Walk, Kole Calhoun to 2nd, pitcher Jarrod Parker5-15
LAA@OAKTop 6Mike Trout Strikeout, pitcher Jesse Chávez4-15
LAA@OAKTop 9Josh Hamilton Strikeout, pitcher Dan Otero4-14
SD@ARITop 1Everth Cabrera Out Eric Chavez, Paul Goldschmidt, pitcher Patrick Corbin4-15
SD@ARITop 1Chris Denorfia Out Aaron Hill, Paul Goldschmidt, pitcher Patrick Corbin4-16
SD@ARITop 1Chase Headley Triple, pitcher Patrick Corbin4-15
SD@ARITop 1Carlos Quentin 1-Run Single, Chase Headley scores, pitcher Patrick Corbin4-14
SD@ARITop 1Jesus Guzman Out Adam Eaton, pitcher Patrick Corbin4-15
SD@ARITop 2Yonder Alonso Out Paul Goldschmidt, pitcher Patrick Corbin4-16
MIN@SEATop 2Ryan Doumit Double, pitcher Erasmo Ramírez6-16
MIN@SEATop 2Chris Colabello 2-Run Home Run, Ryan Doumit scores, pitcher Erasmo Ramírez7-16
SD@ARITop 2Logan Forsythe Out Eric Chavez, Paul Goldschmidt, pitcher Patrick Corbin7-17
SD@ARITop 2René Rivera Single, pitcher Patrick Corbin7-16
SD@ARITop 2Tyson Ross Single, René Rivera to 2nd, pitcher Patrick Corbin7-15
SD@ARITop 2Everth Cabrera Out Gerardo Parra, pitcher Patrick Corbin7-16
CIN@LADBot 2Hanley Ramírez Strikeout, pitcher Tony Cingrani6-16
SD@ARITop 3Chris Denorfia Strikeout, pitcher Patrick Corbin6-18
SD@ARITop 3Chase Headley Strikeout, pitcher Patrick Corbin6-20
SD@ARITop 3Carlos Quentin Out Patrick Corbin, Paul Goldschmidt, pitcher Patrick Corbin6-21
MIN@SEATop 3Ryan Doumit Walk, pitcher Erasmo Ramírez7-21
SD@ARITop 4Jesus Guzman Out Gerardo Parra, pitcher Patrick Corbin7-22
SD@ARITop 4Yonder Alonso Single, pitcher Patrick Corbin7-21
SD@ARITop 4Logan Forsythe Out Eric Chavez, Paul Goldschmidt, Yonder Alonso to 3rd, pitcher Patrick Corbin7-22
SD@ARITop 4René Rivera Strikeout, pitcher Patrick Corbin7-24
CIN@LADBot 4Hanley Ramírez Strikeout, pitcher Tony Cingrani6-24
SD@ARITop 5Tyson Ross Out Cliff Pennington, pitcher Patrick Corbin6-25
SD@ARITop 5Everth Cabrera Strikeout, pitcher Patrick Corbin6-27
SD@ARITop 5Chris Denorfia Out Cliff Pennington, Paul Goldschmidt, pitcher Patrick Corbin6-28
MIL@COLTop 5Jonathan Lucroy Double, pitcher Jhoulys Chacin6-30
SD@ARITop 6Chase Headley Strikeout, pitcher Patrick Corbin6-32
MIN@SEATop 6Ryan Doumit Walk, pitcher Erasmo Ramírez7-32