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Week 4 2013 Mon 4/22-Sun 4/28

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
Division Game
RCs Reds
TOR@NYYTop 4Edwin Encarnación Single, pitcher Phil Hughes1-0
RCs Reds
TOR@NYYTop 4Adam Lind 1-Run Single, Melky Cabrera to 3rd, Edwin Encarnación scores, pitcher Phil Hughes2-0
RCs Reds
TOR@NYYTop 6Edwin Encarnación Strikeout, pitcher Phil Hughes1-0
RCs Reds
TOR@NYYBot 8Robinson Canó Walk, Ichiro Suzuki to 2nd, pitcher Steve Delabar2-0
RCs Reds
TOR@NYYTop 9Maicer Izturis Out Vernon Wells, pitcher Mariano Rivera3-0
RCs Reds
TOR@NYYTop 9Emilio Bonifacio Strikeout, pitcher Mariano Rivera5-0
RCs Reds
TOR@NYYTop 9J.P. Arencibia Out Lyle Overbay, pitcher Mariano Rivera6-0
PHI@NYMTop 1Jimmy Rollins Out Daniel Murphy, Ike Davis, pitcher Jon Niese6-1
PHI@NYMTop 1Chase Utley Out Juan Lagares, pitcher Jon Niese6-2
PHI@NYMTop 1Michael Young Walk, Kevin Frandsen to 2nd, pitcher Jon Niese6-1
CHC@MIABot 1Giancarlo Stanton 2-Run Home Run, Chris Coghlan scores, pitcher Carlos Villanueva6-8
PHI@NYMTop 2John Mayberry Out Juan Lagares, pitcher Jon Niese6-9
PHI@NYMTop 2Freddy Galvis Strikeout, pitcher Jon Niese6-11
PHI@NYMTop 2Cole Hamels Strikeout, pitcher Jon Niese6-13
PHI@NYMTop 3Jimmy Rollins Out Marlon Byrd, pitcher Jon Niese6-14
PHI@NYMTop 3Kevin Frandsen Out Jon Niese, Ike Davis, pitcher Jon Niese6-15
PHI@NYMTop 3Chase Utley Out Lucas Duda, pitcher Jon Niese6-16
PHI@NYMBot 3Daniel Murphy Strikeout, pitcher Cole Hamels6-15
PHI@NYMTop 4Michael Young Single, pitcher Jon Niese6-14
PHI@NYMTop 4Carlos Ruiz Out Marlon Byrd, pitcher Jon Niese6-15
PHI@NYMTop 4Domonic Brown Out Juan Lagares, pitcher Jon Niese6-16
PHI@NYMTop 4John Mayberry Strikeout, pitcher Jon Niese6-18
CHC@MIABot 4Giancarlo Stanton Walk, pitcher Carlos Villanueva6-19
PHI@NYMTop 5Freddy Galvis 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Jon Niese6-18
PHI@NYMTop 5Cole Hamels Out David Wright, pitcher Jon Niese6-19
PHI@NYMTop 5Jimmy Rollins Out Juan Lagares, pitcher Jon Niese6-20
PHI@NYMTop 5Kevin Frandsen Out David Wright, Ike Davis, pitcher Jon Niese6-21
PHI@NYMTop 6Chase Utley Out Juan Lagares, pitcher Jon Niese6-22
PHI@NYMTop 6Michael Young Out Juan Lagares, pitcher Jon Niese6-23
PHI@NYMTop 6Carlos Ruiz Double, pitcher Jon Niese6-22
PHI@NYMTop 6Domonic Brown Out Juan Lagares, pitcher Jon Niese6-23
PHI@NYMTop 7John Mayberry Out Juan Lagares, pitcher Jon Niese6-24
PHI@NYMTop 7Freddy Galvis Out David Wright, Ike Davis, pitcher Jon Niese6-25
PHI@NYMTop 7Laynce Nix Single, pitcher Jon Niese6-24
PHI@NYMTop 7Jimmy Rollins Single, Laynce Nix to 2nd, pitcher Jon Niese6-23
CHC@MIABot 8Giancarlo Stanton 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Kameron Loe6-29
RCs Reds
CIN@WSHTop 1Zack Cozart Single, pitcher Ross Detwiler7-29
RCs Reds
CIN@WSHTop 1Brandon Phillips 2-Run Single, Joey Votto scores, Zack Cozart scores, pitcher Ross Detwiler8-29
RCs Reds
CIN@WSHTop 1Jay Bruce Single, Brandon Phillips to 3rd, pitcher Ross Detwiler9-29
RCs Reds
HOU@BOSBot 1Mike Napoli Strikeout, pitcher Bud Norris8-29
RCs Reds
CIN@WSHTop 2Zack Cozart Walk, Shin-Soo Choo to 2nd, Tony Cingrani to 3rd, pitcher Ross Detwiler9-29
CIN@WSHBot 2Adam LaRoche Strikeout, pitcher Tony Cingrani9-28
RCs Reds
CIN@WSHTop 4Zack Cozart 1-Run Single, Corky Miller scores, pitcher Ross Detwiler11-28
RCs Reds
HOU@BOSBot 4Mike Napoli Double, pitcher Bud Norris13-28
CIN@WSHBot 4Adam LaRoche Strikeout, pitcher Tony Cingrani13-27
RCs Reds
CIN@WSHTop 5Jay Bruce Single, pitcher Ross Detwiler14-27
RCs Reds
HOU@BOSBot 5Mike Napoli Strikeout, pitcher Bud Norris13-27
CIN@WSHBot 7Adam LaRoche Strikeout, pitcher Sam LeCure13-26
RCs Reds
HOU@BOSBot 7Mike Napoli Strikeout, pitcher Jose Cisnero12-26
RCs Reds
CIN@WSHTop 8Zack Cozart 1-Run Out Bryce Harper, Corky Miller scores, pitcher Ryan Mattheus13-26
RCs Reds
CIN@WSHBot 8Danny Espinosa Strikeout, pitcher Jonathan Broxton15-26
RCs Reds
CIN@WSHBot 8Bryce Harper Walk, pitcher Jonathan Broxton14-26
RCs Reds
CIN@WSHBot 8Jayson Werth Out Shin-Soo Choo, pitcher Jonathan Broxton15-26
CIN@WSHBot 8Adam LaRoche Out Brandon Phillips, pitcher Jonathan Broxton16-26
RCs Reds
CIN@WSHBot 8Ian Desmond 1-Run Double, Bryce Harper scores, pitcher Jonathan Broxton15-26
RCs Reds
TB@CWSTop 1Desmond Jennings Time Caught Stealing14-26
CLE@KCTop 1Asdrubal Cabrera Single, pitcher Jeremy Guthrie14-27
TB@CWSBot 1Alejandro De Aza Out Ben Zobrist, James Loney, pitcher David Price14-28
TB@CWSBot 1Tyler Greene Strikeout, pitcher David Price14-30
TB@CWSBot 1Alex Rios Single, pitcher David Price14-29
TB@CWSBot 1Paul Konerko Walk, pitcher David Price14-28
TB@CWSBot 1Adam Dunn 1-Run Single, Alex Rios scores, pitcher David Price14-27
TB@CWSBot 2Alexei Ramirez Single, pitcher David Price14-26
TB@CWSBot 2Conor Gillaspie Strikeout, pitcher David Price14-28
TB@CWSBot 2Tyler Flowers Out Evan Longoria, James Loney, Alexei Ramirez to 3rd, pitcher David Price14-29
TB@CWSBot 2DeWayne Wise Out James Loney, pitcher David Price14-30
RCs Reds
TB@CWSTop 3Desmond Jennings Walk, pitcher Dylan Axelrod15-30
TB@CWSBot 3Alejandro De Aza Single, pitcher David Price15-29
TB@CWSBot 3Tyler Greene Strikeout, pitcher David Price15-31
TB@CWSBot 3Alex Rios Strikeout, pitcher David Price15-33
TB@CWSBot 3Paul Konerko 2-Run Home Run, Alejandro De Aza scores, pitcher David Price15-32
TB@CWSBot 3Adam Dunn Out Desmond Jennings, pitcher David Price15-33
RCs Reds
CLE@KCTop 4Mark Reynolds Walk, pitcher Jeremy Guthrie16-33
TB@CWSBot 4Alexei Ramirez Out Ben Zobrist, James Loney, pitcher David Price16-34
TB@CWSBot 4Conor Gillaspie Strikeout, pitcher David Price16-36
TB@CWSBot 4Tyler Flowers Strikeout, pitcher David Price16-38
TB@CWSBot 5DeWayne Wise Out Ben Zobrist, pitcher David Price16-39
TB@CWSBot 5Alejandro De Aza Strikeout, pitcher David Price16-41
TB@CWSBot 5Tyler Greene Strikeout, pitcher David Price16-43
RCs Reds
TB@CWSTop 6Desmond Jennings Double, pitcher Dylan Axelrod18-43
RCs Reds
TB@CWSTop 6Matt Joyce 2-Run Home Run, Desmond Jennings scores, pitcher Dylan Axelrod19-43
CLE@KCTop 6Asdrubal Cabrera Single, pitcher Jeremy Guthrie19-44
RCs Reds
CLE@KCTop 6Nick Swisher Walk, Asdrubal Cabrera to 2nd, pitcher Jeremy Guthrie20-44
TB@CWSBot 6Alex Rios Out Ben Zobrist, pitcher David Price20-45
TB@CWSBot 6Paul Konerko Strikeout, pitcher David Price20-47
TB@CWSBot 6Adam Dunn Walk, pitcher David Price20-46
TB@CWSBot 7Conor Gillaspie Single, pitcher David Price20-45
TB@CWSBot 7Tyler Flowers Out Ben Zobrist, James Loney, pitcher David Price20-46
TB@CWSBot 7DeWayne Wise Out David Price, James Loney, pitcher David Price20-47
CLE@KCTop 8Asdrubal Cabrera Double, pitcher Luke Hochevar20-49
RCs Reds
CLE@KCTop 8Nick Swisher Strikeout, pitcher Luke Hochevar19-49
RCs Reds
CLE@KCTop 8Mark Reynolds Strikeout, pitcher Luke Hochevar18-49
RCs Reds
TB@CWSTop 9Desmond Jennings Walk, pitcher Deunte Heath19-49
RCs Reds
TB@CWSTop 9Ben Zobrist 1-Run Single, Matt Joyce to 3rd, Desmond Jennings scores, pitcher Deunte Heath20-49
BAL@OAKTop 4Adam Jones 1-Run Single, Nick Markakis to 2nd, Manny Machado to 3rd, Nate McLouth scores, pitcher Bartolo Colón20-51
BAL@OAKTop 4Matt Wieters 1-Run Out Yoenis Céspedes, Adam Jones scores, pitcher Bartolo Colón20-52
BAL@OAKTop 5Adam Jones 1-Run Double, Nate McLouth scores, pitcher Bartolo Colón20-55
BAL@OAKBot 6Seth Smith 1-Run Out Ryan Flaherty, J.J. Hardy, Coco Crisp scores, pitcher Miguel González20-56
BAL@OAKBot 6Josh Donaldson 2-Run Double, Brandon Moss to 3rd, Yoenis Céspedes scores, Seth Smith scores, pitcher Miguel González20-57
BAL@OAKBot 7Seth Smith 2-Run Home Run, Coco Crisp scores, pitcher Troy Patton20-64