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Week 1 2013 Sun 3/31-Sun 4/7

TeamCoach RatingSMTWTFSSTotal
Division Game
BOS@TORBot 3Emilio Bonifacio Strikeout, pitcher Jon Lester-1-0
NYY@DETTop 1Brett Gardner Out Torii Hunter, pitcher Justin Verlander0-0
NYY@DETTop 1Robinson Canó Out Matt Tuiasosopo, pitcher Justin Verlander1-0
NYY@DETTop 1Kevin Youkilis Double, pitcher Justin Verlander0-0
NYY@DETTop 1Travis Hafner Strikeout, pitcher Justin Verlander2-0
NYY@DETBot 1Prince Fielder Strikeout, pitcher CC Sabathia1-0
NYY@DETTop 2Vernon Wells Walk, pitcher Justin Verlander0-0
NYY@DETTop 2Francisco Cervelli 1-Run Double, Ichiro Suzuki scores, pitcher Justin Verlander-1-0
NYY@DETTop 2Lyle Overbay Out Matt Tuiasosopo, pitcher Justin Verlander0-0
NYY@DETTop 2Brett Gardner Out Miguel Cabrera, Prince Fielder, pitcher Justin Verlander1-0
NYY@DETTop 2Jayson Nix 2-Run Home Run, Francisco Cervelli scores, pitcher Justin Verlander0-0
BOS@TORBot 5Emilio Bonifacio Single, pitcher Jon Lester1-0
NYY@DETTop 3Robinson Canó Out Ramon Santiago, Prince Fielder, pitcher Justin Verlander2-0
NYY@DETTop 3Kevin Youkilis Walk, pitcher Justin Verlander1-0
NYY@DETTop 3Travis Hafner Single, Kevin Youkilis to 2nd, pitcher Justin Verlander0-0
NYY@DETTop 3Vernon Wells Out Miguel Cabrera, pitcher Justin Verlander1-0
NYY@DETTop 3Ichiro Suzuki Out Torii Hunter, pitcher Justin Verlander2-0
NYY@DETTop 4Francisco Cervelli Out Torii Hunter, pitcher Justin Verlander3-0
NYY@DETTop 4Lyle Overbay Strikeout, pitcher Justin Verlander5-0
NYY@DETTop 4Jayson Nix Out Torii Hunter, pitcher Justin Verlander6-0
NYY@DETBot 4Prince Fielder Strikeout, pitcher CC Sabathia5-0
NYY@DETTop 5Brett Gardner Out Ramon Santiago, pitcher Justin Verlander6-0
NYY@DETTop 5Robinson Canó Single, pitcher Justin Verlander5-0
NYY@DETTop 5Kevin Youkilis Out Torii Hunter, pitcher Justin Verlander6-0
NYY@DETTop 5Travis Hafner Strikeout, pitcher Justin Verlander8-0
Cincy Chews
BOS@TORBot 8Melky Cabrera Strikeout, pitcher Clayton Mortensen8--1
NYY@DETTop 6Vernon Wells Strikeout, pitcher Justin Verlander10--1
NYY@DETTop 6Ichiro Suzuki Single, pitcher Justin Verlander9--1
NYY@DETTop 6Francisco Cervelli Out Justin Verlander, Ichiro Suzuki to 2nd, pitcher Justin Verlander10--1
NYY@DETTop 6Lyle Overbay Out Omar Infante, Prince Fielder, pitcher Justin Verlander11--1
NYY@DETTop 7Jayson Nix Single, pitcher Justin Verlander10--1
NYY@DETTop 7Brett Gardner Out Austin Jackson, pitcher Justin Verlander11--1
NYY@DETTop 7Robinson Canó Out Omar Infante, Ramon Santiago, Prince Fielder, pitcher Justin Verlander12--1
WSH@CINTop 1Bryce Harper Single, pitcher Johnny Cueto13--1
WSH@CINBot 1Shin-Soo Choo Out Jayson Werth, pitcher Stephen Strasburg14--1
WSH@CINBot 1Xavier Paul Single, pitcher Stephen Strasburg13--1
WSH@CINBot 1Joey Votto Walk, Xavier Paul to 2nd, pitcher Stephen Strasburg12--1
WSH@CINBot 1Brandon Phillips Single, Joey Votto to 2nd, Xavier Paul to 3rd, pitcher Stephen Strasburg11--1
WSH@CINBot 1Jay Bruce 2-Run Double, Brandon Phillips to 3rd, Joey Votto scores, Xavier Paul scores, pitcher Stephen Strasburg10--1
WSH@CINBot 1Todd Frazier 1-Run Out Danny Espinosa, Chad Tracy, Jay Bruce to 3rd, Brandon Phillips scores, pitcher Stephen Strasburg11--1
WSH@CINBot 1Zack Cozart Out Denard Span, pitcher Stephen Strasburg12--1
NYY@DETTop 8Kevin Youkilis Out Miguel Cabrera, Prince Fielder, pitcher Justin Verlander13--1
WSH@CINBot 2Ryan Hanigan Strikeout, pitcher Stephen Strasburg15--1
NYY@DETBot 8Prince Fielder Single, Torii Hunter to 3rd, pitcher David Robertson16--1
WSH@CINBot 2Johnny Cueto Out Chad Tracy, pitcher Stephen Strasburg17--1
WSH@CINBot 2Shin-Soo Choo Single, pitcher Stephen Strasburg16--1
WSH@CINBot 2Xavier Paul Single, Shin-Soo Choo to 2nd, pitcher Stephen Strasburg15--1
WSH@CINBot 2Joey Votto Strikeout, pitcher Stephen Strasburg17--1
WSH@CINBot 3Brandon Phillips Out Danny Espinosa, Chad Tracy, pitcher Stephen Strasburg18--1
WSH@CINBot 3Todd Frazier Single, Jay Bruce to 2nd, pitcher Stephen Strasburg17--1
WSH@CINBot 3Zack Cozart Out Ian Desmond, Chad Tracy, Todd Frazier to 2nd, Jay Bruce to 3rd, pitcher Stephen Strasburg18--1
WSH@CINBot 3Ryan Hanigan Walk, pitcher Stephen Strasburg17--1
WSH@CINBot 4Xavier Paul Out Bryce Harper, pitcher Stephen Strasburg18--1
WSH@CINBot 4Shin-Soo Choo Walk, pitcher Stephen Strasburg17--1
WSH@CINBot 4Joey Votto Strikeout, pitcher Stephen Strasburg19--1
WSH@CINBot 4Brandon Phillips Out Danny Espinosa, pitcher Stephen Strasburg20--1
WSH@CINTop 5Bryce Harper Strikeout, pitcher Johnny Cueto19--1
WSH@CINBot 5Jay Bruce Out Ryan Zimmerman, Chad Tracy, pitcher Stephen Strasburg20--1
WSH@CINBot 5Todd Frazier Walk, pitcher Stephen Strasburg19--1
WSH@CINBot 5Zack Cozart Strikeout, pitcher Stephen Strasburg21--1
WSH@CINBot 5Ryan Hanigan Strikeout, pitcher Stephen Strasburg23--1
WSH@CINBot 6Derrick Robinson Single, pitcher Stephen Strasburg22--1
WSH@CINBot 6Shin-Soo Choo Single, Derrick Robinson to 3rd, pitcher Stephen Strasburg21--1
WSH@CINBot 6Joey Votto Out Stephen Strasburg, Chad Tracy, Xavier Paul to 2nd, Shin-Soo Choo to 3rd, pitcher Stephen Strasburg22--1
WSH@CINBot 6Brandon Phillips 1-Run Single, Xavier Paul to 3rd, Shin-Soo Choo scores, pitcher Stephen Strasburg21--1
WSH@CINTop 7Bryce Harper Strikeout, pitcher Sean Marshall20--1
Cincy Chews
KC@PHIBot 1Ryan Howard Strikeout, pitcher James Shields20--2
Cincy Chews
CHC@ATLBot 2Dan Uggla Strikeout, pitcher Jeff Samardzija20--3
Cincy Chews
CHC@ATLBot 4Dan Uggla Strikeout, pitcher Jeff Samardzija20--4
Cincy Chews
KC@PHIBot 5Ryan Howard Strikeout, pitcher James Shields20--5
Cincy Chews
CHC@ATLBot 6Ramiro Pena 2-Run Single, Chris Johnson to 3rd, Juan Francisco scores, Dan Uggla scores, pitcher Jeff Samardzija20--4
Cincy Chews
KC@PHIBot 7Ryan Howard Strikeout, pitcher Tim Collins20--5
Cincy Chews
CHC@ATLBot 8Dan Uggla 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Hisanori Takahashi20-1
Cincy Chews
KC@PHIBot 9Ryan Howard Single, pitcher Greg Holland20-2
Cincy Chews
KC@PHIBot 9Laynce Nix 1-Run Single, Michael Young to 2nd, Ryan Howard scores, pitcher Kelvin Herrera20-3
CLE@TBTop 2Carlos Santana Single, Mark Reynolds to 2nd, pitcher David Price21-3
CLE@TBTop 3Carlos Santana Single, pitcher David Price22-3
CLE@TBTop 5Carlos Santana 1-Run Double, Ryan Raburn scores, pitcher David Price25-3
CLE@TBTop 5Lonnie Chisenhall 3-Run Home Run, Mike Aviles scores, Carlos Santana scores, pitcher David Price26-3
CLE@TBTop 7Carlos Santana Double, pitcher Kyle Farnsworth28-3
CLE@TBTop 7Mike Aviles 1-Run Single, Carlos Santana scores, pitcher Kyle Farnsworth29-3
CLE@TBTop 9Carlos Santana 2-Run Home Run, Mark Reynolds scores, pitcher Fernando Rodney36-3
OAK@HOUBot 1José Altuve Strikeout, pitcher Brett Anderson35-3
OAK@HOUBot 3José Altuve Walk, pitcher Brett Anderson36-3
OAK@HOUBot 5José Altuve Strikeout, pitcher Brett Anderson35-3
Cincy Chews
ARI@MILBot 6Jonathan Lucroy Hit By Pitch, pitcher Ian Kennedy35-4
Cincy Chews
ARI@MILBot 9Jonathan Lucroy 1-Run Single, Nori Aoki scores, pitcher J. J. Putz35-6
Cincy Chews
ARI@MILBot 11Jonathan Lucroy 1-Run Single, Carlos Gómez to 3rd, Nori Aoki scores, pitcher Heath Bell35-8
STL@SFBot 1Marco Scutaro Strikeout, pitcher Adam Wainwright34-10
Cincy Chews
STL@SFBot 1Angel Pagan Triple, pitcher Adam Wainwright34-9
Cincy Chews
STL@SFBot 1Pablo Sandoval Strikeout, pitcher Adam Wainwright34-11
Cincy Chews
STL@SFBot 1Buster Posey Out Ty Wigginton, Matt Adams, pitcher Adam Wainwright34-12
Cincy Chews
STL@SFBot 2Hunter Pence Out Pete Kozma, Matt Adams, pitcher Adam Wainwright34-13
Cincy Chews
STL@SFBot 2Brandon Belt Out Jon Jay, pitcher Adam Wainwright34-14
Cincy Chews
STL@SFBot 2Gregor Blanco Out Allen Craig, pitcher Adam Wainwright34-15
Cincy Chews
STL@SFBot 3Brandon Crawford Double, pitcher Adam Wainwright34-14
Cincy Chews
STL@SFBot 3Matt Cain Out Ty Wigginton, Matt Adams, Brandon Crawford to 3rd, pitcher Adam Wainwright34-15
STL@SFBot 3Marco Scutaro Out Pete Kozma, Matt Adams, Angel Pagan to 3rd, pitcher Adam Wainwright34-16
Cincy Chews
STL@SFBot 3Angel Pagan 1-Run Double, Brandon Crawford scores, pitcher Adam Wainwright34-15
Cincy Chews
STL@SFBot 3Buster Posey Out Ty Wigginton, Matt Adams, pitcher Adam Wainwright34-16