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Week 24 2013 Mon 9/9-Sun 9/15

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
#6 (12-10)
#2 (16-6)
Playoff Game
BAL@TORTop 1Adam Jones Single, Nick Markakis to 2nd, pitcher Mark Buehrle0-1
BAL@TORBot 2Adam Lind 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Miguel Gonzalez0-8
BAL@TORTop 3Adam Jones Walk, Nick Markakis to 2nd, pitcher Mark Buehrle0-9
BAL@TORTop 3Danny Valencia 2-Run Double, Adam Jones scores, Nick Markakis scores, pitcher Mark Buehrle0-11
BAL@TORTop 4Brian Roberts Double, Michael Morse to 3rd, pitcher Mark Buehrle0-13
BAL@TORBot 4Adam Lind Single, pitcher Miguel Gonzalez0-14
BAL@TORBot 6Adam Lind Strikeout, pitcher Miguel Gonzalez0-13
BAL@TORBot 7Adam Lind Walk, pitcher Francisco Rodriguez0-14
CHC@PITTop 1Starlin Castro Out Jordy Mercer, Gaby Sanchez, pitcher Francisco Liriano0-15
SD@ATLTop 1Will Venable Single, pitcher Julio Teheran0-16
CHC@PITTop 1Darwin Barney Walk, pitcher Francisco Liriano0-15
CHC@PITTop 1Anthony Rizzo Out Andrew McCutchen, pitcher Francisco Liriano0-16
CHC@PITTop 1Donnie Murphy Strikeout, pitcher Francisco Liriano0-18
CHC@PITTop 2Junior Lake Strikeout, pitcher Francisco Liriano0-20
CHC@PITTop 2Welington Castillo Out Jose Tabata, pitcher Francisco Liriano0-21
CHC@PITTop 2Darnell McDonald Out Francisco Liriano, Gaby Sanchez, pitcher Francisco Liriano0-22
CHC@PITTop 3Brian Bogusevic Strikeout, pitcher Francisco Liriano0-24
CHC@PITTop 3Travis Wood Strikeout, pitcher Francisco Liriano0-26
CHC@PITTop 3Starlin Castro Walk, pitcher Francisco Liriano0-25
CHC@PITTop 3Darwin Barney Out Marlon Byrd, pitcher Francisco Liriano0-26
CHC@PITBot 3Marlon Byrd Single, Andrew McCutchen to 3rd, pitcher Travis Wood1-26
CHC@PITTop 4Anthony Rizzo Out Neil Walker, Gaby Sanchez, pitcher Francisco Liriano1-27
CHC@PITTop 4Donnie Murphy Out Jordy Mercer, Gaby Sanchez, pitcher Francisco Liriano1-28
CHC@PITTop 4Junior Lake Out Andrew McCutchen, pitcher Francisco Liriano1-29
SD@ATLBot 4Evan Gattis Strikeout, pitcher Burch Smith1-28
CHC@PITTop 5Welington Castillo Out Pedro Alvarez, Gaby Sanchez, pitcher Francisco Liriano1-29
CHC@PITTop 5Darnell McDonald Out Francisco Liriano, Gaby Sanchez, pitcher Francisco Liriano1-30
CHC@PITTop 5Brian Bogusevic Out Jose Tabata, pitcher Francisco Liriano1-31
PHI@WSHBot 5Jayson Werth 1-Run Single, Ryan Zimmerman scores, pitcher Tyler Cloyd1-33
CHC@PITTop 6Travis Wood Walk, pitcher Francisco Liriano1-32
CHC@PITTop 6Starlin Castro Out Marlon Byrd, pitcher Francisco Liriano1-33
CHC@PITTop 6Darwin Barney Walk, Travis Wood to 2nd, pitcher Francisco Liriano1-32
SD@ATLTop 6Will Venable Single, pitcher Julio Teheran1-33
SD@ATLTop 6Will Venable Stolen Base1-35
SD@ATLTop 6Jedd Gyorko 1-Run Single, Will Venable scores, pitcher Julio Teheran1-37
SD@ATLBot 6Evan Gattis Strikeout, pitcher Burch Smith1-36
CHC@PITTop 7Junior Lake Single, pitcher Francisco Liriano1-35
CHC@PITTop 7Welington Castillo 2-Run Home Run, Junior Lake scores, pitcher Francisco Liriano1-34
CHC@PITTop 7Darnell McDonald Single, pitcher Francisco Liriano1-33
SD@ATLTop 7Will Venable Double, Burch Smith to 3rd, pitcher Scott Downs1-35
PHI@WSHBot 7Ryan Zimmerman Strikeout, pitcher Mauricio Robles1-34
CHC@PITBot 8Marlon Byrd Single, Andrew McCutchen to 2nd, pitcher Pedro Strop2-34
CIN@MILTop 1Shin-Soo Choo Walk, pitcher Yovani Gallardo3-34
CIN@MILTop 1Joey Votto 1-Run Single, Brandon Phillips to 2nd, Shin-Soo Choo scores, pitcher Yovani Gallardo7-34
CIN@MILTop 1Jay Bruce Walk, Joey Votto to 2nd, Brandon Phillips to 3rd, pitcher Yovani Gallardo7-35
CLE@CWSTop 1Drew Stubbs Strikeout, pitcher Chris Sale7-37
CIN@MILTop 1Zack Cozart 1-Run Out Caleb Gindl, Jay Bruce scores, pitcher Yovani Gallardo7-39
CLE@CWSTop 1Nick Swisher Strikeout, pitcher Chris Sale7-41
CLE@CWSTop 1Ryan Raburn Strikeout, pitcher Chris Sale7-43
CLE@CWSTop 2Carlos Santana Single, pitcher Chris Sale7-42
CLE@CWSTop 2Yan Gomes Out Jordan Danks, pitcher Chris Sale7-43
CLE@CWSTop 2Asdrubal Cabrera Out Adam Dunn, pitcher Chris Sale7-44
CLE@CWSTop 2Mike Aviles Walk, pitcher Chris Sale7-43
CLE@CWSTop 2Matt Carson 1-Run Single, Carlos Santana scores, pitcher Chris Sale7-42
CLE@CWSTop 3Jose Ramirez Strikeout, pitcher Chris Sale7-44
CIN@MILTop 3Jay Bruce Stolen Base7-46
CLE@CWSTop 3Drew Stubbs Strikeout, pitcher Chris Sale7-48
CIN@MILTop 3Todd Frazier 1-Run Single, Jay Bruce scores, pitcher Yovani Gallardo7-50
CLE@CWSTop 3Nick Swisher Out Adam Dunn, pitcher Chris Sale7-51
CLE@CWSTop 4Ryan Raburn Out Adam Dunn, pitcher Chris Sale7-52
CLE@CWSTop 4Carlos Santana Walk, pitcher Chris Sale7-51
CLE@CWSTop 4Yan Gomes Out Gordon Beckham, pitcher Chris Sale7-52
CIN@MILTop 4Shin-Soo Choo Strikeout, pitcher Yovani Gallardo6-52
CLE@CWSTop 4Asdrubal Cabrera Out Dayan Viciedo, pitcher Chris Sale6-53
CLE@CWSTop 5Mike Aviles Out Leury Garcia, pitcher Chris Sale6-54
CIN@MILTop 5Jay Bruce Single, pitcher Yovani Gallardo6-55
CLE@CWSTop 5Matt Carson 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Chris Sale6-54
CLE@CWSTop 5Jose Ramirez Single, pitcher Chris Sale6-53
CLE@CWSTop 5Drew Stubbs Strikeout, pitcher Chris Sale6-55
CLE@CWSTop 6Nick Swisher 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Chris Sale6-54
CLE@CWSTop 6Ryan Raburn Single, pitcher Chris Sale6-53
CLE@CWSTop 6Carlos Santana Single, Ryan Raburn to 2nd, pitcher Chris Sale6-52
CLE@CWSTop 6Yan Gomes Strikeout, pitcher Chris Sale6-54
CLE@CWSTop 6Asdrubal Cabrera 3-Run Home Run, Carlos Santana scores, Ryan Raburn scores, pitcher Chris Sale6-53
CLE@CWSTop 6Mike Aviles Out Alexei Ramirez, Adam Dunn, pitcher Chris Sale6-54
CIN@MILTop 6Shin-Soo Choo Strikeout, pitcher Yovani Gallardo5-54
CLE@CWSTop 6Matt Carson Single, pitcher Chris Sale5-53
CLE@CWSTop 6Jose Ramirez Walk, Matt Carson to 2nd, pitcher Chris Sale5-52
CIN@MILTop 7Jay Bruce Single, pitcher Donovan Hand5-53
TB@MINTop 8Yunel Escobar Walk, pitcher Jared Burton6-53
CIN@MILTop 9Shin-Soo Choo Walk, pitcher Jim Henderson7-53
CIN@MILTop 9Shin-Soo Choo Stolen Base9-53
CIN@MILTop 9Joey Votto Walk, pitcher Jim Henderson10-53
SEA@STLTop 1Dustin Ackley Walk, pitcher Shelby Miller10-52
SEA@STLTop 1Abraham Almonte Out Matt Holliday, pitcher Shelby Miller10-53
SEA@STLTop 1Kyle Seager Out Matt Holliday, pitcher Shelby Miller10-54
SEA@STLTop 1Kendrys Morales Out Jon Jay, pitcher Shelby Miller10-55
SEA@STLTop 2Franklin Gutiérrez Out David Freese, Matt Adams, pitcher Shelby Miller10-56
SEA@STLTop 2Michael Saunders Out Jon Jay, pitcher Shelby Miller10-57
SEA@STLTop 2Humberto Quintero Out Matt Carpenter, Matt Adams, pitcher Shelby Miller10-58
SEA@STLTop 3Carlos Triunfel Out David Freese, Matt Adams, pitcher Shelby Miller10-59
SEA@STLTop 3Erasmo Ramirez Out David Freese, Matt Adams, pitcher Shelby Miller10-60
SEA@STLTop 3Dustin Ackley Out Daniel Descalso, Matt Adams, pitcher Shelby Miller10-61
SEA@STLTop 4Abraham Almonte Double, pitcher Shelby Miller10-60
SEA@STLTop 4Kyle Seager Out Matt Adams, Shelby Miller, Abraham Almonte to 3rd, pitcher Shelby Miller10-61
SEA@STLTop 4Kendrys Morales Walk, pitcher Shelby Miller10-60
SEA@STLTop 4Franklin Gutiérrez 1-Run Single, Kendrys Morales to 2nd, Abraham Almonte scores, pitcher Shelby Miller10-59
SEA@STLTop 4Michael Saunders Out Daniel Descalso, pitcher Shelby Miller10-60
SEA@STLTop 4Humberto Quintero Strikeout, pitcher Shelby Miller10-62
SEA@STLTop 5Carlos Triunfel Out Matt Adams, pitcher Shelby Miller10-63