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Week 24 2013 Mon 9/9-Sun 9/15

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
#11 (8-14)
#7 (11-11)
Consolation Game
Blue Strikers
BAL@TORTop 1Nick Markakis Single, pitcher Mark Buehrle1-0
Blue Strikers
BAL@TORTop 3Nick Markakis Single, pitcher Mark Buehrle2-0
Blue Strikers
BAL@TORTop 3Danny Valencia 2-Run Double, Adam Jones scores, Nick Markakis scores, pitcher Mark Buehrle4-0
Blue Strikers
KC@DETTop 1Alex Gordon Out Andy Dirks, pitcher Max Scherzer4-1
KC@DETTop 1Emilio Bonifacio Walk, pitcher Max Scherzer4-0
KC@DETTop 1Emilio Bonifacio Time Picked Off Max Scherzer, Max Scherzer4-1
Blue Strikers
BAL@TORTop 4Nick Markakis Walk, pitcher Mark Buehrle5-1
KC@DETTop 1Eric Hosmer Strikeout, pitcher Max Scherzer5-3
KC@DETTop 2Billy Butler Out Austin Jackson, pitcher Max Scherzer5-4
KC@DETTop 2Salvador Pérez Strikeout, pitcher Max Scherzer5-5
KC@DETTop 2Mike Moustakas Out Austin Jackson, pitcher Max Scherzer5-6
KC@DETTop 3Lorenzo Cain Out Andy Dirks, pitcher Max Scherzer5-7
KC@DETTop 3Jarrod Dyson Strikeout, pitcher Max Scherzer5-9
KC@DETTop 3Alcides Escobar Out Omar Infante, pitcher Max Scherzer5-10
Blue Strikers
KC@DETTop 4Alex Gordon 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Max Scherzer12-9
KC@DETTop 4Emilio Bonifacio Single, pitcher Max Scherzer12-8
KC@DETTop 4Eric Hosmer Strikeout, pitcher Max Scherzer12-10
KC@DETTop 4Billy Butler Strikeout, pitcher Max Scherzer12-12
KC@DETTop 4Salvador Pérez Strikeout, pitcher Max Scherzer12-13
KC@DETTop 5Mike Moustakas Strikeout, pitcher Max Scherzer12-15
KC@DETTop 5Lorenzo Cain Strikeout, pitcher Max Scherzer12-17
KC@DETTop 5Jarrod Dyson Out Omar Infante, Prince Fielder, pitcher Max Scherzer12-18
KC@DETTop 6Alcides Escobar Strikeout, pitcher Max Scherzer12-20
Blue Strikers
KC@DETTop 6Alex Gordon Single, pitcher Max Scherzer13-19
KC@DETTop 6Emilio Bonifacio Strikeout, pitcher Max Scherzer13-21
KC@DETTop 6Eric Hosmer Strikeout, pitcher Max Scherzer13-23
KC@DETTop 7Billy Butler Strikeout, pitcher Max Scherzer13-25
KC@DETTop 7Salvador Pérez Single, pitcher Max Scherzer13-25
KC@DETTop 7Mike Moustakas Double, Salvador Pérez to 3rd, pitcher Max Scherzer13-24
KC@DETTop 7Lorenzo Cain Out Torii Hunter, pitcher Max Scherzer13-25
KC@DETTop 7Jarrod Dyson Out Ramon Santiago, Prince Fielder, pitcher Max Scherzer13-26
MIA@NYMTop 8Giancarlo Stanton Walk, pitcher Pedro Feliciano13-27
MIA@NYMTop 10Giancarlo Stanton Strikeout, pitcher Gonzalez Germen13-26
Blue Strikers
PHI@WSHBot 5Jayson Werth 1-Run Single, Ryan Zimmerman scores, pitcher Tyler Cloyd15-26
Blue Strikers
PHI@WSHBot 7Jayson Werth Single, pitcher Joe Savery16-26
Blue Strikers
PHI@WSHBot 7Ian Desmond 2-Run Single, Bryce Harper scores, Jayson Werth scores, pitcher Joe Savery18-26
SD@ATLBot 9Andrelton Simmons Strikeout, pitcher Huston Street18-25
TB@MINTop 2Wil Myers Walk, pitcher Pedro Hernandez18-26
TB@MINBot 2Trevor Plouffe Walk, pitcher David Price18-27
CIN@MILTop 3Todd Frazier 1-Run Single, Jay Bruce scores, pitcher Yovani Gallardo18-29
TB@MINTop 4Wil Myers 2-Run Home Run, Evan Longoria scores, pitcher Pedro Hernandez18-37
Blue Strikers
CIN@MILBot 4Jean Segura Single, pitcher Bronson Arroyo19-37
TB@MINTop 5Wil Myers Walk, pitcher Pedro Hernandez19-38
Blue Strikers
CLE@CWSTop 6Yan Gomes Strikeout, pitcher Chris Sale18-38
CIN@MILTop 6Todd Frazier 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Yovani Gallardo18-45
TB@MINBot 7Trevor Plouffe Single, Ryan Doumit to 2nd, pitcher David Price18-46
TB@MINBot 7Chris Parmelee 2-Run Single, Josmil Pinto to 2nd, Trevor Plouffe scores, Ryan Doumit scores, pitcher Jake McGee18-48
TB@MINTop 8Wil Myers Single, pitcher Jared Burton18-49
TB@MINTop 8James Loney 1-Run Double, Delmon Young to 3rd, Wil Myers scores, pitcher Jared Burton18-51
Blue Strikers
CIN@MILBot 8Jean Segura 2-Run Triple, Khris Davis scores, Nori Aoki scores, pitcher J.J. Hoover23-51
Blue Strikers
CIN@MILBot 8Jonathan Lucroy 1-Run Out Jay Bruce, Jean Segura scores, pitcher J.J. Hoover25-51
TB@MINBot 8Trevor Plouffe Single, pitcher Joel Peralta25-52
Blue Strikers
SEA@STLTop 6Kyle Seager Strikeout, pitcher Randy Choate24-52
OAK@TEXBot 4Ian Kinsler Strikeout, pitcher Tommy Milone24-51
Blue Strikers
COL@ARIBot 1Aaron Hill Strikeout, pitcher Jhoulys Chacin23-51
SF@LADTop 2Hunter Pence 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Edinson Vólquez23-58
Blue Strikers
COL@ARIBot 3Aaron Hill Walk, pitcher Jhoulys Chacin24-58
Blue Strikers
COL@ARIBot 3Paul Goldschmidt 2-Run Home Run, Aaron Hill scores, pitcher Jhoulys Chacin26-58
Blue Strikers
COL@ARIBot 4Aaron Hill Strikeout, pitcher Jhoulys Chacin25-58
SF@LADTop 6Hunter Pence 2-Run Home Run, Brandon Belt scores, pitcher Edinson Vólquez25-66
SF@LADTop 8Hunter Pence Walk, pitcher Ronald Belisario25-67
Blue Strikers
NYY@BOSBot 1Daniel Nava Double, pitcher Iván Nova27-67
Blue Strikers
NYY@BOSBot 1David Ortiz 1-Run Single, Daniel Nava scores, pitcher Iván Nova29-67
Blue Strikers
NYY@BOSBot 3Daniel Nava Single, pitcher Iván Nova30-67
Blue Strikers
NYY@BOSBot 5Daniel Nava Double, Dustin Pedroia to 3rd, pitcher Iván Nova32-67
Blue Strikers
NYY@BOSBot 6Daniel Nava 1-Run Single, Dustin Pedroia to 2nd, Xander Bogaerts scores, pitcher Adam Warren34-67
Blue Strikers
NYY@BOSBot 7Daniel Nava Strikeout, pitcher David Phelps33-67
   Bonuses & Miscellaneous33-65