Week 11 2013 Mon 6/10-Sun 6/16

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
Regular Season Game
WSH@CLEBot 6Michael Brantley Strikeout, pitcher Fernando Abad0--1
MIL@CINBot 1Joey Votto Single, Zack Cozart to 2nd, pitcher Wily Peralta1--1
MIL@CINTop 7Nori Aoki Strikeout, pitcher Alfredo Simon1--2
MIL@CINBot 7Joey Votto Single, pitcher Donovan Hand2--2
BOS@BALBot 1Nick Markakis Out Mike Carp, Jon Lester, pitcher Jon Lester2--1
BOS@BALBot 1Manny Machado Double, pitcher Jon Lester2--2
BOS@BALBot 1J.J. Hardy Strikeout, pitcher Jon Lester2-0
BOS@BALBot 1Adam Jones Strikeout, pitcher Jon Lester2-2
BOS@BALBot 2Chris Davis Strikeout, pitcher Jon Lester2-4
BOS@BALBot 2Matt Wieters Single, pitcher Jon Lester2-3
BOS@BALBot 2Steve Pearce Strikeout, pitcher Jon Lester2-5
BOS@BALBot 3Nick Markakis Single, pitcher Jon Lester2-4
BOS@BALBot 3Manny Machado Out Jonny Gomes, Nick Markakis to 2nd, pitcher Jon Lester2-5
BOS@BALBot 3J.J. Hardy Out Jacoby Ellsbury, pitcher Jon Lester2-6
BOS@BALBot 3Adam Jones 1-Run Double, Nick Markakis scores, pitcher Jon Lester2-5
BOS@BALBot 3Chris Davis 2-Run Home Run, Adam Jones scores, pitcher Jon Lester2-4
BOS@BALBot 3Matt Wieters Out Daniel Nava, pitcher Jon Lester2-5
BOS@BALBot 4Danny Valencia Out Will Middlebrooks, Mike Carp, pitcher Jon Lester2-6
BOS@BALBot 4Steve Pearce Strikeout, pitcher Jon Lester2-8
BOS@BALBot 4Alexi Casilla Out Will Middlebrooks, Mike Carp, pitcher Jon Lester2-9
BOS@BALBot 5Nick Markakis Double, pitcher Jon Lester2-8
BOS@BALBot 5Manny Machado 1-Run Triple, Nick Markakis scores, pitcher Jon Lester2-7
BOS@BALBot 5J.J. Hardy Strikeout, pitcher Jon Lester2-9
BOS@BALBot 5Adam Jones Strikeout, pitcher Jon Lester2-11
BOS@BALBot 5Chris Davis 1-Run Double, Manny Machado scores, pitcher Jon Lester2-10
BOS@BALBot 5Matt Wieters Strikeout, pitcher Jon Lester2-12
KC@TBTop 5Alcides Escobar Single, pitcher Roberto Hernandez3-12
KC@TBTop 6Alcides Escobar 1-Run Single, Jeff Francoeur to 2nd, Elliot Johnson scores, pitcher Roberto Hernandez5-12
KC@TBTop 8Alcides Escobar Double, pitcher Cesar Ramos7-12
KC@TBTop 8Alex Gordon 1-Run Out Luke Scott, Alcides Escobar scores, pitcher Cesar Ramos9-12
DET@MINTop 1Miguel Cabrera Single, pitcher P. J. Walters9-13
CWS@HOUBot 2Chris Carter Single, pitcher Héctor Santiago9-14
DET@MINTop 3Miguel Cabrera Strikeout, pitcher P. J. Walters9-13
CWS@HOUBot 3Chris Carter Double, pitcher Héctor Santiago9-15
DET@MINTop 5Miguel Cabrera Walk, pitcher P. J. Walters9-16
CWS@HOUBot 5Chris Carter Strikeout, pitcher Héctor Santiago9-15
DET@MINTop 7Miguel Cabrera Strikeout, pitcher Anthony Swarzak9-14
CWS@HOUBot 7Chris Carter Strikeout, pitcher Matt Thornton9-13
DET@MINTop 9Miguel Cabrera Strikeout, pitcher Josh Roenicke9-12
TOR@TEXBot 2David Murphy Single, Nelson Cruz to 2nd, pitcher Chien-Ming Wang10-12
TOR@TEXBot 4A.J. Pierzynski Single, Adrián Béltre to 3rd, pitcher Chien-Ming Wang11-12
TOR@TEXBot 6A.J. Pierzynski Single, pitcher Chien-Ming Wang12-12
TOR@TEXBot 9David Murphy Walk, pitcher Juan Perez13-12
TOR@TEXBot 9Elvis Andrus 1-Run Single, Jurickson Profar to 2nd, Leonys Martín to 3rd, David Murphy scores, pitcher Juan Perez15-12
NYY@LAATop 1Brett Gardner Double, pitcher Jered Weaver15-11
NYY@LAATop 1Ichiro Suzuki Walk, pitcher Jered Weaver15-10
NYY@LAATop 1Robinson Canó Strikeout, pitcher Jered Weaver15-12
NYY@LAATop 1Travis Hafner Walk, pitcher Jered Weaver15-11
NYY@LAATop 1Vernon Wells Out Erick Aybar, Howie Kendrick, Brendan Harris, pitcher Jered Weaver15-12
NYY@LAABot 1Peter Bourjos Single, pitcher CC Sabathia14-12
NYY@LAABot 1Mike Trout Walk, Peter Bourjos to 2nd, pitcher CC Sabathia13-12
NYY@LAABot 1Albert Pujols Out Robinson Canó, Lyle Overbay, Peter Bourjos to 3rd, pitcher CC Sabathia14-12
NYY@LAABot 1Mark Trumbo Out Reid Brignac, Lyle Overbay, pitcher CC Sabathia15-12
NYY@LAATop 2Lyle Overbay Out Mike Trout, pitcher Jered Weaver15-13
NYY@LAATop 2Jayson Nix Strikeout, pitcher Jered Weaver15-15
NYY@LAATop 2Reid Brignac Out Peter Bourjos, pitcher Jered Weaver15-16
NYY@LAABot 2Howie Kendrick Out Ichiro Suzuki, pitcher CC Sabathia16-16
NYY@LAABot 2Chris Iannetta Strikeout, pitcher CC Sabathia18-15
NYY@LAABot 2Erick Aybar Out Brett Gardner, pitcher CC Sabathia19-15
NYY@LAATop 3Chris Stewart Walk, pitcher Jered Weaver19-14
NYY@LAATop 3Brett Gardner Single, Chris Stewart to 3rd, pitcher Jered Weaver19-13
NYY@LAATop 3Ichiro Suzuki Strikeout, pitcher Jered Weaver19-15
NYY@LAATop 3Robinson Canó Out Mike Trout, pitcher Jered Weaver19-16
NYY@LAATop 3Travis Hafner 3-Run Home Run, Brett Gardner scores, Chris Stewart scores, pitcher Jered Weaver19-15
NYY@LAATop 3Vernon Wells Single, pitcher Jered Weaver19-14
NYY@LAATop 3Lyle Overbay 1-Run Double, Vernon Wells scores, pitcher Jered Weaver19-13
NYY@LAATop 3Time Picked Off Jered Weaver, Chris Iannetta19-14
NYY@LAABot 3Alberto Callaspo Out CC Sabathia, Lyle Overbay, pitcher CC Sabathia20-14
NYY@LAABot 3Brendan Harris Out Reid Brignac, Lyle Overbay, pitcher CC Sabathia21-14
NYY@LAABot 3Peter Bourjos Strikeout, pitcher CC Sabathia23-14
NYY@LAATop 4Reid Brignac Out Erick Aybar, pitcher Jered Weaver23-15
NYY@LAATop 4Chris Stewart Out Mike Trout, pitcher Jered Weaver23-16
NYY@LAATop 4Brett Gardner Out Howie Kendrick, Brendan Harris, pitcher Jered Weaver23-17
NYY@LAABot 4Mike Trout Strikeout, pitcher CC Sabathia25-17
NYY@LAABot 4Albert Pujols Out Brett Gardner, pitcher CC Sabathia26-17
NYY@LAABot 4Mark Trumbo Out Robinson Canó, Lyle Overbay, pitcher CC Sabathia27-17
NYY@LAATop 5Ichiro Suzuki Walk, pitcher Jered Weaver27-16
NYY@LAATop 5Robinson Canó Out Peter Bourjos, pitcher Jered Weaver27-17
NYY@LAATop 5Travis Hafner Out Howie Kendrick, Erick Aybar, pitcher Jered Weaver27-18
NYY@LAABot 5Howie Kendrick Single, pitcher CC Sabathia26-19
NYY@LAABot 5Chris Iannetta Walk, Howie Kendrick to 2nd, pitcher CC Sabathia25-20
NYY@LAABot 5Erick Aybar Single, pitcher CC Sabathia24-21
NYY@LAABot 5Alberto Callaspo Out CC Sabathia, Lyle Overbay, pitcher CC Sabathia25-21
NYY@LAATop 6Vernon Wells Strikeout, pitcher Jered Weaver25-23
NYY@LAATop 6Lyle Overbay Strikeout, pitcher Jered Weaver25-25
NYY@LAATop 6Jayson Nix Double, pitcher Jered Weaver25-24
NYY@LAATop 6Reid Brignac Strikeout, pitcher Jered Weaver25-26
NYY@LAABot 6Brendan Harris Out Vernon Wells, pitcher CC Sabathia26-26
NYY@LAABot 6Peter Bourjos Out Reid Brignac, Lyle Overbay, pitcher CC Sabathia27-26
NYY@LAABot 6Mike Trout Single, pitcher CC Sabathia26-26
NYY@LAABot 6Albert Pujols Out Reid Brignac, pitcher CC Sabathia27-26
NYY@LAABot 7Mark Trumbo Out Ichiro Suzuki, pitcher CC Sabathia28-26
NYY@LAABot 7Howie Kendrick Strikeout, pitcher CC Sabathia30-25
NYY@LAABot 7Chris Iannetta Strikeout, pitcher CC Sabathia32-24
NYY@LAABot 8Erick Aybar Single, pitcher CC Sabathia31-25
NYY@LAABot 8Alberto Callaspo Out Jayson Nix, pitcher CC Sabathia32-25
NYY@LAABot 8Brendan Harris Out Brett Gardner, pitcher CC Sabathia33-25
NYY@LAABot 8Peter Bourjos Strikeout, pitcher CC Sabathia35-25
NYY@LAABot 9Howie Kendrick Strikeout, pitcher David Robertson35-24
NYY@LAABot 9Mike Trout Double, pitcher CC Sabathia34-24