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Week 5 2013 Mon 4/29-Sun 5/5

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
Regular Season Game
MIN@CLETop 6Josh Willingham Walk, Joe Mauer to 2nd, Jamey Carroll to 3rd, pitcher Corey Kluber0-1
MIN@CLETop 7Josh Willingham Strikeout, pitcher Matt Albers0-0
SEA@TORTop 1Michael Morse Walk, pitcher Brandon Morrow0-1
SEA@TORBot 1José Bautista 1-Run Out Dustin Ackley, Rajai Davis scores, pitcher Joe Saunders1-1
SEA@TORBot 2Maicer Izturis 1-Run Single, Mark DeRosa to 3rd, J.P. Arencibia scores, pitcher Joe Saunders1-3
SEA@TORBot 2Emilio Bonifacio Stolen Base3-3
MIN@CLEBot 9Nick Swisher Out Aaron Hicks, pitcher Glen Perkins4-3
SEA@TORBot 3José Bautista Single, pitcher Joe Saunders5-3
MIN@CLEBot 9Mark Reynolds Strikeout, pitcher Glen Perkins7-3
SEA@TORBot 3José Bautista Stolen Base9-3
MIN@CLEBot 9Carlos Santana 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Glen Perkins8-3
MIN@CLEBot 9Ryan Raburn Single, pitcher Glen Perkins7-3
MIN@CLEBot 9Mike Aviles Strikeout, pitcher Glen Perkins9-3
SEA@TORBot 4Maicer Izturis Single, pitcher Joe Saunders9-4
SEA@TORBot 5Melky Cabrera 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Joe Saunders16-4
SEA@TORBot 5José Bautista Walk, pitcher Joe Saunders17-4
SEA@TORBot 5Mark DeRosa 3-Run Home Run, J.P. Arencibia scores, José Bautista scores, pitcher Joe Saunders19-4
SEA@TORBot 6Melky Cabrera Single, Munenori Kawasaki to 2nd, pitcher Hector Noesi20-4
SEA@TORBot 6José Bautista Walk, pitcher Hector Noesi21-4
SEA@TORBot 7Maicer Izturis Single, Mark DeRosa to 3rd, pitcher Hector Noesi21-5
SEA@TORBot 7Emilio Bonifacio Strikeout, pitcher Hector Noesi20-5
SEA@TORBot 7Melky Cabrera 1-Run Single, Munenori Kawasaki to 3rd, Maicer Izturis scores, pitcher Hector Noesi22-7
NYM@ATLBot 3Freddie Freeman 2-Run Double, Justin Upton scores, Chris Johnson scores, pitcher Jon Niese26-7
NYM@ATLBot 6Freddie Freeman 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Jeurys Familia33-7
NYM@ATLBot 8Freddie Freeman Single, Justin Upton to 3rd, pitcher Robert Carson34-7
CIN@CHCBot 1David DeJesus Double, pitcher Mat Latos33-7
CIN@CHCBot 1Starlin Castro Strikeout, pitcher Mat Latos34-7
CIN@CHCBot 1Anthony Rizzo Strikeout, pitcher Mat Latos36-7
CIN@CHCBot 1Alfonso Soriano Out Zack Cozart, pitcher Mat Latos37-7
CIN@CHCBot 2Nate Schierholtz Out Xavier Paul, pitcher Mat Latos38-7
CIN@CHCBot 2Dioner Navarro Strikeout, pitcher Mat Latos40-7
CIN@CHCBot 2Luis Valbuena Walk, pitcher Mat Latos39-7
CIN@CHCBot 2Darwin Barney Out Mat Latos, Joey Votto, pitcher Mat Latos40-7
CIN@CHCBot 3Edwin Jackson Strikeout, pitcher Mat Latos42-7
CIN@CHCBot 3David DeJesus Out Zack Cozart, pitcher Mat Latos43-7
CIN@CHCBot 3Starlin Castro Out Brandon Phillips, Joey Votto, pitcher Mat Latos44-7
CIN@CHCBot 4Anthony Rizzo Walk, pitcher Mat Latos43-7
CIN@CHCBot 4Alfonso Soriano Out Joey Votto, pitcher Mat Latos44-7
CIN@CHCBot 4Nate Schierholtz Strikeout, pitcher Mat Latos46-7
CIN@CHCBot 4Dioner Navarro Single, Anthony Rizzo to 2nd, pitcher Mat Latos45-7
CIN@CHCBot 4Luis Valbuena Walk, Dioner Navarro to 2nd, Anthony Rizzo to 3rd, pitcher Mat Latos44-7
CIN@CHCBot 4Darwin Barney Out Jay Bruce, pitcher Mat Latos45-7
CIN@CHCBot 5Julio Borbon Out Joey Votto, pitcher Mat Latos46-7
CIN@CHCBot 5David DeJesus Strikeout, pitcher Mat Latos48-7
CIN@CHCBot 5Starlin Castro Single, pitcher Mat Latos48-7
CIN@CHCBot 5Anthony Rizzo Single, Starlin Castro to 2nd, pitcher Mat Latos47-7
CIN@CHCBot 5Alfonso Soriano 2-Run Double, Anthony Rizzo scores, Starlin Castro scores, pitcher Mat Latos48-7
CIN@CHCBot 5Dioner Navarro Out Jay Bruce, pitcher Mat Latos49-7
MIA@PHIBot 4Ryan Howard Strikeout, pitcher Kevin Slowey49-6
BOS@TEXTop 1Jacoby Ellsbury Out Ian Kinsler, Mitch Moreland, pitcher Yu Darvish50-6
BOS@TEXTop 1Daniel Nava Strikeout, pitcher Yu Darvish52-6
BOS@TEXTop 1Dustin Pedroia Single, pitcher Yu Darvish51-6
BOS@TEXTop 1David Ortiz 2-Run Home Run, Dustin Pedroia scores, pitcher Yu Darvish50-6
BOS@TEXTop 1Mike Napoli Strikeout, pitcher Yu Darvish52-6
BOS@TEXBot 1Ian Kinsler Out Stephen Drew, Mike Napoli, pitcher Jon Lester52-7
BOS@TEXBot 1Elvis Andrus Out Pedro Ciriaco, Mike Napoli, pitcher Jon Lester52-8
BOS@TEXBot 1Lance Berkman Strikeout, pitcher Jon Lester52-10
BOS@TEXTop 2Mike Carp Strikeout, pitcher Yu Darvish54-10
BOS@TEXTop 2David Ross 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Yu Darvish53-10
BOS@TEXTop 2Stephen Drew Strikeout, pitcher Yu Darvish55-10
BOS@TEXTop 2Pedro Ciriaco Out Ian Kinsler, Mitch Moreland, pitcher Yu Darvish56-10
BOS@TEXBot 2Adrián Béltre Out Pedro Ciriaco, Mike Napoli, pitcher Jon Lester56-11
BOS@TEXBot 2Nelson Cruz Out Daniel Nava, pitcher Jon Lester56-12
BOS@TEXBot 2A.J. Pierzynski Strikeout, pitcher Jon Lester56-14
BOS@TEXTop 3Jacoby Ellsbury Out Elvis Andrus, Mitch Moreland, pitcher Yu Darvish57-14
BOS@TEXTop 3Daniel Nava Out Ian Kinsler, Mitch Moreland, pitcher Yu Darvish58-14
BOS@TEXTop 3Dustin Pedroia Strikeout, pitcher Yu Darvish60-14
BOS@TEXBot 3Jeff Baker Out Jon Lester, Mike Napoli, pitcher Jon Lester60-15
BOS@TEXBot 3Mitch Moreland 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Jon Lester60-14
BOS@TEXBot 3Craig Gentry Out Dustin Pedroia, Mike Napoli, pitcher Jon Lester60-15
BOS@TEXBot 3Ian Kinsler Out Jacoby Ellsbury, pitcher Jon Lester60-16
BOS@TEXTop 4David Ortiz Out Yu Darvish, Mitch Moreland, pitcher Yu Darvish61-16
BOS@TEXTop 4Mike Napoli Walk, pitcher Yu Darvish60-16
BOS@TEXTop 4Mike Carp Strikeout, pitcher Yu Darvish62-16
BOS@TEXTop 4David Ross Strikeout, pitcher Yu Darvish64-16
BOS@TEXBot 4Elvis Andrus Out Pedro Ciriaco, Mike Napoli, pitcher Jon Lester64-17
BOS@TEXBot 4Lance Berkman Double, pitcher Jon Lester64-16
BOS@TEXBot 4Adrián Béltre Out Jacoby Ellsbury, pitcher Jon Lester64-17
BOS@TEXBot 4Nelson Cruz Walk, pitcher Jon Lester64-16
BOS@TEXBot 4A.J. Pierzynski Strikeout, pitcher Jon Lester64-18
BOS@TEXTop 5Stephen Drew Strikeout, pitcher Yu Darvish66-18
BOS@TEXTop 5Pedro Ciriaco Single, pitcher Yu Darvish65-18
BOS@TEXTop 5Jacoby Ellsbury Out Nelson Cruz, pitcher Yu Darvish66-18
BOS@TEXTop 5Daniel Nava Strikeout, pitcher Yu Darvish68-18
BOS@TEXBot 5Jeff Baker Walk, pitcher Jon Lester68-17
BOS@TEXBot 5Mitch Moreland Out Mike Carp, pitcher Jon Lester68-18
BOS@TEXBot 5Craig Gentry Strikeout, pitcher Jon Lester68-20
BOS@TEXBot 5Ian Kinsler Single, Jeff Baker to 2nd, pitcher Jon Lester68-19
BOS@TEXBot 5Elvis Andrus Strikeout, pitcher Jon Lester68-21
BOS@TEXTop 6Dustin Pedroia Strikeout, pitcher Yu Darvish70-21
BOS@TEXTop 6David Ortiz Strikeout, pitcher Yu Darvish72-21
BOS@TEXTop 6Mike Napoli Strikeout, pitcher Yu Darvish74-21
BOS@TEXBot 6Lance Berkman Out Stephen Drew, Mike Napoli, pitcher Jon Lester74-22
BOS@TEXBot 6Adrián Béltre Single, pitcher Jon Lester74-21
BOS@TEXBot 6Nelson Cruz 2-Run Home Run, Adrián Béltre scores, pitcher Jon Lester74-20
BOS@TEXBot 6A.J. Pierzynski Strikeout, pitcher Jon Lester74-22
BOS@TEXBot 6Jeff Baker Walk, pitcher Jon Lester74-21
BOS@TEXBot 6Mitch Moreland Strikeout, pitcher Jon Lester74-23
BOS@TEXTop 7Mike Carp Out Ian Kinsler, Mitch Moreland, pitcher Yu Darvish75-23
BOS@TEXTop 7David Ross Walk, pitcher Yu Darvish74-23