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Week 5 2013 Mon 4/29-Sun 5/5

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
Regular Season Game
SEA@TORBot 6Edwin Encarnación 1-Run Out Dustin Ackley, Robert Andino, Melky Cabrera to 3rd, Munenori Kawasaki scores, pitcher Hector Noesi1-0
SEA@TORBot 8Edwin Encarnación Walk, pitcher Lucas Luetge2-0
NYM@ATLTop 1David Wright Strikeout, pitcher Tim Hudson1-0
NYM@ATLBot 2Melvin Upton Strikeout, pitcher Jon Niese0-0
NYM@ATLBot 3Andrelton Simmons Double, pitcher Jon Niese0-2
NYM@ATLBot 3Justin Upton 1-Run Single, Chris Johnson to 2nd, Andrelton Simmons scores, pitcher Jon Niese0-4
NYM@ATLBot 3Melvin Upton Single, Dan Uggla to 2nd, pitcher Jon Niese1-4
NYM@ATLTop 4David Wright 2-Run Home Run, Daniel Murphy scores, pitcher Tim Hudson9-4
NYM@ATLTop 4Ike Davis Single, pitcher Tim Hudson9-5
NYM@ATLBot 5Melvin Upton Walk, Dan Uggla to 2nd, Evan Gattis to 3rd, pitcher Jon Niese10-5
NYM@ATLTop 6David Wright Single, pitcher Tim Hudson11-5
NYM@ATLBot 6Melvin Upton Strikeout, pitcher Jeurys Familia10-5
NYM@ATLTop 7Ike Davis Strikeout, pitcher Tim Hudson10-4
NYM@ATLBot 7Andrelton Simmons Double, pitcher Brandon Lyon10-6
NYM@ATLTop 8David Wright Walk, pitcher Luis Avilán11-6
NYM@ATLTop 8Justin Turner 1-Run Walk, John Buck to 2nd, Lucas Duda to 3rd, David Wright scores, pitcher Eric O'Flaherty13-6
STL@MILBot 1Ryan Braun Double, pitcher Jaime García15-6
STL@MILBot 4Ryan Braun Walk, pitcher Jaime García16-6
STL@MILBot 4Rickie Weeks Jr. Strikeout, pitcher Jaime García15-6
CWS@KCBot 5Salvador Pérez Walk, pitcher José Quintana15-7
CWS@KCBot 5Alcides Escobar 1-Run Single, Alex Gordon to 2nd, Miguel Tejada to 3rd, Salvador Pérez scores, pitcher José Quintana15-9
STL@MILBot 5Ryan Braun Single, Jean Segura to 2nd, Alfredo Figaro to 3rd, pitcher Jaime García16-9
STL@MILBot 6Rickie Weeks Jr. Single, pitcher Jaime García17-9
STL@MILTop 8Jon Jay Single, pitcher John Axford16-9
STL@MILTop 8Shane Robinson Walk, Jon Jay to 2nd, pitcher John Axford15-9
STL@MILTop 8Jermaine Curtis Walk, Shane Robinson to 2nd, Jon Jay to 3rd, pitcher John Axford14-9
STL@MILTop 8Allen Craig Out Nori Aoki, pitcher John Axford15-9
STL@MILTop 8Tony Cruz 1-Run Single, Jermaine Curtis to 2nd, Shane Robinson to 3rd, Jon Jay scores, pitcher John Axford14-9
CWS@KCBot 9Salvador Pérez Walk, pitcher Addison Reed14-10
CIN@CHCTop 2Todd Frazier Single, pitcher Edwin Jackson14-11
CIN@CHCTop 4Todd Frazier 2-Run Single, Jay Bruce scores, Brandon Phillips scores, pitcher Edwin Jackson14-14
CIN@CHCTop 6Todd Frazier Strikeout, pitcher Carlos Marmol14-13
CIN@CHCTop 8Todd Frazier Walk, pitcher Kameron Loe14-14
CIN@CHCTop 8Donald Lutz 1-Run Out Darwin Barney, Starlin Castro, Jack Hannahan to 3rd, Todd Frazier scores, pitcher Kameron Loe14-16
MIA@PHIBot 3Ben Revere Walk, pitcher Kevin Slowey14-17
MIA@PHIBot 5Ben Revere Walk, pitcher Kevin Slowey14-18
MIA@PHIBot 8Freddy Galvis 1-Run Out Greg Dobbs, A.J. Ramos, Ben Revere scores, pitcher A.J. Ramos14-20
BOS@TEXTop 1Mike Napoli Strikeout, pitcher Yu Darvish13-20
BOS@TEXTop 4Mike Napoli Walk, pitcher Yu Darvish14-20
BOS@TEXBot 5Ian Kinsler Single, Jeff Baker to 2nd, pitcher Jon Lester14-21
BOS@TEXTop 6Mike Napoli Strikeout, pitcher Yu Darvish13-21
BOS@TEXTop 9Mike Carp Out Nelson Cruz, pitcher Joe Nathan13-22
BOS@TEXTop 9David Ross Walk, pitcher Joe Nathan13-21
BOS@TEXTop 9Stephen Drew Single, Shane Victorino to 2nd, pitcher Joe Nathan13-20
BOS@TEXTop 9Jarrod Saltalamacchia Strikeout, pitcher Joe Nathan13-22
BOS@TEXTop 9Jacoby Ellsbury Out Mitch Moreland, Joe Nathan, pitcher Joe Nathan13-23
BOS@TEXBot 9Ian Kinsler Strikeout, pitcher Clayton Mortensen13-22
TB@COLTop 1Desmond Jennings Single, pitcher Jhoulys Chacin14-22
TB@COLTop 1James Loney 1-Run Single, Matt Joyce to 3rd, Desmond Jennings scores, pitcher Jhoulys Chacin16-22
ARI@SDBot 1Everth Cabrera Double, pitcher Ian Kennedy18-22
ARI@SDBot 1Chase Headley 1-Run Single, Chris Denorfia to 2nd, Everth Cabrera scores, pitcher Ian Kennedy20-22
TB@COLBot 1Carlos González Single, pitcher Alex Cobb20-23
TB@COLBot 1Carlos González Stolen Base20-25
ARI@SDBot 2Everth Cabrera Strikeout, pitcher Ian Kennedy19-25
TB@COLTop 3Desmond Jennings Single, pitcher Jhoulys Chacin20-25
TB@COLBot 5Carlos González Single, Nolan Arenado to 2nd, pitcher Alex Cobb20-26
ARI@SDBot 7Everth Cabrera Strikeout, pitcher Josh Collmenter19-26
TB@COLBot 7Carlos González Strikeout, pitcher Jake McGee19-25
LAD@SFBot 1Andres Torres Single, pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu19-24
LAD@SFBot 1Marco Scutaro Single, Andres Torres to 2nd, pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu19-23
LAD@SFBot 1Pablo Sandoval Single, Marco Scutaro to 2nd, Andres Torres to 3rd, pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu19-22
LAD@SFBot 1Hunter Pence 1-Run Out Dee Gordon, Nick Punto, Pablo Sandoval to 3rd, Marco Scutaro scores, pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu19-23
LAD@SFBot 1Francisco Peguero Out Andre Ethier, pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu19-24
LAD@SFBot 2Guillermo Quiroz Out Matt Kemp, pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu19-25
LAD@SFBot 2Brandon Crawford Out Dee Gordon, Juan Uribe, pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu19-26
LAD@SFBot 2Matt Cain Strikeout, pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu19-28
LAD@SFBot 3Andres Torres Out Dee Gordon, Juan Uribe, pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu19-29
LAD@SFBot 3Marco Scutaro Single, pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu19-28
LAD@SFBot 3Pablo Sandoval Out Carl Crawford, pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu19-29
LAD@SFBot 3Buster Posey Walk, Marco Scutaro to 2nd, pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu19-28
LAD@SFBot 3Hunter Pence 1-Run Double, Buster Posey to 3rd, Marco Scutaro scores, pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu19-30
LAD@SFBot 3Francisco Peguero Out Carl Crawford, pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu19-31
LAD@SFBot 4Guillermo Quiroz Out Andre Ethier, pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu19-32
LAD@SFBot 4Brandon Crawford Strikeout, pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu19-34
LAD@SFBot 4Matt Cain Out Luis Cruz, Juan Uribe, pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu19-35
LAD@SFBot 5Andres Torres Single, pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu19-34
LAD@SFBot 5Andres Torres Time Caught Stealing19-35
LAD@SFBot 5Marco Scutaro Out Matt Kemp, pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu19-36
LAD@SFBot 5Pablo Sandoval Walk, pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu19-35
LAD@SFBot 5Buster Posey Single, Pablo Sandoval to 2nd, pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu19-34
LAD@SFBot 5Hunter Pence 2-Run Double, Buster Posey scores, Pablo Sandoval scores, pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu19-37
LAD@SFBot 5Francisco Peguero Out Dee Gordon, Juan Uribe, pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu19-38
LAD@SFBot 6Guillermo Quiroz Out Luis Cruz, Juan Uribe, pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu19-39
LAD@SFBot 6Brandon Crawford Out Andre Ethier, pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu19-40
LAD@SFBot 6Matt Cain Out Matt Kemp, pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu19-41
LAD@SFBot 8Hunter Pence Strikeout, pitcher Kenley Jansen19-40
Bonuses & Miscellaneous17-37