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Week 4 2013 Mon 4/22-Sun 4/28

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
Regular Season Game
TOR@NYYTop 1José Bautista Strikeout, pitcher Phil Hughes0--1
TOR@NYYTop 4José Bautista Strikeout, pitcher Phil Hughes0--2
TOR@NYYTop 4Melky Cabrera Single, Edwin Encarnación to 2nd, pitcher Phil Hughes0--1
TOR@NYYTop 6José Bautista Double, pitcher Phil Hughes0-1
TOR@NYYTop 6Melky Cabrera Strikeout, pitcher Phil Hughes0-0
TOR@NYYTop 6Maicer Izturis 1-Run Double, Adam Lind to 3rd, José Bautista scores, pitcher Phil Hughes0-2
TOR@NYYTop 7José Bautista Strikeout, pitcher Boone Logan0-1
TOR@NYYTop 8Melky Cabrera Strikeout, pitcher David Robertson0-0
TOR@NYYTop 9Emilio Bonifacio Strikeout, pitcher Mariano Rivera0--1
Vader's Blues
PHI@NYMBot 1John Buck Strikeout, pitcher Cole Hamels-1--1
CHC@MIATop 3Starlin Castro 2-Run Double, David DeJesus scores, Carlos Villanueva scores, pitcher Ricky Nolasco-1-3
Vader's Blues
PHI@NYMBot 4John Buck Strikeout, pitcher Cole Hamels-2-3
CHC@MIATop 5Starlin Castro Strikeout, pitcher Ricky Nolasco-2-2
Vader's Blues
PHI@NYMTop 7Jimmy Rollins Single, Laynce Nix to 2nd, pitcher Jon Niese-1-2
Vader's Blues
PHI@NYMTop 7Ryan Howard 2-Run Double, Jimmy Rollins scores, Laynce Nix scores, pitcher Scott Atchison1-2
CHC@MIATop 8Starlin Castro Single, pitcher Mike Dunn1-3
Vader's Blues
CIN@WSHBot 4Bryce Harper Strikeout, pitcher Tony Cingrani0-3
Vader's Blues
CIN@WSHBot 6Bryce Harper Strikeout, pitcher Tony Cingrani-1-3
Vader's Blues
CIN@WSHBot 8Bryce Harper Walk, pitcher Jonathan Broxton0-3
Vader's Blues
CIN@WSHBot 8Ian Desmond 1-Run Double, Bryce Harper scores, pitcher Jonathan Broxton2-3
TEX@MINTop 3Leonys Martín Single, pitcher Kevin Correia2-4
TEX@MINTop 5Leonys Martín Single, Mitch Moreland to 2nd, pitcher Kevin Correia2-5
Vader's Blues
TB@CWSTop 6Evan Longoria Strikeout, pitcher Dylan Axelrod1-5
Vader's Blues
TB@CWSTop 8Evan Longoria Walk, Ben Zobrist to 2nd, Matt Joyce to 3rd, pitcher Nate Jones2-5
Vader's Blues
TB@CWSTop 9Evan Longoria 1-Run Double, Ben Zobrist to 3rd, Matt Joyce scores, pitcher Deunte Heath5-5
Vader's Blues
PIT@STLTop 9Clint Barmes Single, pitcher Mitchell Boggs4-5
Vader's Blues
PIT@STLTop 9Starling Marte Single, Clint Barmes to 3rd, pitcher Mitchell Boggs3-5
Vader's Blues
PIT@STLTop 9Jose Tabata Strikeout, pitcher Mitchell Boggs5-5
Vader's Blues
PIT@STLTop 9Garrett Jones Walk, pitcher Mitchell Boggs4-5
Vader's Blues
PIT@STLTop 9Gaby Sanchez 1-Run Out David Freese, Allen Craig, Garrett Jones to 2nd, Starling Marte to 3rd, Clint Barmes scores, pitcher Mitchell Boggs5-5
Vader's Blues
BAL@OAKTop 9Nolan Reimold Out Chris Young, pitcher Grant Balfour6-5
Vader's Blues
BAL@OAKTop 9Nate McLouth Double, pitcher Grant Balfour5-5
Vader's Blues
BAL@OAKTop 9Manny Machado 1-Run Double, Nate McLouth scores, pitcher Grant Balfour4-5
Vader's Blues
BAL@OAKTop 9Nick Markakis Out Eric Sogard, Brandon Moss, Manny Machado to 3rd, pitcher Grant Balfour5-5
Vader's Blues
BAL@OAKTop 9Adam Jones Strikeout, pitcher Grant Balfour7-5
COL@ARITop 1Wilin Rosario Single, Troy Tulowitzki to 2nd, pitcher Patrick Corbin7-6
SF@SDBot 1Chase Headley 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Ryan Vogelsong7-13
Vader's Blues
COL@ARIBot 2Paul Goldschmidt Strikeout, pitcher Jon Garland6-13
SF@SDBot 3Chase Headley Walk, pitcher Ryan Vogelsong6-14
COL@ARITop 4Wilin Rosario Strikeout, pitcher Patrick Corbin6-13
Vader's Blues
COL@ARIBot 4Paul Goldschmidt Single, pitcher Jon Garland7-13
Vader's Blues
COL@ARIBot 4Josh Wilson 1-Run Double, Paul Goldschmidt scores, pitcher Jon Garland9-13
SF@SDBot 5Chase Headley Double, pitcher Ryan Vogelsong9-15
COL@ARITop 6Wilin Rosario Strikeout, pitcher Patrick Corbin9-14
SF@SDBot 7Chase Headley Double, pitcher Jose Mijares9-16
ATL@DETTop 1Freddie Freeman Strikeout, pitcher Doug Fister9-15
Vader's Blues
ATL@DETTop 2Dan Uggla Strikeout, pitcher Doug Fister8-15
Vader's Blues
ATL@DETTop 4Dan Uggla 1-Run Out Jhonny Peralta, Omar Infante, Chris Johnson scores, pitcher Doug Fister9-15
ATL@DETTop 4Evan Gattis 1-Run Single, Chris Johnson to 3rd, Freddie Freeman scores, pitcher Doug Fister9-17
ATL@DETTop 8Freddie Freeman Strikeout, pitcher Al Alburquerque9-16
Vader's Blues
ATL@DETTop 9Dan Uggla Walk, pitcher Al Alburquerque10-16
Bonuses & Miscellaneous2-16