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Week 4 2013 Mon 4/22-Sun 4/28

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
Regular Season Game
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CHC@MIABot 1Juan Pierre Out Carlos Villanueva, pitcher Carlos Villanueva0-1
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CHC@MIABot 1Chris Coghlan Walk, pitcher Carlos Villanueva0-0
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CHC@MIABot 1Giancarlo Stanton 2-Run Home Run, Chris Coghlan scores, pitcher Carlos Villanueva0--1
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CHC@MIABot 1Greg Dobbs Strikeout, pitcher Carlos Villanueva0-1
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CHC@MIABot 1Donovan Solano Out Starlin Castro, pitcher Carlos Villanueva0-2
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CHC@MIABot 2Rob Brantly Strikeout, pitcher Carlos Villanueva0-4
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CHC@MIABot 2Nick Green Strikeout, pitcher Carlos Villanueva0-6
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CHC@MIABot 2Chris Valaika Out Luis Valbuena, Anthony Rizzo, pitcher Carlos Villanueva0-7
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CHC@MIABot 3Ricky Nolasco Strikeout, pitcher Carlos Villanueva0-9
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PHI@NYMBot 3Daniel Murphy Strikeout, pitcher Cole Hamels0-8
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CHC@MIABot 3Juan Pierre Out Darwin Barney, pitcher Carlos Villanueva0-9
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CHC@MIABot 3Chris Coghlan Out Darwin Barney, Anthony Rizzo, pitcher Carlos Villanueva0-10
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CHC@MIABot 4Giancarlo Stanton Walk, pitcher Carlos Villanueva0-9
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CHC@MIABot 4Donovan Solano Strikeout, pitcher Carlos Villanueva0-11
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CHC@MIABot 5Rob Brantly Out Anthony Rizzo, pitcher Carlos Villanueva0-12
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CHC@MIABot 5Nick Green Strikeout, pitcher Carlos Villanueva0-14
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CHC@MIABot 5Chris Valaika Out David DeJesus, pitcher Carlos Villanueva0-15
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CHC@MIABot 6Ricky Nolasco Strikeout, pitcher Carlos Villanueva0-17
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CHC@MIABot 6Juan Pierre Single, pitcher Carlos Villanueva0-16
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CHC@MIABot 6Chris Coghlan Strikeout, pitcher Carlos Villanueva0-18
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CHC@MIABot 6Greg Dobbs Walk, pitcher Carlos Villanueva0-17
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CHC@MIABot 6Rob Brantly Out David DeJesus, pitcher Carlos Villanueva0-18
PHI@NYMTop 7Ryan Howard 2-Run Double, Jimmy Rollins scores, Laynce Nix scores, pitcher Scott Atchison4-18
PHI@NYMTop 7Chase Utley 1-Run Single, Ryan Howard scores, pitcher Scott Atchison6-18
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HOU@BOSTop 1Carlos Pena Walk, Jason Castro to 2nd, pitcher John Lackey6-19
HOU@BOSBot 1Jacoby Ellsbury Out Carlos Pena, pitcher Bud Norris7-19
HOU@BOSBot 1Daniel Nava Double, pitcher Bud Norris6-19
HOU@BOSBot 1Dustin Pedroia Walk, pitcher Bud Norris5-19
HOU@BOSBot 1David Ortiz 1-Run Single, Dustin Pedroia to 2nd, Daniel Nava scores, pitcher Bud Norris4-19
HOU@BOSBot 1Mike Napoli Strikeout, pitcher Bud Norris6-19
HOU@BOSBot 1Jarrod Saltalamacchia Out Carlos Pena, pitcher Bud Norris7-19
HOU@BOSBot 1Mike Carp Walk, David Ortiz to 2nd, Dustin Pedroia to 3rd, pitcher Bud Norris6-19
HOU@BOSBot 2Will Middlebrooks Single, pitcher Bud Norris5-19
HOU@BOSBot 2Stephen Drew Strikeout, pitcher Bud Norris7-19
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HOU@BOSTop 3Carlos Pena Strikeout, pitcher John Lackey7-18
HOU@BOSBot 3Daniel Nava Strikeout, pitcher Bud Norris9-18
HOU@BOSBot 3Dustin Pedroia Out Robbie Grossman, pitcher Bud Norris10-18
HOU@BOSBot 3David Ortiz Out Robbie Grossman, pitcher Bud Norris11-18
HOU@BOSBot 4Mike Carp Single, pitcher Bud Norris10-18
HOU@BOSBot 4Jarrod Saltalamacchia Single, Mike Carp to 3rd, pitcher Bud Norris9-18
HOU@BOSBot 4Will Middlebrooks Strikeout, pitcher Bud Norris11-18
HOU@BOSBot 4Jacoby Ellsbury Out Carlos Pena, pitcher Bud Norris12-18
HOU@BOSBot 4Stephen Drew 2-Run Triple, Jarrod Saltalamacchia scores, Mike Carp scores, pitcher Bud Norris11-18
HOU@BOSBot 5Dustin Pedroia 1-Run Double, Daniel Nava scores, pitcher Bud Norris10-18
HOU@BOSBot 5David Ortiz Out Fernando Martinez, pitcher Bud Norris11-18
HOU@BOSBot 5Mike Napoli Strikeout, pitcher Bud Norris13-18
HOU@BOSBot 5Mike Carp 1-Run Double, Dustin Pedroia scores, pitcher Bud Norris12-18
HOU@BOSBot 5Jarrod Saltalamacchia Out Fernando Martinez, pitcher Bud Norris13-18
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HOU@BOSTop 6Carlos Pena Single, Jason Castro to 2nd, pitcher John Lackey13-19
HOU@BOSBot 6Will Middlebrooks Out Matt Dominguez, pitcher Bud Norris14-19
HOU@BOSBot 6Stephen Drew Out Matt Dominguez, pitcher Bud Norris15-19
HOU@BOSBot 6Jacoby Ellsbury Strikeout, pitcher Bud Norris17-19
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HOU@BOSTop 8Carlos Pena Single, pitcher Koji Uehara17-20
CLE@KCTop 1Michael Brantley Strikeout, pitcher Jeremy Guthrie16-20
TB@CWSBot 1Alejandro De Aza Out Ben Zobrist, James Loney, pitcher David Price17-20
TEX@MINBot 1Brian Dozier Out Alexi Ogando, Mitch Moreland, pitcher Alexi Ogando18-20
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CLE@KCBot 1Alex Gordon Walk, pitcher Justin Masterson18-19
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CLE@KCBot 1Alcides Escobar Out Jason Kipnis, pitcher Justin Masterson18-20
TB@CWSBot 1Tyler Greene Strikeout, pitcher David Price20-20
TEX@MINBot 1Joe Mauer Out Elvis Andrus, pitcher Alexi Ogando21-20
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CLE@KCBot 1Billy Butler Out Asdrubal Cabrera, Jason Kipnis, Mark Reynolds, pitcher Justin Masterson21-21
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TB@CWSBot 1Alex Rios Single, pitcher David Price20-22
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TB@CWSBot 1Alex Rios Stolen Base20-24
TB@CWSBot 1Paul Konerko Walk, pitcher David Price19-24
TB@CWSBot 1Adam Dunn 1-Run Single, Alex Rios scores, pitcher David Price18-26
TEX@MINBot 1Josh Willingham Strikeout, pitcher Alexi Ogando20-26
TB@CWSBot 2Alexei Ramirez Single, pitcher David Price19-26
TB@CWSBot 2Conor Gillaspie Strikeout, pitcher David Price21-26
TEX@MINBot 2Justin Morneau Out Ian Kinsler, Mitch Moreland, pitcher Alexi Ogando22-26
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CLE@KCBot 2Eric Hosmer Strikeout, pitcher Justin Masterson22-28
TB@CWSBot 2Tyler Flowers Out Evan Longoria, James Loney, Alexei Ramirez to 3rd, pitcher David Price23-28
TEX@MINBot 2Chris Parmelee Out Mitch Moreland, Alexi Ogando, pitcher Alexi Ogando24-28
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CLE@KCBot 2Salvador Pérez Strikeout, pitcher Justin Masterson24-30
TB@CWSBot 2DeWayne Wise Out James Loney, pitcher David Price25-30
TEX@MINBot 2Oswaldo Arcia Strikeout, pitcher Alexi Ogando27-30
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CLE@KCBot 2Mike Moustakas Walk, pitcher Justin Masterson27-29
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CLE@KCBot 2Jeff Francoeur 1-Run Double, Mike Moustakas scores, pitcher Justin Masterson27-28
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CLE@KCBot 2Jarrod Dyson 1-Run Double, Jeff Francoeur scores, pitcher Justin Masterson27-27
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CLE@KCBot 2Chris Getz Out Mark Reynolds, Justin Masterson, pitcher Justin Masterson27-28
TB@CWSBot 3Alejandro De Aza Single, pitcher David Price26-28
TB@CWSBot 3Tyler Greene Strikeout, pitcher David Price28-28
TEX@MINBot 3Aaron Hicks Strikeout, pitcher Alexi Ogando30-28
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CLE@KCBot 3Alex Gordon Strikeout, pitcher Justin Masterson30-30
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TB@CWSBot 3Alex Rios Strikeout, pitcher David Price32-29
TEX@MINBot 3Eduardo Escobar Out Leonys Martín, pitcher Alexi Ogando33-29
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CLE@KCBot 3Alcides Escobar Strikeout, pitcher Justin Masterson33-31
TB@CWSBot 3Paul Konerko 2-Run Home Run, Alejandro De Aza scores, pitcher David Price32-31
TB@CWSBot 3Adam Dunn Out Desmond Jennings, pitcher David Price33-31
TEX@MINBot 3Jamey Carroll Single, pitcher Alexi Ogando32-31
TEX@MINBot 3Brian Dozier Single, pitcher Alexi Ogando31-31
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CLE@KCBot 3Billy Butler Strikeout, pitcher Justin Masterson31-33
TB@CWSBot 4Alexei Ramirez Out Ben Zobrist, James Loney, pitcher David Price32-33
TEX@MINBot 4Joe Mauer Out David Murphy, pitcher Alexi Ogando33-33
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CLE@KCBot 4Eric Hosmer Out Asdrubal Cabrera, Mark Reynolds, pitcher Justin Masterson33-34
TB@CWSBot 4Conor Gillaspie Strikeout, pitcher David Price35-34
TEX@MINBot 4Josh Willingham Walk, pitcher Alexi Ogando34-34
TEX@MINBot 4Justin Morneau Single, Josh Willingham to 3rd, pitcher Alexi Ogando33-34
TEX@MINBot 4Chris Parmelee 1-Run Out Leonys Martín, Josh Willingham scores, pitcher Alexi Ogando34-34
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CLE@KCBot 4Salvador Pérez Strikeout, pitcher Justin Masterson34-36
TB@CWSBot 4Tyler Flowers Strikeout, pitcher David Price35-36