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Week 8 2013 Mon 5/20-Sun 5/26

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
Regular Season Game
Dodger Dogs
BAL@TORTop 1Nate McLouth Walk, pitcher Chad Jenkins1-0
BAL@TORBot 4J.P. Arencibia Double, Adam Lind to 3rd, pitcher Miguel González1-2
MIN@DETBot 1Torii Hunter 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Mike Pelfrey1-11
Dodger Dogs
BAL@TORTop 6Nate McLouth Single, Alexi Casilla to 2nd, Matt Wieters to 3rd, pitcher Thad Weber2-11
BAL@TORBot 6J.P. Arencibia Walk, pitcher Miguel González2-12
Dodger Dogs
BAL@TORTop 8Nate McLouth Strikeout, pitcher Aaron Loup1-12
BAL@TORBot 8J.P. Arencibia Single, pitcher Tommy Hunter1-13
BAL@TORBot 8Munenori Kawasaki 1-Run Single, Colby Rasmus to 2nd, Brett Lawrie to 3rd, J.P. Arencibia scores, pitcher Tommy Hunter1-15
BAL@TORBot 9J.P. Arencibia 1-Run Single, Adam Lind to 3rd, Edwin Encarnación scores, pitcher Jim Johnson1-17
BAL@TORBot 9Munenori Kawasaki 2-Run Double, Mark DeRosa scores, J.P. Arencibia scores, pitcher Jim Johnson1-19
CHC@CINTop 8Anthony Rizzo 1-Run Double, Starlin Castro scores, pitcher Logan Ondrusek1-22
CHC@CINTop 8Alfonso Soriano 2-Run Home Run, Anthony Rizzo scores, pitcher Logan Ondrusek1-24
CLE@BOSTop 1Michael Bourn Single, pitcher Felix Doubront1-23
CLE@BOSTop 1Asdrubal Cabrera Strikeout, pitcher Felix Doubront1-25
Dodger Dogs
CLE@BOSTop 1Nick Swisher Single, Jason Kipnis to 2nd, Michael Bourn to 3rd, pitcher Felix Doubront2-24
CLE@BOSTop 1Mark Reynolds Strikeout, pitcher Felix Doubront2-26
PHI@WSHBot 1Denard Span Strikeout, pitcher Cole Hamels2-28
PHI@WSHBot 1Bryce Harper Double, pitcher Cole Hamels2-27
PHI@WSHBot 1Ryan Zimmerman Strikeout, pitcher Cole Hamels2-29
PHI@WSHBot 1Adam LaRoche Strikeout, pitcher Cole Hamels2-31
CLE@BOSBot 1Dustin Pedroia Walk, pitcher Corey Kluber2-32
CLE@BOSTop 2Michael Brantley Out Dustin Pedroia, Mike Napoli, pitcher Felix Doubront2-33
CLE@BOSTop 2Mike Aviles Walk, pitcher Felix Doubront2-32
CLE@BOSTop 2Drew Stubbs Walk, Mike Aviles to 2nd, pitcher Felix Doubront2-31
CLE@BOSTop 2Michael Bourn Strikeout, pitcher Felix Doubront2-33
CLE@BOSTop 2Jason Kipnis Strikeout, pitcher Felix Doubront2-35
PHI@WSHBot 2Ian Desmond Out Domonic Brown, pitcher Cole Hamels2-36
PHI@WSHBot 2Tyler Moore Strikeout, pitcher Cole Hamels2-38
PHI@WSHBot 2Jhonatan Solano Strikeout, pitcher Cole Hamels2-40
CLE@BOSTop 3Asdrubal Cabrera Strikeout, pitcher Felix Doubront2-42
PHI@WSHTop 3Cole Hamels Single, pitcher Stephen Strasburg2-43
Dodger Dogs
CLE@BOSTop 3Nick Swisher Strikeout, pitcher Felix Doubront1-45
CLE@BOSTop 3Mark Reynolds Out Dustin Pedroia, Mike Napoli, pitcher Felix Doubront1-46
PHI@WSHBot 3Steve Lombardozzi Out Jimmy Rollins, Kevin Frandsen, pitcher Cole Hamels1-47
PHI@WSHBot 3Stephen Strasburg Double, pitcher Cole Hamels1-46
PHI@WSHBot 3Denard Span Out Ben Revere, pitcher Cole Hamels1-47
PHI@WSHBot 3Bryce Harper Strikeout, pitcher Cole Hamels1-49
CLE@BOSTop 4Carlos Santana Out Dustin Pedroia, Mike Napoli, pitcher Felix Doubront1-50
CLE@BOSTop 4Michael Brantley Strikeout, pitcher Felix Doubront1-52
CLE@BOSTop 4Mike Aviles Out Felix Doubront, Mike Napoli, pitcher Felix Doubront1-53
PHI@WSHBot 4Ryan Zimmerman Out Laynce Nix, pitcher Cole Hamels1-54
PHI@WSHBot 4Adam LaRoche Out Jimmy Rollins, Laynce Nix, pitcher Cole Hamels1-55
PHI@WSHBot 4Ian Desmond Out Michael Young, Laynce Nix, pitcher Cole Hamels1-56
CLE@BOSTop 5Drew Stubbs Out José Iglesias, Mike Napoli, pitcher Felix Doubront1-57
CLE@BOSTop 5Michael Bourn Out Jarrod Saltalamacchia, pitcher Felix Doubront1-58
CLE@BOSTop 5Jason Kipnis 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Felix Doubront1-57
CLE@BOSTop 5Asdrubal Cabrera Strikeout, pitcher Felix Doubront1-59
PHI@WSHBot 5Tyler Moore Out Ben Revere, pitcher Cole Hamels1-60
PHI@WSHBot 5Jhonatan Solano Out Domonic Brown, pitcher Cole Hamels1-61
PHI@WSHBot 5Steve Lombardozzi Out Freddy Galvis, Laynce Nix, pitcher Cole Hamels1-62
Dodger Dogs
CLE@BOSTop 6Nick Swisher 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Felix Doubront10-61
CLE@BOSTop 6Mark Reynolds Out Felix Doubront, pitcher Felix Doubront10-62
CLE@BOSTop 6Carlos Santana Out Dustin Pedroia, Mike Napoli, pitcher Felix Doubront10-63
CLE@BOSTop 6Michael Brantley Out Dustin Pedroia, Mike Napoli, pitcher Felix Doubront10-64
PHI@WSHBot 6Stephen Strasburg Single, pitcher Cole Hamels10-63
PHI@WSHBot 6Bryce Harper Out Jimmy Rollins, Freddy Galvis, Laynce Nix, pitcher Cole Hamels10-64
CLE@BOSBot 6Dustin Pedroia Strikeout, pitcher Corey Kluber10-63
PHI@WSHBot 7Ryan Zimmerman Single, pitcher Cole Hamels10-62
PHI@WSHBot 7Adam LaRoche Single, Ryan Zimmerman to 2nd, pitcher Cole Hamels10-61
PHI@WSHBot 7Ian Desmond Out Cole Hamels, Laynce Nix, Adam LaRoche to 2nd, Ryan Zimmerman to 3rd, pitcher Cole Hamels10-62
PHI@WSHBot 7Tyler Moore Walk, pitcher Cole Hamels10-61
Dodger Dogs
CLE@BOSTop 8Nick Swisher 1-Run Out Jonny Gomes, Jarrod Saltalamacchia, Mike Napoli, Jason Kipnis scores, pitcher Craig Breslow11-61
CLE@BOSBot 9Dustin Pedroia Walk, pitcher Chris Perez11-62
Dodger Dogs
CLE@BOSBot 9David Ortiz Double, Dustin Pedroia to 3rd, pitcher Chris Perez13-62
Dodger Dogs
CLE@BOSBot 9Mike Napoli 1-Run Out Mike Aviles, Nick Swisher, Dustin Pedroia scores, pitcher Chris Perez13-64
Dodger Dogs
CLE@BOSBot 9Jarrod Saltalamacchia 1-Run Out Nick Swisher, Chris Perez, David Ortiz scores, pitcher Chris Perez15-64
PIT@MILBot 1Nori Aoki Out Garrett Jones, pitcher Wandy Rodriguez15-65
PIT@MILBot 1Jean Segura Out Starling Marte, pitcher Wandy Rodriguez15-66
Dodger Dogs
MIA@CWSBot 1Alexei Ramirez Single, pitcher Alex Sanabia16-66
PIT@MILBot 1Ryan Braun Out Garrett Jones, pitcher Wandy Rodriguez16-67
Dodger Dogs
MIA@CWSBot 1Adam Dunn 2-Run Home Run, Alexei Ramirez scores, pitcher Alex Sanabia18-67
PIT@MILTop 2Wandy Rodriguez Strikeout, pitcher Yovani Gallardo18-66
PIT@MILBot 2Aramis Ramirez Double, pitcher Wandy Rodriguez18-65
PIT@MILBot 2Jonathan Lucroy Out Jordy Mercer, Gaby Sanchez, pitcher Wandy Rodriguez18-66
PIT@MILBot 2Carlos Gómez Out Neil Walker, Gaby Sanchez, Aramis Ramirez to 3rd, pitcher Wandy Rodriguez18-67
PIT@MILBot 2Rickie Weeks Jr. Strikeout, pitcher Wandy Rodriguez18-69
PIT@MILBot 3Yuniesky Betancourt Out Andrew McCutchen, pitcher Wandy Rodriguez18-70
PIT@MILBot 3Yovani Gallardo Single, pitcher Wandy Rodriguez18-69
PIT@MILBot 3Ryan Braun Strikeout, pitcher Wandy Rodriguez18-71
PIT@MILTop 4Wandy Rodriguez Strikeout, pitcher Yovani Gallardo18-70
PIT@MILBot 4Aramis Ramirez Out Garrett Jones, pitcher Wandy Rodriguez18-71
PIT@MILBot 4Jonathan Lucroy Single, pitcher Wandy Rodriguez18-70
PIT@MILBot 4Carlos Gómez Out Jordy Mercer, Neil Walker, Gaby Sanchez, pitcher Wandy Rodriguez18-71
PIT@MILBot 5Rickie Weeks Jr. Single, pitcher Wandy Rodriguez18-70
PIT@MILBot 5Yuniesky Betancourt Out Neil Walker, pitcher Wandy Rodriguez18-71
PIT@MILBot 5Martin Maldonado Strikeout, pitcher Wandy Rodriguez18-73
PIT@MILBot 5Nori Aoki Single, Rickie Weeks Jr. to 2nd, pitcher Wandy Rodriguez18-72
PIT@MILBot 5Jean Segura Single, Nori Aoki to 2nd, Rickie Weeks Jr. to 3rd, pitcher Wandy Rodriguez18-72
PIT@MILBot 5Ryan Braun 3-Run Double, Jean Segura scores, Nori Aoki scores, Rickie Weeks Jr. scores, pitcher Wandy Rodriguez18-73
PIT@MILBot 5Aramis Ramirez Strikeout, pitcher Wandy Rodriguez18-75
PIT@MILBot 7Jean Segura Single, Martin Maldonado to 3rd, pitcher Vin Mazzaro18-76
Dodger Dogs
MIA@CWSTop 8Derek Dietrich Strikeout, pitcher Jesse Crain20-76
Dodger Dogs
MIA@CWSTop 8Marcell Ozuna Strikeout, pitcher Jesse Crain22-76
Dodger Dogs
MIA@CWSTop 8Chris Coghlan Strikeout, pitcher Jesse Crain24-76
PIT@MILBot 8Carlos Gómez 1-Run Out Andrew McCutchen, Jeff Bianchi scores, pitcher Mark Melancon24-77
OAK@HOUBot 9Ronny Cedeno Out Jed Lowrie, Nate Freiman, pitcher Sean Doolittle24-78
OAK@HOUBot 9Trevor Crowe Out Adam Rosales, pitcher Sean Doolittle24-79
OAK@HOUBot 9José Altuve Out Seth Smith, pitcher Sean Doolittle24-80
COL@SFTop 1Carlos González Strikeout, pitcher Matt Cain24-79
Dodger Dogs
COL@SFTop 1Michael Cuddyer 2-Run Double, Troy Tulowitzki to 3rd, Nolan Arenado scores, Dexter Fowler scores, pitcher Matt Cain28-79