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Week 7 2013 Mon 5/13-Sun 5/19

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
Regular Season Game
SEA@CLETop 1Michael Saunders Strikeout, pitcher Justin Masterson0-2
SEA@CLETop 1Dustin Ackley Out Jason Kipnis, Nick Swisher, pitcher Justin Masterson0-3
SEA@CLETop 1Kyle Seager Out Michael Bourn, pitcher Justin Masterson0-4
SEA@CLETop 2Kendrys Morales Out Drew Stubbs, pitcher Justin Masterson0-5
SEA@CLETop 2Michael Morse Out Michael Bourn, pitcher Justin Masterson0-6
SEA@CLETop 2Raul Ibanez Out Michael Bourn, pitcher Justin Masterson0-7
SEA@CLETop 3Justin Smoak Strikeout, pitcher Justin Masterson0-9
SEA@CLETop 3Jesus Montero Strikeout, pitcher Justin Masterson0-11
SEA@CLETop 3Michael Saunders Single, Brendan Ryan to 3rd, pitcher Justin Masterson0-10
SEA@CLETop 3Dustin Ackley Strikeout, pitcher Justin Masterson0-12
SEA@CLETop 4Kyle Seager Out Mark Reynolds, Nick Swisher, pitcher Justin Masterson0-13
SEA@CLETop 4Kendrys Morales Walk, pitcher Justin Masterson0-12
SEA@CLETop 4Michael Morse Out Michael Bourn, pitcher Justin Masterson0-13
SEA@CLETop 4Raul Ibanez Out Drew Stubbs, pitcher Justin Masterson0-14
SEA@CLETop 5Justin Smoak Single, pitcher Justin Masterson0-13
SEA@CLETop 5Jesus Montero Walk, Justin Smoak to 2nd, pitcher Justin Masterson0-12
SEA@CLETop 5Brendan Ryan Strikeout, pitcher Justin Masterson0-14
SEA@CLETop 5Michael Saunders Strikeout, pitcher Justin Masterson0-16
SEA@CLETop 5Dustin Ackley Out Nick Swisher, pitcher Justin Masterson0-17
SEA@CLETop 6Kyle Seager Single, pitcher Justin Masterson0-16
SEA@CLETop 6Kendrys Morales Strikeout, pitcher Justin Masterson0-18
SEA@CLETop 6Michael Morse Strikeout, pitcher Justin Masterson0-20
SEA@CLETop 6Raul Ibanez Out Michael Brantley, pitcher Justin Masterson0-21
SEA@CLETop 7Justin Smoak Strikeout, pitcher Justin Masterson0-23
SEA@CLETop 7Jesus Montero Strikeout, pitcher Justin Masterson0-25
SEA@CLETop 7Brendan Ryan Strikeout, pitcher Justin Masterson0-27
LAD@ATLTop 1Carl Crawford Double, pitcher Mike Minor0-26
LAD@ATLTop 1Mark Ellis Out Ramiro Pena, Freddie Freeman, Carl Crawford to 3rd, pitcher Mike Minor0-27
LAD@ATLTop 1Matt Kemp Strikeout, pitcher Mike Minor0-29
LAD@ATLTop 1Adrián González 1-Run Single, Carl Crawford scores, pitcher Mike Minor0-28
LAD@ATLTop 1A.J. Ellis Out Justin Upton, pitcher Mike Minor0-29
CIN@PHITop 1Joey Votto Single, pitcher Jonathan Pettibone0-30
LAD@ATLTop 2Scott Van Slyke Strikeout, pitcher Mike Minor0-32
LAD@ATLTop 2Juan Uribe Strikeout, pitcher Mike Minor0-34
LAD@ATLTop 2Nick Punto Walk, pitcher Mike Minor0-33
LAD@ATLTop 2Matt Magill Strikeout, pitcher Mike Minor0-35
LAD@ATLTop 3Carl Crawford Walk, pitcher Mike Minor0-34
LAD@ATLTop 3Mark Ellis Strikeout, pitcher Mike Minor0-36
LAD@ATLTop 3Matt Kemp Double, Carl Crawford to 3rd, pitcher Mike Minor0-35
LAD@ATLTop 3Adrián González 1-Run Out Jordan Schafer, Matt Kemp to 3rd, Carl Crawford scores, pitcher Mike Minor0-36
LAD@ATLTop 3A.J. Ellis Out Jordan Schafer, pitcher Mike Minor0-37
LAD@ATLTop 4Scott Van Slyke Out Freddie Freeman, pitcher Mike Minor0-38
LAD@ATLTop 4Juan Uribe Strikeout, pitcher Mike Minor0-40
LAD@ATLTop 4Nick Punto Strikeout, pitcher Mike Minor0-42
LAD@ATLTop 5Matt Magill Strikeout, pitcher Mike Minor0-44
LAD@ATLTop 5Carl Crawford Out Justin Upton, pitcher Mike Minor0-45
LAD@ATLTop 5Mark Ellis Out Andrelton Simmons, Freddie Freeman, pitcher Mike Minor0-46
LAD@ATLBot 5Mike Minor Single, Ramiro Pena to 2nd, pitcher Matt Magill0-47
LAD@ATLTop 6Matt Kemp Out Jason Heyward, pitcher Mike Minor0-48
CIN@PHITop 6Joey Votto Single, pitcher Jonathan Pettibone0-49
LAD@ATLTop 6Adrián González Strikeout, pitcher Mike Minor0-51
LAD@ATLTop 6A.J. Ellis Out Andrelton Simmons, Freddie Freeman, pitcher Mike Minor0-52
CIN@PHITop 6Todd Frazier 1-Run Double, Joey Votto scores, pitcher Jonathan Pettibone0-54
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TB@BALBot 6Nick Markakis Single, pitcher Matt Moore1-54
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HOU@PITTop 8Matt Dominguez Out Travis Snider, pitcher Mark Melancon2-54
CIN@PHITop 8Brandon Phillips Single, pitcher Justin De Fratus2-55
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HOU@PITTop 8Marwin González Strikeout, pitcher Mark Melancon4-55
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HOU@PITTop 8Carlos Pena Out Starling Marte, pitcher Mark Melancon5-55
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MIL@STLTop 2Rickie Weeks Jr. Strikeout, pitcher John Gast4-55
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MIL@STLTop 6Rickie Weeks Jr. Strikeout, pitcher Seth Maness3-55
NYM@CHCTop 1Daniel Murphy Strikeout, pitcher Travis Wood3-54
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NYM@CHCBot 2Luis Valbuena Strikeout, pitcher Dillon Gee2-54
NYM@CHCTop 6David Wright 1-Run Single, Daniel Murphy scores, pitcher Travis Wood2-56
NYM@CHCTop 8Daniel Murphy 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Kyuji Fujikawa2-65
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NYM@CHCBot 9Luis Valbuena Strikeout, pitcher Bobby Parnell1-65
CWS@LAATop 6Alex Rios Strikeout, pitcher Jason Vargas1-64
CWS@LAATop 8Alex Rios 1-Run Double, Alexei Ramirez scores, pitcher Dane De La Rosa1-67
KC@OAKTop 1Alex Gordon Single, pitcher A.J. Griffin1-68
KC@OAKTop 3Alcides Escobar Single, Chris Getz to 3rd, pitcher A.J. Griffin1-69
KC@OAKTop 3Alex Gordon 1-Run Single, Alcides Escobar to 3rd, Chris Getz scores, pitcher A.J. Griffin1-71
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KC@OAKBot 4Yoenis Céspedes Single, pitcher Luis Mendoza2-71
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KC@OAKBot 4Josh Donaldson 1-Run Out Jeff Francoeur, Yoenis Céspedes scores, pitcher Luis Mendoza4-71
KC@OAKTop 5Alex Gordon Single, pitcher A.J. Griffin4-72
KC@OAKTop 5Eric Hosmer 1-Run Double, Billy Butler to 3rd, Alex Gordon scores, pitcher A.J. Griffin4-74
KC@OAKTop 7Alex Gordon Double, pitcher Hideki Okajima4-76
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KC@OAKBot 8Yoenis Céspedes 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Kelvin Herrera13-76
KC@OAKTop 9Alex Gordon Strikeout, pitcher Ryan Cook13-75
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WSH@SDTop 3Kurt Suzuki Single, pitcher Andrew Cashner14-75
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SF@COLBot 5Troy Tulowitzki Strikeout, pitcher Barry Zito13-75
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SF@COLBot 6Troy Tulowitzki 2-Run Single, Carlos González to 3rd, Dexter Fowler scores, Eric Young Jr. scores, pitcher Jose Mijares16-75
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DET@TEXBot 1Elvis Andrus Strikeout, pitcher Doug Fister18-75
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DET@TEXBot 1David Murphy Single, pitcher Doug Fister17-75
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DET@TEXBot 1Lance Berkman Out Brayan Pena, Jhonny Peralta, Doug Fister, pitcher Doug Fister18-75
DET@TEXBot 2Adrián Béltre Double, pitcher Doug Fister17-77
DET@TEXBot 2Nelson Cruz Out Miguel Cabrera, Prince Fielder, Adrián Béltre to 3rd, pitcher Doug Fister18-77
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DET@TEXBot 2Mitch Moreland 1-Run Out Torii Hunter, Adrián Béltre scores, pitcher Doug Fister19-79
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DET@TEXBot 2Geovany Soto Single, pitcher Doug Fister18-79
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DET@TEXBot 2Craig Gentry Out Avisail García, pitcher Doug Fister19-79
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DET@TEXTop 3Omar Infante Double, pitcher Derek Holland21-79
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DET@TEXTop 3Miguel Cabrera 3-Run Home Run, Torii Hunter scores, Omar Infante scores, pitcher Derek Holland23-79
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DET@TEXBot 3Leury García Out Omar Infante, Prince Fielder, pitcher Doug Fister24-79
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DET@TEXBot 3Elvis Andrus Double, pitcher Doug Fister23-79
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DET@TEXBot 3David Murphy Out Jhonny Peralta, Prince Fielder, Elvis Andrus to 3rd, pitcher Doug Fister24-79
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DET@TEXBot 3Lance Berkman Out Omar Infante, Prince Fielder, pitcher Doug Fister25-79
DET@TEXBot 4Adrián Béltre Out Torii Hunter, pitcher Doug Fister26-79
DET@TEXBot 4Nelson Cruz Strikeout, pitcher Doug Fister28-78
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DET@TEXBot 4Mitch Moreland Out Matt Tuiasosopo, pitcher Doug Fister29-78
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DET@TEXBot 5Geovany Soto Double, pitcher Doug Fister28-78
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DET@TEXBot 5Craig Gentry Single, Geovany Soto to 3rd, pitcher Doug Fister27-78
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DET@TEXBot 5Leury García Out Matt Tuiasosopo, pitcher Doug Fister28-78