Week 1 2013 Sun 3/31-Sun 4/7

TeamCoach RatingSMTWTFSSTotal
Regular Season Game
BOS@TORTop 1Dustin Pedroia 1-Run Single, Shane Victorino to 2nd, Jacoby Ellsbury scores, pitcher R.A. Dickey2-0
BOS@TORTop 1Mike Napoli 2-Run Double, Dustin Pedroia scores, Shane Victorino scores, pitcher R.A. Dickey4-0
BOS@TORTop 2Dustin Pedroia Strikeout, pitcher R.A. Dickey3-0
BOS@TORBot 2J.P. Arencibia Single, pitcher Jon Lester4-0
BOS@TORTop 4Dustin Pedroia Strikeout, pitcher R.A. Dickey3-0
NYY@DETTop 1Kevin Youkilis Double, pitcher Justin Verlander5-0
BOS@TORBot 4J.P. Arencibia Strikeout, pitcher Jon Lester4-0
NYY@DETTop 3Kevin Youkilis Walk, pitcher Justin Verlander5-0
BOS@TORTop 6Dustin Pedroia Single, pitcher Dave Bush6-0
BOS@TORTop 8Dustin Pedroia Walk, pitcher Dave Bush7-0
BOS@TORTop 8Mike Napoli 2-Run Home Run, Dustin Pedroia scores, pitcher Dave Bush9-0
BOS@TORBot 9J.P. Arencibia Strikeout, pitcher Clayton Mortensen8-0
The Juan Pe..
MIA@NYMTop 1Giancarlo Stanton Strikeout, pitcher Aaron Laffey8--1
MIA@NYMTop 2Adeiny Hechavarria Single, pitcher Aaron Laffey9--1
NYY@DETTop 9Kevin Youkilis 2-Run Single, Brett Gardner scores, Jayson Nix scores, pitcher Octavio Dotel12--1
MIA@NYMTop 4Adeiny Hechavarria Walk, pitcher Aaron Laffey13--1
MIA@NYMTop 4Chris Valaika 1-Run Double, Adeiny Hechavarria scores, pitcher Aaron Laffey15--1
The Juan Pe..
MIA@NYMTop 4Giancarlo Stanton Strikeout, pitcher Aaron Laffey15--2
MIA@NYMTop 5Adeiny Hechavarria Single, Justin Ruggiano to 2nd, Greg Dobbs to 3rd, pitcher Greg Burke16--2
The Juan Pe..
MIA@NYMTop 6Giancarlo Stanton Strikeout, pitcher Greg Burke16--3
The Juan Pe..
MIA@NYMTop 9Giancarlo Stanton Walk, pitcher Scott Rice16--2
KC@PHITop 1Alex Gordon Out Ben Revere, pitcher Cole Hamels17--2
CHC@ATLTop 1Anthony Rizzo 1-Run Out Chris Johnson, David DeJesus scores, pitcher Tim Hudson18--2
KC@PHITop 1Alcides Escobar Strikeout, pitcher Cole Hamels20--2
The Juan Pe..
MIN@BALTop 1Joe Mauer Single, pitcher Jason Hammel20--1
KC@PHITop 1Billy Butler Out Cole Hamels, Ryan Howard, pitcher Cole Hamels21--1
KC@PHITop 2Salvador Pérez Walk, pitcher Cole Hamels20--1
KC@PHITop 2Jeff Francoeur Out Ben Revere, pitcher Cole Hamels21--1
KC@PHITop 2Mike Moustakas Out Domonic Brown, pitcher Cole Hamels22--1
KC@PHITop 2Lorenzo Cain Out Ezequiel Carrera, pitcher Cole Hamels23--1
KC@PHIBot 2Cole Hamels Strikeout, pitcher James Shields22--1
The Juan Pe..
CHC@ATLBot 2Chris Johnson Strikeout, pitcher Jeff Samardzija22--2
KC@PHITop 3Chris Getz Single, pitcher Cole Hamels21--2
KC@PHITop 3James Shields Out Erik Kratz, pitcher Cole Hamels22--2
KC@PHITop 3Alex Gordon Walk, Chris Getz to 2nd, pitcher Cole Hamels21--2
KC@PHITop 3Alcides Escobar 1-Run Double, Alex Gordon to 3rd, Chris Getz scores, pitcher Cole Hamels20--2
KC@PHITop 3Billy Butler 1-Run Out Jimmy Rollins, Ryan Howard, Alex Gordon scores, pitcher Cole Hamels21--2
KC@PHITop 3Salvador Pérez Out Jimmy Rollins, Ryan Howard, pitcher Cole Hamels22--2
The Juan Pe..
MIN@BALTop 3Joe Mauer Walk, Pedro Florimon to 2nd, pitcher Jason Hammel22--1
The Juan Pe..
MIN@BALTop 3Justin Morneau 2-Run Double, Josh Willingham to 3rd, Joe Mauer scores, Pedro Florimon scores, pitcher Jason Hammel22-1
CHC@ATLTop 4Anthony Rizzo Single, pitcher Tim Hudson23-1
KC@PHITop 4Jeff Francoeur Out Chase Utley, Ryan Howard, pitcher Cole Hamels24-1
KC@PHITop 4Mike Moustakas Out Ryan Howard, pitcher Cole Hamels25-1
KC@PHITop 4Lorenzo Cain Walk, pitcher Cole Hamels24-1
KC@PHITop 4Lorenzo Cain Time Caught Stealing25-1
KC@PHITop 5Chris Getz Double, pitcher Cole Hamels24-1
KC@PHITop 5James Shields Strikeout, pitcher Cole Hamels26-1
KC@PHITop 5Alex Gordon Single, Chris Getz to 3rd, pitcher Cole Hamels25-1
KC@PHITop 5Alcides Escobar Walk, Alex Gordon to 2nd, pitcher Cole Hamels24-1
KC@PHITop 5Billy Butler 4-Run Grand Slam, Alcides Escobar scores, Alex Gordon scores, Chris Getz scores, pitcher Cole Hamels23-1
KC@PHITop 5Salvador Pérez Out Jimmy Rollins, pitcher Cole Hamels24-1
KC@PHITop 5Jeff Francoeur Single, pitcher Cole Hamels23-1
KC@PHITop 5Mike Moustakas Out Jimmy Rollins, pitcher Cole Hamels24-1
KC@PHITop 6Lorenzo Cain Single, pitcher Cole Hamels23-1
KC@PHITop 6Chris Getz Out Chase Utley, Jimmy Rollins, Ryan Howard, pitcher Cole Hamels24-1
KC@PHITop 6James Shields Single, pitcher Cole Hamels23-1
KC@PHITop 6Alex Gordon Double, James Shields to 3rd, pitcher Cole Hamels22-1
The Juan Pe..
CHC@ATLBot 6Tim Hudson 1-Run Single, Ramiro Pena to 2nd, Chris Johnson scores, pitcher Michael Bowden22-3
The Juan Pe..
MIN@BALTop 7Joe Mauer Strikeout, pitcher Brian Matusz22-2
CHC@ATLTop 8Anthony Rizzo Strikeout, pitcher Luis Avilán21-2
MIN@BALBot 9Nate McLouth Strikeout, pitcher Glen Perkins23-2
KC@PHIBot 9Chase Utley Out Jarrod Dyson, pitcher Greg Holland24-2
MIN@BALBot 9Matt Wieters Strikeout, pitcher Glen Perkins26-2
KC@PHIBot 9Ryan Howard Single, pitcher Greg Holland25-2
KC@PHIBot 9Michael Young Single, Ryan Howard to 2nd, pitcher Greg Holland24-2
MIN@BALBot 9Alexi Casilla Out Brian Dozier, Justin Morneau, pitcher Glen Perkins25-2
CLE@TBBot 2Matt Joyce Strikeout, pitcher Justin Masterson24-2
CLE@TBBot 4Matt Joyce Strikeout, pitcher Justin Masterson23-2
The Juan Pe..
CLE@TBTop 9Mark Reynolds Double, pitcher Fernando Rodney23-1
The Juan Pe..
CLE@TBTop 9Carlos Santana 2-Run Home Run, Mark Reynolds scores, pitcher Fernando Rodney23-0
The Juan Pe..
CLE@TBTop 9Mike Aviles Out Sam Fuld, pitcher Fernando Rodney23-1
The Juan Pe..
CLE@TBTop 9Lonnie Chisenhall Double, pitcher Fernando Rodney23-0
The Juan Pe..
CLE@TBTop 9Drew Stubbs Strikeout, pitcher Fernando Rodney23-2
CLE@TBBot 9Matt Joyce Walk, Yunel Escobar to 2nd, pitcher Vinnie Pestano24-2
The Juan Pe..
SEA@CWSTop 1Franklin Gutiérrez Strikeout, pitcher Chris Sale24-4
The Juan Pe..
SEA@CWSTop 1Jason Bay Walk, pitcher Chris Sale24-3
The Juan Pe..
SEA@CWSTop 1Kendrys Morales Strikeout, pitcher Chris Sale24-5
The Juan Pe..
SEA@CWSTop 1Michael Morse 2-Run Home Run, Jason Bay scores, pitcher Chris Sale24-4
The Juan Pe..
SEA@CWSTop 1Jesus Montero Out Dayan Viciedo, pitcher Chris Sale24-5
The Juan Pe..
OAK@HOUBot 1José Altuve Strikeout, pitcher Brett Anderson24-4
The Juan Pe..
ARI@MILTop 2Miguel Montero Single, pitcher Yovani Gallardo24-5
The Juan Pe..
SEA@CWSTop 2Justin Smoak Out Alejandro De Aza, pitcher Chris Sale24-6
The Juan Pe..
SEA@CWSTop 2Kyle Seager Out Alexei Ramirez, pitcher Chris Sale24-7
The Juan Pe..
SEA@CWSTop 2Robert Andino Out Alexei Ramirez, Adam Dunn, pitcher Chris Sale24-8
The Juan Pe..
SEA@CWSTop 3Brendan Ryan Strikeout, pitcher Chris Sale24-10
ARI@MILTop 3Gerardo Parra Single, pitcher Yovani Gallardo25-10
The Juan Pe..
SEA@CWSTop 3Franklin Gutiérrez Out Tyler Flowers, Adam Dunn, pitcher Chris Sale25-11
The Juan Pe..
ARI@MILTop 3Miguel Montero Walk, Aaron Hill to 2nd, Martín Prado to 3rd, pitcher Yovani Gallardo25-12
The Juan Pe..
SEA@CWSTop 3Jason Bay Strikeout, pitcher Chris Sale25-14
The Juan Pe..
OAK@HOUBot 3José Altuve Walk, pitcher Brett Anderson25-15
The Juan Pe..
SEA@CWSTop 4Kendrys Morales Double, pitcher Chris Sale25-14
The Juan Pe..
SEA@CWSTop 4Michael Morse Strikeout, pitcher Chris Sale25-16
The Juan Pe..
SEA@CWSTop 4Jesus Montero Out Alexei Ramirez, Adam Dunn, Kendrys Morales to 3rd, pitcher Chris Sale25-17
The Juan Pe..
SEA@CWSTop 4Justin Smoak Walk, pitcher Chris Sale25-16
The Juan Pe..
SEA@CWSTop 4Kyle Seager Out Alejandro De Aza, pitcher Chris Sale25-17
The Juan Pe..
SEA@CWSTop 5Robert Andino Out Alexei Ramirez, Adam Dunn, pitcher Chris Sale25-18
The Juan Pe..
SEA@CWSTop 5Brendan Ryan Strikeout, pitcher Chris Sale25-20
The Juan Pe..
SEA@CWSTop 5Franklin Gutiérrez Out Alex Rios, pitcher Chris Sale25-21
The Juan Pe..
OAK@HOUBot 5José Altuve Strikeout, pitcher Brett Anderson25-20
The Juan Pe..
ARI@MILTop 6Miguel Montero Single, pitcher Yovani Gallardo25-21