Does Fleaflicker support or offer...?

The features listed below are commonly requested by our community and are a fraction of our offerings.

  • Live Scoring—Fleaflicker offers free and accurate up-to-the-second live scoring. You can easily follow your fantasy team while you watch the game live.

  • Co-Owners—Fleaflicker allows you to invite up to four other co-owners to help you manage and control your team. To add a co-owner, go to the top navbar and select Team » Settings » Add Co-Owner.

  • Individual Defensive Player (IDP) Leagues—Fleaflicker offers full-service IDP Leagues. Members can fill their rosters with defensive lineman (DL), linebackers (LB), and defensive backs (DB).

  • Dynasty/Keeper Leagues (and what's the difference?)—Dynasty leagues are usually where every player on the roster can be kept each year. If you need to add extra players to your dynasty league, you may need to add extra players to your roster requirements. This can be done at League » Settings » Edit Roster Requirements » Custom » Edit button (in the column across from the total). Fleaflicker also offers keeper leagues, where members select a certain number of players to keep on their roster for the next year and years down the line. Some leagues take away certain picks if a player is kept. If you need to edit the draft order to take place of a keeper you can. You can do this at League » Settings » Edit Draft Order.

  • Point-Per-Reception (PPR) Leagues Fleaflicker offers PPR Leagues. Commissioners can set up a PPR league by customizing the league to give points per reception by adding a custom receiving rule under League » Settings » Edit Scoring Rules » Custom » New Receiving Rule » Catches.