Tex_Exe 5 years ago

I think it's time to give up on Fleaflicker as a gaming platform, unless it is a private league and you know everyone in the league. There are so many leagues where immature commissioners and other players are changing the rules, changing settings, deleting teams, switching to no waviers, and then picking up players. Or, the one guy has multiple IDs and multiple teams and makes obviously one-sided trades.

Fleaflicker has some real problems as a legitimate gaming system:

1. If you report cheating - you earn bad karma.

2. People can drop teams in mid-season - Not like that on ESPN, Yahoo, CBS Sports, Fox Sports, or NFL.com

3. Flea is VERY SLOW to respond - the usual response is we don't get involved.

4. The interface is primitive comparied to fantasy sports on the other systems listed in item 2 above.

[Deleted User] 5 years ago

Just removed two out of these leagues and now I need replacements.



JPTG 5 years ago

Go over too Yahoo I got a great league 5th year 7 keepers 250.00 prize money..

No entry fee Reply here I need 4 owners

fatcat21 5 years ago

Dead-on assessment.