pableez 5 years ago

Can you look at our waivers in the BIG COJONES league and give me more information as to how it works or provide a link to the information? I don't believe we are clear the wavier orders and does not seem to be following what I expected.

FleaMod Admin 5 years ago

Every league is basically different in terms of their rules.

Please email this specific request to our support team at with the league link and the teams in question.


Basically all teams are thrown together in one pool and our tiebreaking rules (your power and playoff ones) are applied to ties (a tie is broken down and once it's broken down using your first most rule, and the team advances or claims their spot, the tiebreaker is reset to the first one and the main tiebreaker is used -- just how the NFL does it for playoffs and how we do it). See the playoffs page and the explanation is on your right for playoffs (note that waivers are obviously different --sometimes taking the opposite teams-- but it will give you a feel for how it works).

Again, just send our support staff an email with your league and the questioned teams/results and we'll gladly help. Please be as specific as possible in the support ticket.